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[ Howling ]

[ Spooky organ music ]

[ Siren in a distance ]

Deacon: What the f–

Sheila: Happy halloween, mr. Sharpe. It’s time for your physical. Nurse sheila carter reporting for duty.

[ Heart beating ]

Sheila: Oh. Seems to be elevating.

Deacon: Huh?

Sheila: Your heart.

Deacon: Cute. What exactly are you doing?

Sheila: Oh. Enjoying my favorite holiday of the year.

Deacon: Well, no surprise there.

Sheila: Oh, come on. What’s the big deal?

Deacon: Well, every day that you’re here, I am harboring a fugitive.

Sheila: Harboring a fugitive?

Deacon: Mm-hmm.

Sheila: Didn’t you hear? I’m supposed to be dead.

Deacon: Oh.

Sheila: At least for now.

Deacon: Hmm.

Sheila: I’ll tell you. I can’t wait to get out there and celebrate with my family. I think it’s gonna have to wait until next year.

Deacon: Wait, wait a second. What do you mean next year? Sheila, you got a one-way trip back to prison if you’re even seen resurfacing.

Sheila: Oh come on, deacon. Don’t underestimate me. I am like a cat. I’ve got nine lives.

Deacon: Don’t you mean nine toes?

Sheila: Okay. So my back might be against the wall right now, but history has proven itself time and time again and I always find a way out. You just watch me.

Eric: All right. Uh, I’ll have carter send this to your legal over at fenmore’s and, uh, that’ll be it. We’re all done. That’s it.

Lauren: That’s it.?

Eric: Yes.

Lauren: I wish all my meetings went this smoothly.

Eric: When lauren fenmore is only here for a quick layover from genoa city, we get it done.

[ Lauren laughing ] This is a wonderful order. Thank you.

Lauren: Oh, it is my pleasure. This new hope for the future line, I mean, it is phenomenal. I have no doubt that it is gonna sell out at fenmore’s and then I’ll be back for some more.

Eric: It’s, uh, it’s halloween. Would you share a halloween cocktail with me before you get back to genoa city?

Lauren: Are you kidding? You read my mind.

Eric: Yes? Good. What do you think we should drink to?

Lauren: Oh, I think we should drink to the fact that halloween is gonna be a lot less spooky now that that witch sheila carter is dead.

[ Door banging ]

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Kids: Trick or treat!

Deacon: All right, look at you guys. Hey, let’s get you some candy here. Huh? This and take this.

Uncle: You guys you gotta show him your moves.

Deacon: Oh, yeah. Let me see. Let’s see. What do you got?

Parent: Show him your moves.

[ Kids yelling ]

Deacon: You’re karate’s awesome. You got a pretty cool uncle too.

Kid: Thank you.

Uncle: Well, we didn’t want you to miss out on all the trick or treating fun.

Deacon: Thanks, buddy. Happy halloween.

Kids: Happy halloween.

Uncle: See you, partner.

Sheila: See? Aren’t you glad I bought candy? They were adorable. I can’t wait to be on the other side of that door.

Deacon: The only other side you’re gonna be seeing is the other side of a prison cell.

Sheila: Oh, you know what? You seem to be forgetting how creative I can be.

Deacon: Uh, kidnapping, identity theft, attempted murder. No. I think I have a pretty good idea.

Sheila: All things that I never set out to do. I– I was just trying to– to make it, all right? My life in genoa city was perfect until lauren fenmore decided to target me, and that’s when everything got screwed up.

Lauren: You keep this up

and you’ll lose big.

Sheila: Are you

threatening me?

Lauren: You’re damn right

I’m threatening you.

You don’t know the meaning

of trouble. You mess with me

and you’re gonna find out.

So why don’t you just stay

away from my husband?

Sheila: ‘Cause I’m really–

Lauren: I’m a very

powerful woman,

and I wouldn’t forget that

if I were you. Now, this

will be your only warning.

You keep your claws away

from my husband or you’re

gonna have to answer to me.

And believe me,

you don’t wanna do that.

Molly: She– sheila, no!

She– she– sheila! Sheila!

Sheila: You deserve–

would you just–

[ Lantern shattering ]

Deacon: Thank god they got out of there okay.

Sheila: But you know what? What about me? She’s the one that started the fire.

Deacon: Sheila, I think it would take a lot more than an inferno to take you down.

Sheila: Okay. Well, the moral is, I– I left genoa city and I started new.

Deacon: You didn’t have a lot of options.

Sheila: We all have options. I answered an ad for a– a corporate nurse at forrester creations, and it turned into so much more.

Eric: I know it sounds

like we’re looking for

a babysitter, but the fact

is, we wouldn’t consider

anyone with credentials

less than yours. The fact is

his current nanny is

a registered nurse as well.

Are you comfortable

with children?

Sheila: Oh, yes. Yes.

I– I love children.

Eric: Well, if you are,

uh, available for a couple

of hours, uh, it wouldn’t be

much longer than that.

Sheila: No, that’s fine,

then. I’d love to watch

your child, mr. Forrester.

And I promise you, he’ll be

in very good hands.

Eric: Thank you, sheila.

Sheila: He wants me.

He really wants me.

[ Sighing ]

Watch out, brooke,

watch out.

[ Record scratching ]

Deacon: And everyone lived happily ever after, not.

Sheila: Okay. Well, the point is, I came here with nothing and I remade myself. I started a whole new glorious chapter, and I will do that again. You just mark my words. You watch me.

Find nutrients.

Find energy.

Eric: You tried to warn me time after time about sheila carter and to no avail. I ended up somehow married to her.

Lauren: Mm. I mean, I’m not normally a person for “I told you so”s, but–

Eric: As accurate as it would be, I had no idea when I hired nurse sheila, how that decision would affect our families.

Lauren: Well, to be fair, I’m sure she left off kidnapping and leaving people to die in a fire from her resume.

Eric: Yeah.

Lauren: And that was before she got to los angeles. What she did to you and stephanie.

Eric: The havoc that she caused to so many people, to anybody in her way.

Lauren: Oh my god. The battles we had.

Sheila: You can’t hurt me.

You’re no ridge.

Not with men and not with

children. Your own son even

thinks I’m his mother.

Lauren: Oh, you bitch!

[ Both grunting ]

[ Glass breaking ]

Lauren: You wouldn’t dare.

Deacon: You really get into this stuff, don’t you?

Sheila: It’s the most wonderful night of the year. Speaking of which, you know, you’re so into those toe jokes I had some chocolate once made. They’re right there. Help yourself.

Deacon: Yeah. Uh, mm, I think I’m gonna pass. Well, I gotta say this for you, you definitely know how to make the most of a situation.

Sheila: You see, you’re catching on. I really feel like I can wiggle myself out of this– this situation the same way I did when I left your girlfriend nikki’s hometown.

Deacon: Uh, she was my ex-wife. And you fled.

Sheila: I left and i started a new chapter in my life that was incredible becoming mrs. Eric forrester. You know, stephanie, she just– she fought me at every turn.

Stephanie: Until you are

mrs. Forrester, you are not

mrs. Forrester, and you’re

gonna be treated as any

other salaried employee

in this company. Secondly,

I own half of this company.

You know, it surprises me

someone as smart as you

is constantly

forgetting that.

Sheila: Well, I fail

to see the relevance as

to who owns the company.

Stephanie: Oh, I suppose

it’s just a bread and butter

issue. I’m the butter

on your bread.

Sheila: But eric is the

bread, and I prefer mine

without butter.

Would you let eric and me live

our lives?

Stephanie: Not as

a husband and wife. No. No.

Never. I am never gonna let

that happen. This wedding is

history. And you are finished

with eric. Do you understand?


Sheila: But I survived. I survived every vicious attack against me and– and my character. I may not be mrs. Eric forrester anymore, but you know what? I won. I came out on top because I’m still here. I wanna thank you my precious deacon for letting me be here. But it’s not gonna be for much longer. Soon, I’m going to be as free as a bird. You’ll see.

From the #1 fiber brand comes

metamucil gummies.

Lauren: What you and stephanie went through.

Eric: Yeah. You didn’t have it any easier.

Lauren: Oh, no. You and i were both on the receiving end of sheila’s wrath quite a few times.

[ Water splashing ]

Sheila: Die!

No, it is going

to end right here, right now.

And it’s going to start with

you, stephanie. I– I was the victim here. I never meant to do any harm to anyone. I– I just was on my own so much that I– I just– I did some things that I wasn’t very proud of.

I am through playing games

with you, stephanie. Do you

understand me? If you don’t

stop interfering,

you’re going to regret it.

You’re not going anywhere.

[ Stephanie grunting ]

Make sure you stay away

from me. Do you understand?

[ Both screaming ]

You tell any anyone one word

about what happened

last night and I swear

I will pay a little visit

to your precious grandson.

Stephanie: No, you won’T.

Sheila: Oh, yes. Yes.

Stephanie, I will.

Stephanie: You stay away

from that baby.

Sheila: Then you stay

away from my husband.

You make one more move

on him, stephanie, and thomas

won’t live to see his first

birthday. And I swear to god,

I’ll do it. You wanna play

ugly? I wrote the book on it.

And if there’s one thing

you know, stephanie dear,

I make good on my threats. I never meant to hurt anyone. I just wanted to be loved.

Deacon: Sheila, I think that desire to be loved got you in a lot of trouble.

Sheila: Yeah. But I persevered.

Deacon: Yeah. All the way back to this palace. Right? Taking you in as my roommate is gonna go down as one of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever made. But then again, I didn’t really have much of a choice. Now, did I?

Sheila: Yeah. Well, you can relax my precious, because you know what? This is not forever. This is not the end of the road.

Deacon: Sheila, admit it. You’re screwed.

Sheila: Oh my god. Do you know how many times I’ve had somebody tell me that? No. Even lauren and– and stephanie, they tried their hardest and I was damned well determined to not let those bitches take me down. And they didn’T. The best years of my life are yet to come. All right. Mr. Jack-o-lantern.

[ Sheila laughing ] Pretty scary, huh?

Deacon: Oh, yeah. Yeah. You sure as hell are.

[ Sheila laughing ] I’m getting vaccinated with prevnar 20.

Eric: Lauren, this has been wonderful.

Lauren: Yes. And thankfully, no more nasty tricks as far as sheila’s concerned.

Eric: No, no. I think that we can all rest assured, she’s had her final curtain call met with a grizzly end.

Lauren: Oh, dear. Yes.

Eric: We can all rest assured that she’s not gonna be coming around anymore.

Lauren: No.

Eric: Safe trip.

Lauren: Okay. Thank you.

Deacon: Well, I am curious how you envision this resurrection happening.

Sheila: I’m– I’m working on it.

Deacon: Sheila, we both know what happens if you leave this apartment and I’m not baking you a cake with a file in it.

Sheila: I’m going to get forgiveness.

Deacon: From who? From finn? From steffy? From the forrester’s or the logan’s? Are you forgetting what led you to faking your own death?

Sheila: It’s not like I set out to do any of this. If steffy would’ve just given me a chance. You know, let– let me get to know my son and my grandson instead of fighting me at every turn.

Finn: All my life,

I’ve wondered about meeting

you. I needed you today.

Steffy: I– I don’t wanna

hear it anymore. You’re

never gonna be welcome in

my family. So, you might as

well make your way back

to genoa city.

Sheila: You have no idea

the friend that I’ve already

been to you and your mother.

Steffy: You’re never gonna

be a friend, sheila. If you

wanna do something, you can

stay away from me, finn,

thomas, my son, my mother.

Just stay the hell away.

Being loved by you is

a curse. You will never be

part of our lives.

You hear me?

[ Gunshot ]

Finn: Oh!

[ Thud ]

Sheila: No!

Deacon: Sheila, no one can survive this. You’re guilty of a double shooting, of attempted murder, of escaping prison, which by the way, was very cool among other things. But if the forresters find out that you’re alive and they will find out, you’re gonna go to prison for the rest of your life.

Sheila: Oh deacon, deacon, deacon. You haven’t been listening. I’m a survivor. Yes, I’ve had ups and downs and there have been misunderstandings, but I– I– I truly believe people get what they deserve. I deserve another chance. The best is yet to come, so just stay tuned. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You have not seen the last of sheila carter. Not by a long shot. Happy halloween.

[ Sheila laughing ]

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