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really think you’re gonna have that many more trick or treaters? That’s not the trick or treaters I’m worried about. I’ll decide if I prefer these with nuts or with that, feel like a better try another one. These are for the kids. Now these are for you. Me. How does anyone even know I’m here? No.

Collection agencies have a way of keeping track of you. These are often dough collectors. You can’t pay a single one of ’em, can you? Cause you haven’t got a job.

After Sloan gave Paulina an earful about our less than successful scam, how the spinning in the world wasn’t going to change her mind about me being able to handle it. I can’t believe she fired you. Not only did she fire me, she threatened to ruin me and my business. I’m sorry. Now I should be the one apologizing.

I hired you to consult at sjr. Now I have no work for you to consult on. Jumped on board a sinking ship. Well, it is interesting timing why just a few hours ago, my brother EJ offered me a job working at Damara and I turned him down. Oh no. Can you, can you call him back and tell me changed your mind? I don’t want to call him.

So I don’t want the job at the mirror. Why not? Because sinking chip or not? I like working with you.

Well, are you gonna see who it is? It’s not like I can answer it. Don’t worry, he’ll go away

or not. All right, fine. I’ll get rid of him. Alex, wait, what? You can’t answer the door. You’re naked. Right. Of course. I’ll just throw on some pants. Okay.

Can’t get you your,

oh. Mother. Mother, what are you doing? What? I’m trying to keep you safe. That’s what I’m doing. I’m fine. Oh my goodness. You are not listening. Did you just hear me? You are in terrible danger. But you never explained why. What are you talking about? I’m talking about I had a premonition, a horrible premonition, and it shook me to my car.

Oh, son Elvis, someone is out to get you.

How, how is, how is this possible? Are you really so surprised you saw me last Halloween when the devil brought me back from the dead? That was a fun night, wasn’t it? Yeah. The devil is gone, isn’t he? Sadly. Yeah. But lucky for you. I’m still here. Why? How, who knows, maybe I’m all in your head or maybe not.

Either way, I can see that I got here just in time,

like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So for sure I paid this one. Huh? What? Look, I’m cool. Vague. Actually, Xander already has a job. Oh, what? Lawn care. Well, as a matter of fact, Jack offered him a job at Spectator. Really? Mm-hmm. . They must, the assignment. God columnist, obituaries? No, it’s an executive job because unlike you, Jack sees what Sandra brings to the table.

So maybe we could discuss this properly. How, but you don’t care about that, do you? All you care about is belittling your nephew so that you can feel all powerful and big. What do you wanna go ahead and belittle me to? Because I was stranded on that island for over a year. I have no savings. Not to mention I’m still on probation at the hospital, so I’m not getting my full salary.

So you explained to her that? No, I’m explaining it so that Victor will realize that you’re not the only. Who can’t pull your weight financially. But you know what, Victor? Pretty soon all of that’s gonna go away. You won’t be able to hold Xander’s financial situation over his head because his salary at the Spectator is going to be more than enough to pay off his debts.

It won’t what? Why? I was trying to tell you earlier, but. I didn’t get the job,

Alex, on. Maggie, this is a surprise. I was just visiting a friend, . I see. Um, Holly asked me to take her for a second round of trick or treating. What took you so long to answer? Uh, well, like I said, this isn’t my apartment. We were just having a little Halloween party. Who’s that lady on the blindfolded?

Oh, son, what were you thinking? You, you didn’t have any of the doors locked? I mean, come on. What kinda security system do you have here? Huh? Do you have cameras? You have dogs, you have sharpshooters on the roof. Mother, calm down. There’s no danger. What are you talking about? That there’s no danger. Just don’t see it.

And why are you in that? Get up anyway. Get up. The clown costume, the mask. What are you? Oh, kidding. Oh my God. Isn’t it do or off? No, you. From a horrifying way. Yes. What are you kidding me? Who doesn’t know clown? Uh, pretty much everyone. Mother. Okay. Oh, you’re the point. You’re missing the point. See, that’s the thing I put on this costume and I was struck by that horrible premonition that someone was after my precious son.


We got here just in time for what mother do. I really have to explain. I just watched you tell your dead boyfriend that you’re not gonna get revenge on EJ Damara. Yeah. So why? Why, what good is it gonna do me? Huh? I need to move on with my life. So one trip goes back to Seattle. I am going with him. Sure.

Yeah. Go back to Seattle with your tail between your. You can wear plaid. You can drink lattes with your golden, oh, don’t even talk about him like that. He’ll be fine. Not only does Dr. Hansen get to live out the rest of his days in peace while I molder in my grave, but now he gets his mommy to pack his lunches for him in the morning.

Do I look like the lunch packing type? No. You look like the don’t stop until vengeance is yours type. But I guess you’re making a different decision this time. What is so wrong with going to Seattle? For starters, aren’t you afraid Joey Johnson’s gonna smother you in your sleep?

You’re saying you had this vision. I was in danger when you put on the clown costume. You know what, I, I’m you. It’s, it’s true. I was right about Satan, wasn’t I? Yes, you are right. If Y watched, darn, I wasn’t by far the fuck, the first I know. I mean, they don’t scratch, I mean, he’s booted back into the underworld for good.

But that doesn’t mean that you, you from,

you think I’m around the,

maybe not really. Why not? Why not? Because I, I, I know I haven’t, but why do you believe me? Earlier tonight, I saw someone in this same costume outside the French doors. They were holding onto a knife. I was looking straight at them when Chad came in and stopped me. Well, that was your very brother live here.

Well, he didn’t mean it, although he did happen to be wearing the same Dan costume. Okay. Wait, wait, wait. There was three of us in this little delight for costume. Apparently Chad bought his in town too. Great mind, huh? Alicia. Who was the third clown? I don’t know. When Chad arrived, I looked back at the door and the first clown was gone.

I just chalked it up to a Halloween prank. Oh, oh, no, no, no. I promise you son, this is, it’s not Halloween, Frank. It’s cuz that was not what I saw in my premonition. No, this was for real. Look,

is the Pine Foot part of her costume? And why she handcuffed to the bed out the mouth of Babes Holly, we really should keep moving. We don’t wanna miss out on that candy and Alex can, uh, get back to his, um, Halloween party. Well, he didn’t gimme any candy. Oh, oh, of course. I mean, obviously Right. And it’s not like we were expecting anybody else.

Let’s see it. These are for you. Oh my goodness. You know what? Oh, there you go. Wow, grandma. We hit the jackpot. Both size bars. That’s right. Whoa. That’s right. Why do I walk you guys out? Huh? Are you coming trick or treating? Oh, you know, I would love to do that, but I can’t. But I do have a treat for grandma.

Oh, for me? What is it? Do how Open it. Hold onto it now. I’ll explain later. Okay. Thank you. Okay. All right. Hey, great costume. Huh? Happy Halloween. Let’s see you guys. Straight between.

Are they gone? They are gone. That was my aunt Maggie and her grand. It’s kinda weird them showing up at my apartment here like that. Wow. It is Halloween. Well, it was a mood killer. Almost. Almost. So where were we?

It’s my own fault for thinking that I could scam Sloane Peterson into giving up her blackmail. Well, it would’ve worked if Leo hadn’t show. So much of PR is about controlling the situation, twisting it to your advantage. I’ve been in tight spots with clients before, but I’ve always been really good at dancing my way out of them, but this time I completely botched it.

How Not completely Carbon marsh, how

Don’t know. Off the top of my head. Of fire maybe. Maybe an office building could have started on fire. Oh my god.

You have these little red licorice bites. I thought you said there’s no candy that could make you feel better. Well, I don’t know that they’ll actually do that, but when I was a kid I used to eat a million of these and then it would turn my tongue red. Ah, ah. Is they red yet? No. I don’t know. It was pretty normal to me

how I,

oh, how low. Want you wanna, my favorite match of the year. I did not of mis. Oh right, mother. So someone was outside the door with a clown costume. But who? Well, that is the question of our gonna wanna hurt my beautiful baby boy . I’m afraid that’s quite a long list. Mother. What much for showing that’s really mad at you?

Or someone that really doesn’t like you very much? Well, there is someone who springs to mind who, who, who’s. Huh? Cause your mama was not gonna let them touch one hair on your little head. I’m thinking maybe it’s Johnny. Johnny. My short little grand baby. You think he’s one that sha you? It’s possible. O Why?

Why? Oh, why do you think that is? Shas own daddy? Because I came between him and Eva.

Joey Johnson isn’t going to murder. Are you sure about that? I’d put a double lock on your bedroom door. We’ve moved past our difficulties. Mm. I’m glad you think so. But tell me, mom, what are your big plans for when you get to Seattle? You gonna join a grunge band, gonna get a job as a barista? The Space Needle?

Uh, what’s so wrong with those ideas? We both know that that’s not who you really are. Oh, okay. So who am I? You’re the coldhearted bitch that wouldn’t even save her own son. You sabotaged a plane that killed poor kindly, grandpa Sean. Oh, that was not me. I was drugged. Were you drugged when you framed Rafe when you tried to send your own boyfriend to prison?

He betrayed me with Nicole. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , there’s always an excuse. But the thing is, you don’t have to lie. You don’t have to make excuses for me, okay? You and I are more alike than you care to admit, and that is why I say you want blood? Go for it.

You didn’t get the job, Jack didn’t think it’d be a good idea for me to work there. What? Why? He’s supposed to be your best friend. What does he think? You’re not good enough to work at a stupid paper. He’d be lucky to have you. I’m gonna call him. Tell him what I think about his journalistic integrity.

Because of Gwen, what? Gwen needs a job too. So Jack hid at the Spectator. He didn’t think it was a very good idea for us to be working that together. Why is that? Because she still has feelings for, she still has feelings for. Sorry I didn’t tell you soon.

Jeff always did have very good instincts. So did I. That’s why I wouldn’t hire you either.

You guys are supposed to be sleeping. Charlotte had a nightmare. A nightmare. Well, you know, sometimes candy before bed will do that. What was your nightmare about? It was about clowns, but not the funny kind. That was really silly. That was about clowns. Uhoh, that might have been daddy’s fault. I wore a scary outfit, didn’t I?

Can I tell you a secret? I’m afraid of clowns two. Who are you? Uh, Thomas and Charlotte. This is, uh, mommy’s cousin Stephanie. Yeah, mommy’s cousin. Him. That’s right. What are you doing here in. Why have we not seen you before?

Well, I guess we haven’t met before because I haven’t lived most of my life in Salem. I. In California and your mom used to visit me all the time. You know, I was just thinking about this one time when we were kids. We watched this scary movie about a weird dog named Chucky, and I had such a bad nightmare, so scared.

I didn’t wanna go back to sleep. What did you do? Honestly, I asked your mom to stay up all night with me. She was the bravest girl I ever. And she said we should listen to our favorite song, one that made me happy. So we did, and then all this curiousness went away. Do you have a favorite song? Five Littles, Olivia rgo.

Perfect. Do you want me to play it on my phone? The stuff you take me back to bed? I, I’d be happy to. Let’s go. You can show me your room. I will. And I’ll also show you my new little dog named Audrey. Oh, I can’t wait to meet him. Oh, he’s not real. He’s, but I love him like,

Okay. Can we lose the blindfold already? I mean, it was exciting in the beginning, but I’m going crazy that I can’t see you in all your glory. All right, one second. Hold your horses.


there you go. How’s that better? But you’re not naked. I told you I had to answer the door. Remember? Yeah. Well, the trick or treaters are gone. So what are you doing? Ditch the clothes. I can’t. Well then this is gonna be very difficult because I’m sort of tied up at the moment. I mean, I can’t stay.

How are you? Isn’t it obvious

to the outside world you might seem like violent monsters. Deep down we’re just two people desperate for love, never getting, forgetting it. I’ve had love in my life. Sure, I know.

But Jake said, and let’s look at the rest of your history. RA didn’t want you, Steve didn’t want you. The only one that’s ever truly loved you is me. No. Yes, mom. Mm-hmm. . There is no love, like the love between a mother and a. And I’m not talking about your golden boy that lives in Seattle. Oh, chip and I are very close, but his love is conditional.

You have to be good. You have to do the right thing. I love you for who you really are, and that is why I came back to help you destroy EJ Damara. So you saying that Lady Boss and our little Johnny were. Loving each other tan and then you busted them up. It was for Johnny’s own good. Ava was out to hurt our family and using my son in the process.

Well, I sometimes you gotta make kids take their medicine. Although my mama, she used to put mine on a shoe. Cute. Well, I prefer to give it to them straight. Oh, Shena didn’t, uh, like taking his medicine so much? No. He said something about making me pay if it was the last thing he does. Hmm. So you’re saying that he wanted you to pay.

By, um, showing up and scaring you with a clown costume and a car born knife, what do you think? Well, I think


Chocolate Mond is my personal favorite. You have one diet. Sure. I can’t believe we’re gonna get stuck with so much candy. I told you we had too much. Well, there’s worse things than leftover candy. Mm-hmm. . Well, perhaps you should spend less time pouring candy down your gut and more time figuring out how you’re gonna pay those bills.

Don’t worry about a victim, it’s all gonna sell cell. Oh, easy. I’m gonna pay it off. No, no, I can’t let you do that. You just got your job back at the hospital and like you said, you’re only working part-time. You have no savings. I mean, well, yeah. I won’t be able to pay it all off at once, but I’ll make payments.

Trust me, those agencies are happy to take whatever they can get. It’s okay, baby. I’m my husband. We do this for each other. I told you I’m glad I am that we got married. Uh, they’re romance of a joint checking account. I’d love Sarah if we were both dead broke. Oh, you feel good about yourselves? Ander, huh?

Letting your wife clean up your mistakes. That’s enough. But it never is, is it? You always need more. Not even bad enough to put a roof over your wife’s head. Shut your mouth or manner. I’ll shut it.

You have to leave now. Why? Because my aunt Maggie was at the door, so. What I, I don’t understand. You care about what your aunt thinks about your sex life? No, actually I don’t care about that at all. But as I was walking around, she told me that my Uncle Victor is on a warpath right now over some Titan business, so I need to go deal with it and that can’t wait.

You know how these things can be time sensitive. What about my surprise? You’re surprise. That’s right. Of course, you’re surpris.


you’re gonna have to wait, baby. You know what they say? Anticipation can be a good thing, right? Um,

Alex, next time, I promise you, Sloan, next time you have my word, I will be there. I’m gonna text you later. Aren’t you forgetting something,

right? Of course. Oh my God, I am so sorry. Um, but I will tell you, it has been a whole lot of fun. Well, it would be a lot more fun you staying. Yeah, it’d be more fun with me too, baby. But you know what they say duty calls. You know where that goes. Hmm. I suppose

I’ll see you soon. Mm-hmm.

no. How good is sister? Cute. No, mother. What are you doing? What this y doing? Do what? What are you doing? What’s gonna help me? Help me? Uh, how’d you see your father? Johnny means you some harm. Oh, okay. Um, oh, uh, Berry. Is is my bitty, bitty little Johnny Grand baby? Is, is he the one out to get my, my, my, my son?

I mean, he’s the evil clown we’re searching for.

Are the spirits keeping you any,

I dunno, lazy haz.

Hey, are you still there? Hello, spirits? Can you hear me now what? I just, I, I could tell you this. The spirits are really, really wasteless tonight. I mean, there is something wicked in the air. Oh, Sean, whoever’s out to get you, they don’t wanna just scare you.

They wanna make you.

You know what you want, mother? You want to grind EJ under your heel and make him wish he never met you. That’s why you reached out to Gwen and she turned me down. I’m glad she did. No, you’re not. Isn’t that why you were so interested in Xander? I don’t know what you mean. Um, on the guy is hard up for cash, not to mention he has an incredibly corrupted soul.

Who better to do your bidding? I don’t need anyone to do my bidding. Well, you obviously can’t go after directly. The guy’s been itching to send you to prison, right? That’s why you need to recruit a desperate goon Alexander to do the dirty work. Right. Okay. Even if I wanted to get out right, even if I wanted to make EJ pay, go on,

I dunno.

I, I don’t even know what to do. I, I mean, what would I tell Xander to do? Funny you should ask. That seems I’ve touched a nerve. I’m sick. You are disrespect What gives you the right to talk to me like that? Xander. What gives me the right, I built an empire. My name is on deed to this house. I’m the one that keeps you from being on the street.

You owe me everything the hell I do. I just had the best time trick or treating. What’s going on here? We’re moving out. What? Come on, Sarah. What? What happened? I talked to Sarah.

What did you say to your nephew? I have no idea.

Very black licorice in there. Who likes black licorice? Well just gimme the bulb. Really? What? Listen, I had no mold for any lectures, my blood sugar or anything else. Tell me what you said to Xander and Sarahs. Hey Auntie Mag. Hi, uh, Henderson says you were back. Do you have that file that I gave you? Oh, yeah.

It’s right here, but, oh. Hey, uncle Vic. Sorry, I just needed to grab something. Here you go. Thank you. You are the best. Oh, what is all about? Oh, just doing a favor for a friend. Cool. Blackish Thie, huh? This family.

I am pleased to report that both Thomas and Charlotte are tucked back in bed with no residual effects of the nightmare. How many times did you have to listen to driver’s license? Hmm, only three. Maybe four. What? You got off easy.

Thank you for what you said to Charlotte. Hearing stories about her mother. I’m, I know. Makes her feel better. Anytime she wants to hear one, I’d be happy to stop by. That means a lot.

Well, I should go, I, um, I wanted to see my mom. My brothers are visiting her before she gets back to Seattle. Hi. How is, uh, how’s she doing? Uh, great. She’s getting released tomorrow. I’m glad to hear that. Thanks. I just, I wish I had some better news of my own to share. Instead, I have to tell her that her daughter just got fired by our most important client.

No, are you kidding me? After everything she just went through having you guys together and happy and healthy. I’m sure is enough. Shouldn’t take that for granted. I know. And besides, you know, you’re gonna land some new big client before you know us, so don’t waste any time beating yourself up. Talented.

And you’re dedicated and anyone would be lucky to have you doing their pr. Thank you for saying that. That’s true and, and I’m happy to help try to belt water. Get this sinking ship floating again, . I’m really glad I hired you. Me too. Goodnight, Stephanie.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I mean, what else do I have to do around here? So all these demaris that are alive, they want to present an image of strength, like nothing can hurt them, but everyone’s got a weakness. Even ej. I’ll get it go. Sure you do. But I have faith in you, mommy. I have faith that you will find e j’s Achilles heel and you will slice it open with a scalpel.

Trip is expecting me send a message to Goldie that you changed your mind, that you’re staying here in Salem. I can’t. Of course you can, because if you don’t, you’ll be sitting in rainy Seattle regretting it, thinking every day about how EJ bested you, how he was gloating on the phone, how easy it was to kick you out of town.

He was laughing with that smug grin on his. Think of how fun it would be to wipe that grin off his face. I know who you really are. I know what you really want, so why not be honest with yourself and admit that I’m right after all that boy’s best friend is his.

Stephanie. Hi Alex. What are you doing at the hospital? But you had a hot date with Sloan. I did. I cut it short. Figured I might find you here. You left your date to come see. Kim to give you this. Oh my God, you, you got it. Wait, I thought you didn’t wanna get involved. I didn’t, but then I realized that if Uncle Victor decided to fire you, he’d put me to work on the task of hiring a whole new PR firm.

You know, interviews a vetting who’s got all that time? Right. I mean, we’ve got people to see, beds to get handcuffed to. Exactly. Alex, this is a huge help. Thank you. My pleasure.

You came to say goodbye, Maggie. You’re really leaving right now. We have no choice. Can’t we talk about this? I mean, you know how Victor is. He just can’t help himself. There’s a mistake to come here in the first place, but where are you gonna go at this hour at the night? Mom does have a point. I mean, you every right to be upset.

Do we really have to rush out? Right? If Victor wants to apologize, I’m ready to listen. Apologize for giving you a free place to live. If you wanna move out, you can move into a van by the lake. See, Maggie, it’s useless. P, but where will we go? I don’t think Here’s something.


Call me when you get settled.

I hope you’re happy. I can’t believe you got cooked to wait for ship peanut butter and banana and bacon sandwiches at this hour. When I told him you’d stop by for an unexpected visit, he was more than happy to. Well, he knows just how to make ’em, and he’s just like, I question . He also asked if he should pick up some more supplies.

Do you have to go back to Roger right away or do you intend on staying? I’m not sure. Not sure. Um, but I, I really do wanna get a clear vision of who’s after you. I mean, I swear Johnny, he’s thing in the thing in the world when he was possessed Byers Pub. Don’t worry about it. I’ll speak to him when he comes back home.

Now, in the meantime, Eat up your sandwiches before your, uh, bacon gets cold. . You don’t have to tell which one. Yeah.

There is no love, like the love between a mother and a son.

Don’t worry about us, mom. Xander and I are gonna be fine. Fine. Sarah, you are living in a dive motel. You need to come back home. That is not our home mom. Victor made that very clear look, honey, I can handle Victor. Oh honey, it’s really okay. We’re not even gonna be here for that.

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