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Billy: Hey. Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: Getting some fresh air? Just taking some time for yourself?

Chelsea: Exactly. Are you, um, meeting johnny and victoria?

Billy: I am. Yeah. Did they pass through?

Chelsea: They did. I saw them, but it was a coincidence, I swear.

Billy: I believe you.

Chelsea: I wish I hadn’t seen them.

Billy: Why do you say that?

Chelsea: Johnny seemed very shaken up to see me. Victoria sent him on his way and laid down the law.

Billy: Well, I’m not sure what she said, but I know where she stands on the subject of our son. And, you know, I have to say that I agree with her. We got to put johnny’s needs first and foremost.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, victoria’s way of doing that is basically forbidding me to see johnny ever again.

Billy: And she said that?

Chelsea: She pretty much said if I see him walking down the street, to turn around and walk in the other direction.

Billy: I’m not sure what to say to that.

Chelsea: You don’t have to say anything. Victoria’s decision is probably for the best.

Connor: Hi.

Johnny: Hey, connor.

Connor: Uh, I’m here with my dad.

Johnny: Yeah, I’m just waiting on my mom. So, I heard you know who my birth mom is.

Connor: Yeah. My mom told me everything.

Johnny: And just so you know, it’s not your fault at all. And I don’t mean to be mean, but I was pretty freaked out about it.

Connor: I know the feeling.

Johnny: Worst part is, I, uh, I think your mom’s following me.

Lily: Hello.

Abby: Hey! It’s good to see you guys.

Lily: You, too. Who are you going as tonight?

Abby: Oh, a woman who lost her enthusiasm halfway through dressing up.

Lily: [ Laughs ] I get it. You have to feel it.

Abby: Yeah, it was definitely more fun dressing up dominic earlier.

Devon: Is chance still with that new detective on the force? ‘Cause when I was over to see dominic’s costume, he said that the three of you had big plans tonight.

Abby: Yeah, we were going to, when we thought his stakeout out was canceled. But, of course, it’s back on. Happy halloween.

Lily: What’s going on?

Devon: [ Sighs ] I’m not sure. I’m a little worried about chance and abby, though.

Connor: My mom’s been acting different lately. Like really strange.

Adam: Hey, uh, listen, I have to go. I will — I’ll call you later, okay? Hey, johnny. What’s going on? Everything okay in here?

Connor: We’re fine.

Victoria: Hi, everybody. Happy halloween.

Johnny: What happened between you and chelsea in the park?

Billy: You know, I’m a little surprised you’re so on board with victoria’s demands when it comes to johnny.

Chelsea: It shouldn’t be that surprising. Victoria was right. I saw for myself today how upsetting my mere presence is for him. And it ripped my heart out. You know, you and victoria are not the only ones who want to put johnny’s happiness first. I do. I always have — since the day I gave him to you and victoria to raise.

Billy: Yeah, those were — those were complicated times.

Chelsea: I just regret after all these years, how I misjudged the situation. I never should have pushed to tell johnny the truth. And now I’ve opened this pandora’s box with both johnny and connor. I wish I could undo my mistake. But it can’t turn back the clock. Want your clothes to smell freshly

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Lily: Why would you be worried about abby and chance?

Devon: I just get a feeling that she’s not very happy with how much he’s having to work lately. ‘Cause yesterday, he was gone a little bit of the night. And today, apparently, he’s gonna be gone all night.

Lily: Well, I mean, that’s the life of a police detective, isn’t it?

Devon: Yeah, it is. But still, I imagine that it still puts stress on their relationship and on their family life. Abby has a job where she can make up her own hours. Chance doesn’t have that. Even when I was over and we were taking pictures of dominic in his costume, he got called away, and I could tell that it bugged her.

Lily: Well, I mean, that’s not chance’s fault, but I guess I can understand abby’s reaction.

Devon: Yeah, I can, too. And I’m just worried that she’s resenting his commitment to being a cop, whether she can admit that or not.

Lily: Well, whatever it is, they’ll figure it out.

Devon: I hope they can. I care about the two of them a lot.

Lily: So, speaking of couples with career issues, I have some news.

Devon: What is it?

Lily: Billy is resigning from chancellor-winters.

Devon: You serious? Of all the times to leave, he’s going to choose now?

Billy: Look, this has all been a very challenging time, but you got to try not to let the guilt overwhelm you. Johnny and connor, they were going to find out the truth eventually. And ultimately, victoria and i both agreed that now was the right time to tell him. And there’s no way of knowing how he was going to react.

Chelsea: Victoria knew. She said from the start it was a mistake to tell johnny so soon, that he had been through enough trauma. I should have listened to her. I mean, she knows him better than I do, obviously. I’m not his mom.

[ Sighs ] But it’s okay. Really. I-I’m not going to try to be a part of johnny’s life anymore. I-I have learned my lesson. I am backing off. And seeing him today, it was — it was a real wake-up call. I have to start taking my cues from him, and connor. But, you know, I’m — I’m willing to be patient. Just ’cause johnny feels a certain way about things today doesn’t mean he’ll feel that way a few years from now. And maybe connor will get used to a certain dynamic. There’s still time.

Billy: I think that’s a very logical and — and reasonable thing to say. But emotions don’t always adhere to the same rules as logic and reason. I guess I just want to — I just want you to be careful not to set your expectations too high. Okay, of course, I hope you’re right, chelsea. Just don’t pin all your hopes and dreams on whether johnny is going to accept you and love you.

Chelsea: I won’T. All my hopes are officially grounded in cold, hard reality.

Billy: Look, I know that’s — it’s a little bit of a harsh thing to say, and this is not easy, but I think you just got to wait it out.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah, I-I’ll work through it. I will. I think I just got excited about the idea of johnny finding out who I was, so I was pushing for something that just wasn’t meant to be so soon. And you were right. I mean, you said I was probably lost. So I was reaching out to johnny to balance things, which, at the time, I totally disagreed with. But now I realize it’s the truth. My needs and longing were influencing my thinking. But, um… now I’m thinking really clearly. So I’m just ready to put it all behind me.

Billy: Well, that’s good. I think that’s probably best for everyone.

Chelsea: And, you know, please tell victoria, and johnny, um, they don’t have to worry. I’m not going to be popping up in places or intruding on their lives. I swear. I won’t ever bother them again.

Victoria: Chelsea and i worked everything out, so there’s nothing for you to worry about. And tonight’s halloween, so shouldn’t we be talking about the scariest movie that we’ve ever seen or who has the best costume so far? Yours is amazing, by the way.

Connor: Thanks.

Adam: She’s 100% right. Tonight is a big night, so we need to get focused.

Victoria: And I’m sure that grandma and grandpa are going to have a ton of candy waiting for you at the ranch.

Connor: I’m not going to the ranch tonight. I’m actually going to a sleepover at a friend’s house.

Victoria: Oh. Well, that sounds like a good time. I’ll have to tell you where grandpa’s secret mini bar candy stash is for the next time you have a chocolate craving.

Johnny: I want to know, too.

Adam: Wait a minute. He has a secret stash? Hey, would you guys mind if the adults talk in private for a minute?

Connor: Yeah.

Johnny: Yeah, we’re good.

Adam: Great.

Adam: Okay, what exactly went down with chelsea? Why is johnny upset?

Victoria: Because the woman doesn’t know when to quit.

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Connor: The way they asked us if we’d be okay? It’s like our parents thought we were going to get into a fight or something.

Johnny: Yeah. I don’t want to fight you. I just want to hang out with you, as cousins or…brothers. I-it’s weird.

Connor: Super weird. It’s not your fault my mom wants to mess everything up. I just want things to go back to the way they were.

Johnny: Yeah, me, too. My mom wants me to go to katie’s halloween party parade or something, and that’s really the last thing I want to do.

Connor: That bites.

Johnny: Hey, what if I just hang out with you tonight? I could go to the sleepover.

Connor: I’m sure beckett and his parents would be cool with that. And it’s older kids, too, so you don’t have to wear a costume if you don’t want. You should definitely come.

Victoria: I assume that you’re aware that both johnny and connor now know that chelsea is johnny’s biological mother.

Adam: Yes, of course. It has been a seismic shift, and it’s caused a lot of distress for connor.

Victoria: For johnny, too, a lot of distress. Chelsea knows how upset he is, and she continues to push for some kind of a relationship with him. I finally had to draw the line and tell her to back off.

Adam: Hmm. Well, I can only imagine how she took that.

Victoria: Oh, you’d be surprised. I know I was. She actually didn’t argue with me at all.

Adam: Oh. Well, maybe not. But I’m sure she was deeply hurt by that.

Victoria: Possibly. I don’t mean to be insensitive.

Adam: Look, as a parent, I understand why you needed to take that stand. But at the same time, I’m hoping that you can at least try to see chelsea’s perspective in this.

Victoria: I’m sorry, but that’s not a possibility for me right now. Did she tell you the whole story about how she convinced billy and me to share this information with johnny? And why it had to be now?

Adam: Yes, we discussed it — after the fact. And I was upset that she did not include me in that decision.

Victoria: Her original claim was that she wanted to tell johnny the truth because he was going to eventually find out. But then later, she wanted more. She expected to have a relationship with my son. And yes, while I feel sympathy for her, that’s far outweighed by my concern for my son. And quite frankly, I think you would be more worried about how this is affecting connor. If he’s upset, shouldn’t he be yours and chelsea’s sole focus right now?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: [ Crying ]

Connor: Can johnny come with me to beckett’s house for the halloween sleepover party?

Adam: Um, I think that would actually be a great idea. I can text beckett’s mom right now. I mean, if you’re cool with that.

Johnny: Please, mom.

Victoria: You really do want to get out of your sister’s halloween parade, don’t you? Well, I want to say yes —

Johnny: Well, then just do. It’s pretty easy. Y-e-S.

Victoria: Okay. Very funny. I don’t need a spelling lesson. I just — I need a little more information, please.

Johnny: She always needs a little more information.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Who’s going to be bringing you home in the morning?

Adam: I can pick the boys up. It’s not a problem. I’ll bring them home.

Victoria: Alright, well, who’s the family hosting this party?

Adam: Uh, it’s the benfields. They’re on the board of walnut grove.

Victoria: Oh, yes, I know them. They’re a nice family. Okay. Sounds like fun. You can go.

Johnny: Good decision, mom. Thanks.

Connor: Let’s go text beckett.

Billy: Hey. Oh. You know, the two of you smiling at each other is definitely the scariest thing I’ll see all halloween. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

Lily: Look, deep down, i think that the company was more my dream than it was billy’S. And I think that he got caught up in my vision and, you know, wanted to support me. But I could tell that his heart wasn’t in it for a while. So he’s going to go pursue something else that he’s passionate about.

Devon: Well, okay. I understand where he’s coming from, but we just lost the coo, and now this is going to be the second one within weeks. And it’s all on the heels of what nate just put us through.

Lily: I know. Billy knows that, too. He offered to stay on longer, but I told him not to. I can take care of things on my own.

Devon: You don’t think that you could use his help during a time like this?

Lily: No, I think that having a coo that doesn’t want to be there is more of a hindrance.

Devon: Fair, sure. But even without him being enthusiastic about the job, you don’t think it’s worth it to have him stick around until you find his replacement?

Lily: Well, he’s more than a colleague to me, right? So I have to take that into consideration.

Devon: Meaning what? That you’d ask him to stay if he wasn’t your boyfriend?

Lily: I mean, come on, devon. Really? That’s a pointless hypothetical.

Devon: No, it’s not. It’s a real question I’m asking. I’ll turn it around on you. If he cares about you this much, wouldn’t he keep his mouth shut about wanting to resign until we’re past this crisis so he doesn’t leave too much on your plate?

Lily: I will have his support, just not at work.

Devon: I-I don’t see this being as easy as you think it’s going to be for you.

Lily: Look, I want what’s best for billy as much as I want what’s best for me. And, yeah, do I wish that he could have stayed on at chancellor-winters in full capacity? Yes, I do. Am I hurt that, you know, it didn’t work out? Of course I am. But honestly, I think it’s probably what’s best for our relationship.

Devon: Okay. I mean, that’s — that’s of course what’s most important is that you guys are happy, so…

Lily: Thank you. So, what’s going on with you? How’s amanda’s mom doing?

Devon: There’s been no change to her condition.

Lily: Is she coming home soon?

Devon: I don’t know.

Lily: Well, maybe you should go to virginia. Go be with her, you know? It could be good for you to get a trip away to sort through your emotions. You know, I can take care of things here.

Devon: Yeah, that might be a good idea. I don’t know if it’s the distance or what it’s been, but there’s been a little strain between us.

Lily: It’s definitely the distance. I mean, being that far apart for that long, I mean, it can wear on a relationship.

Devon: That’s probably what it is.

Lily: Oh, I got to meet billy in a few minutes. Do you want to join us?

Devon: No, no, not this time. Thank you, though. I’m gonna stick around and check on abby. I’m really ready to congratulate billy on his soul-searching journey yet.

Lily: Everything is going to be fine, okay? It’s all going to work out.

Devon: I hope so. I’d like to think that you’re right.

Lily: Alright, bye.

Devon: I’ll see you.

Lily: See you later.

Victoria: Adam and I were making a plan for the boys. And believe it or not, we agreed for once.

Adam: Yeah, it actually felt pretty good. Maybe you could take a page out of our playbook.

Billy: I won’t be taking any cues from you, thank you very much.

Victoria: Okay, I’m not gonna let you two ruin our almost-nice moment.

Billy: You’re right. This is about the kids. So please tell me, what are these plans that you put in place?

Victoria: Connor invited johnny to join him at a sleepover. So our son will be doing that instead of going to katie’s parade.

Billy: Well, that was very cool of connor. And I’m proud of johnny for not pushing him away.

Adam: Yeah, I think it’ll be good for both of them.

Billy: Yeah. I hope they have a good time.

Adam: Well, we should get going.

Billy: That’s a scary costume, by the way.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Alright, guys, ready to go?

Victoria: Love you, honey. Have fun.

Billy: See you, buddy. Be good, alright? So, I ran into chelsea at the park, after your run-in, apparently.

Victoria: Did she make a pitch for you to make a plea for her case to see johnny?

Billy: There was no plea of leniency. In fact, she was on board with the rules that you put into place.

Victoria: Oh, really? Well, I’m grateful for that.

Billy: Yeah. But I can’t shake the feeling that something is not right. There’s something about her demeanor that is…off.

Adam: I’ve been concerned about you lately. Are you sure everything’s alright?

Billy: I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

Adam: Nobody is wishing harm on you. Not sally. Not me.

Billy: Do you really believe that’s what’s best for you? ‘Cause I’m not sure.

Adam: When you came back to town, you were positive and looking towards the future. But now it seems like you’re backsliding. Since rey died, you’re not yourself.

Chloe: Billy starts turning on the abbott charm, and you lose perspective. You start to think everything means a little more than it does.

Billy: Uh, I’m sorry if I was giving off the wrong signals, but that was a mistake.

Chloe: What was I thinking? Ridiculous of me. Caring about you. Instead of saving you time and time again, I should have just let you crash and burn. Like you always do.

Victoria: The bottom line is that johnny and katie have had a really tough time lately. Now is not the time to do this.

Johnny: It’s my call, and I say I don’t ever want to talk about it again.

Connor: You were pregnant with johnny? And you gave him away as a baby? Just, like, handed him over to victoria and billy?

Adam: Burying the pain doesn’t make it go away.

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“The young and the restless”

will continue. If you think all pads are exactly the same…

Abby: Hey.

Devon: Hey, you.

Abby: I’m sorry I didn’t get to chat with you and lily more before. You never know when there’s going to be a rush or a little fire to put out around here with a difficult customer or a staff member that doesn’t show up.

Devon: Please, this is your job. You’re working. I understand that. And lily had to go meet billy anyway. It’s fine.

Abby: So, what’s up with you? Are you handing out candy tonight?

Devon: No. There’s never that many trick-or-treaters at the penthouse. But I do have some time if you’d like to chat.

Abby: Yeah, sure.

Devon: Yeah? I have one condition, though. You have to tell me what’s really bugging you.

Abby: I’m not hiding it well, huh?

Devon: You never do.

Abby: This is just not the halloween I envisioned. And it sounds petty to even care that I don’t get to dress up in a matching costume with chance when he could potentially be saving lives.

Devon: Well, you’re allowed to feel the way you feel.

Abby: I’m just — I’m frustrated. And I think I’m the most frustrated with myself. I-I mean, why do I care so much that chance is so dedicated and focused on his job? I mean, who gets irked by that? It — it really makes me feel like a bad person.

Devon: Come on, abby. First of all, you know better than to ever call yourself a bad person, ’cause you’re not. Sometimes we want the people we care about to be a certain way, and it’s hurtful when they can’t be that.

Billy: I know I’m biased, but katie’s by far the cutest werewolf I’ve ever seen in my life.

Victoria: By far. Are you kidding me? She was so cute. She left all of those other kids in the dust.

Billy: That was a good costume choice.

Victoria: Thank you. Well, I mean, she definitely stood out amongst all of the princesses and ballerinas.

[ Both chuckle ]

Billy: I love it. You know, I just can’t help but get caught up in their sense of fantasy and wonder. It’s — seeing them dressed up, it’s great.

Victoria: It’s nice. Really is. It’s the one night where they can be whatever they want to be.

Billy: Yeah. Let their imagination run wild without reality setting in.

Victoria: I know that today is a tough day for you, because it was delia’s favorite holiday.

Billy: Can’t help it. The memories of her keep flooding back. The girl I lost. But spending this time with johnny and katie, it — it helps.

Victoria: I wish johnny could’ve gone to the parade with us, but I know. I know he’s at that age where he doesn’t want to do kid stuff. You know, he’s been through so much lately. I think that maybe this was a good distraction for him.

Billy: No, I agree. I think it was good. Plus, we know that we’re going to deal with teenage angst at a certain point.

Victoria: Oh, god. Well, I hope that they’ll behave better than we did when they were teenagers.

Billy: Yeah. Well, if today was any indication, I would say we’re — we’re looking pretty good. I mean, that was good of him, hanging out with connor that way, them still being friends, not blaming connor for what’s going on with chelsea. I think we raised a pretty good kid there.

Victoria: Yeah. I’m trying to take it as a sign that maybe he’s making a peace with all of this. I just wish that he would want to talk to me about it.

Billy: He’s going to handle it his way. And until we see some red flags, we got to let him do that.

Victoria: That’s definitely the hardest part — standing back and letting them fly on their own when all I want to do is swoop in, take him back to the nest, and protect him.

Lily: Hello.

Billy: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Lily: I, um, saw katie’s costume. She looked amazing.

Billy: She did, right?

Lily: I’d be lying if i didn’t say that on halloween, I miss when the twins were that age, and I would dress them the same. But then they kind of caught on pretty quickly. They hated it.

Victoria: I would have done the exact same thing.

Billy: Yeah, no, me, too. Temptation that I could not deny.

Victoria: You know, getting them dressed for halloween does take a lot of work, though. I’m sure you’re glad you don’t have to squeeze that in anymore, given that you must be so busy at chancellor-winters these days.

Lily: Yeah, definitely. I mean, you know how it is.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Victoria: Actually, yes, i do. Ah. Duty calls, so… I’ll catch up with you later.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Happy halloween.

Billy: See you. So, are you not mad at me anymore for going to nate behind your back?

Lily: No, let’s, uh — let’s move on, especially today. Um, how do you want to finish our halloween today? Do you want to go to noah’s club for a drink?

Billy: Yes, I want to do that.

Lily: Okay.

Chelsea: Is connor okay?

Adam: He’s fine. I just dropped him off at beckett’s house for the party with, um —

Chelsea: With who?

Adam: He went to the party with johnny.

Chelsea: Well, good. That’s — that’s great. It means they’re getting along. Johnny’s not holding it against him, the news about me.

Adam: Yeah. Seems like they’re still able to be friends.

Chelsea: Well, that makes me happy. So, if connor is fine, what are you doing here?

Adam: I, um, thought maybe we could go grab a drink. Figured you might want to see some people instead of being cooped up in here. Okay? Don’t give me the “I’m under the weather” excuse, because I’m really not buying it, alright? We can go right upstairs to noah’s club, and we can get a quick cocktail.

Chelsea: Sounds like a great idea. I’m just going to clean up a little bit, and I’ll meet you there.

Victoria: “Eager to hear your response. Can you meet tonight?”

Adam: It’s like you’re latching onto something to fill a void.

Billy: I’m not trying to be harsh, but you’re overstepping.

Adam: This isn’t just a mood. Something is seriously wrong.

Victoria: Your goal is to weasel your way into my son’s life. Even after billy obviously told you he wants nothing to do with you.

Johnny: You are not my mom.

Chloe: I have tried, every way I know how, to help you navigate your emotional ups and downs. Meanwhile, all I get in return is snark and putdowns.

Billy: I can have all this equipment moved wherever you want — so you can continue the podcast without me.

Adam: Chelsea, listen to yourself. You can’t use connor as a life preserver. He’s a kid. Fixing his mom is not his job.

Connor: Mom is different now. She’d probably be happier if she had kept johnny.

Billy: Are you waiting to ambush johnny?

Victoria: You lost the right to be a part of johnny when you signed over your rights as his mother.

Billy: You’re not hearing me. The news threw him.

Johnny: You are the reason my world is turning upside-down.

Victoria: I’m sorry this isn’t what you want to hear, but we will be supporting our son’s choice. So if you happen to see him, don’t say anything. Don’t approach him. Just walk away.

Chelsea: Just stop! Stop! Stop!

Allie: You want to go talk to your uncle?

Noah: Yeah, I think I’ll pass. Hey, I’ll play host to whoever walks in next.

Allie: What if it’s someone even worse?

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Ah, hi, there.

Noah: See, that’s a much better option.

Allie: I’m going to go get us a drink.

Noah: Hey, guys. Welcome to the glam club.

Billy: Yeah, thanks for having us. We were hoping to sit down and grab a drink.

Noah: You know, I think I got a spot for that.

Lily: Oh, okay. Thanks.

Billy: Adam.

Adam: Billy.

Lily: Hi. This is perfect. Thank you. By the way, this club is a perfect addition to the grand phoenix.

Noah: I couldn’t ask for a better landlord. You guys come by anytime, okay?

Lily: Thank you.

Billy: Thank you.

Lily: [ Sighs ] So, by the way, I told devon finally that you’re leaving chancellor-winters.

Billy: I hope he wasn’t too ticked off at me.

Lily: Well, I mean, he wasn’t happy, but that’s to be expected, so… what is it?

Billy: Uh, it’s chelsea. And the last person that she should be spending any time with.

Lily: I mean, they have a long history, and she seems fine.

Billy: Yeah. I hope you’re right.

Chelsea: Did connor say anything about me after I left earlier? I hate that my actions have pushed him away, but I — I’m — I am determined to prove to him how much I love him.

Adam: I know that you will. But don’t keep beating yourself up about this.

Chelsea: You’re right. Being hard on myself isn’t going to do anyone any good. I need to focus on the future. Um, I actually told billy earlier, I, uh — I recognize now that it was a mistake, pushing to tell johnny the truth that I’m his biological mother. But, you know, that’s — that’s a big step for me, recognizing my misstep. And now, um, I just need to focus on making things right.

Adam: That is a big step. And I hope that you continue to take steps forward. You know, chelsea, I — I only want the best for you. And I know that you have felt in the past that it didn’t work. But maybe… counseling is something that you should consider now. You’re in a different place. You’re in a better place.

Chelsea: You want me to see a therapist. You’re right. I need help. I have to end this cycle of anxiety and depression. Did you know, some ordinary cold medicines can raise your blood pressure?

Adam: I’m so grateful that you are willing to see a professional. Things are going to get better for you, and that’s only going to improve your relationship with connor. Speaking of connor, he, um, really likes this beckett kit. When you stopped by the coffeehouse to see his costume, you could see how excited he was to go to this party. You know, being invited, that was a big deal for him. I mean, you remember being that age and trying to fit in. I guess in the end, no matter what age we are, we all want the same thing. Love and acceptance. I’m kind of nervous for him. I don’t know why I would be, though. Connor’s such a, uh, lovable kid.

Connor: Mom is different now. She’d probably be happier if she had kept johnny.

Johnny: You are not my mom.

Adam: It’s like you’re latching onto something to fill a void.

Adam: The, uh, the party’s going to be a mixture of younger and older kids, and he brought some regular clothes so he could change out of his costume.

Connor: You were pregnant with johnny? And you gave him away as a baby?

Adam: He’s a kid. Fixing his mom is not his job.

Victoria: Your goal is to weasel your way into my son’s life.

Billy: I’m not trying to be harsh, but you’re overstepping.

Adam: This isn’t just a mood. Something is seriously wrong.

Chloe: Things can’t go on this way.

Chelsea: Excuse me. Um, I have to use the restroom. I’ll be right back.

Chelsea: [ Hyperventilating ]

Adam: You can’t use connor as a life preserver.

Billy: Are you waiting to ambush johnny?

Adam: Burying the pain doesn’t make it go away.

Chloe: I should have just let you crash and burn. Like you always do.

Victoria: Just walk away. Understood?

Chelsea: Please. I can’t take it anymore. I just need the pain to go away.

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Billy: I’m worried about chelsea. Not sure if you saw the way she bolted out of here.

Lily: No, I-I didn’t see, ’cause I was busy enjoying our dance, but I guess you were watching chelsea.

Billy: Well, she’s a mess.

Abby: What about the stakeout?

Chance: Oh, we, uh — we finished early.

Abby: And you chose to come here instead of home?

Victoria: You’re now the new ceo of newman media.

Devon: You’ve got to be kidding me.

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