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 tell them to keep looking. Sorry about that. No, no problem. You know what? Why don’t we just go home? What are you talking about? We just — we haven’t even ordered yet. I know that. But we can do this another night. I want you to focus your attention to finding lucy. I got my people on it. That’s the best I can do. Plus, I don’t — there’s only one thing I want to focus on. You. This may not be the most luxurious hotel in the city, but it’s got rave reviews for its cleanliness and the bedding. I — I mean… it’s okay. I know what you meant. I hope two queen beds work for you. In the dorms, I sleep in an extra-long twin, so a clean bed all to myself sounds fantastic.

[ Both chuckle ] Here we go. Are you ready to do this? Are you? I am if you are. It’s been a while. Yeah, I mean, it might be awkward at first, but it’s not like we’re building our connection from scratch. Besides, I’m sure that he’s much more anxious for this reunion than we are.

[ Door opens ] What do you want to start with? Hello? Earth to brook lynn. What has you so focused? Um, have you had a chance to check out that singer that linc wants you to duet with? Her social media engagement is amazing. Remind me, what are we doing here exactly? We’re doing date night, aren’t we?

I am. You’re not. How are you feeling?

[ Sighs ] Like I never fully appreciated the value of a mixologist before. You’ve been on a boat all night looking for lucy. And you saw anna get arrested, which we know she was set up. And, now, you’re sitting here waiting for the results of a dna test which could change your life. Helluva day, right? Talk to me, mac. What’s to discuss? Nothing can be resolved tonight. Search efforts for lucy are ongoing. I’ve been ordered not to interfere with ada arden’s case against anna. And either cody’s my son or he isn’T. Dante: Hey, mac. Felicia. How much of that did you hear? Enough to know that cody’s been holding out on us. Hey, I thought you left an hour ago. Yeah, I figured I’d hang out for a little while, wait for you. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] How’d the dna test go? Excruciating.

[ Laughing ] Come on. It’s only a cheek swab. No, I mean, the test was painless, britt. It was…

[ Inhales deeply ] The torture was having to fake how I really feel.

But it is natural to be, you know, distracted with so much affecting our friends and the people we love. Think about it. It’s lucy, sasha, spencer, ava. How’s ava? Well…physically, she’s recuperating just fine, but she’s conflicted about a few things. If you mean nikolas, that’s a problem of her own making. Nikolas is not the only cassadine problem. What I’m saying — my point is that we’re very caring people, and it’s understandable that, you know, our friend’s troubles are going to seep into our time together. Then, let’s not let it. Let’s — let’s protect our — our time together. Well, we can try.

[ Both chuckle ] We can, uh — we can do more than try. Cody might be your biological son? I — I just saw him yesterday. He didn’t say a word. Uh, he told me. You already knew? Yeah, just. He told me today. I was going to tell you tonight when we got here. We haven’t really gotten around to it. Hmm. Cody and i had a dna test and should get the results back in a couple of days. I doubt he was hiding it. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. Sam, since the two of you are joining us — not taking “no” for an answer — y– well — let’s go grab a round. I’ll take a beer, I guess. I’m still working on mine. Alrighty, we’ll be right back. Okay.

[ Clears throat ] You and cody are friends, right? Ah, yeah. We went to, uh, camp when we were kids. Lost touch over the years. But we picked up pretty much where we left off. I don’t know cody very well. He seems spirited.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, that’s a good word for him, “spirited.” He’s got lots of spirit, lots of heart, like his horses. So, what did you want to talk to me about? I get the distinct impression that you have reservations where cody is concerned. Once a pi, always a pi.

[ Chuckles ] Are you referring to yourself or me? Both. [ Chuckles ] Sam, if you know anything troubling about cody, please, tell me now, before mac and my family get any closer. Mac, felicia, maxie — they all seem so happy and relieved to be taking the test. The agony was pretending I had to feel the same way. “Agony.” “Excruciating.” Oh, you’ve really had a rough day, huh? Well, you try making small talk with that family. What is wrong with mac’s family? Nothing. Nothing, they’re all smiles and laughs and cute kids and apple pie. I bet they even have cute pets. Okay, let me get this straight. Your biggest beef with mac’s family is that they’re too nice? Britt, people like me don’t really fit into the norman rockwell portrait. So when the dna test comes back and proves I’m leopold taub’s kid, mac will be thankful he got off easy. Every time we speak, you have a new reason you’re resistant to being a scorpio. What is going on here, cody? You waited an hour for me. Clearly, you want to talk. Yeah, I waited, so can we just get out of here now? Where do you want to go? Anywhere but here. Spencer: I’ll tell you this. When they told me that I had visitors, I did not expect to see you guys. What, you don’t want us here? I didn’t think you’d want to be here. Look, a lot has gone down, but you got to know we’re still your friends. I really made a mess of things, huh? Yeah, you did. And yet, you still came. Well, yeah, dude. Of course we did. I specifically booked a double with two queen beds.

[ Sighs ] I appreciate the discount, but I would appreciate an extra bed even more. You better make it right.

[ Beeps ]

[ Sighs ] So they acknowledged their mistake, and I will be credited for the single. But unfortunately, there are no other rooms available because of the convention. Oh, well, what about the extra bed? They’re gonna send up a cot. You need your rest. I’ll wait for it. I’m not sleepy. Let’s wait together. There, done. No phone, okay. And no more shoptalk, either. I pledge my undivided attention. Not that it’s a hardship or anything. Then can I just say how gorgeous you look? You don’t have to say that. While we’re talking about pledges, can you promise me to learn to accept a compliment? Okay, challenge accepted. And while we’re on the topic of self-improvement… lay it on me. …Your daily diet is not conducive to crooning.

[ Scoffs ] Okay? I still don’t understand what you have against pickles.

[ Scoffs ] But guess what? I went to the farmers market and I bought only blq-approved, vocal-friendly foods. Thank you. That’s the best thing you can do for your voice. I did it for you. You know, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make you happy.

Is there something specific that you know about cody that makes you feel uneasy about him? Something mac and i need to know? Uh, specific? I don’t know. Cody’s charming and… well, I don’t know, charming. But? Hmm. And here. Looks like more small talk is in your future. This is weird.

[ Sighs ] Right? ‘Cause you’ve never visited anyone at pentonville before, joss.

[ Chuckles ] You know what I mean, jackass. Hmm. And just like that, we’re back to normal.

[ Sighs ] You know, spencer, honestly, we were, uh — we were a little worried that this place would break your spirit, or something… nah, I’m good. I’m cool. Practically a professional now. I really hate seeing you in here, spencer. Appreciate that. I hate being here. But it was worth it to try to save trina. Even if she’s never going to know that I — you know, that I believed in her the entire time. Trina doesn’t know, right? Trina: Oh, my gosh. It was so cool seeing all those families dress up together like the incredibles. I know it’s not as sophisticated as the art scene.

[ Sighs ] It’s art, right? That’s why I love it. The beauty of any art form is that it speaks to us, touches our souls. The mystical, magical worlds resonate with you the way paint on a canvas does for me. It’s all good, right? I love that you get that. How did i get so lucky?

[ Chuckles ] What is it? You’re dangerous. Oh, really? Yeah, you’ve no idea the effect you have on me. You sure it’s not the after-effects of nonna’s sicilian thunderbolt? Well, maybe that helped things along, but for so long, I’ve dreamed about this, of us together. In a lot of ways, it still feels like a dream. What’s happening between us — it’s as real as it gets. For one night, can we just be the only two people on this world? If you think that we can can shut out the world, then I am game. Well, that’s going to be easy for me, because the way you look tonight, it’s like, you know, I — I can’t think of anything else. Well, you’re pretty distracting yourself, mister. Do you want to skip dinner and just go straight to dessert? Oh, what happened to going slowly? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

[ Laughs ] Oh, well…

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Yeah, get it. Get it. It might be about lucy. I got to get it.

[ Sighs ] Oh, yeah. Okay, well, we’ll — we’ll — we’ll continue with dessert, right? Yeah, cool. Cool. Alright.

[ Ringing stops ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Victor: Dining alone? Dining with sonny. Ah! Well, enjoy your meal. Wait. Actually, I am glad that we ran into each other. I need to know something. Oh? What’s going on with charlotte?

What you mean. Is there something going on with my granddaughter? Why don’t you tell me? I sent something to charlotte that was recently returned to me. And I reached out to valentin to check the address of her boarding school, and he hasn’t responded. And I’ve never had a problem reaching valentin abroad before. Well, I’m sure he’s having a lovely time with his daughter. And I doubt he feels obligated to be at the beck and call of his ex-wife. Ex-wife and current friend. Why are you acting so cagey, mr. Cassadine? Why are you so invested in my family, ms. Reeves? Could it be, perhaps, because… you don’t have one of your own? Dante: Hey! Hey, long time no see. Pull up a few chairs and join us. The more the merrier. Um… hey, I saved you a spot. Thank you. Just for you. So, do you have any progress on my case? Sam’s working on your case? Care to share? Sure, uh, I found a necklace in a safety deposit box that belonged to peter. Well, I can almost g uarantee you that necklace won’t have a clean title. Yeah, so can I. Britt: Yeah, I had the same feeling. That’s why I hired sam to look into its provenance. Eh — I’m sorry. You did what now? Well, is that a problem for you? No. No. Eh, of course not. I just didn’t realize britt was going to go down that route. Well, if anyone’s going to find out the origin of that necklace, it’s you. Thank you. No doubt. I’m going to grab a beer. Uh, I’ll have A…cosmo. I know we spend a lot of time talking about your career, but there’s one major reason I love this life for you. It’s the leather pants, isn’t it? Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Okay, two reasons. I-I just love all the time we get to spend together, you know, as your manager and your friend and… my girlfriend? My baby? My boo-thang? Okay, never say “boo-thing” again. But, [Chuckles] Yes, all of that. I really love it, too. You know, I do miss policing. What I don’t miss is how much life I had to put on hold to be a good detective. This is nice. The evening, the company, knowing that I’m not on call. Yeah, but is it enough for you? You know, sitting here with me instead of chasing crime? Yeah. It’s more than enough. Trina knows that I was playing esme to prove her innocent? Sh… she found out the day that you checked into pentonville. So she just doesn’t care? Spencer, she was all kinds of hurt. I get it, but she told me that she didn’t want to be friends anymore, so has she changed her mind? It hasn’t come up, but I-I mean, we haven’t really seen her. She’s been really busy catching up with all her pcu works since she’s been reinstated. Yeah, and — and she got offered this — this, uh, internship at “the chuck,” so she’s finally experiencing, you know, what it’s like to work in a real museum. And plus, her mom is planning that wedding, and she’s — guys, I get it. I get it. Great. I did this to myself. Uh, I’m really glad that trina is living a happy life, glad that she has this internship. She deserves it. And if she’s happy with that cop, too, then great. Great. So be it. We can stop. Don’t stop. Spencer: Do you want me as much as I want you?

Tell me you feel the same way.

[ Gasps ] Oh. Are you okay? Um… fine. I-I-I’m fine. I just, um… not the right time.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] That would be my bed for the evening. I’ve hurt so many people — you two, trina, my grandmother, britt. And being in here doesn’t wash all of that away. I also know I’m not the worst person inside these walls, but… I still cannot… help but hate myself for everything that I’ve done. Spencer, do you remember when we were kids and I accidentally started a fire at your birthday party? Of course I do. Yeah, I got the skin grafts to show for it. Right. So despite that happening, why do you think I’m on your visitor list? Because you owe me, big time.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe. Or maybe, despite all the fights we’ve been in, all our conflicts, how many times we’ve hurt each other, this bond still holds up. Mm-hmm. Why, because we’re family? Yeah, that’s true. I’m stuck with you as a cousin. But, spencer, I — I choose you as my friend. Man, you must be hard up.

[ Clicks tongue ] That’s what friendship is — loving someone with the inevitability that they’ll let you down. He’s such a sap. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I can — I can be that sometimes. Listen, spencer, please keep your head down here. I want you to be okay and safe so when you get out, you’ll know you got some friends waiting for you. You do. You do. Time’s up. I think I’d get back into cooking a little bit. But don’t worry, I would give you input into the menu and the ingredients so you could steer me away from anything that’s potentially harming my vocals.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, this is killing you, isn’t it?

[ Sighs ] Go ahead. Thank you. Mm-hmm. It’s your interview with the dj at kzpc. It’s about to livestream in 15 minutes. Oh, right. I totally forgot. How could you forget about that? I just did. But we can listen to it later, can’t we? It just won’t be live. Okay. All right. Sure.

[ Clears throat ] Or we could listen to it right now. Thank you. Mm-hmm. So much for pledges.

[ Scoffs ] I pledged to focus on you, and that’s exactly what we’re about to do. Do you think faison stole the necklace? And did peter steal the necklace from faison? I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was yes to both. My father was ruthless. He took whatever he wanted. And peter was obsessed with taking my father down. I mean, if he went to the trouble of getting a special safety deposit box, there must have been a reason. It seems you’re having a good time tonight. Yeah, well, things aren’t always what they seem. Um, could I get two ipas, please? Thanks. We have another game coming up. Very high stakes. I need a ringer. You’ve proven to be the best. Can I count on you again, mr. Bell? My friendship with charlotte and valentin is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life, but you wouldn’t understand that. You knew valentin was your son for years, and you couldn’t even be bothered to send him a birthday card, let alone initiate a relationship with him. I kept tabs on my son. Keeping tabs is something you do with a distant friend on social media, not with your own child. Well, it’s certainly more than you did with your daughter. You were not just rude, you were wrong. Well, look, the muscle’s arrived. Why don’t you apologize to her? Withdrawn. Now if –okay. You know what? Y-you didn’t just insult her, but lucy is a friend of mine. Then I understand your agitation. I, too, am bereft about lucy. Really? Is that why you were — you — you were supposed to meet her before she went missing? And also, I heard that anna devane just got arrested. So your fingerprints are all over this. I don’t know what you’re implying. Okay. If I find out that you had anything to do with framing anna, that will be the last stunt you pull in this town. What’ll you do, corinthos? Hm?

[Mobster accent] Take me out back, put two behind the ear? I only need one.

Unless something has come up. I’ll be there. Ms. Wu? Chief scorpio. Have a good evening. Do you know who that woman is? Selina wu? Uh… yeah, I met her through britt and brad. She’s his aunt, right? She’s also a notorious organized crime figure. Stay away from her. Is that an order? Just advice from a friend or a father. Good to know. Look, cody, if the dna test comes back and says I’m your father, we can decide what that relationship means for us. I have no expectations, okay? I mean, it doesn’t have to be traditional or even paternal. We just take it as it comes. Mac, hey, felicia’s ready to go. Okay. Thanks. We’ll talk later. You left so fast, you didn’t even get britt’s order. She wanted a cosmo. Oh. Thanks. Um… can you add a cosmo to the order? The beers? You want anything, sam? Or what do you want? The truth, that’s what I want. Okay. Uh, what now? Why don’t you want me investigating peter’s necklace? When did I say that? I could read it all over you. Look, you have every right not to trust me, but I genuinely like britt and I — I love dante. I’m not out to hurt anybody. Okay. I mean, that better be the truth. So I wanted to talk to you about our last conversation. The one when you told me not to jerk cody around? Yeah, that’s the one.

[ Chuckles ] I might have misread the, uh, situation a little bit. A little bit? A lot. Okay. I like cody, and despite your best efforts, he likes me back. What? Okay. I guess we both care about the guy. Seems that way. Okay. I don’t know if we’ll ever be friends, but for cody’s sake, uh… why don’t we call a truce? He’d better be worth it. Amen.

[ Laughs ] Oh, [Buzzes lips] I am sorry for this mess. Cam, please, I’ve seen it much worse than this. So are jake and aiden in bed? Yeah, they conveniently fell asleep before they had to pick up all their leftover pizza. Mm. Oh, I should’ve grabbed a slice. I’m starving. I can, uh — I can grab us some stuff. No, no, no, it’s fine. Um, I want to tell you something. What you said to spencer today was incredible. Yeah, I meant it. I know. You never say anything that you don’t mean. You’re the most genuine person that I’ve ever met, and you’re such a good friend to all of us, even when we don’t deserve it. You do deserve it, joss. No. I should have told you when I confronted sonny about dex. I should have told you that. Look, joss, I just — I want you to know that you can be honest with me about anything. I know. I’ll be better. I just — I can’t imagine my life without you. Then you don’t have to.

[ Chase’s “falling into place”

plays ]

I’m falling into place dj van: You just heard our guest, harrison chase, fast-rising local artist, with his breakthrough single, “falling into place.” How’s it going, chase? Chase: All good.

Thanks for the welcome.

Well, I’m just speaking the truth. Your set at the savoy has generated a lot of buzz.

Can you explain

to the listeners,

how would you describe your sound?

That’s a good question.

Um, adult contemporary?

A mix of acoustic pop

and balladry… [ Laughs ]

M-my manager is so much better

at this than me.

[ Laughs ] Well, now,

so you’re saying that she earns that 15%?

Oh, that and more.

I owe her so much.

She’s that kind of person who

elevates those around her

through sheer will alone. Well, good representation

is hard to find,

but it sounds like you hit the jackpot.

Oh, you have no idea.

I mean, my manager,

brook lynn quartermaine is — is a talented singer/songwriter

in her own right.

I mean, she’s gifted,

she’s —

she’s giving, and her passion,

it inspires me daily. Sounds like brook lynn’s more than a manager.

Oh, so much more.

She’s my muse. Did I blow the interview? Am I really your muse? How could you doubt it?

[ Sighs ] You know, I gave you a lot of leeway when you threatened me about spencer, but now I’m out of patience. You know, there was a time I would have disappeared you in a new york minute, but I’m a changed man. Aww, made over by love, are we? I just wish my son could have been reshaped by nina’s transformative powers. Don’t talk to nina, directly or indirectly, or you’re going to have to answer to me. You know, that threat carries a lot less gravitas now you’ve admitted that love has turned you into a pacifist. Some people slip up. But I’ll tell you something — if I find proof that you have anything to do with anna, I’m going to come after you. Trust me. Well, if you’d excuse me, I really am ravenous.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. No, I mean, you defended me, defended anna. You don’t have to apologize for that. I just didn’t want to make a scene, you know? Well, could have been worse, if you handled it the way you used to. I am in awe of your newfound restraint. You find pacifism sexy? I find you sexy. You know what? You made it very clear to victor that you can nail him to the wall without resorting to violence. He needed to hear that. I needed to hear that. I’m done with this place. Hm. I think it’s time for us to go home. I want to go home with you. I get to go home with you? Yeah. Okay, definitely. Let’s do it. Get my purse. Come on.

Everything okay over here? Yeah, we’re, uh, working on it. Cody: That’s what I like to hear — everybody getting along. In fact, I’d like to propose a toast. To new beginnings. To new beginnings.

[ Sighs ] You sure you’re comfortable in that thing? Uh…totally. You should’ve seen where we slept at the police academy.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Well, thanks for letting me have the bed. I’m really having a good time. I appreciate you inviting me. There’s no one else I’d rather be with. Well… good night. Good night. Trina: Hi.

You’ve reached my voicemail.

I must be terribly busy,

but I’ll call you back

as soon as I can.

You know what to do. Bye.

[ Beep ] It’s getting kind of late. I should probably walk you back to your dorm. Yeah. Or I can stay over.

[ Sighs ] Or not. I — I want you to, joss, I really do, but my mom said that you can’T. And I-I know how lame that sounds, but my brothers are here — listen, hey. It’s house rules. I don’t want you to get in trouble for me. Um, on the other hand, though, I’m not sure my mom would want me to leave my brothers home alone while I walked you back to your dorm. Right. Especially with all of the attacks. Yeah. Safety first. Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, I can — I can take the sofa and you can stay in the bed. We can both stay in the bed. For cuddling. For afterward.

I am the anchor

weighing you down

you are the storm wait, um… are you sure that this is what you want? I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want this. Well, that makes two of us.

Cannot be found

stuck out at sea

[ Gasps ] What is it? Just making sure I’m not dreaming.

I’ve got a feeling you’re real. Yeah.

‘Cause I’m there rising

I’m paralyzed I, uh… thought you said you were tired? Some detective you are.

I am the dead end

fencing you in

trying to trap you

you’re like the wind

row yourself away

if that’s what you need

me, I’m-a stay here

never to leave thank you for today. I love you, you know that? I do.

I’m paralyzing I love you, sonny corinthos.

I am the anchor

weighing you down

[Doorbell rings] I’ll get it!

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