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Jack: So there is more to the story of your years in L.A. Than you admitted.

Diane: Yes. And I-I realized that I — I can’t keep hiding it from you.

Jack: So tell me this shameful secret. What is it? What happened?

Diane: Well, while I lived there, tucker and I did cross paths.

Jack: I see.

Diane: But it wasn’t anything that I wanted or — or that i planned. But he — he found out things about me.

Jack: Like what?

Diane: Things that… I had to do to survive. Things I’m not proud of. But, jack, before I tell you, please, you have to believe me that I had no choice.

Tucker: Nikki? Hello? Ah, there she is. I’m so happy you called.

Nikki: Tucker.

Tucker: I hope this invitation means that you and i are — we’re on good terms. Like, we’re — there’s no grudges between us, no ill will between us.

Nikki: Well, that all depends on what happens going forward, since you seem to be staying in town for a while.

Tucker: I might, I might. I’m having a ball getting reacquainted with all the, um — what’d you call them? — The respectable families of genoa city? And then, of course, to be invited here to the ranch, to sit with the grand dame of the community, well, that’s — that means a lot.

Nikki: That title does not belong to me. There is only one grand dame of genoa city. Your mother.

Tucker: Ah, yes. The duchess. Yeah. Very respectable. Sorry. Did I offend you?

Nikki: No, no, not at all. But I’m afraid you have misunderstood my invitation. This is not a social call. We will not be having tea and chitchatting. There’s someone I want you to meet. Tucker mccall… talia morgan.

Tucker: Ah.

Lauren: So, hey, how is your new product line going? Marchetti home.

Phyllis: Oh, it’s great. I’m killing. You know, not that I mean to brag, but I am killing.

Lauren: You don’t mean to brag, but you will.

Phyllis: Yeah. I wish the other reason why i was at marchetti was going as well as the actual job.

Lauren: Uh, yeah, getting rid of diane? Don’t tell me that has stalled.

Phyllis: It’s stalled, but it’s progressing. I mean, kyle and summer, they’re in costa rica. Now is the best time to get diane out of here.

Lauren: Oh, are you sure about that?

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, when they come home, they’ll be in such marital bliss, they won’t even notice she’s not around.

Lauren: I don’t know about that, because from what I’ve seen about kyle, he has fallen for his mother’s reinvention, and he has fully accepted her into his life.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know he has. I can dream.

Lauren: Yes, you can. But you know what? I want you to get rid of diane because she is a sore spot in my household, too. And you know me. I can hold a grudge like the best of them.

Phyllis: Oh, and you know what? I love that about you.

Lauren: Well, thank you. Thank you. It’s michael. Michael has too much empathy. He has too much understanding for the human frailty.

Phyllis: What is wrong with him? Seriously, she has done me so wrong. She fakes her own death, she made her son believe that she was dead. I mean, that’s not just human frailty. That’s evil.

Jack: All the times I asked if there was more to your story. How many openings did I give you to tell the truth? Other people accused you of terrible things. I defended you.

Diane: I know, I know. And I — I feel awful that I put you in that position. But please, jack, just hear what I have to say before you pass judgment.

Jack: You want me to hear more of your excuses?

Diane: No, I want you to hear the truth.

[ Sighs ] I arrived in L.A. With the world thinking that diane jenkins was dead. The first thing I needed was a new identity, and I was able to find someone who would help me create a new persona.

Jack: Oh, how convenient for you.

Diane: Jack, I had no choice. In order to start over, I needed to become someone else. And there are people who do that sort of thing.

Jack: Oh, yeah — criminals.

Diane: What they do is illegal. But I needed a new social security number and driver’s license and birth certificate.

And taylor jenson was born. Or should I say reborn? To get that kind of documentation, you clearly had to assume the life of a dead woman.

Diane: It was the only thing I could think of to resume my life — my new life. I didn’t want to break the law. Not then and not now.

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Diane: Shortly after I got settled in L.A. As taylor jenson, I met a man. He was charming and attractive. His name was jeremy stark. He, um… he sensed something broken in me. And I didn’t tell him where I’d come from, just that I’d been involved in a series of bad relationships. Which wasn’t a lie. He didn’t press for details. He just wanted me to know that my life could be good again.

Diane: Thanks for a lovely afternoon.

Jeremy: You’ll learn that every afternoon in california is lovely. Even when it rains, it’s a lovely rain.

Diane: Oh, the stroll up the beach in venice, and watching the dolphins play… fabulous lunch in malibu was… it was perfect.

Jeremy: You deserve it. It’s a big place, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of it with you, taylor. Hey. What’s the matter?

Diane: Uh, it’s just… it’s just been so long since I’ve had a — a good day. It feels relaxing and invigorating all at the same time.

Jeremy: Whatever happened to you, it’s in the past. You have your whole life ahead of you. You need to enjoy it. And I’m that person that’s going to make it happen.

Diane: He was kind and gentle and — and thoughtful. You know, I was not looking for a serious relationship, but I fell hard.

[ Chuckles ] You know, anyone who knows me probably wouldn’t be surprised. I… he was a wealthy jetsetter. And I do have a type.

Jack: So, was he the man in the bentley?

Tucker: Yeah, I know, ms. Morgan. By reputation only.

Talia: Likewise. But I’d like to begin by asking you a few questions about your future plans.

Tucker: Sure. You can ask me anything you want. Got nothing to hide.

Nikki: Well, I know that journalists like to speak to their subjects in private, so I’ll leave you to it.

Talia: Shall we sit?

Tucker: Yeah.

Talia: So, now that you don’t have nikki newman to impress, maybe you can give me some real answers.

Tucker: Fire away. Just don’t ask about the rumor.

Talia: What rumor?

Tucker: Oh, there’s this nasty rumor going around that the real reason I came to town is to try to convince victor newman to build a rocket with me so we can launch ourselves into space. You know, it’s what billionaires are doing these days. But I probably should not have said anything, should I? Because you’re going to do an article with the headline “mccall and newman shoot themselves into space.”

Talia: You should be so lucky. You have history with the newman family, going head to head with victor in business and personally.

Tucker: That’s correct. That’s excellent research on your part.

Talia: So if there is bad blood between you and the family, why do you think nikki newman encouraged me to write a profile of you? And now please welcome ana montoya.

Tucker: Well, look, if you want to write about me, I’m happy to accept the free publicity. But you said you wanted to learn about my current plans. And the newmans do not even remotely enter into what I have going now, so, uh… they’re in the past. If you want to talk about the present, let’s do it.

Talia: Fair enough. So do you have answers regarding why you’re divesting and liquefying so many of your assets? Are you downsizing? Getting ready to retire? Or perhaps do you have a major move in the works?

Lauren: You know, I am just so surprised that jack seems to have accepted diane back into his life wholeheartedly like nothing has ever happened.

Phyllis: Well, he was taking kyle’s lead. I mean, but he’s accepted her back. He was. I think jack is seeing diane for who she really is. I mean, I don’t know. I just sense he’s being polite now, but he’s definitely holding back.

Lauren: Are you sure about that? She’s been trying to worm her way back into his life through kyle and harrison. They’re now working in the same building. She’s coming at him from all sides.

Phyllis: I know, I know. But before I came here, I overheard jack in his office, and he said that his doubts are starting to reignite regarding diane.

Lauren: Oh. That’s a step in the right direction. What brought that on?

Phyllis: Ashley.

[ Chuckles ] It seems that there’s a diane-tucker connection.

Lauren: What? I haven’t heard about this.

Phyllis: There’s a theory going around that the two of them were connected up in los angeles.

Lauren: Wow.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Lauren: And you subscribe to this theory?

Phyllis: For sure. For sure I do. I mean, it’s diane. I mean, ashley told this to jack. He thought it was a rumor. He brushed it off, but it definitely resonated. Now he has doubts about diane. I mean, we just need to give him a little nudge in the right direction.

Diane: Jeremy was an international financier. He flew around the world finding opportunities and making deals.

Jeremy: Well, I didn’t think the deal was going to close, but you are now looking at the third-largest distributor of automotive parts in eastern europe.

Diane: Wow! That must explain all the paparazzi outside.

[ Both laugh ]

Jeremy: I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s huge.

Diane: No, no. Congratulations.

[ Glasses clink ] Between this and that australian land you acquired last week, you are on a roll. You’re going to spoil me with all this good champagne.

Jeremy: I hope so. Mmm.

Diane: Jeremy, what is this?

Jeremy: Open it and find out.

Diane: Oh, it’s — it’s lovely, but what is it?

Jeremy: It’s a private island. I’m going there tonight for a meeting, and I’d like you to join me there tomorrow.

Diane: Oh. That sounds amazing, but I — I can’t go on such short notice.

Jeremy: [ Scoffs ] Why not?

Diane: Oh, come on. I know the circles you travel in. I’m not prepared for that. I don’t — I don’t have anything to wear. And even my luggage is all beat up.

Jeremy: Oh, that doesn’t matter. You look fabulous as is, and you know that. But if you’re concerned, you can reach out to my assistant, francesca. Tell her what you need. She’ll do all the shopping. All you have to do is be ready for my car to pick you up at noon tomorrow.

Diane: It was a whirlwind. It was a fantasy come true. It was wonderful and romantic, and it was the first of many. He traveled a lot for business, and he would invite me to join him on these spur-of-the-moment trips. And he took care of all the arrangements.

Jack: Very generous of him.

Diane: Yeah. For, uh… for the first time, I felt taken care of. Like, um… like I had found something that had been missing in previous relationships. But, um, what I didn’t realize until it was too late… is that was his trick. Dupixent helps you du more with less asthma.

Jack: I’m not sure i understand how showering someone with gifts and exotic travel is a trick.

Diane: I always flew alone. I met jeremy at the location. We never traveled together, and I didn’t think much of it at first. He said he wanted to get there early so he could get the boring business stuff out of the way so that we could enjoy ourselves.

Jack: And that wasn’t true?

Diane: Not exactly. It went on for months like this. Until I discovered that he was using me as a mule.

Jack: Wait. He had you smuggling drugs?

Diane: No, not drugs. Cash. Either his assistant or his driver would hide bundles of cash in my suitcases when I wasn’t looking. And then jeremy would remove them when we got to the location and deposit them in a local bank. Millions and millions of dollars, jack. He was sheltering illegal funds and using me to do it.

Jack: And you knew nothing about it?

Diane: You know what? I hear that skeptical tone in your voice, but, no, I didn’t know. I didn’t know until a trip to barbados. Jeremy was late meeting me at the airport, and I was just looking in my suitcase for something, and I saw stacks of 100-dollar bills, and I-I put them back. And later, when he thought I was taking a nap, I saw him remove them, and then I followed him to a bank. I realized what was happening. I was shocked… and devastated. But I waited until we were safely back in L.A. Before confronting him.

Jeremy: Going on a trip tomorrow. You up for it?

Diane: Where to?

Jeremy: Mm. Someplace special. I know you’ll enjoy it. I promise. Just be ready by 3:00.

Diane: Okay. I just have one question.

Jeremy: What is it?

Diane: How much cash do you plan to hide in my suitcase this time? Should I bring the carry-on or take two large suitcases? I — I just thought it would help if I knew so I could plan. I trusted you, jeremy. I even thought I was falling in love with you. But you’ve been using me as a money-laundering mule.

Jeremy: You’re overreacting, taylor. I’m sorry. The fantasy has been shattered. But this relationship does not have to end.

Diane: Yes, it does. It’s over. I’m not going to do your dirty work for you. You’ve been putting me in danger.

Jeremy: Calm down.

Diane: No.

Jeremy: I’ve invested a lot in you.

Diane: Oh, my god.

You’ve taken me on a couple of trips. That doesn’t buy you my loyalty to commit crimes for you. I won’t tell the authorities about you, but we are done.

Jeremy: We are not done. Social security numbers of dead people don’t come cheap.

Diane: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jeremy: The man who arranged your new identity? He works for. Now you do, too, diane jenkins.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Jeremy: I can imagine that there are a lot of people who’d be very interested to know that you are alive and well. So, if you don’t want that kind of trouble, you’ll keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Diane: He was nothing but a con man. My meeting him wasn’t a coincidence. He never cared about me. It was just part of his system. You know, his — his way of recruiting people that he could control. He had all the leverage. He could expose my lies and tell the world that I was alive. Jack, I was trapped.

Lauren: Honey, I’m worried about you.

Phyllis: Why?

Lauren: Because if jack finds out that you are any way connected with diane’s downfall, this whole thing’s gonna backfire. He’s gonna be so angry. Especially considering what it could do to kyle.

Phyllis: Boo! I made my peace with that. I’m resigned to him being mad at me again. It is more important to me that my friend and my daughter know the truth about diane. It is more important to me that I am protecting them. Jack should thank me for being such a great friend.

Lauren: And you are sure this is the best way to handle it?

Phyllis: Yes, it’s the only way. Lauren, it’s the only way. Come on. If it keeps jack away from that she-devil and it keeps my daughter safe, this is the right thing.

Kyle: I think I still have sand in my hair. Can you check it for me?

Summer: Let’s see. Oh, yeah. You have sand everywhere. That shower did nothing. You’ve got some color on your face, too?

Kyle: I was worried the spf was too low and… ooh! I think you got a little too much sun.

Summer: Where?

Kyle: Right here. And… ooh, right here.

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Kyle: And right here.

Summer: Mmm. Was that supposed to help me with my sunburn?

Kyle: Mmm, I’m just trying to decide where I should rub some aloe vera. But if you don’t like it, then…

Summer: Oh, hey, wait. I didn’t say stop.

Kyle: Mm, mm-hmm.

Summer: I think you, uh — I think you missed a spot.

Kyle: Oh.

Summer: Right here.

Kyle: Oh. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Summer: And here.

Kyle: Oh, okay.

Summer: [ Laughs ] And right here.

Kyle: Oh, yeah. Yeah. If you still have symptoms of moderate

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Even though some

things are far away,

Jack: So how did you get out of his well-laid trap?

Diane: I guess you could call it fate. I continued carrying money out of the country for him. We — we continued the trips. You know, I-I pretended I was his lover, but I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with him. And then, one day, he demanded that we meet at our usual spot.

Diane: Why do we have to meet here? I mean, I’ll do the work, but can’t we quit the charade that we’re a couple, especially in L.A.?

Jeremy: Sit down. I’m about to be arrested.

Diane: How do you know?

Jeremy: A friend of mine tipped me off from the justice department.

Diane: Oh, my god. Do you know when this is gonna happen?

Could happen next week, could happen tomorrow… could happen before I finish this drink. Now, I don’t think you’re in danger because you’re a small fish. But they could use you to get to a bigger fish. That can’t happen. Do you understand? If they question you, you keep your mouth shut. Got it? I’ll do the same for you.

Diane: But what if —

[ Sirens approaching ]

Jeremy: Get out of here. Now!

Jack: Wow. Lucky you.

Diane: I didn’t feel lucky. I was terrified. His whole operation came to light in the investigation. The trial and the preparation took four years, and I was on pins and needles the whole time. I was — I was certain there would be a knock at my door and — and I would be implicated.

Jack: How were you not?

Diane: Well, the fact that we never flew together made it hard to connect us. But it was a huge wake-up call. I was determined after this experience to get my life on the right track. Jack… I need you to believe me. Everything I have told you about that part of my journey is true. I always… I always thought that, um… you know, a rich husband would solve all my problems. But after jeremy, I realized that’s just wrong, that I needed to take care of myself. And that’s what drove me to get the help I needed. I mean, I swore that — that if I got out of this mess that I would do everything in my power to reconnect with kyle, who I had missed every day. And that’s what kept me going for years.

Jack: And I guess I could assume by your being here a free woman that you managed to evade the law.

Diane: That’s right. Once jeremy was convicted and in prison, I was able to relax and focus on getting back to genoa city and getting back into kyle’s life. And that’s when tucker showed up.

Tucker: I wouldn’t read too much into my latest maneuvers. I’m buying and selling and investing and divesting all the time. The business world moves fast, and so do I. Are you sure I can’t get you something?

Talia: No, thanks. That is another non-answer.

Tucker: Ah. Okay. Um… let’s say I’m clearing a path.

Talia: To what?

Tucker: Who knows? Sometimes you just have to, uh…make room for whatever will be revealed.

Talia: Did you learn that at the ashram?

Tucker: I did. Very good.

[ Chuckles ] Excellent research on your part yet again.

Talia: So, what have you been doing since you left thailand? I know you spent some time in L.A. Did you have business there? Do you own a home? What do you enjoy doing when in town? My readers would love to know.

Tucker: Well, uh… I, uh — I go to the hollywood walk of fame and venice beach and the capitol records building and brown derby. All the hotspots, you know?

Talia: The brown derby has been closed for about 30 years.

Tucker: Is that right? Wow. That would explain the slow service.

Talia: All right. I have things to do. If you ever do get serious, I would love to interview you.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] Wow. How quaint. Well, in this case, I’ll definitely be in touch. Take care. You can come out now, nikki. Would you like to explain what that was all about?

[School bells]

Diane: Tucker was the man in the bentley. That’s the one thing I lied to you about. We were connected in L.A., But it was just a random run-in.

Jack: When was this?

Diane: About six months before I started reaching out to you. Tucker recognized me immediately, and I was hoping he would drop it, but of course he didn’T.

Jack: That wouldn’t be his style, no.

Diane: No, not at all. He, um — he was able to connect the dots because he knew people who had done business with jeremy. And somehow he uncovered evidence of my crimes that the feds had overlooked. But he promised that he would keep quiet if we helped each other.

Jack: You were being blackmailed from two different directions.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: I’m almost afraid to ask. What did he want from you in return?

Diane: Tucker was considering a return to genoa city to rekindle things with ashley.

Jack: He’s a fool.

Diane: Yes, and he wanted a way in with the abbotts. And that’s when he found allie.

Jack: Wait. Tucker’s the one who discovered keemo and allie?

Diane: That’s right. He thought I could be of help to him here, so he offered me the information about the house as a way for me to reconnect with you and kyle.

Jack: And what was he expecting from you in return?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Well, he — he wanted me to keep tabs on ashley. You know, her romantic status, work, travel plans.

Jack: Wait. You originally came to town to spy on my sister?

Diane: No! No, jack. Ca– can’t you see the situation I was in? I had worked so hard to turn my life around — years and years of effort and — and therapy so that I could be with my son again. This was my chance. And — and I couldn’t risk tucker revealing that I was a lie before I had a chance to do it myself. I could’ve gone to jail. And then kyle would have found out that I’d faked my death without me being able to explain it to him. So I — so I agreed to help tucker. Okay? I sold all of the expensive gifts that jeremy had given me, and I used the money to buy keemo’s house. You know everything after that.

Summer: How good are our lives right now?

Kyle: Mm. Our lives are perfect.

Summer: [ Breathes deeply ] I have loved you for so long. We’ve known each other for what feels like forever, and… all that time, I haven’t known how we were going to end up together, but…it always felt inevitable.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] It did. And now we have everything we could ever want. We have each other, harrison, family, work. Could it get any better?

Summer: I don’t know. We both had personal issues that we had to deal with before we came here. You with adam, me with my dad and sally.

Kyle: Yeah, minor bumps in the road. That stuff barely even bothers me anymore. It was perfectly fine, and I owe that to you and harrison. I know the two of you are in my corner, so nothing else matters.

Summer: That’s so sweet. But it’s not entirely true.

Kyle: What?

Summer: Kind of hurts me to say this, but… I feel like you never felt truly whole until diane came back. And it makes sense, right? The mother you thought you lost back in your life?

Kyle: Guess I hadn’t thought about it like that. But… having her around does make me feel more at peace. I think that’s because I finally have some answers. There’s not as much uncertainty. No more unfinished business.

Summer: Mm.

Kyle: I think I was always looking for something that was just out of reach or lurking in the shadows.

Summer: And you’re not anymore?

Kyle: Mnh. That’s why I can focus on all the positive things in my life.

Summer: Well, I’m glad it’s worked out because, to be honest, when she first showed up, I was afraid it was gonna be a real mess.

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: I know you did. But thanks for giving her the space and time to prove herself. You were supportive but never dictated how I was supposed to feel about any of it. You let me figure it out on my own. You were awesome.

Summer: Were awesome? Did I stop being awesome?

Kyle: Oh. No, no, no, no.

Summer: [ Laughs ] Okay. I didn’t think so. I — I’m still awesome. And don’t ever forget it.

Kyle: Never.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: I-I-I don’t even know what to say.

Diane: Jack, I — I was trapped, first by jeremy and then by tucker. I — I was forced to behave in ways that I would never do under normal circumstances. But it was — it was about survival. And I — and it was about my need as a mother to reconnect with my son. And I was willing to do whatever it took. Please tell me you understand. I am so sorry. But phyllis and nikki were determined to dig up dirt on me, and — and I knew that this would be discovered sooner or later. I just wanted you to hear it from me.

[ Knock on door, door opens ]

Phyllis: Hi. Uh, am I interrupting something? Is everything okay?

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: Did you expect me to believe that little song and dance there was for a real article, some puff piece about my future plans?

Nikki: What would I know about talia’s assignments?

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. It’s funny — she was asking about my business in L.A., And it’s pretty common knowledge that most of my business is done internationally. But everyone seems very concerned about what I’m doing in los angeles. And by “everyone,” I mean you.

Nikki: I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

Tucker: Oh, nikki… I love a good cat-and-mouse game, especially with you. But I think it would be best if we just lay our cards on the table here. You and your friends have a theory that I’m somehow connected with diane jenkins. Right? So you’re siccing the reporter who did an exposé on her onto me.

Nikki: Out of respect for katherine, I want to treat you fairly.

Tucker: You sure have a funny way of showing it.

Nikki: I would like to think that you’re smart enough to avoid diane jenkins at all costs. Yet there is something in my head that tells me that there is a connection between the two of you. And you know what she did to me and my family. So you should certainly understand why I don’t want her in genoa city.

Tucker: But what does that have to do with me?

Nikki: If you are collaborating with her, I want to know why and what she is after. If she is planning to harm anybody that I care about, I will hold you personally responsible. Now, I would like to believe that if you knew something that would help me protect my loved ones, you would step up and give me the information.

Tucker: Yeah. I would really like to help, nikki, but… sorry, I can’T.

Jack: Everything is fine, phyllis. What is it you need at this exact moment?

Phyllis: Oh, it’s no hurry. None at all. Um, not important. I’ll come back at another time. Okay? Is everything okay, diane?

Diane: Yes, everything’s fine, just like jack said.

Jack: Well, I have an appointment I’m late for. We’ll continue this later.

Phyllis: I bet you’re looking forward to that. I don’t know what went down here… but it doesn’t seem too good for you.

Next week on “the young and the restless.”

Phyllis: Trust me when I say diane is at her tipping point. It’s only a matter of time before she snaps.

Nick: Newman enterprises has decided to replace you and chloe at newman media.

Adam: Are you okay?

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