Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ wanted to make sure that Li knew where his loyalty was supposed to be especially after what he did to Stefan. Stefan walked in the room while they were talking. EJ made sure to stress how much he supported Stefan. Li questioned his mental capacity. The men decide to talk about the business. EJ wanted to make sure that Gabi was kept out of the loop. Li was okay with that. EJ started to badmouth Gabi, but Stefan wanted him to stop doing it. EJ questioned why he stopped him. Stefan didn’t think it was right to talk about her like that. EJ was willing to do it behind his back. Stefan walked out of the room. EJ let Li know that he was just testing to see if Rolf’s conditioning for him worked. Neither of them bought Stefan’s excuse for defending Gabi. Li got upset at him for disrespecting Gabi. EJ wanted to know what he planned to do about it.

Gwen dreamt about Xander when Jack showed up. He found her making out with her pillow. She was embarrassed, but she told him that she was dreaming. Jack realized she was dreaming about Xander. She remembered Xander being by her side as if he really cared about her. She knew he didn’t have feelings for her. Jack wanted her to think about the future. She told him that she didn’t have a job or a home. Jack invited her to live with him. Xander told Maggie and Sarah that he asked Victor if they could move in with them. Maggie was surprised they wanted to move there. They told Maggie that Xander had a lot of debt and she’s only earning half of her salary. He said that he hoped Jack would hire him. He thought about Jack telling him that Jennifer ran Gwen over with the car. He told Sarah and Maggie that Jack was distracted by Gwen so he wasn’t sure he would get the job. Stefan went by Gabi’s with divorce papers. She noticed that he didn’t sign the papers. She told him to go first. He started to sign it, but he stopped himself. She tried to convince him not to sign the papers because he loves her. He stared at her when Li showed up.

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