Days Short Recap Monday, October 17, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe went to see Kristen. Chloe said it was best for them if they worked together for Rachel’s sake. Kristen said Chloe being out of Rachel’s life would be best. Chloe accused Kristen of putting the note in Rachel’s lunchbox. Kristen said she didn’t know what she was talking about. Kristen accused Chloe of changing the judge’s mind at the hearing. Chloe said she did and would do it again. She said Brady was happy about it. Kristen told Chloe that Rachel hated her. Kristen said Chloe should give Brady his freedom before Rachel hated him. Chloe said she tried to do that, but it didn’t work. Kristen said she had a feeling that it wouldn’t last long. Chloe said Brady wouldn’t dream about giving her what she wanted. Kristen said maybe Brady wanted to be the one to end it. Kristen wondered why Chloe was there instead of with Brady at Marlena’s deathbed. Chloe walked out. Kristen said her bad day was just beginning. Nicole showed up while Eric was on the phone with Sami. Nicole asked about Marlena, Kate and Kayla. He told her how they were. He told her Kate and Roman got married. Nicole said Kate and Roman have been through a lot, but they were each other’s destiny. Eric said some couples were like that. He was about to leave to see Marlena when Nicole stopped him. She said he was always there for other people and that someone should be there for him. They hugged each other. Rafe showed up while they were hugging. Rafe told them about the solution. Eric went to see Marlena. Nicole said she hoped the medication worked. Rafe said he hoped it did too so she could stop hugging Eric.

Rafe told Nicole that he was getting tired of seeing her hugging Eric. She said she was supporting her friend. He said it was an excuse. He said he was her husband now. He said she forgot that she was married to him. She told him it was her idea to get married. He said she wanted to do it right away because she saw Eric at Abe and Paulina’s wedding. She said she wanted a simple wedding. He said she felt that she let go of Eric too easily. He thought he was a mistake to her. He said she thought if she married him, she would stop pining after Eric. She said he was her husband and she loved him. He asked her why she didn’t ask if she could work with Eric. He said it felt as if she wanted to recreate the magic she and Eric had when they first fell in love. Brady stopped John from destroying the vial. Brady didn’t tell him how he knew about the vial. He said it could be what they were waiting for. Jada said John wouldn’t forgive himself if it was the cure. John said he knew they were right. Rex went to analyze the serum. Jada asked Brady if he knew who wrote the note about the serum. He said he didn’t. She wondered why he wanted to use the serum so badly. He said he wanted to help. John and Shawn went to Marlena’s room. They told Belle about the serum. Marlena asked Shawn to take care of Belle. John told Marlena to hold on a little longer. Eric showed up at the hospital. He thanked her for getting the serum there. She said she wanted it to work, but she wondered where it came from. He said he didn’t want to leave his mother alone. He asked her to get his father and Kate if it worked. Rex told Brady that the serum was the same one from 25 years ago. Rex went to Marlena’s room. He said the serum wasn’t 100 percent, but he felt good about it. Marlena wanted him to use the serum. She told Eric that she wanted the last rites. John said she was the one great love of his life. Rex gave her the injection.

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