Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman told Kate that there was a miracle. He told her about the serum that Marlena took. Kate told him to go to the hospital. Chad showed up to be with Kate. Chad apologized for not being there for her. Kate apologized for not being there for him with Abby. He said there was no way she could have known what happened. She hated herself for ever being with Clyde. Chad said she picked a good one this time. She said he was right. She talked about how much time she and Roman had left. She said she had to stay positive. He said he knew she would because she was Kate. After Rex gave Marlena the serum, her heart began to race. She said she couldn’t breathe. John tried to talk to her until her heart slowed down. Rex said her vitals were rebounding. John wanted to know what that meant. Marlena said it meant it was working. She said she could feel it. Kristen told Brady on the phone that he should end things with Chloe. She said the future doses depended on him. He yelled at her and told her not to call him again. When he got off the phone, Chloe wondered what was going on. He lied about what was going on.

Kristen went to the hospital. She saw Brady and Chloe together. When Brady walked off, Kristen went over to Chloe. They got into an argument. Brady showed back up and talked about Rachel hating Chloe. Kristen said they knew how to fix the situation. She walked away from them. Tripp told everyone in Kayla’s room that Marlena got the serum. Kayla passed out. Roman came in and said Marlena was recovering. Steve said they were running out of time. Steve told them to give Kayla the serum. Kayla passed out. Tripp and Rex gave her CPR. Roman wanted to know if it was safe to give Kate the serum. Kayla woke up. Rex and Tripp said there was no way to know if the serum made Kayla act the way she did. Kayla wanted to let Roman know what happened wasn’t his fault. Chad and Kate talked about his new job with Stephanie. He said he wasn’t ready to move on from Abby. Kate passed out while they were talking. Rex and Roman showed up. Rex gave her the serum. The serum worked for her. Kate wanted Chad and Rex to leave so she could be with Roman. Kristen went to see Marlena. Kristen yelled at her for not helping her with Rachel’s custody. Kristen said God helped Marlena and would help her too. She walked out of Marlena’s room. Brady told Chloe they couldn’t go on like this. He said he loved her, but his daughter was miserable. He said he had to put her first. She asked if he was breaking up with her. He said he was sorry. He told her he loved her. Kristen showed up and told him she knew he could do it. He said she wouldn’t get away with it. She said she already did. She said Chloe would be fine.

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