Days Short Recap Friday, October 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf wanted to clean up the mess in his lab, but Li wanted him to leave it the way it was. Li told him that he was going to get him a new lab, but it’s in Jakata. Rolf wasn’t thrilled about that, but Li told him it would be better for him since the cops think he poisoned the women. He warned him that Gabi was looking for him too and she could be worse than the cops. Rolf wasn’t intimidated by her, but Li said she could end up finding out the truth. He told Rolf to pack up his things and move. He agreed to move, but he had to get his affairs in order. Li was going to send a car for him to take him to the airport. Rafe told Gabi about his problems with Nicole and Eric. She realized that he slept at the office. She advised him to talk things out with Nicole. Rafe didn’t want to go home because he didn’t want to argue with Nicole again. He blamed himself for letting things go as far as they did. She thought he was just being patient. She told him that Stefan gave her divorce papers. Rafe said Stefan was lucky to have her. She was convinced that Rolf turned Stefan against her. She said she couldn’t find him to tell him. Rafe told her about his lab and thought she should start there.

Eric was cleaning his camera when Jada showed up. He got an email From Basic Black telling him that he was fired. He kept reading the email and found out it was from Nicole. He thought EJ might have forced her to fire him. Jada thought she knew the real reason why he was fired. She told him about Nicole and Rafe’s fight. John was home to get Marlena’s files and noticed Brady looked depressed, He wanted to know what happened. He told John that he broke up with Chloe because of Rachel. John felt like he didn’t think things through. Brady yelled that he didn’t have a choice. He said he had to do what was best no matter what happened to him. Brady asked him if Marlena and the others were getting better. He told him that it was a miracle. John didn’t know where the serum came from, but he wanted to make sure that it kept coming. Brady was sure everything was going to work out. John was on his way to the hospital to see Marlena when Chloe showed up. She asked about Marlena and he told her that she was doing better. Chloe told him that she was there to pick up her things. He felt terrible about what happened, but she knew why he did it. She was about to go to his room when Kristen showed up with a suitcase. She said she was moving in.


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