Days Short Recap Thursday, October 20, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack let Xander know that he couldn’t hire him because he gave Gwen the job. He let Xander know what can happen at the newspaper. Xander assured him that he would never cheat on Sarah. He said he cared for Gwen, but he didn’t love her. Jack knew he was over her, but he didn’t think Gwen was over him. He wanted to make sure that Gwen made good choices. Jack offered to lend him some money, but he turned it down. Ava went to see Gwen at the hospital. She wanted her help getting revenge on EJ. She refused to help her. She wanted to be a good daughter to Jack. She didn’t want to mess that up by helping her. Gwen hoped that Ava made EJ pay for what he did. EJ found Johnny looking through a desk at DiMera. Johnny lied and said he was there to apologize for what happened with Ava. EJ wasn’t sure if he believed him. Johnny wanted to look at his computer, but EJ said he didn’t belong behind a desk. Johnny left so EJ made sure the DiMera devices were secured.

Gabi told Li that Stefan was there to sign the divorce papers. Li thought the papers were signed, but Gabi said they weren’t signed yet. Li checked out the papers and wanted to be the witness. Stefan signed so he could be free of Gabi for good. Gabi hesitated at first, but she signed the papers. Li signed the papers too. Stefan decided to take the papers so he could file the paperwork himself. He wanted to make sure their marriage was done for good. Li wanted to make sure that Gabi was okay. She lied and said that she was okay. She wanted to know about his first day working with EJ. He said he was doing it until he could get rid of the DiMeras. he assured her the two of them would be running the company. Stefan told EJ that he got a divorce. EJ thought Stefan should be excited about it, but Stefan had a forced smile on his face.

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