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Adam: [Sighs] Look, what are you still doing here, Nick? I hope you didn’t get us locked on this roof because there’s not enough food or champagne if we get stranded here.

Nick: Don’t tempt me. I just might lock you up here all alone, unless you’re straight with me.

Adam: Look, may I suggest that we have this intense conversation another time? Because I am really not in the mood.

Nick: Well, you better get in the mood, Adam. I’m not leaving here unless i get some answers. What is the matter with you? Why would you lure Sally up here under false pretenses?

Adam: Well, based on your question, I gather that while i was up here waiting for the sun to come up, Sally ran to you to spill her version of the story.

Nick: Yeah. I talked to her.

Adam: Oh, good. Should I even bother getting up? If I do, are you just gonna knock me back down?

Nick: I did not come up here to fight with you. But I want to make sure we’re clear about something. We are not going to put Sally in the middle of yet another brother-against-brother feud.


Nick: Hey. Did you hear me?

Adam: Of course I did. I mean, when Nick Newman makes one of his heroic declarations, everyone listens. Except this one fell a little flat because Sally isn’t in the middle of anything, Nick, since I can’t compete with my great and noble big brother.

Nick: Come on, man.

Adam: No. I mean, really. Please proceed on your chivalrous crusade and keep playing the role of the protector to the hilt.

Nick: I heard about this little stunt last night while Sally was still here. Did you see me rush over here to come to her rescue?

Adam: Why is that? Was your, uh, cape at the dry cleaner?

Nick: I just figured you two needed some time to work out some things, so I gave you some space. But I need to know going forward, do I need to protect her from you?

Adam: [Scoffs] Please relax. I’m not a glutton for punishment. And I can take a hint. Alright? Sally has made her choice, and I’m not gonna beg. I know I can’t force her to forgive me.

Nick: Well, I’m glad you finally realized that.

Adam: So, you and Sally are free to do whatever the hell you want together. And I guess I’m destined to lose everything I want and I care about to one sibling or the other. It’s called “the curse of the black sheep.”

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