Y&R Best Lines Monday, October 10, 2022

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Tucker: Hello, Nikki. Anything interesting going on in the world?

Nikki: My, my, Tucker McCall. You just keep popping up everywhere, don’t you?

Tucker: Yeah, sorry we didn’t get a chance to have a chat at your granddaughter’s event.

Nikki: I don’t think you’re the least bit sorry. You were too busy making a spectacle of yourself.

Tucker: Mm. I wouldn’t put it quite that way.

Nikki: No? How would you describe it?

Tucker: A spirited homecoming.

[Both scoff] Memorable one at that, no?

Nikki: Oh, yes. Even when you’re infuriating, you are charming. Some things never change.


Diane: I agree that Tucker’s gift was all wrong, but it’s obvious why he chose it.

Phyllis: Oh. Really? Please tell me what was obvious. I’d love to get your take on this.

Diane: Well, he made a point of reminding everyone that John Abbott had a Bentley. You know, clearly, he was trying to score points, calling back the beloved family patriarch, trying to impress everybody with his generosity and thoughtfulness, as if that could erase the bad taste he left in everybody’s mouth.

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