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Sharon: Hi. Is everything okay?

Mariah: Is it that obvious that something’s going on?

Sharon: Well, you two look a little anxious.

Tessa: Yeah, we kind of are.

Mariah: Christine asked us to meet her here.

Sharon: Is that about the adoption?

Mariah: Yeah, she helped us set up a profile that we put online.

Sharon: Yeah, I remember you mentioned that. It’s some kind of national database.

Mariah: Yeah, and our posting hasn’t been up that long,

Tessa: But if the right expectant mother sees it.

Mariah: Not if, okay? When. This is going to happen.

Tessa: Yes. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I will stay positive. It’s just hard after the experience with the first lawyer.

Mariah: Who said that our chances of being considered as adoptive parents was virtually zero considering our colorful pasts.

Sharon: Don’t let that discourage you. That’s one person’s opinion. You two are a wonderful, loving couple.

Mariah: Right. And any baby would be lucky to have us.

Sharon: They would, you know. That’s why I keep saying it. You can tease me all you want to, but it’s the truth.

Christine: Hi.

Tessa: Hi, christine.

Mariah: What’s — what’s going on?

Christine: I have news. Good news.

Jack: I’m glad you could free yourself up from the lab to be part of that presentation. I thought it would be a learning experience for you.

Allie: Yeah, yeah, it was really interesting to see how the moisturizing serum that I’ve been working on is going to be marketed.

Jack: You know, you may be able to follow in ashley’s footsteps, building a career that combines being a scientist and an executive. I think you could make a heck of a businesswoman. Or not. Maybe — maybe the board’s not for you.

Allie: No, it’s not that, jack. It’s just that when you said “businesswoman,” it made me think of someone in particular.

Jack: Someone you’re not terribly fond of.

Allie: It’s noah’s ex, audra. She got some finance job here in genoa city.

Jack: And you’d rather she found employment elsewhere.

Allie: Well, she says that she’s here just for the job and that he has nothing to do with it, but I’m just not so sure. I don’t know. She keeps showing up wherever he is.

Jack: So what does noah say?

Allie: Well, noah says that he wants nothing to do with her.

Jack: Well, there. You have no reason to be concerned.

Allie: It’s not that simple. Oh, she is very assertive and glamorous and, well, they have this history.

Jack: It is hard for me to imagine her being more glamorous than you are.

Allie: Come on.

Jack: No, I mean that. She and noah split up for a reason. Everyone knows how much he adores you. Don’t let this situation make you feel insecure.

Allie: Thanks, jack. I really needed to hear that.

Jack: And if this woman gives you any grief, you give it right back.

Allie: You know what? I just might do that.

Noah: Okay, first event with live music, so everything’s going to be right on point. So if the sound engineers want to come in a little bit early, please make sure you’re here to let them in.

Woman: Got it.

Noah: Alright, thank you. Hey. What are you doing here? Thought we agreed to keep our distance.

Audra: I didn’t come to start a fight with you, noah. It’s the last thing I need.

Ashley: I told jack all of it — how the bentley connects to tucker and diane and being in los angeles.

Nikki: And how did he react?

Ashley: Calm as a cucumber. Didn’t faze him at all.

Phyllis: Mm, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

Nikki: Wait a minute. Do you know something we don’t?

Phyllis: Well, I just think that jack is starting to have doubts about diane’s whole reformed act that she’s pedaling all over town.

Allie: Is that a hunch, or is that actually based on specifics?

Phyllis: It’s strong intuition is what it is.

Ashley: Oh, that?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, we need to get him to our side. We need incriminating evidence…

Ashley: I agree.

Phyllis: …Yes, that tucker and diane were in L.A. Together, collaborating.

Nikki: And what was the nature of that collaboration? Was it something personal? Was it a moneymaking scheme? And how does that play out now that they’ve both returned to genoa city?

Audra: Devon and lily are gonna postpone the ipo while they sort things out.

Tucker: Oh, that’s to be expected, I suppose. We’ll just have to be patient. You’ll keep me apprized, of course.

Audra: Of course. But there’s a larger problem than the delay.

Tucker: Oh, let me guess. Some mysterious ceo who’s as interested in taking over chancellor-winters as I am.

Audra: That’s right. Any thoughts on the identity of the interested party?

Tucker: Mm. Many. But one name keeps coming to the surface — victoria newman.

Audra: That would be a reach, I think.

Tucker: I don’t think so because katherine — when she died, she left the company to victor. So, there’s history there. Victoria would know that and try to honor it. Hey, victoria. What a welcome coincidence. Ah, you look as lovely as ever.

Victoria: And you still have the same silver tongue.

Tucker: Can you join me? I’d love to catch up with you.

Victoria: I suppose that i can while I’m waiting for my takeout. It’s as good a way as any to pass the time.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] Allow me.

Victoria: I gather from your dramatic entrance at the abbott’s that ashley is the unfortunate recipient of your attention right now.

Diane: Oh, have you seen the photos from kyle and summer’s first day of their honeymoon?

Jack: Yeah, I just looked at those. Seem to be enjoying themselves immensely.

Diane: It’s such an idyllic setting. They look so happy and so in love.

Jack: I’m glad they’ve taken the time off from work and everything else that’s going on.

Diane: By “everything else,” I gather that you still think tucker and I led some sort of secret life in L.A.?

[ Sighs ] I see you’re not denying it. You’re doubting my honesty all over again because of phyllis. I just — I hate that she’s turning you against me.

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Noah: What’s the problem? Audra, it’s me. I know something’s wrong.

Audra: My consulting project isn’t going as planned.

Noah: I’m sorry to hear that, but, you know, why come here?

Audra: Where I know I’m not wanted, you mean? Rather than, I guess, sitting in my hotel room, I wanted to sit someplace vibrant and just figure things out.

Noah: I assume you’ll have your usual.

Audra: I’m flattered you remember my drink of choice, but something nonalcoholic for now, please. I need to keep my wits about me.

Tucker: I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to make things right with ashley, show her I’m a changed man.

Victoria: With that entrance? Helicoptering in to a private family event?

Tucker: Well, I may have been overcompensating a bit.

Victoria: The next time you make a grand gesture like that, I recommend that you make sure the person that you’re trying to impress is actually there.

Tucker: That’s amazing advice. It’s no wonder you’re such a successful ceo.

Victoria: On second thought, maybe it’s better that ashley wasn’t there. Would’ve been really humiliating for you if she told you to go to hell in front of half of genoa city’s movers and shakers.

Tucker: I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

Victoria: Oh, please. You are the most image-conscience person that i know. You thrive on attention.

Tucker: And you don’t want to give me that satisfaction, do you?

Victoria: I have nothing more to say about you.

Tucker: Okay, let’s talk about you, then. That whole ashland locke fiasco — what happened there?

Victoria: Well, I prefer not to think about that time.

Tucker: Ah. Well, I see. And yet you emerged from it all with newman even stronger.

Victoria: It’s kind of you to notice.

Tucker: Oh, I’ve noticed everything you’ve done. I’m impressed with everything you’ve done with the company since you took over.

Victoria: I take it you were getting all of the business news while you were at the ashram?

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] I plead the fifth.

Victoria: What about the mystical experience? Did you glean any insight into yourself?

Tucker: You mean into my cold, black heart?

Victoria: You tell me.

Tucker: Well, a spiritual retreat’s really only as good as what you’re willing to put into it, and, back then, I wasn’t ready to do the work.

Victoria: Yes, but you love to keep people guessing, so I guess it wasn’t a total waste, was it?

Tucker: You know, you’re the perfect blend of your parents. You’ve got nikki’s deft way of handling people, and, of course, you’ve got victor’s business acumen.

Victoria: I’ll take that as a compliment.

Tucker: You should. It was meant as one. I think you like to keep people guessing, too.

Victoria: Do I?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. With all the recent acquisitions you’ve been making and the aggressive expansion of the company, that’s had to have kept people surprised, including some in your own company, I’m sure. I used to be like that.

Victoria: I wonder if that’s really changed.

Nikki: Tucker claims he’s in town for three reasons — devon, his grandson, and you, ashley.

Ashley: Right. Well, trust me, his agenda goes far beyond trying to get me back.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Is that a hunch or based on something specific?

Ashley: Well, I have the misfortune of knowing intimately exactly how tucker’s brain works, and he’s not interested in anybody beyond how he can use them to get what he wants.

Phyllis: Oh, a hunch. Got it.

Nikki: Okay, okay, enough.

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ] Have you given any thought to my plan? Getting closer to him?

Ashley: Well, yeah. You wanted me to spend more time with him, right? Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Right, right. I mean, would it kill you? You can get him to let his guard down.

Ashley: Yeah, I know. That’s why I accepted his dinner invitation, actually.

Phyllis: Good for you.

Nikki: So how did that go?

Ashley: It didn’T. He stood me up.

Phyllis: Oh, he played that game.

Ashley: It worked out for the best, though, because I was able to spend more time with jack, trying to get him to open up his eyes regarding diane.

Nikki: Did tucker ever explain himself to you?

Ashley: He did. Eventually, he showed up right when I was about to leave, and, apparently, he had some kind of an emergency with devon.

Phyllis: I believe that. I do. He’s obsessed with you. I mean, he wouldn’t blow you off on purpose.

Nikki: So how did you leave things with him?

Ashley: He still thinks he has a chance with me.

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Mariah: Good news? Already?

Tessa: I think I need to sit down.

Sharon: Why don’t we all sit down? If you don’t mind me joining you.

Mariah: Yes, absolutely. Yes.

Tessa: In fact, we insist.

Mariah: Okay, christine, lay it on us.

Christine: Well, a pregnant woman has responded to your adoption profile and wants to know more about you as prospective parents.

Mariah: For real? This soon?

Tessa: I can’t believe it.

Sharon: What can you tell us about her?

Christine: Well, she’s young, so she’s not at a place in her life where she feels she can raise a child.

Sharon: Well, I know all about that.

Mariah: What does this woman want to know about tessa and me?

Christine: She wants to form a relationship with whoever winds up adopting her child, but she does have some requests when it comes to communication.

Tessa: I mean, whatever will make her feel comfortable, we will do it.

Mariah: This is insane.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ] I’m so happy that she picked us.

Mariah: Did she? Or…?

Christine: Yeah, I mean, i don’t know exactly where she is in her process. I just know that you’re up for consideration.

Mariah: Okay, okay. Stay calm. We got to stay calm. We can’t get ahead of ourselves, okay?

Tessa: No, I can’T. I am just too excited.

Christine: And you’re entitled.

Mariah: Christine, we owe you so much. I mean, the way that you’ve guided us through this process and helped us put ourselves out there. I know that we were just at the beginning of this journey, but we wouldn’t have even gotten this far if it weren’t for you.

Sharon: I’m really looking forward to reading your profile. It sounds really special.

Christine: Yeah, we wanted to focus on the future they would create for this child and the loving environment they’d provide. Also the incredibly supportive, extended family who will be part of this baby’s life.

Mariah: What do we do now?

[ Chuckles ]

Christine: Well, the next step is to exchange e-mails with the young woman. Her name is joss, by the way.

Tessa: Cool name.

Christine: Yeah, maybe you’ll have a phone call with her. I have gathered some information from her social worker, and, I mean, she’s really sincere about wanting to place this child with a family.

Sharon: Well, I always like to be the voice of caution, but this sounds like a really great step.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Well, tucker knows he screwed up by letting you sit there. I mean, he’s the one who invited you, and he knew that you weren’t thrilled about going to see him anyway, so he’s just going to have to try harder to convince you that he’s sincere. And if there’s anything I know about men, they love the chase.

Phyllis: You have superior logic. I bow to you.

Nikki: As you should.

Phyllis: And then when you make him jump through hoops, you finally agree to spend some time with him. Go to dinner. Let him talk about how you had a great love, he’s a changed man. Blah, blah, blah. Then you reconnect.

Nikki: No, pretend to reconnect.

Ashley: It’s not going to be easy. I can barely stand to be in the same room with that man.

Nikki: Well, I understand, but given the stakes, eliminating diane from our lives, I’m sure you can find a way to hold your nose long enough to get that done.

Diane: Phyllis has made it her mission to keep me a pariah in this town. The woman is relentless. I mean, ever since I came back, she’s been trying to create suspicion about me, and it’s working. Because of her unfounded accusations, you’re distancing yourself from me, and that hurts, which is exactly what phyllis intended.

Jack: Don’t make this all about phyllis. The timing of tucker’s return, the unfortunate coincidence of this vintage bentley — they bring up a lot of questions, and neither of you have given reassuring answers.

Diane: What can I do to convince you that there is nothing to this?

Jack: I’m not sure you can. This has been eye-opening for me. I’ve been giving you the benefit of the doubt for a long time now, but if I’m honest with myself, I still have trouble trusting you, and I’m not sure that’s ever going to change.

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Noah: Ginger ale.

Audra: Perfect. Thanks.

Noah: [ Sighs ]

Audra: What are you thinking?

Noah: [ Sighs ] You know, audra, in the future, if you need to gather your thoughts… there’s a lot of other places in town you can go. Society. Top of the tower. ‘Cause you could say that you didn’t come here intending to stir up trouble, but with you, it’s kind of just part of the package.

Audra: How long are you going to hate me?

Noah: No, audra, I don’t hate you, okay? I can never hate you. It’s just… you bring chaos wherever you go. It’s just who you are.

Audra: You’re basically banning me from your club. Can you really not bear to be in the same room with me? I hoped we could get past how things ended, at least be civil.

Noah: Come on, don’t talk to me about being civil, not after what you pulled with allie.

Phyllis: Alright, well, that was a productive meeting.

Nikki: Yes. You and I will keep digging, and ashley will handle the tucker angle.

Phyllis: I’m glad we have a plan in action.

Talia: Hello, ladies.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness. What a nice surprise. I didn’t even know you were in town.

Talia: Came straight from the airport. I hope it’s okay that I just showed up. Your housekeeper let me in.

Nikki: Oh, of course. Your timing is perfect. I mean, we just had a meeting about our pet project.

Talia: Unveiling the truth about diane jenkins. That is my favorite subject these days, too.

Phyllis: Ours all the time. Listen, you just missed ashley abbott, the third member of our group. She has a plan in action, one, hopefully, that will get us some information about diane and what she was doing in L.A.

Talia: Well, I can’t wait to hear about it. And I may have some new tidbits, too.

Nikki: Oh, well, we appreciate any information you can share with us.

Phyllis: Oh, definitely. I mean, this is a gift for us. I mean, we realize that your main objective here is to write a book on diane.

Talia: That is the goal.

Nikki: Oh, I am so sorry. Please have a seat.

Talia: Oh, thank you.

Nikki: So, what’s new on your end?

Talia: Well, the original series of articles that I had planned that was so abruptly killed and no one from the magazine would tell me why — I finally pulled the truth out of my editor.

Phyllis: What happened?

Talia: Turns out, someone with a lot of money and clout put pressure on the owner of the magazine. She was warned to lay off diane, to not run any more articles.

Nikki: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Phyllis: Um, yes, I am.

Nikki: It is highly likely that this influential someone is tucker mccall.

Talia: The tucker mccall?

Phyllis: The one and only.

Talia: Wow. So he could be involved in diane’s story.

Nikki: Oh, mark my words. He is involved. It’s just a matter of finding out how and why.

Tucker: As I’m sure you’ve heard, I’m doing just the opposite of expanding my company.

Victoria: Oh, yes, you’re selling off divisions. You’re banking a heavy profit, saving up all that cash for a rainy day should something, I don’t know, something might come along that you might want to acquire.

Tucker: Mm, not me. I’m simplifying my life.

Victoria: Oh, I see.

Tucker: I understand that jill has stepped back from chancellor, and I really admire her for that, you know, ’cause she’s made her mark and achieved her ambitions, and she’s got nothing left to prove. So she’s enjoying her life away from the corporate battlefield. I often think about doing the same.

Victoria: Retirement? You?

Tucker: Well, semi-retirement. Maybe right here in good, old genoa city. I always did love this place.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry, but I find it a little farfetched that you’re going to just pack it all in and do what? You going to take up pickleball?

Tucker: Yeah, right? Someday you’ll understand. It kind of sneaks up on you.

Victoria: So what is your take on the chancellor-winter merger? Were you upset that your mother’s company joined forces with your son’s company? You weren’t even in the mix.

Tucker: Not at all. I couldn’t be more pleased for devon. How it all turned out. You don’t have to worry, victoria. I’m not stockpiling cash to make a run at newman. I don’t see you as an adversary.

Victoria: The thought never crossed my mind.

[ Sighs ]

Ashley: Victoria.

Victoria: Well, this has been a very interesting conversation, and I see that my food’s ready, so I’m going to go.

Tucker: I enjoyed our chat.

Victoria: Yes. Best of luck with your semi-retirement if you actually follow through with that.

Ashley: Bye.

Victoria: Bye.

Ashley: Semi-retirement. Really?

[School bells]

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

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you keep it the best.

Sharon: Thank you for everything you’ve done for mariah and tessa.

Christine: It’s my pleasure.

Sharon: Brings back memories of hen you helped nick and me adopt cassie. You know, I’ll always be grateful to you for how hard you fought for us and how deeply invested you were in the outcome.

Christine: I remember when that judge announced his ruling, I broke down in tears. I was so happy for you guys and for cassie, knowing that she was with a family she loved and belonged with, who loved her.

Sharon: Now you’re helping my daughter and her wife realize their dreams of adopting a child.

Christine: Yeah, best part of my job.

Sharon: What do you think of their chances?

Christine: Well, it’s hard to say, but I do know this young woman has looked at a lot of profiles. But she reached out to mariah and tessa, I believe, because of their solid relationship, their successful careers, a great deal of family support. That all works in their favor.

Mariah: We looked over the information on the birth mother,

Christine: And?

Tessa: We would love to connect with her in any way that she feels comfortable.

Christine: I’ll make it happen.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: So, why do you find the notion of me wanting to work less and enjoy life more so surprising?

Ashley: Oh, because I know how driven you are, tucker. I can’t really picture you, you know, taking it easy and settling into some kind of predictable routine.

Tucker: What do you imagine when you do picture me?

[ Both chuckle ]

Ashley: I know how obsessed you are with living life on the edge and pushing your boundaries and facing new challenges, you know?

Tucker: The only challenge I’m currently focused on is proving to you that —

Ashley: How much you’ve changed. Yes, I know. If only saying it over and over and over again made it true.

Tucker: Actually, “challenge” is the wrong word. I think “opportunity” is better. It’S… it’s a chance to take what you and I have learned about love and life and finally get it right ’cause we had such a beautiful connection and can again.

Ashley: You couldn’t even be on time for dinner.

Tucker: Touché.

[ Clears throat ] Well, how about we — how about we do it over right here, right now?

Ashley: You would actually stuff down two lunches for me?

Tucker: Baby, I would actually stuff down…

Ashley: [ Chuckles ]

Tucker: …An ocean liner…

Ashley: Oh, wow.

Tucker: …If it meant that I could charm you into giving me another chance.

Ashley: Mm. I hate for you to think that your charm is actually working on me. However, I’m hungry, and I need to eat, so I don’t mind doing it the same time and place that you are here, so just remember one thing. This is not going any further, okay?

Tucker: Absolutely. I’ll be sure to moderate my expectation.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: [ Clears throat ] I’m stuffed — or, starving.

Ashley: Hm.

Diane: I don’t know what to say. This is beyond disappointing. Jack, I thought he’d made such progress. How could it be undone so easily? Phyllis shares some convoluted suspicion with you about tucker and me, and you just buy it without hesitation?

Jack: I didn’t say that.

Diane: No, but that’s what’s happening. She poured poison into your ear, and now you’re doubting my honesty all over again.

Jack: I will admit that it brought misgivings I thought I had buried back to the surface. Maybe I never got past them. Maybe I just held them in check for kyle’s sake or harrison’s, hoping that time would prove them wrong. My instincts tell me that they’re not. I have to get back to work.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I was taking my antidepressant daily,

Diane: Don’t even start.

Phyllis: Oh, I don’t have to. I don’t want to. I like our truce. Like it. I know you would self-sabotage. It was only a matter of time. Hey, it seems like jack has lost all faith in you. He’s probably waiting for another secret to come out. And, let’s be honest, we all know there is another secret. I know it. Jack knows it. Ashley knows it. Nikki and talia morgan. She knows it. Oh, she’s back in town. She’s doing some research on you. Oh, my gosh. You should’ve seen her face when she found out that tucker mccall was involved with you. A man of his stature — she was so excited. And you know those investigative people, they dig and dig and dig until they find what they want.

[ Sighs ] And once everything comes out, diane, the people you love the most, kyle and jack, they’ll finally know what your secret is.

Talia: So, I am enthralled by the possible connection between tucker and diane in L.A., And I love that it all turns on a vintage bentley, which then tucker tried to give away the same make and model as a gift to the young couple as they were renewing their vows?

Nikki: Yeah, tucker and diane also had a romance back in the day here in town.

Talia: A romance? Really?

Nikki: Mm-hmm. Diane is fascinating in a train wreck sort of a way, but adding a world-famous billionaire to the mix, that could push your book over to another level.

Talia: You are right about that.

Nikki: Now that they’re both back here in town, I am convinced that they have some kind of a plan, and that can’t be good.

Talia: Well, what we need now is some hard evidence, and you say ashley is working on getting that?

Nikki: Yeah. Well, I’m not going to sit back and wait for her to be successful. I have an idea of another way to get at the truth. Are you game?

Talia: Absolutely.

Tucker: You know what i remember most fondly about our time together? Just how simpatico we were. It was just effortless, you know? That’s ’cause we connected on such a deep level, and I just don’t think those kind of connections ever go away.

Ashley: Did you get that off a greeting card?

Tucker: No, I just read it in the bathroom stall.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Tucker: I was actually thinking about our trip to japan and the first time that we —

Ashley: Had sex?

Tucker: [ Laughs ] Well, I was going to say first time we truly connected, you know…

Ashley: Oh.

Tucker: …Opened up to each other, which was not exactly my comfort zone, as you know, so it was a big deal to me. Yes, having sex was memorable.

Ashley: I didn’t say it was memorable, actually.

Tucker: Still calling them like you see them, eh?

Ashley: I guess I am, yeah.

Tucker: Mm. We were such a good team, weren’t we? I mean, I loved supporting you, and I… I took so much pride in watching you thrive.

Ashley: Oh, wait, so everything I am, I owe to you? I don’t think so, tucker.

Tucker: No, you got it backwards. Everything I am, I owe to you. When they wanted to take me off life support, you were not about to let that happen. You fight like hell for me to have every chance I could have to recover. So it’s because of you I’m alive. I mean, my grandson — our grandson, which I’m so looking forward to.

Ashley: Such a cutie. Dominic is amazing.

Tucker: Like his grandmother.

Audra: What I pulled with allie? What are you referring to?

Noah: Ah, don’t give me that. He tried to make her feel insecure about me, about our relationship. I don’t appreciate that. I’m not going to do this with you again. I’m not going to play this stupid game.

Audra: Did it ever occur to you that I missed you? That I hate what we lost? Because I do. Look, and I have to believe that you missed me, too.

Noah: God, you’re really just a piece of work. What is this, huh? What is this? You come in here saying all this crap. Why? What, you still need my attention, my validation? What do you want from me, audra? I told you I’m not doing this anymore, okay? I’m done.

Audra: I was just being honest. I just wanted to —

Noah: Get a reaction out of me. And I gave you one. That pisses me off even more.

Audra: Why can’t you see that we have unresolved feelings to deal with? Would it really make you this crazy to see me if there wasn’t something still there? Alice loves the scent of gain so much,

Mariah: Who had the lavender lemon?

Christine: Oh, that’s me. Thank you.

Mariah: There you go.

Tessa: Your cinnamon decaf.

Sharon: Thank you.

Mariah: So, when do you think we’ll hear from joss?

Christine: I don’t know. I e-mailed her your contact information, so the ball’s in her court.

Tessa: I really hope it will be soon.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Well, this is really big stuff, tessa. She might need some time.

Mariah: Look, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or the tuesday after next, I just — I am so ready to start a family with you.

Allie: Audra, hello. I didn’t expect to see you here. Hi. I had a break and wanted to talk about our plans.

Noah: Your timing’s perfect.

Audra: Thanks for that suggestion you made about going to society. Allie.

Allie: See ya. Hopefully not anytime soon.

Tucker: You know what I’d like to do with little dominic? Take him to a park with you. Watch him play, and —

[ Clears throat ] And just spend some time with him together, take turns spoiling him rotten.

Ashley: Yeah, not a chance.

Tucker: Excuse me?

Ashley: You got your shot. You got your do-over. Don’t push it.

Tucker: Ashley, have I done something to offend you in some way?

Ashley: I heard you out. And just for the record, it’s going to take a lot more than that for me to be convinced that you’ve changed in any kind of meaningful way. Thanks for lunch.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Tucker: Mccall.

Nikki: I hope this isn’t a bad time.

Tucker: Oh, no, I just finished lunch.

Nikki: Are you free to stop by the ranch? There’s something I’d like to talk to you about in person.

Tucker: How could I refuse you, nikki?

Nikki: Excellent. See you shortly.

Diane: Unlike you, I am not looking for trouble, and I’m certainly not trying to create it.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, even if that were true, and we both know it isn’t, god, diane, you’ve wreaked so much havoc. You can’t live out the rest of your days in peace. You’ve betrayed so many people. You’ve lied. I mean, you certainly can’t live here. You never had a chance with jack. All you’re going to get from him is strained acceptance, and that’s it.

Diane: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Voice breaking ] You’re right. There’s, um… there’s something I haven’t told you. Something about my time in los angeles, something that I’m ashamed to admit.

[ Sighs ]

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