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need to know,” right? Listen, if we keep this up, I’m not going to get any work done. So I can’t convince you to play hooky? Your powers of persuasion are considerable, but we are both very busy people.

[ Cellphone rings ] And I got to get — okay, I’m sorry. I just got to get — I got to take this. Okay. Mm. Go.

[ Sighs lightly ] Olivia… you’ve been here like 20 days in a row. Why don’t you go home? At least take the morning off. Let me handle this for you. I’m all set. Thank you. We’re partners, aren’t we? And for the most part, things have been going well, right? You know, I got to commend you on the way that you handled all the details of brando’s memorial. Thank you. I just wanted to do what I could — so why don’t we just quit while we’re ahead, okay? Why don’t you let me buy you out of the hotel before the whole thing gets real nasty? Because we all know that’s where this is headed. Marshall: There she is! Hey, babe! Marshall. What are you doing here? You’ve been studying for these mcats for almost a year. You think I wouldn’t show up on your big day to wish you luck? It’s a good thing that you’re here, because if I crash and burn on these mcats today, I’m holding you personally responsible. Now, I recognize that you have a few last-minute details that you need to settle before we can actually pick a wedding date. But some of these venues, I mean, they are booked out years in advance. Okay. [ Sighs ] Oh, I don’t know. Whoa. Oh. What about that one? Okay, at this point, if one of us likes it, it’s a “yes.”

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] I feel like everyone is marrying their fiancé in the next 18 months. What do you think, t? Got any ideas? Oh, tj? I bet him and molly have dozens of wedding invitations on their fridge right now.

[ Chuckles ] Portia: Tj? Huh? I’m sorry. What was the question?

[ Chuckles ] Aww. Well, now I guess the question becomes… who is more interesting than us? Hey, I thought you had a shift this morning. Uh, terry gave me a few days off. Really? That’s nice of her. I, uh, I heard they always work the new nurses to the bone. Oh, they do.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah? Well, I’m — I’m glad that terry’s being so accommodating with your pregnancy. I’m chairman of the board, remember? You can’t just drop off the face of the earth and leave me holding the bag. Call me, valentin.

[ Cellphone thumps ] Oh, sorry to hear you’re having troubles with valentin. I bet you are.

[ Breathes sharply ] Have you and drew been able to stop the aurora stock from free-falling yet? Ages ago, thanks. But then, drew and I know that we can trust each other. How is that working with you and valentin? Mr. Cassadine, thank you for joining us. Ah, your officers said you have some questions for me about what might have happened to lucy coe. We do. Hmm. Well, I’m more than happy to answer them… once my attorney gets here. Naturally. You can wait in there.

[ Indistinct conversations ] I guess… it’s too much to hope that he might just confess. We don’t know that there’s enough for him to confess to. Oh, come on. The evidence suggests otherwise. He had a date with lucy when she disappeared. We’re well within our rights to hold him for questioning. Yeah. But for now, he’s got an alibi. Yeah. Of course, because he always has other people do his dirty work for him. Anna, walk with me for a moment? When I first came back to the job, you and laura confided in me that you were working together to prove that victor killed luke spencer… and that he’s up to some even grander scheme. Do you want an update? That’s not it. Anna, as your friend, I’ve given you space to handle that investigation. But as your colleague, I need to make sure that your vendetta isn’t clouding your judgment. It’s not. It’s not. Fine. It’s fueling my resolve, but I see everything clearly. Okay, well, then I have to ask — with their connection so well-known, do you think victor could have murdered lucy coe? Absolutely.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hey. I thought we were meeting out front. Oh, damn. I didn’t realize it was already 10:00.

[ Groans ] Did you at least remember to pack? That I did.

[ Chuckles ] Here I thought you couldn’t wait for our weekend getaway, and now I show up and you’re all distracted… uh, yeah. Last night was crazy. Uh, things got pretty swamped here. It’s a long story. Well, if the safety of the citizens of port charles is at stake, I can’t really drag you away from your duties. So if you need to postpone, that’s totally fine. That was the furthest thing from my mind. Oh, okay, great. Then, uh, let’s go. Are you sure? Because you were ready to call it real quick. Trina, do you not want to go away with me? Where is this coming from? You just got done saying I was doing a good job. I’m not doubting your adaptability or your business acumen. Then what is the problem? In order for this partnership to work, we’re gonna have to trust each other, and there’s no way in the world that I am ever gonna trust you.

[ Scoffs ] So much for being civil. This is my civil. When you kept sonny from all of us, you didn’t just hurt carly and sonny’s kids. You hurt everybody who cares for him. Sonny and I share a firstborn son. We share a grandchild, so that includes me. Now, sonny may be okay with you now. That doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to be. So, again, why don’t you just let me buy you out of this hotel for everyone’s sake? We can all move on with our lives. Sorry, liv. No deal. You’re stuck with me. Everything okay here? Peachy. You know what, nina? I’m gonna let you take care of all of this. Turns out I do need a breather after all. I hate to cut this short, you guys. I really do. But I want to get to the hospital early so that I can wish epiphany good luck on her mcats. Wish her luck from me, too. I will. You know, I think that it’s great that you are helping her prep for her test, and I know your support means a lot to her. Epiphany is my friend. And she’s important to your father, so… it’s my pleasure. Mm. Mwah. I’ll see you later.

[ Chuckles ] I see you smiling. Why you — why are you so happy all of a sudden? This family. Now, we have had our ups and downs, that’s to be sure, but I cannot say how thankful I am that you and marshall have settled in a good place. Yeah. Yeah, me too. I mean, it’s a huge 180 from last year. And of course, I’m sure it helps to understand the burden he was carrying all that time. Wait a minute. You want to run that by me again? How is you tanking the mcats — which is not going to happen, by the way — my fault? You walked into this hospital,

my hospital. Today? A year ago. Oh. And you get me to tell you how, for my entire adult life, I’ve had this fantasy about going to med school, becoming a doctor after decades of nursing.

You encouraged me. Yes, I did. Why would you do that?! Who goes up to near-strangers and just encourages them?! Someone had to! And I’m glad it was me. Okay, officer falconeri, I am here. What’s so damned important? You haven’t heard from lucy since last night, have you? No. No, I haven’T. Why do you ask? Seems she’s gone missing. What do you mean “missing”? She was last seen on the docks. There were signs of foul play. What kind of signs? There was evidence of a gun being fired. A bullet casing was found near where she was on the pier. Jordan: I need you to level with me. What exactly did lucy get mixed up with? Uh, well, um… she was helping me with my investigation into victor. Helping how? Honestly, I just needed one piece of information, and then… she was getting in over her head, so I tried to pull her out, but I-I forgot how stubborn lucy can be. How hard did you really try to extract her? Well, I-I-I brought martin back here, because I thought that that would at least put an end to her ability to see victor. Well, clearly, this move didn’t work. No. I think it was too late. It might have cost her her life.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Coast guard search and rescue. Maybe they found evidence that lucy survived. This is commissioner ashford. What?

Pretty obvious that this thing with you and olivia is not — not working. Yeah, you warned me what I’d be in for if I bought into this place. I was hoping that I was wrong. Well, she pretty much came out and said that I’d be a good partner… that’s a step in the right direction, right? …If I didn’t do what I did to your family. Even though I’m looking out for them now. I’m quite sure it was not easy for your grandfather to open up about his diagnosis…

[Scoffs] Especially to me. And I made a point… to tell him that I don’t want to hear his excuses about why he abandoned your dad and me. But, t, I got to say, man, it never occurred to me how — how difficult it was to make that decision then and then trying to own up to it now. Well, the world has changed since marshall found out about his schizophrenia. Now, he comes from a time when, if you admitted you had a mental illness, that was considered a weakness, a source of shame, which is ridiculous, but you of all people, you know how much courage and how much strength it takes to reach out. You’ve certainly helped enough people. I’m sure, if the time came, you wouldn’t hesitate to rely on family. Well, here’s hoping. If you don’t mind my asking… have you and portia talked about having kids?

[ Exhales deeply ] T, there’s a — there’s a lot to consider first. Portia: There’s no reason

to even think about curtis having symptoms. I mean, a predisposition, that’s no guarantee that the illness will actually develop. Thank god you were spared that. Yeah. I mean, it looks like I’m in the clear. The only reason I would get tested is if I were to have children, because they could be affected. Nina: We aren’t interrupting, are we? It was a pipe dream, something for me to think about when I was bored or fed up with arrogant doctors.

[ Sighs ] No. The point is that I was happy and liked the road I was on and dreaming of the road not taken. But now, I’m — I’m — I’m at a fork in the road, and it’s all your fault! Now, no, no, no, no, epiphany. All I said was if going to medical school was something you wanted to look into, then you should. You called me “dr. Johnson.” Mm-hmm.

[ Sighs ] And now… all these years, I could say to myself, “epiphany johnson, you would have been a great doctor, especially compared to some of these arrogant yahoos.” It was something… for me to dream about, comfort myself with. Epiphany, how is — how is that gonna change? If I bomb these mcats, the dream is over. No more imaginary genius doctor. I’ll just be a real-life failure. It is the early stages of the investigation, okay? We don’t want to get locked into a theory and miss out on something that could be possibly important. Commissioner. Anna. Is there any news about lucy? The coast guard have finished their preliminary search. As almost a whole day has passed, they’re moving the operation from rescue to recovery. So, lucy — my lucy is presumed dead? Hmm? No, no, I’m sorry. I do not accept that. Not without sufficient evidence. And a single bullet casing is hardly proof of anyone’s demise. Come to think of it, what exactly is the proof she was even on the docks, huh? Much less went into the water. We did find her shoe. Alright, for the sake of argument, let’s say that it was lucy’S. It was probably a high-heeled stiletto. Is it not also equally plausible if somebody fired a shot — one shot — and missed, but that lucy got away? She was running. She lost her shoe in the process. I have teams searching the city to see if she might be hiding out anywhere. What exactly does he have to do with it? Hey, uh, marty, come on. Let’s go for a walk. I should let baldwin know. Yeah. He and lucy share a daughter. Good thinking. We should notify lucy’s business partners. Did you want to handle that? Anna? Anna!

[ Door opens ] Oh, hello. How may I help you? You listen to me. Even if we never find lucy’s body, this will escalate into a murder charge, and you will be the number-one suspect. Oh, I very much doubt it’ll go that far. Better hope that it doesn’t, because one way or the other, I will make it my business to destroy you… anna. …And then you will wish that this had gone through the courts, so my suggestion to you is that you just start talking.

[ Breathing shakily ] Is valentin unscrupulous and amoral? Obviously. Has he been good for elq’s bottom line? Unquestionably. Right, compared to what the bottom line would have been if the aurora merger would’ve went through? Mm. Now, ned, come on. Let’s not — let’s not pretend that you’re in any position to lecture me about business. What’s going on here? What is this? Ned versus michael. Round 72.

[ Sighs ] Michael: You were the one leading the charge to keep elq in the family. Then, when what was best for the company meant that you couldn’t be ceo, you changed your tune really quick. Ned: Let’s just take a step back. You tried to drive me out of elq. That is not true. By offering me a figurehead position. What do you want me to say? Drew was the obvious choice for ceo if the merger would have happened. Okay, that’s enough. Both of you, stop it! With you as his second and me pushed to the sidelines! Drew was taking the biggest risk, okay?! He was going to control the largest block of stock. That is how business works, ned. And if you cared about elq as much as you claim you do, valentin would be gone! Honey, willow, what’s the matter? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Hey, hey, willow. You okay?

[ Breathing shallowly ]

Marshall: You done? Excuse me? Am i done? You done done? Good. Now, take that energy, take that passion, and focus. Focus it on medicine. Focus it on helping people. Focus it on being the best at what you do, ’cause you know you are, and you love it. Are you accusing me of the sin of pride? Deary, there are worse reasons to go to hell.

[ Laughs ] Only a jazz man could talk about perdition like that.

[ Chuckles ] You, sir, are a terrible influence. If I was gonna influence you, it would be to set aside your fears. You’re not — you’re not just a nurse. You’re epiphany johnson. You know all. You see all. Fear runs from you and hides. You’ve been up till the crack of dawn studying for these mcats. Girl, you got this. I thank you for the encouragement. Hey, I’m — I’m just stating facts. What if I don’t pass? So what? So what, epiphany? A valiant effort is not a failure. Far from it. It’s — it’s brave, epiphany. It’s — it’s courageous. And it makes me so very proud of you.

[ Hurried footsteps ] Oh, good. Oh, good. I’m not too late.

[ Breathes sharply ] I wanted to wish you luck on the mcats. Not that you’re gonna need it.

[ Laughter ] Well, thank you. I couldn’t have made it without you. Yes, you could, and you got this. Okay. Okay.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Clears throat ] I guess, uh… I guess I should get down there. Good luck.

[ Sighs ] Willow, is it the baby? I’m fine. I just — I need some air. Well. Are the two of you proud of yourselves? Nina, how are you? Good. We seem to keep missing each other. Oh, yeah. We have to finally catch up one of these days. But before I forget, how did chase’s show go?

[ Sighs ] Brought the house down. Really? That’s wonderful. Yeah. Yay! Excuse me for a second. Hey, sonny, can I speak with you in private for a moment? Yeah. Lead the way. Excuse me. So, what’s on your mind? Sonny, I’m aware [Sighs] That you know of my father’s medical condition. Yeah, I do. So then you’ll probably understand where I’m coming from. Which is…? Well…

[ Sighs ] I’ve been doing a lot of reading about genetic counseling, and I saw that there are tests to determine a person’s predisposition to alzheimer’S. Now, I’m not even asking you to divulge your — your — your decision, but I made a decision not to find out about certain risk factors that could affect me, and [Sighs] — And I’m — I’m just wondering if I made the right choice. Of course I want to go away with you. But…?

[ Scoffs ] A comic convention was never really on my bucket list of things to do. I’m sorry. No, I — I get it. Um. Not everyone’s into comics, and, uh, those of us who are — we can be a little enthusiastic, and sometimes that enthusiasm can be a little overwhelming. Which I totally get, and that’s why I’m going. You made such a huge effort to learn why I’m so fascinated about art and art history. No effort required. You make it interesting. And I know you’ll help me see why you’re passionate about this entirely different kind of art. Hey, cabrera. I need to speak to you before you take off, alright? Yes, detective. I will be right back. Okay. Why are there members of law enforcement speaking to my client before I got here? We’re just having a friendly chat. I certainly hope no one said anything that could even remotely be construed as attempting to coerce a confession. Oh, as the lady said, we were just catching up. What a relief. Now, my client will be happy to answer your questions after I speak with him privately. But first, is mr. Cassadine being charged with something? Not at the moment, but we are within our rights to keep him here for 24 hours. If there’s even a slight chance of that, we’re going to need some water. So you can dust the glass for prints? Nice try. [ Scoffs ] He was the head of the wsb. You don’t think law enforcement has his prints? You make a fair point. I’m treating him to the vending machines anyway. Come on. Oh, come on. Don’t look so worried. Promise I won’t make a break for it. Marty, look, for what it’s worth… till there’s proof, there’s always hope. Yeah. I know. Yeah. For what it’s worth, if lucy’s alive and well, I’ll never take her for granted again. I will also make whoever did this pay… dearly.

[ Breathing shakily ] It certainly wasn’t my intention to upset willow. Oh! But michael was the one who started this argument. Oh, come on, ned. You started it when you betrayed the family. Okay, knock it off, both of you two! You listen to yourselves? You sound like a couple of children on the playground. “You started it.” “No, you started it.” Now, listen, I have been part of this family long enough to know that there is enough backstabbing and lying to make the starks and the lannisters think it’s over the top. But business aside, we always come back together. You know why? Because we are family. It’s about time the two of you started remembering that. Brook lynn? Brook lynn, is that you?

[ Gasps ]

[ Screams ]

ickly ] Willow, oh, my god. Are you okay? What happened? I — I was by the boathouse, and there were — there were footprints coming from the lake and — and what looked like drops of blood. I went into the boathouse, and there was a woman. I couldn’t see her face, but could it be whoever killed brando? God. I’ll call dante. Yeah, okay. Can you call security? Yeah, of course. Of course. Michael, what are you doing? The killer’s still here. I’m not letting them get away. -Michael, no! -Michael, stop! What — are you crazy?! Victor’s alibi is rock solid. We’re gonna have to release him. Now, I could have a plainclothes officer tail him, but… ned quartermaine just called and said that a woman wandered in from the lake and is trespassing on the property. Oh, my god, is it lucy? They can’t get a good look at her, but I’m gonna send a squad car over there, okay? Okay. I’d like you to check the site personally, though. Yeah. Yeah, will do. Yeah. Ah. Why don’t you stick around here and, uh, keep an eye on victor? I’ll report back to you. You do that. Tj. Dr. Ashford. Dr. Ashford. I want to apologize if I was too direct at brando’s funeral. When you warned that people might start spreading rumors about willow and me? It seems the only person doing that is you. Well, again, I am sorry if that seemed out of line — no, it didn’t seem out of line. It was out of line, ms. Reeves. But I’m not one to hold grudges, so I can accept your apology, as long as you stay out of my business and willow’S. But, see, you’re wrong there, because willow and michael, they are my business, because they are my grandson’s parents. So if something is happening, then I should — but there isn’t — there isn’T. You’ve got it all wrong. Then, please, please enlighten me. Could you please? Because every time I see you with willow, it seems like there’s a lot more going on than just being friends.

[ Scoffs ] So please, tell me — what’s really happening between you and willow? Sonny, I’m not trying to push you, okay? I just — I need your wisdom, your experience, your insights on my decision. You know, I considered getting tested for alzheimer’s to see if I had the gene. And then I-I didn’t want to go through with it, because not knowing or knowing is not gonna change the outcome, and I didn’t want to keep waiting for it to happen. So you’re saying I made the right decision? If you had schizophrenia, it would have shown by now, right? Oh, almost certainly. Then why would you get tested if it wouldn’t be about knowing your own fate? Well, no, it’d be about… it’d be about getting facts so I can make decisions about the future of my family. I don’t know what your plans are, but if I think… they’re what I think they are, there’s your answer. You two seem rather cozy. What, that — that kiss? I’m a jazz musician, portia. This kind of thing happens to me all the time.

[ Laughs ] It must be so difficult for you. Yeah. Yeah, I — I barely notice it.

[ Breathes sharply ] Well, I know you two have been seeing each other… but it seems a bit to me like you’re getting serious? Well [Chuckles] Portia, I wasn’t going to broach something like that on her big day. Well, for what it’s worth, I think you’re very good for epiphany. Well, she’s been good for me, too. For so long, I-I was worried about how my — my family, the people closest to me, would react to my diagnosis. And here come this woman, someone I just happened to meet, and she couldn’t have been more supportive. So I learned — I finally — I finally learned it’s best to get — get these things out in the open right away. You can’t walk around — you can’t live with some huge secret that can undermine your whole relationship. Anna: Anything? There was no security camera footage from the docks. Okay. But a flight path was locked for a drone last night. A drone? Thanks to the new york state division of tourism. They were shooting aerial footage of the lake. With any luck, they caught something and we’ll finally get some answers.

No, I will not explain my relationship with willow. I don’t owe you any clarifications, and neither does she, because it’s none of your business. I know you believe that, but i don’t believe that. Nina, you already have a reputation for coming between people, okay? Don’t allow that to be truer than it already is.

[ Scoffs ] Curtis had to go. He — he’ll catch up with you later, both of you. Yeah. Okay. Um… I’ll see you later, sonny. Mm-hmm. Well, I guess we both are gonna have busy days ahead of us. What was that about, with you and tj? Stop! Michael! Michael, stop, don’t be stupid!

[ Lowered voice ] Liv, liv. Just stop, stop. Stay back.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. The division of tourism sent the drone footage in its entirety. Once the time frame is isolated, I’ll bring it out and we’ll review it together. -Great. Thank you. -Okay.

[ Sighs ] Where’s robert? Where did dante go? There was an incident at the quartermaines’. Um, may not be related to lucy’s disappearance, but, uh, we’ll know more soon. How are you? Do you really care? I see why you would say that. You realize, don’t you, that none of this would have happened — none of it — if you hadn’t blackmailed me. I never would have left town, and lucy would never have ended up in victor’s crosshairs. It is a bit more complicated than that — no, no, anna, I don’t think it is. See, the last time I was with lucy, she told me what was going on, how the two of you were at odds. That it wasn’t just me with valentin. You’ve been leaning on her. That you’d wrapped her up in some misguided attempt to…take down victor. Now, how desperate would you have to be, how obsessed to involve lucy in something like that? I-I really regret involving her in this. Why did you wrap her up in the first place? Well, the risks, they weren’t that great. Yeah, but what risks? What exactly was your goal? Yeah. There, see. There it is. Well, now you and me got a whole other problem, ’cause there’s obviously more to this than you’re willing to tell me. And I want to know why.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Whispering ] Here goes nothing.

[ Chuckles quietly ] Hey, what’s going on? I didn’t expect to see you again so soon. If you came here to wish epiphany luck, I’m afraid you just missed her. Mm-hmm. Oh, I don’t think epiphany needs any luck, though I wish her well.

[ Chuckles ] No, I came to see the both of you. Curtis, what’s going on? Well, you see, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I have changed my mind. I think I want to explore genetic counseling after all. That’s it. Officially, I am now all yours.

[ Sighs ] About time. Thank you. I’ve known tj since he was a kid. I can’t imagine what you guys would be disagreeing about. Uh, just add tj to the very long list of people who are not my biggest fans. You sure? Yeah. In fact, I shouldn’t be surprised, because it turns out he’S… quite close to willow. The woman you saw — is she inside? Hey, look, if there’s nothing else, I’d like to get willow home. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go, go. We’ll call if we need anything. Is it lucy? No, it’s not. Um… before you go in there, robbie…

[ Breathes deeply ] …You’re gonna need to prepare yourself, okay? For what? You need to see for yourself. I’m just asking you to put your trust in me. I-I know that that’s a lot to ask. Well, what a sublimely english gift for understatement you have. I’m gonna do everything in my power to bring lucy home safely. What if that’s no longer possible? Then I will go after whoever is responsible and I will bring them to justice. Okay, I have the footage queued up to the hour of lucy’s disappearance. Okay. Great. Okay. You may not want to see this. Why? ‘Cause I’m just a civilian? Believe me, I’m staying. Well, this shot’s too far. Can we click on it? Yeah. The drone was hovering over the lake. I can zoom in.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshot ] What the… anna? Tell me the police won’t find any evidence connecting you to this woman’s disappearance.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. No, I trust anna and robert will be far too distracted to be worried about little old me. Oh, my god. Hello, robert.

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