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Wendy, listen, it’s uh, it’s Johnny. Gimme a call back when you get this. There’s something I need to talk to you about. It’s important.

Trip . I, I, I didn’t know you were in town. Come on in. Yeah, I’m just here for a while. Uh, I came back because Kayla has been seriously ill. I’m sure you know all about that. Yeah, of course I do. Yeah. Uh, my, my grandma Marlene has also been sick. How is Kayla? She’s down the mind, Thank God. And, uh, and so as your grandmother, really No, that’s, that’s great news.

Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. It’s a huge relief. I’ll have to, uh, give my grandma a call. Yeah, I’m sure she’d like that. Uh, anyway, I just came by to see my mom. Is she around? Oh, you, you didn’t know your, your mom. She left town. She moved away. Why? Uh, because my dad forced her to two.

It’s great to see you, Wendy. Uh, when did you get in yesterday? My brother didn’t mention. No, No. But um, in his defense, we have a lot going on. Then I’m guessing. He also didn’t mention that I asked him for a job at Damara headquarters. Then he shot me down. He said, No, sure did. So I came here to ask him to reconsider.

But since you’re ceo, maybe you could. Overruling, I’m sorry, Wendy, but I’m not gonna be able to do that. I’m uh, not CEO anymore.

Goods to bad A rush. Was that really necessary? Probably not, but it was certainly.

When I offered you this job, you said that being engaged to Gabby wouldn’t be an issue and it isn’t good because now that I’ve returned to my rightful position at top to mirror, no unnecessary distractions will be tolerated. My sole focus is running my empire, our empire. You wouldn’t have this position if it weren’t for me.

However, I’m the one who is here. I’m CEO now, so let’s be clear why your loyalties lie, especially since I know what you did to my brother.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So are, are you saying that my mom and Jake were never even married? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, my, my dad hired a team of detectives and. They were able to prove that Ava concocted that whole lie. He was ready to send her to prison for fraud, so it took off. He made a deal with her. He agreed he wouldn’t press charges if she agreed to leave Salem for good.

I, I, I don’t believe this if. I guess you didn’t tell me because she was ashamed. I’m sorry. For what it’s worth, um, I, I tried to talk him out of it. I really like your mom. Yeah. Even if she’s tried to scam your family. Nah. It’s just business. So the damaris lose a little pocket change. None of that mattered to me as much as your mom did.

What does that mean? Faster. She moved in. She and I got really close. Oh really? How close

you? You were voted out as ceo. That sucks. Just happened this morning. So who’s in charge E, Dara, Of course. Another entitled Straight White Guy. Yeah, but it’s no surprise to me he’s been wanting to get rid of me ever since he got back into town. Me and anyone who supports me. Guess that means Lee’s out too.

Nope. Nope. Lee’s still there. In fact, he’s being kept on Esky days number two. Oh, really?

Good morning, Stephanie. Morning. I assume you overheard me. Chiding Shin. I did, but I’m not sure over what? Well, it was on your behalf actually. You see why I’m happy to have Lee on board. It doesn’t change the fact that he only ascended to his current role by usurping your position. I was simply trying to keep the company on track.

We all want what’s best for the company, right? And I hope you know I wouldn’t have stepped in if my father hadn’t expressed his doubts about your mental competence. Doubts that are completely unfound. I appreciate the support EJ s Stephen. It’s obvious to me as it should be to anyone that you are totally com manis, and once we prove unequivocally to all concern that that is the case and that you are capable of taking your rifle places as my co ceo, it’s only a matter of time before that comes to pass.

It’s not right Lee. Of course.

Gwen. Gwen.

Oh, Quinn haven’t been able to start thinking about you. Oh, since I watched them wheel you in here after that accident. What? What you talking about? I’ll see you lying there looking so helpless knowing that you could have died. When that moment I realized I still love you, Quinn.

You love me. I never stopped loving you. I just keep thinking back to all the great times that we had, all the, the laughs and the love making. I miss those times. I miss you.

What about. Oh, Sarah was this ideal in my head. I convinced myself that she was the perfect woman for me, respected doctor from a good family, and then when she came back, felt obligated to reconcile. But now I realize that’s what it was, an obligation because the person I really want to be with, It’s you after all for kindred’s spirits, aren’t we?

Oh, and you. You are my one true love now and forever. That is, if you’ll still have me, if I’ll still have you of. Of, I’ll still have you. Oh, Sandra, I you, I love you with all my hots.

Uh, Gwen. Gwen

dad. Hi.

I can come back if I’m interrupting.

Good morning. Beautiful. Hi. Oh, and good morning to my equally beautiful mother-in-law. Oh, you know you don’t have to butter me up, Xander. You know I adore you. Just save those compliments for your wife. You’re exhausted. Burnt out, wife. Oh, bumpy nights. Bumpy and long. An entire high school football team came in with food poisoning.

You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen giant humans vomiting on one another. You paint quite the picture still. I think I prefer that to what I’ve been doing this morning. Why? Where have you been upstairs? I swallowed my pride and asked Uncle Vi, We can move back in.

Answer me Jay. Just how close did you and my mom get? Or you’re, you’re asking if, if we, Yeah, I’m asking if, Okay. Look, Ava was going through a really hard time, you know, it was right after Jake died and I was still pretty bummed about Chanel leaving me for my sister. Um, and we just kind of, you know, Leaned on each other, leaned on each other, how we just, we, we gave each other a shoulder to cry on.

And that was it. Yeah. Pretty much. Other than, Well, that there was that time we saw each other naked, but, But that’s, What’d you think? And then even when my dad caught us in bed, we just came,

EJ named my brother as his second in command. Yeah. Why do you think my brother and your father could be working together? I don’t know. It’s possible, right? They both want the same thing. I, I do don’t realize EJ and Lee had that kind of relat. Hey, don’t. So why wouldn’t EJ put his brother Stephan in that position?

The thing is that your father and the board had some concerns about Stephan’s cognitive abilities. I mean, the man’s been in a coma for four years. Must have been a shock to you when he showed up. It’s shock. That’s a, Well, that’s an understatement. You know, when I lost him. I thought my life was over. I prayed over and over for a miracle.

You got one? I did, but uh, it’s not the same man that he was. What do you mean?

I don’t know. It’s like a, a switch was flipped in his brain and now he hates me. Do you have any idea why? I don’t know how to explain it. Except. Except what? All right. Look, Dr. Wolf, he’s the mad scientist that we can thank for Stephan’s return. I just feel like somehow in the process, he turned my husband against me.

Why would he do that? I don’t know. Wolf Wolf’s never liked me, but yeah. No, no. Through that much trouble just to make me miserable. Doesn’t make sense. Okay? So if he did do something to make Stefan hate you, it wouldn’t have been out of spite. No, no. That’s not the pattern of this lunatic. Now there’s always some larger purpose behind his experiments.

Should we get down to business?

Now that Dira is back in the family’s control, we must make sure we never lose it Again, you’re here, but before we begin, we need to agree that anything we discuss here remain confidential. You don’t have any problems keeping secrets from your fiance, Dude, . I wouldn’t have accepted this job if I did.

Because thanks to her, long over you dismissal. She’s a wounded animal and that makes her extremely dangerous. The last thing we want is to give her an opening. I assure you, I will keep my personal life separate from Dira. You don’t talk in your sleep. Do you have nothing to worry? When it comes to Gabby and I, honestly, I don’t know why you don’t get rid of that woman altogether.

Excuse me. She may dress some nice clothes, but Gabby Hernandez is a feral cat who used our family business to give herself respectability as if that were possible. The woman is trash, a low red schemer. She did nothing for this company, but taint its good name with her. Nasty Bette. That’s enough.

Oh, yeah. Now, now you want to help me. Hmm? I’m sorry. I’m honestly not sure why that happened. It happened because you thought I was bragging to you about sleeping with your mother, which I did not. You didn’t. But but you just said Yeah, that my dad caught us together in bed, but nothing happened. Seriously.

Oh. Uh, be all right. I’m fine. Yeah. That my, my jaw’s gonna be a little sore later, but I’ll. I’m sorry, I, I shouldn’t have done that. Probably would’ve done the same thing if, uh, I thought she slept with my mother. So I guess I’m just a little sensitive when it comes to Damaris cuz the way your dad treated my mom.

Yeah. I, I, I don’t, uh, I don’t blame you. You know, it was a total s. But like I said, I, I, I really do care about your mom and I think she got a raw deal from my family.

Do you have any idea where she went? I don’t. Sorry. It’s okay. Thanks. I’ll see if I can track her down and I’m sorry. It’s okay. It’s okay. Just, uh, Good luck finding your mom.

You know, I’m kind of bummed that I won’t be working for you anymore considering my father’s rather retrograde ideas about women having a female ceo. Damara actually gave me hope about moving up in this. No, I appreciate you saying that, but Wendy, I was so impressed by you. I really wish we could have worked together well.

We’ll still be seeing quite a bit of each other.

You are gonna be my sister-in-law, right? ? Yeah, I am indeed. Yes. Your brother told me you were the. Person he called after he proposed. Yeah, I was honored to be his very first call. Congratulations.

So when’s the big day? Uh, well we actually haven’t said it yet, but soon, hopefully. Great. Keep me boasting, Coursey. You’ll probably be the first one to know that too. Thanks.

Well, I. I should probably get going. Yeah. It was really nice to see you and I’ll definitely tell Lee that you stopped by. Yeah, thanks. It was, uh, it was good to see you too,

Gabby. For what it’s worth, you deserve better. Better than you brother. No. I mean about the job,

Is there a problem? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you couldn’t stand Gabby. No, my, um,

my personal feelings about Gabby have no bearing on my reaction.

I just believe that speaking Ill about a man’s fiance to his face is, uh, unco to say the least. Oh, you’d prefer I do it to him behind his back, You know, if you’ll excuse me. I just realize there’s a pressing that I have to run.

How are you pushing all like that about Gabby? Are you testing rolls conditioning? Precisely. I need to make sure it’s working, which given his behavior just now, I’m not sure it is. If you heard Stephan, He’s the only defending Gabby because of me. Oh, come. No, you don’t believe that anymore than I do. Okay.

So his feelings for Gabby. It might be starting to resurface. What are we gonna do? It might be time to send old Steph back to the good doctor for a tuna. Ralph’s just gonna assure you that his conditioning is holding up just fine. Then he’s wrong. One or two more insults to Gabby, and he might have cracked, at least by the very least, best an aneurysm.

I’m glad you’re finding this so amusing. You’re enjoying. Well, you obviously don’t. In fact, it looks like you might bust an UR yourself. I’m outta here not until you tell me what the hell your problem is. My problem is your total disrespect for me and the woman I plan to marry. Whoa. And here I thought your first loyalty was to D Mirror.

In fact, you just said as much of me a few minutes ago and quite emphatically at that. Well, I’m about to say something else quite emphatically. I don’t appreciate you bad-mouthing my fiance no matter what. The reason I really, And what exactly are you going to do about it?

Oh, at least for me. Oh, who else? Congratulations my dear. What for? For getting out of here. Finally. I’m here to spring. You really? Are they officially releasing me today? That’s what they told me. I’m here to walk you into the sunlight if you’ll let me.

Of course. I’ll let you. I’d like that very much.

So, so, um,

Dad, about, for what you saw earlier, Oh, oh, oh, no explanation necessary. You’re a grown woman. You have very right to, uh, have a slogan with a pillow if the pillows consenting


I suppose I was dreaming well, it looked like a very nice dream, and unless you were fantasizing about the state puffed marshmallow, man, I can assume that the pillow was a stand in for Xander. Sadly, Gwen, I know how much you loved him, and I know that those feelings don’t simply go away because we want them.

And no, they don’t. And yes, I know that he’s married to Sarah and I, I know that they seem to be happy together. And yes, I know that I said that I would let him go. But, but what?

But after my accident, he, Hey, it was right there. He had this concern in his eyes. No, it was, it was, It was more than that. It was, It was like he cared about me.

You both wanna move in here. Well crawl back to Uncle Victor is hardly my first choice, but I see another option. You can’t afford an apartment. And I’ve racked up a fair amount of debt at the sale moon and I have no way to pay it off. So, Well, Sarah, you’re earning a salary? Uh, well half a salary cuz I’m still on probation, not full time yet.

Oh. And it won’t be forever. It’s just like getting myself back on my feet financially, which will hopefully be soon. Just asked Jack for a job. You’re gonna work for Jack at the spect. Well, I haven’t had an official offer yet, but that’s not cuz Jack was distracted. But I think Jennifer’s the one who had Gwen

Sanders. Jack was distracted by Gwen’s Aism of, Of course,

you’re right Gwen. Zander heard that you were hurt. It was obvious how concerned he was, and he does care about you, sweetheart. But honey, he chose Sarah. He loves her, and he chose her over me. Yes, I, I get it when I, I, I don’t want to see. Wasting your time pining away for someone who’s not gonna return your feelings,

you deserve happiness too. Gwen, do I? After what did to Sarah and to Abigail, I made my mistakes. We all make mistakes. You know what I want you to do? Is to concentrate on feeling better. Figure out what you’re gonna do with the rest of your life, not that you’re getting outta here. Focus on the future. The future.

What future I, I don’t even have a job. I don’t have a home. Well, I suppose there’s something I can do about. Least in the short term. How about if you come home with me,

Wendy? Listen, it’s, uh, it’s Johnny. Gimme a call back when you get this. There’s something I need to talk to you about. It’s important. Hey, Wendy, I’ve been trying to get in touch with you. Yeah. I just got your. I have something important to talk to you about too. Okay, well then, uh, maybe we should take this someplace a little more private.

I meant every what I said about Gabby. You want to defend her on good? Right ahead. What the hell do you think you are? Excuse me. How the hell did you get in here? Johnny just told me everything. I know that you forced my mom to leave town . Once we, they, we been throwing temper ats today. Oh, so you’re at.

Why would I? Your mother got exactly what she deserved. She tried to defraud my family and my company. She was grieving and trying to keep her head above water by making up a lie about my dead brother. Maybe they weren’t officially married, but they were engaged. They loved each other. Oh, is that why she waited a whole five minutes before jumping into bed with my son?

Didn’t he tell you that? Look, if you’re trying to shock me, you’re too late. Johnny already told me everything. Oh, really? And how did you. Oh, you wanna know how I reacted? I do. Okay.

One day, did you forget something?


Oh. I hope that was worth spending the night in jail. Not to mention blowing your medical career after you were charged with a sort of battery. Let’s show the guy some leniency. Huh? Tripping. His brother saved my sister’s life in Hong Kong over the summer, so I’m not only grateful to him, but I know he’s a really good guy who just lost his temper because he’s worried about his mom.

Not to mention it, if you call the. This becomes a major story. You sure you want that kind of publicity, right? When you’ve just taken over?

Fine. I want to love the authorities,

but get the hell out of here before I call in security and have them drop you off the roof accident.

Thank you

so. You have something important to discuss? I have something important to discuss. Who goes first? I go first. That was easy. I just came back from visiting my brother. Okay. Only he wasn’t there. Gabby was, And it turns out that Gabby has been ousted from Damara. My dad is the new CEO And your brothers is second in command.

Yeah, that that was my thing too. I mean, this is exactly what we were looking for. Right. If this just proof that Lee and EJ have been in cahoots all along. I don’t know what does, I mean, it, it, it, it definitely looks that way, but just because they pushed Gabby out doesn’t mean they had anything to do with Stephan, except, Gabby also told me that Stephan has been acting different ever since he came back from the dead.

You mean like he hates her now? Yeah. Yeah. Without any reasonable explanation. Does she have any theories on why that might be? Well, she suspects that Dr. Wolf guy brainwashed him or. But she also said Ralph doesn’t do anything without a purpose, so maybe my dad or your brother put him up to it. Step. Yeah.

Why don’t you just come on in, but what are you doing here? Wait. I know you came here to code. You came here to rub it in my face that you voted me out. I bet you’ve been wanting to do that, right? Isn’t it great? You voted me outta your life. You voted me outta your company too. Yeah. I don’t, You have better things to do.

I mean, you got your precious. Shares you. You pointed it up with your heartless brother to vote me out. Shouldn’t you be at the office with EJ celebrating? Finally, send. You’re here taunting me, Gabby. I didn’t come here to taut you.

I hope your sister appreciates you going to bat for her night in Shin. I doubt it. I know exactly on me. Best of terms, why not? Jwe actually showed up in Salem yesterday and asked for a promotion here at Tamara, to which my response was, No way or words to that effect. She’s a coder, right? Yes. Is she good at what she does the best?

Well then perhaps you should reconsider. After all, what’s best for DE is best for the both of us now while I go and put some ice on my nose to stop from swelling. Perhaps you should go and find your sister congratulate on a promotion.

Maybe the guy we really need to talk to is Dr. Roth. How do we track him down? Well, if my dad or your brother did put Ralph up to doing something to ste, there’s gotta be a trail, right? And maybe they’re still in contact with him. Worth looking into. I already tried Hacking Lee’s email account. He’s got it well protected.

Well, if it’s dme, how maybe. All it would take is any other high level to mirror password. I could work my way in through back door. I don’t have a high enough clearance level for that butt. Maybe I could get into my dad’s how It’s not like you can just ask him. No, no. And he is a pretty paranoid guy.

However, he had a severe injury a couple years ago and he’s still sensitive about lingering memory lapse. So he writes everything down. That way he doesn’t forget it, but things. Passwords. Yes. And if we can get into my dad’s computer, we might not even need your brothers. We’ll see. Either way it would be a big help.

I’m gonna head over there now. Okay. In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to crack my brother’s password. I’ll text you if I find anything.

Wendy, Chris? Hey.

Hey, well, if you didn’t come here to float, then why are you here? Actually, I, uh,

I came here to give you these.

Imagine your fiance wants to get married soon, and last time I checked, you need to be divorced first.

Divorce papers? Yes. Once you sign them, I’ll go ahead and file and we can be rid of this mess of a marriage once and for all.

You didn’t sign them? Not yet, no. Well, What are you waiting for, Stefan? Why don’t you go first?

Hey, Jack. Um, Sorry to bother you mate. I, your assistant taught me. Oh, it’s all right. I was just checking. Going out of the hospital. What’s up? Well, I want to follow up with you about a conversation from the pub. Oh. What conversation is that about? Maybe bringing me on at the Spectator. I could really use a job, mate.

Is it looking good?

What are you doing here? I thought you lived in Alaska and I thought you lived in Seattle. I, I do, but I, I just came back cause my stepmom had a health. Oh my God, I’m so sorry. Is she, is she all right? Yeah. No, no, she’s fine now. Thanks. But, uh, I just found out that my mom disappeared.

It’s Flo my lovely dad. It’s not dad.

I need your help


Oh, come on’s. Gotta be here somewhere.

What you doing here?

Why does it matter who signs them first? Thus it doesn’t. Okay, well then why didn’t you sign them before you got here? If you hate me so much, wouldn’t you want us to be over as quickly as. I do. All right then sign away. Fine.

Here you go.

What’s to matter, Stephan? Can’t you do it? What’s stopping?

Nothing. Stephan, just look at me. Okay? I know. I know that there is something in your brain that is telling you to despise me, but if there is a shred of you in there that doesn’t hate me, that doesn’t want you to sign these papers, just don’t do it. Okay? I know that you feel something. I know that you do.

Even if it’s the tiniest flicker, I know that something left inside you still loves.

What’s going on in here?

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