Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Summer talks to Sally and asks her if she and Nick are more than business colleagues. Sally tells Summer that when she saw her and Nick at Crimson Lights they were having a business meeting. Summer tells Sally her father has been deeply hurt and he deserves to have an easy honest relationship. Sally thinks that Summer should give her father more credit that he can make his own decisions.

Nick tells Adam that they won’t put Sally in the middle of one of their brotherly battles. Adam knows that Sally made her choice, and he promises not to stand in their way. Sally sees Connor alone at Crimson Lights and he tells her that he is waiting for Adam. Sally sends a text message to Adam and keeps Connor company until Adam gets there. Connor tells Sally that Adam doesn’t smile anymore like he used to when he was with her. Connor also tells Sally that he thinks Adam misses her. Adam arrives at Crimson Lights and stands outside as Connor tells Sally that Chelsea thinks everything is fine, but nothing is fine in their family.

Victoria asks Nate to sell her his shares of Chancellor-Winters and he tells her he can’t do it because he doesn’t want to let down Neil and betray his family. Victoria tells Nate she appreciates his loyalty and will find a job for him at Newman Enterprises.

Victoria and Nick argue later because she wants to make Nate the CEO of Newman Media. Nick and Victoria can’t, agree on what to do so they table the discussion for later.

Devon tells Lily that he will not take the company public and risk his half of the company he started with Neil. Devon goes to Nate’s place and asks him to be honest and tell him why he betrayed his family.

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