GH Short Recap Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Britt finds a safe deposit box key in Peter’s personal effects that he left her and she decides to find out what is in the safe deposit box so she can put her half-brother in the past. Nikolas tells Esme that she is staying locked in the tower until the baby is born. Esme tells Nikolas that her biological father won’t be happy that he is treating her so badly. Esme also tells Nikolas her father is a very powerful man, but Nicolas doesn’t believe Esme. Esme tries to find a way to open the door and escape the storage room and she finds some tools that could help her open the door.

Victor tells Ava Nikolas has decided to get a divorce, so she goes to Windemere to talk to Nikolas.

Valentin says goodbye to Anna because he is getting on Victoria’s plane to go see Charlotte. Anna wants to go with him because she fears that Victor has set a trap for him. Valentin refuses to let Anna go with him and promises to return home to her.

Lucy waits for Victor at Pier 55 while Anna goes to Pier 47 because Lucy’s assistant tells her that is where Lucy is meeting Victor. Valentin leaves a message for Anna telling her he loves her and will miss her, but her spirit will be with him on his trip. Lucy calls her assistant who tells her she is supposed to meet Victor on pier 47 she turns to leave and she sees someone and wonders what the person is doing there. Lucy sees the person pull out a gun and Lucy says” oh no!” before she is attacked.

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