Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina showed Chanel the file that Sloane gave her. Chanel was shocked that something she did in college would hurt her mother’s campaign. Paulina assured her that it wouldn’t hurt her career. Paulina told her that she had everything under control. Sloane wanted to know what made her think it was under control. Sloane introduced herself to Chanel. She wanted to know if Paulina made a decision about the offer. Paulina refused to be blackmailed. They threatened each other. Paulina threw Sloane out of her place. Paulina told Chanel that she planned to drop out of the race. Chanel didn’t want her to do that. Chanel wanted to pay the blackmailer, but her mother said the person would never stop coming after her. Paulina planned on going after Sloane through Stephanie and Chad. Alex confronted Stephanie about being with Chad. He wanted to know why it was sexual harassment when he wanted to be with her, but it wasn’t for her to be with someone she just hired. Chad told her that what they did was consensual. Alex was convinced they slept together. He hoped she would have changed her mind about how she felt about him, but he realized he was wrong. He realized she would never be into him. Stephanie watched him leave.

Stefan remembered admitting to Gabi about how he felt about her. He went off on her for going after his job. He said he wanted the job back. Li told him that he was crazy if he thought EJ would let him run the company. Stefan told him they would run the company together. He said their first order of business is to clean house at the company. EJ said traitors had to go. He said that Li needed to go. EJ left to file the proxy. Stefan told Gabi to clean out her desk. Li told her not to do anything until he finished talking to EJ. Li went after EJ so Gabi used that opportunity to get Stefan to talk about his memory of her. She knew he still loved her. She put her hand on his heart. She knew he still felt something. Li threatened EJ about trying to get him out of the company. He warned him that he would make Stefan turn on him immediately. He admitted that he was the one who got Rolf to bring Stefan back and turned him against Gabi. EJ reminded him that he could lose Gabi if he said anything about that. Li told him that his goal was to get DiMera. He said he was prepared to cut her loose. EJ didn’t believe him. EJ went back to meet with Stefan. He told him that the proxies were in order and they just had to wait for the vote. Gabi wanted to know if EJ and Li came to an understanding. He said they did. When they were alone he told her that EJ still had the votes. Li said he wouldn’t be fired, but his father wouldn’t help him. She didn’t know how she would get through that without his love for her. He stroked her hair. EJ and Stefan wanted to celebrate their victory. EJ told him that he will take over DiMera now that Gabi is out. He explained how the positions will go down at DiMera.

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