Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to see Stephanie. He wanted to apologize for what happened. She said they were both drunk and were trying to forget about what was going on. He said he enjoyed working with her and didn’t want to mess things up. She told him Paulina was in trouble. She asked him to go with her to see Paulina. They met with Paulina. Paulina wanted him to sign a NDA before she gave them the folder. Paulina wanted to know what they were going to do about it. Gabi went to her office and found EJ in there. He told her he had proof that Ava’s marriage was a fraud. He said Ava said it was her idea. He said Jake’s shares went to Vivian, but she couldn’t vote because she was incarcerated. He said they had to go with the proxy which would be Stefan. He told her she was out of moves. He told her checkmate before he left her office. Wendy went to see Li, She said she couldn’t work IT at Fairbanks anymore. She said she wanted a job in Salem. He told her it wasn’t that simple. She said he was engaged to the CEO. She asked if he screwed that up too. She said she heard about his meltdown about Stefan.

Gabi called Li to come to the office. When he got off the phone, Wendy told him she wanted to go with him. He left without her. She wondered why he was so worried about Stefan. She looked at his tablet. She found pictures of Li and Gabi’s pictures. She left to find out what was going on. Johnny ran into Stefan at the DiMera mansion. Johnny asked him if he saw EJ. Stefan said he left, but Stefan knew what was going on with him and Ava. Stefan defended EJ to Johnny. Johnny was upset about him defending EJ. Stefan said it was about getting Gabi out of the company. Johnny was confused because the only thing he heard about Stefan was he was in love with Gabi. Johnny wondered what Rolf did to Stefan. Stefan said Rolf had nothing to do with his feelings. Stefan asked what Rolf would have to gain by making him hate Gabi. Johnny said EJ did something so Stefan could side with him. Stefan didn’t believe it. Johnny warned him not to trust. EJ showed up while they were talking. Johnny yelled at EJ for treating Ava the way he did. EJ told him to find someone his own age. EJ asked Stefan to get Vivian’s power of attorney. He wanted to give Gabi a peek at her future. Stefan agreed to do it. When Li showed up, Gabi told him about EJ’s visit. EJ and Stefan showed up. EJ told her that he had Vivian’s power of attorney. He said Jake’s shares went to Stefan. She wanted to know why Stefan was being mean to her. She wanted him to look in her eyes. She asked where that part of him that loved her went. Stefan thought about pushing Gabi away.


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