Days Short Recap Monday, October 10, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan told Paulina that her client knew what Chanel did in college. Sloan gave Paulina a folder. Paulina read what was in the folder. She wanted to know what Sloan wanted. Sloan said she wanted to make financial arrangements between her client and Paulina. She said if Paulina didn’t give the money, Chanel would end up in prison. Sloan told her to look at the file and get back to her. Alex showed up to meet with Allie and Chanel. They told him that they wanted to have a threesome with him. Allie talked about the threesome, but she couldn’t say the name. Chanel thought Allie might not be ready if she couldn’t say the word. He was shocked that they wanted to have it since they turned him down when he first suggested it. He wanted to know what changed their minds. Allie said it was her idea because they were going through a rough patch. Chanel said it was an adventure they could share. They wanted it to be with him because he didn’t want anything. Chanel said he was single. Chanel asked if something was going on with Stephanie. He said he saw her with Chad. He said he was willing to do it. They went to have sex. Chad and Stephanie kissed each other at Julie’s. She pulled away from the kiss. She asked if it was too soon after Abby. He wanted to leave. She suggested they go to her place. They went to Steve and Kayla’s place. They started kissing until he stopped them. He said he couldn’t do it. He said he was still grieving his wife. She said she was worried about her mother. He decided to leave.

EJ told Johnny and Ava that he could prove that Jake’s signature on the marriage certificate was forged. He said he could prove that Jake was dead before the paperwork for their marriage was even filed. Johnny asked if it was true. He asked if she was married to Jake. She admitted that she wasn’t. She said she loved Jake. She said they were engaged. She told them it was Gabi’s idea. Ava said it was Gabi’s idea. EJ thought Ava knew the truth would eventually come out. She said he was right and apologized for lying to Johnny. Johnny said he didn’t care. He said he could see how much she loved Jake. He said she didn’t lie about anything else. EJ wanted to call the police, but Johnny told him not to. EJ said he wouldn’t call the police, but she had to leave town. He told her her bags were in the foyer. EJ told them to say goodbye to each other. Ava said it was okay that she was leaving. She said there was nothing left for her there. She said there was almost nothing. She apologized for them not knowing what could have been. He said he wanted to go with her. She said it would be better for them to part ways. She said they would have good memories. She took her bags and left. When EJ came back, Johnny said he would make him pay.

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