Days Short Recap Thursday, October 13, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf went to see Kristen. He let her know the police were ransacking his lab. She was glad they wouldn’t find the orchid. She picked up the orchid. He moved his sensitive info, but he didn’t want the police to digging through his work. He realized she was taking care of the orchid. He wanted to know about her end game. She didn’t tell him what her plans were, but she wanted to know why he was so worried about Marlena. She mentioned the clones he had already. He let her know that if the women die, it would be her fault because she had the cure. John held Marlena’s hand. Eric and Belle arrived and asked about the orchid. John told them that Rolf didn’t have the orchid. Shawn let John know that he didn’t find the orchid at the lab. Marlena woke up and hoped no one gave up on her. They assured her they didn’t give up on her. Eric led them in a prayer. Marlena wanted Eric to check on Roman and Kate. He didn’t want to leave her. Marlena didn’t want him to argue with her in her condition. Eric left the room just as Sami called Marlena. She wanted to be there for her, but she had to deal with Sydney. Sami wanted to talk to Belle. She assured Sami that she and Eric would take care of their mother. John was taking care of Marlena when Sarah brought a delivery for her. John and Marlena read the card and saw that Orpheus sent her flowers.

Lucas called Kate from Statesville. She let him know that Roman proposed to her. She told him that she was proud of him for taking responsibility for what he did. She wished him happiness. She assured him that she would see him when he got out. She got off the phone with Lucas. She told Roman that she couldn’t tell Lucas the truth. He knew she would see Lucas again. He told her that he wanted to get married right away. They needed a witness. Rex and Eric arrived so Roman said their timing was perfect. Eric performed the ceremony so Kate and Roman got married. Chloe told Brady they should break up because of Kristen. She told him that Rachel hated her. Brady told her that Kristen would get her way. He reminded her that they loved each other. She was afraid that he would lose Rachel. He knew that sacrificing his happiness wouldn’t change his situation wouldn’t change Rachel around. Later, Brady met with Kristen. He confronted her about the note that was in Rachel’s lunchbox. Kristen didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t have time for her games because Marlena was dying. She said that Marlena didn’t have to die. She thought she could save Marlena,  Kayla and Kate.

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