Days Short Recap Friday, October 14, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie was upset when she saw John crushing the orchid. She thought it was the cure. He told her it was another one of Orpheus’ schemes. She wondered what her mother was going to do. Steve was with Kayla in her room. Tripp and Joey showed up to see her. They were tired of Stephanie not telling them what was going on so they wanted to see for themselves. Kayla and Steve told them that Orpheus poisoned her as well as Marlena and Kate. Steve left to check on Marlena. Kayla tried to prepare Joey and Tripp for the worst, but they didn’t want to hear it. Tripp said he regretted the time he wasted being angry at her. She said she was proud of them. Tripp said he wouldn’t have tried to become a doctor if it weren’t for her. Joey said she and Steve were there for him during the worst time in his life. He said he wished there was something he could do. Steve ran into Stephanie. He told her Joey and Tripp were with Kayla. She went to see Kayla. John told him that he was right about wanting to end Orpheus after he was pardoned. John said he would end Orpheus himself if their wives didn’t make it. They talked about how helpless they felt. Steve said he regretted the time he wasted not being with Kayla. John said he understood how he felt.

Stephanie apologized for keeping Joey and Tripp in the dark about Kayla. Kayla woke up and said it was her idea to do it. Steve came back to the room. She said she was happy they were all there. Chloe talked to Nicole about her issues with Rachel. Chloe said she didn’t know how to handle the situation with Rachel. Nicole said she wished she could be there for Eric. She told Chloe that Rafe and Jada caught her hugging Eric. Nicole said Jada claimed him as her boyfriend. Nicole said she understood that, but there was a pull between her and Eric. She said she would be lying if she said she didn’t feel it. Chloe said she wanted her to be happy, but she didn’t want her to do something stupid. Kristen told Brady that Rolf grew a new orchid. She said she had it. Brady said she was playing games. She showed him a picture of her holding the orchid. He didn’t believe her. She said the serum was formulated and he was wasting time the women didn’t have. He thought she wanted custody of Rachel so he agreed to it. She said she wanted him to break up with Chloe and get back together with her. He refused to be with her. She said Marlena would die unless he made everyone think that they got back together for Rachel’s sake. She said he couldn’t say anything about blackmail. He said she was a monster. She said she considered herself a mother who loved her child. She told him that the women were going to need a second dose in a few months and a booster after that. She said he couldn’t dump her after they were cured. She said they were in it for the long haul. He agreed to do it because he didn’t have a choice. He said he had conditions. He said he wouldn’t say anything to Chloe until after the first dose. She agreed to it. She said once the women are feeling better, he had to dump Chloe. He said they would be a family, but he would never make love to her. He said she would be more lonely in a loveless relationship. She said only time would tell. He said he hated her. She said there was a thin line between love and hate. He told her to be careful what she wished for. He walked away from her.

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