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Dante meets Cody at Kelly’s. Cody is eating breakfast for lunch and explains he had a long night. Dante assumes he was out with Britt, but Cody explains that he wasn’t.  Cody says that he slept in and since he didn’t have to work, he decided to have breakfast. Dante said that it must be nice, that he has been up since the crack of dawn chasing down leads. Cody tells Dante not to give up, that he will catch this guy, the hook killer.  Dante then informs Cody that Diane Miller has officially identified the killer as a woman. Dante adds that if it’s over with Britt then Cody dodged a bullet as she always seems to only be out for number one. Dante then changes the subject and asks Cody what is going on with Mac and if he is still on his case. Cody tells Dante he isn’t that concerned about Mac being out to get him anymore, but before he can tell Dante why, Dante gets called to work. Cody tells Dante to be careful and to catch the killer and bring them to justice.  Dante says that they, the PCPD, will.

At GH, Maxie asks to speak with Britt in private, so they take a walk. Maxie asks her honest opinion about Cody. Britt tells Maxie that she hasn’t seen Cody in days and would be perfectly happy to never see him again. Maxie thought they were dating, but Britt says she’s barely heard from him lately and he has not reached out to make plans. Maxie asks Britt if she has heard the news?  Britt looks puzzled and so Maxie explains that Cody has had a lot on his mind lately.  Maxie then tells Britt that there is a distinct possibility that Mac is Cody’s father. Britt seems slightly irritated but quickly laughs off how unfair it would be if Cody ends up with someone like Mac as a father while her long-lost relative was Peter, the psychotic killer. Maxie tells Britt that as of yet Cody has not taken the DNA paternity test to confirm the news.  She tells Britt she doesn’t understand his hesitancy. Britt understands the concept of hesitancy, given what Peter did to their lives, and she admits she still has that box of artifacts he left her. She believes someday she’ll figure out why he left them to her. Maxie explodes when she learns that Britt is still in possession of the box that Peter left her.  Maxie says she wouldn’t be going through the horrible feelings she is experiencing if she had just let Maxie destroy the box.  Maxie says she was a fool for allowing Britt to call and convince her to allow Britt to keep the box. They quickly return the topic of conversation to Cody, and Britt thinks perhaps he has not ghosted her and that maybe Maxie is right he has just dealing with a tremendous amount of serious stuff. Maxie realizes Britt likes him. Britt asks Maxie’s opinion of him. Maxie says she likes him, but believes there is something sketchy about him as well. Britt agrees. Maxie suggests Britt just talk to him and put all her cards out on the table.

Sam runs into Spinelli and he feels he owes Sam an apology for confiding in her about Cody because he has now made her an accessory to his crimes. He was so focused on perfecting his app that he created a monster that is the key to cracking the internet. Sam tells him he is a genius, and that he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. She also advises him to never tell anyone about the algorithm. Sam also plans to speak with Cody his attempt to blackmail Spinelli and find out what his endgame is.

Back at GH, Spinelli walks in on Maxie and Britt discussing Cody and grimaces. Britt leaves them to talk alone. Maxie and Spinelli make plans for Spinelli to come to sit for the kids as Maxie has a date with Austin. She also wishes Spinelli would use his Society Setups algorithm to find a date of his own because she wants to see him happy.

Dante runs into Britt, and she asks him if he’s seen Cody lately. He flippantly reports that he just came from having breakfast with him, but adds nothing else to the conversation and turns to go. Britt stops Dante and asks him why he has an attitude with her, and if it is because he thinks she’s not good enough for Cody. Dante reminds her that they have a history so he is not exactly an impartial judge of her character, he says that Cody deserves someone who has his best interests at heart and Dante doesn’t want to see Britt jerk him Cody around. He then turns and leaves.

At Kelly’s, Sam thanks Cody for meeting with her. He asks her if he is in trouble. She admits he is, for blackmailing her friend Spinelli. Cody says that blackmail is way too harsh of a word and informs Sam that all he asked of Spinelli was to set him up with Britt. He tells Sam that he has no intention of blackmailing Spinelli or in revealing his internet secrets.  Sam asks Cody why he was so intent on being set up with Britt.  Cody thinks back to when he learned that Faison was her father, and Sam assumes he has a con going on. He says there is no con, and he reminds her that he didn’t make a great first impression on Britt when he crashed into her nearly causing her to drown on the rooftop pool of the Metro Court.  Sam stops him and says she is all too familiar with the sordid story.  Cody says that is why he used Spinelli to help him get in her good graces. He also thanks her for not telling Dante, but he realizes that most of the reason she hasn’t told Dante is that it would also get Spinelli in trouble with the authorities. Sam says she will take Cody for his word but warns him if he hurts Spinelli that he will wish he was never born.

At Deception, Lucy gets a call from Anna, who once again tries to steer her away from Victor. Anna tells Lucy that she is very appreciative for her help in revealing the duplicity of Deputy Mayor Ashby, but that even the best intentions sometimes turn out bad. Lucy assures Anna that she can handle herself and hangs up on Anna, not knowing that Victor is already on to her because she was careless when listening in to Victor’s conversation in his suite at the Metro Court.

In Victor’s suite, Johann hands him a black box and offers to take care of Lucy for him, but Victor says he’ll take care of her in his own time and asks Johann if he has forgotten who the boss is in their relationship. Johann replies that he has not and says that he simply want to eliminate any problem areas for Victor.  Victor says that Lucy will be taught a lesson, and the severity of it depends on whether she’s working for someone else or is she was just listening in to Victor’s conversation because of her own curiosity.

Victor meets with Lucy and presents her with a beautiful, extravagant necklace.  Lucy is unaware that the necklace is implanted with a listening device so that Victor can hear everything she says while she is wearing it.  At that moment, Martin returns home and catches Lucy and Victor in a rather awkward moment.  Lucy runs over and hugs Martin and assures him that from his reaction to her being with Victor, that he has read the situation all wrong. She explains that Victor has become a friend and support system for her while he was away. Martin sees the diamonds on her and notes that he is also clearly an incredibly generous friend. He wonders what Victor is doing there. Victor responds, “Should I tell him or should you Lucy?” Lucy explains Victor is interested in investing in Deception. Martin inquires as to what interest Victor has in investing in a fashion conglomerate. Victor gives a flimsy explanation and then Martin asks Victor to see himself out.

Victor leaves, and Lucy swears to Martin that things aren’t what they appear to be. Lucy explains she’s working with Anna to spy on Victor. She swears she did this for him so he could come home, and Anna forced her to do this. He notes Anna never told him any of this, and he spoke to Anna on the previous night and she told Martin to return home immediately. Lucy curses Anna, knowing she brought him back to stop her from working Victor. Lucy swears nothing is going on between her and Victor, and she and Martin passionately kiss. Lucy tells him they’ll get everything they want as soon as she gets Anna out of the way. She then rushes out.

At Anna’s place, Anna informs Robert that deputy mayor is one of Victor’s accomplices. Robert asks to know everything, starting with the source. She admits it is Lucy, and he can’t believe she brought someone like Lucy in on this. Anna swears she’s handling her, and Ashby could be their leverage in finally bringing down Victor. Anna details her plan off-camera and he believes it may work. However, he doesn’t like the fact that Valentin plays a pivotal role in it as Robert doesn’t have any faith in him. Anna understands that but asks Robert to trust her. He does and wants Victor to pay for killing Luke.

Robert admits he misses the old days, and takes a dig at Valentin by saying at least with him she had a partner she could trust. Anna points out he hasn’t been anyone’s partner for a long time. Robert says he’s doing fine, but Anna thinks that’s not an answer. Anna feels he has walled himself up with work and asks if he doesn’t want more. Robert admits he misses having a special someone. He agrees to think about dating again, as soon as they take down Victor. This seems to make Anna feel better, she genuinely wants Robert to be happy.

Victor returns to his suite and boots up his computer and puts in earphones. He listens in on the bug in Lucy’s necklace.

Lucy heads to Anna’s place, barges in, and tells Anna to stay out of her life and not to dare interfere with her plans again.

In Jacksonville, Carly is surprised when Bobbie shows up to check on her. Bobbie thought she could use backup given what she’s been up against. They grab a table at the hotel restaurant, and Carly updates her on everything, including Peyton’s dredging up Reece’s accident. She says fortunately Drew helped her forgive herself and let go of that guilt. Bobbie is proud of her. Carly feels coming here gave her closure, and Drew made all the difference. Bobbie speaks to Carly about whether she and Drew are becoming more than just friends. Bobbie can see that Carly has her self-confidence back. Carly says that Drew is a very special person and that things between them are still in the developmental stages, so to speak.  Bobbie laughs and says that she believes it is late enough in the day now for her to check in to her room, Bobbie leaves and Carly goes to the bar to settle her tab.  When she turns around, Peyton is standing behind her.  Carly inquires as to how the Guild voted.  Peyton, who strangely doesn’t look pleased, tells Carly the Parkway will go through as planned and will not be rerouted. Carly has failed. She will be forced to relocate Virginia’s grave.

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