Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 14, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nate pleads with Elena to stay and work on their relationship but Elena says that the man she loved doesn’t exist anymore. Elena tells Nate that when she returns from her job interview in Baltimore she will arrange a time to pick up her things.

Tucker gives Devon his word that he didn’t return to town to get Chancellor-Winters. Tucker offers to help Devon find out the identity of the CEO who is trying to take over Chancellor-Winters, but Devon wants to handle his business on his own.

Tucker arrives late for his dinner with Ashley and she decides not to have dinner with him because it would not change her feelings about him.

Adam and Sally are having a nice dinner with good conversation until Adam mentions Nick and Sally thinks that Adam is just angry that she has moved on with his brother. Sally thinks Adam wants to reconcile with her just to get her away from Nick. Sally gets upset with Adam and nothing he can say can keep her from walking away from Adam.


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