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Mariah: Excuse me. We are looking for the owner of the hottest new club in town. Do you know where he might be?

Tessa: Yeah, he had this super-swanky opening, but I heard that there were invited guests that didn’t come.

Mariah: Yeah, and I’m sure that those two losers have a very viable reason.

Noah: Okay, let’s hear the sob story.

Mariah: We are so, so sorry we missed the opening night, but we had to get some paperwork in for the adoption attorney.

Tessa: We got you a gift. Will you ever forgive us?

Noah: Depends on what you got me.

Mariah: That is a “reserved” sign, which I would like you to install on whatever the best seats are in the house. They’re for us, of course.

Tessa: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: We — we’re your gift.

Noah: Got it. Thank you.

Mariah: No snarky comment, witty retort? What — what’s wrong?

Noah: I’m not sure.

Mariah: What happened?

Noah: Just, you know, a little blast from the past showed up at the grand opening last night.

Tessa: Who?

Noah: My ex from london. Audra.

Audra: Allie, nice to see you again.

Allie: Hi.

Audra: [ Sighs ] Last night flew right by. Feels like a blur. I take it from the empty seat, noah is too busy getting his club ready for its second evening in business to spend any time with you.

Allie: Well, we’ve both been hard at work all day, but we managed to squeeze in a little time during our breaks. We don’t like to be apart for too long.

Audra: I’m so glad noah’s found someone to be with.

Allie: Not as happy as we are.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Hey, great minds think alike. It was such a beautiful day, I had to —

Billy: You had to what? Camp out here and wait for your moment to ambush my son?

Victoria: Just so you know, dad has enlisted michael to look into tucker mccall’s most recent activity and to find out if he has an agenda with the chancellor-winters ipo.

Nick: Guy’s got a lot of strong personal motives to want to get his hands on the company.

Victoria: Well, he had a majority stake as chancellor in the past. Maybe he’s just looking out for devon’s position there.

Nick: Or he could go bigger.

Victoria: Like he usually does.

Nick: Especially since katherine didn’t leave him the company in her will.

Victoria: I believe that his inheritance consisted of her vinyl-record collection.

Nick: Which should have some strong sentimental value, but he probably feels slighted, you know, like she didn’t love or trust him enough to give him the reins, and now he’s just pissed off enough that he wants to get a part of the family business right now.

Victoria: Well, what if tucker wants more than a large percentage of chancellor-winters? What if he wants it all?

Nick: Well, if that’s the case, we need to ask ourselves a very important question, vick. Do we really want to get into a fight with mccall over something that he sees as his birthright?

Lily: Did you get the e-mail from audra?

Devon: I did. She moves real fast.

Lily: I know, right? As soon as nate suggested speeding things up with taking the company public, she was right on it.

Devon: Yeah, about that.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Devon, I know. I know. You want to take things slow.

Devon: No, I’m having second thoughts altogether ’cause I don’t know if rushing things is the right move.

Lily: Look, we’re all concerned about tucker, okay? That’s why we’re speeding things up, so that he can’t come after us.

Devon: I understand why we’re doing it. It’s just not a fun thought to have to imagine that my father’s trying to steal our company.

Lily: I know, I’m sure. And, you know, I really hope that we’re wrong about him. I do. But if we take these precautions, then we can protect chancellor-winters.

Nate: Thank you for coming here with me to talk. I thought if we had some privacy, it might make it easier for us to figure out how to make this work again. As much as you miss this place… …I miss you even more.

Elena: Do you?

Nate: Of course. We have so many happy memories here. So even when you’re not here, I see myself making coffee for two. Us getting cozy on the couch. And standing right here is where I surprised you with keys.

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: So this is where I will stand… while I remind you that this is our home. This is where we started building our future together, creating memories, putting down roots, building a solid foundation. Elena, I want to create more memories with you. I want to fill this place up with all the chapters of our story. This is just one obstacle. We are stronger than this. We have managed to best every other challenge, and I’m sure we can get past this, too. But only if we do it together. Elena, please, come back home. My most important kitchen tool?

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Victoria: We can take on mccall unlimited any day.

Nick: Vick, I would bet on us, too, of course, but this could turn into a colossal battle that we just don’t need, especially when you consider the possible legal risks of involving nate.

Victoria: We’re walking a fine line, but we haven’t broken any laws.

Nick: Well, not yet we haven’T. Look, we just acquired a bunch of new companies. Let’s focus on them right now and try and maximize their value to newman. Can we just agree to step back and really think about what is the right play here?

Victoria: There’s no time. We have to move now.

Nick: What is the rush?

Victoria: Nate has persuaded lilly and devon to speed up the timeline for taking chancellor-winters public.

Nick: Well, that doesn’t seem like a very good sign to me.

[ Sighs ] Look, I really believe you need to question what your actual motives are here. Don’t just think about what we can gain, but also what we can lose.

Chelsea: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. Since when is sitting on a bench and enjoying some sunshine an ambush?

Billy: Well, what would you call it?

Chelsea: A lovely afternoon till you showed up.

Billy: Right, so you weren’t sitting here, waiting for my son to show up so you could talk to him about being his mother? Because that’s what he said happened.

Chelsea: I bumped into him by chance. I did not accost him.

Billy: That’s not how he took it.

Chelsea: I just wanted to make sure he was alright.

Billy: By pushing him to bond with connor as his brother, chelsea?

Chelsea: No, no, that was not the reason.

Billy: Look, victoria and i have warned you — do not push this. We are his parents. If you do not respect that, we’re going to have some problems.

Chelsea: Johnny and I have a biological connection. That deserves some respect, too.

Elena: I hate this, nate. I hate being away from you. But it’s killing me to see what’s happening to you.

Nate: Elena, I am still the same man you fell in love with, and what I’m doing for chancellor-winters, it’s no different than being in an operating room with a patient’s life on the line. I take the initiative, override the bad advice, and trust my gut to do what had to be done. I’m sure you would do the same.

Elena: Yes, in this hypothetical situation, but —

Nate: Yes, I heard your concerns, and I have taken them to heart. Yes, we used to work together and make decisions about our jobs together. But now that our career paths have diverged, we should trust each other to make the right decisions in our respective professions. So from now on, why don’t we leave our careers outside that door? Outside our relationship? Can we do that?

Elena: I don’t know, nate.

Nate: Can we at least try? Elena, what we have is so good, it’s so much bigger than a job. You still love me, right?

Elena: Of course I do.

Nate: Then put faith in our love.

[ Knock on door ]

Elena: Are you expecting someone?

Nate: No.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: Nate, I’m sorry to pop in like this, but I, uh… hello, elena. I tried calling.

Nate: I’m sorry. I haven’t been checking my phone.

Victoria: If you’re in the middle of something, we can talk later.

Nate: Yeah, that might be best.

Elena: Actually, it’s fine. I need to get going. You can finish your conversation.

Nate: Okay. And we’ll finish this later?

Elena: I’ll call you.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

Victoria: If you need to back out, now would be the time because that window is about to close. I’m on a mission to talk to people about

Billy: You know, I thought we were all on the same page, to make sure that we put johnny first, to give him the time and the space to handle this in the way that he sees fit, but you keep pushing for more than you originally asked, going against our wishes.

Chelsea: It was just an honest conversation.

Billy: A conversation that my son is not ready to have, chelsea. I mean, you freaked him out.

Chelsea: I feel terrible about that. I just wanted to listen to what he had to say. Honestly, I am proud of him for sticking up for himself. I didn’t fight him on anything. I didn’t chase him when he walked away. I would never put him in that position.

Billy: Well, your very presence puts him in that position.

Chelsea: What did you want me to do when I saw him, billy, huh? Turn around and walk away? That would have hurt him even more. I thought I was putting him first by showing him kindness and compassion. You know, frankly, you don’t understand what it feels like knowing that a child that you wanted to protect and that you nurtured for all those months who grew inside you wants nothing to do with you. It’s extremely painful, and i don’t think you understand that. When I look into johnny’s eyes, I feel a connection. Does he really feel nothing in return? This whole thing is ripping me up inside, so if you could just stop chastising me and try to understand where I’m coming from.

Billy: Chelsea, you got to give my son some space. I mean, you have gone years without this need for connection.

Chelsea: He has always been in my heart. Always.

Billy: Okay, well, do you know what I think is going on? And I may be wrong, but… maybe you’re feeling a little bit lost in your world right now, and you see johnny as an opportunity to try and balance things out.

Chelsea: How dare you accuse me of trying to use that little boy.

Billy: That’s not what i meant.

Chelsea: I love him. I’ve always loved him. And I thought you understood that. But you’re just like adam. You know, he accused me of trying to use connor to fix my broken parts. Is that what you think I’m doing with johnny? Is that how you see me? I’m not a bad person.

Billy: I don’t think you are. But we have to get over this hump. And I’ve tried to be respectful, and I want nothing but the best for you. But at the end of the day, and above all else, I will protect my children.

Nate: I didn’t say anything about backing out of this.

Victoria: Not explicitly, no. But you did mention that our arrangement has already been causing conflict in your relationship with elena. And if that’s true, maybe you should ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Nate: There’s no need to change anything. I have everything under control.

Victoria: Do you?

Nate: Yes. Elena and I were just in the process of straighten things out right when you arrived.

Victoria: Well, good. That’s encouraging. I’m happy to hear that. And I’m sorry for my bad timing.

Nate: No problem. My professional and personal lives are still on track.

Victoria: Good. Because this job, what we’re about to do is going to require your full focus.

Nate: Top priority. But now I’m wondering why you would suggest that I back out. Are you the one having second thoughts?

Mariah: Your ex came all the way here from london?

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Tessa: Why is she even in town?

Mariah: I thought she was some sort of rising star in the art world.

Noah: Audra dabbled in some amateur art, but she always had a business degree. I guess after I left town, she dove all the way into finance and didn’t look back.

Mariah: Is that a reason why she’s here?

Noah: Yeah, she said her company sent her here to work with chancellor-winters on some big deal.

Mariah: And you believe her?

Noah: I mean, she seemed cool enough. There was no hard feelings. But I don’t know. I got a bad vibe. Maybe it’s our history.

Mariah: I don’t like her.

Tessa: You don’t know her.

Mariah: I don’t have to. She broke my brother’s heart. That’s all I need to know. You know, this audra person, she should probably just finish up whatever business she has with the lily and devon and go back to where she’s wanted.

Tessa: Yeah, she means that.

Noah: Oh, trust me, I know.

Billy: Vick, it’s me. Listen, give me a call when you get a second. It’s not an emergency, but give me a call when you can.

Esther: Good morning, mr. Abbott.

Billy: Esther, what are you doing here?

Esther: Same thing you are.

Billy: Well, yeah, some people question it, but I actually work here.

Esther: So do I.

Billy: Really? This is you? You’re working here in this situation?

Esther: Yeah, I am the new receptionist.

Billy: Well, hell, yeah. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a very long time. Welcome to the cool-kid club.

Esther: Oh, I am so excited about my new job. You here to see the boss?

Billy: I am, yes. After you.

[ Knock on door ]

Lily: Come in.

Esther: The files you requested.

Lily: Oh, thank you, esther.

Esther: I hope you don’t mind. I got in a little early, and there wasn’t much to do, so I decided to do a little light dusting.

[ Both chuckle ]

Lily: You didn’t have to do that.

Esther: Eh, force of habit.

Lily: Okay.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, thank you.

Esther: Welcome.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Why didn’t you tell me about the new hire?

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Audra: Oh. You don’t have to rush off just yet, do you? I hate drinking alone. Let me join you. I insist.

Allie: Well, if you insist. How can I refuse?

Audra: So tell me everything. How did you and noah meet?

Allie: Well, we — we met through mutual acquaintances, and then we hit it off. And we’ve been together ever since.

Audra: Cute. I’m really glad for you, but I should warn you. He goes through these moody-artist phases.

Allie: Well, every artist has his blue period. I mean, look at picasso, right?

Audra: I used to call noah’s his purple funks. Just thought I’d give you some warning.

Allie: Okay, well, the fact is, you know that person that you’re referring to? I actually don’t recognize, because the noah that I know, he’s upbeat and hilarious, grounded and, oh, so productive. He’s an amazing son and brother and boyfriend. Noah’s phenomenal.

Audra: Incredible.

Allie: Yeah, and he’s — he’s thriving here, you know, and I think that’s really because of the environment. He’s surrounded by so much wealth and authenticity.

Audra: Oh, I get it. He’s not doing the art thing anymore.

Allie: Oh, no, he is. The club itself is a work of art. And, audra, if you can’t see that, then, well, you never really appreciated him. But I should thank you, you know, for whatever you did to make him leave london. No, no, hear me out, because now he is back where he belongs.

Audra: I think you’re getting the wrong idea.

Allie: [ Chuckles ] No, I am not. Okay? I see right through you, and I will only say this once. Nothing you say or imply will ever make me question noah’s affections for me.

Audra: That was never my intention. Look, I am thrilled noah’s found the right partner. I mean, we were just too volatile and unpredictable and, mm, god, the electricity… too dynamic to last. I mean, I suppose it was inevitable the fire would burn us both out. But that doesn’t sound like it’s a problem for the two of you. Hm. You’re so lucky.

Billy: You know that i shared my low level of job satisfaction with you because i don’t want to lie to you. I tried very hard to make this fit.

Lily: Well, have you figured out what you want to do yet?

Billy: No, not exactly.

Lily: I just really miss our old, solid working dynamic. I wish we could go back to that.

Billy: Look, I am not going to leave you high and dry, okay? I will wait till the dust settles after the ipo, and then I will slowly walk away so there is no appearance of instability.

Lily: Okay. Thank you. I appreciate that.

Billy: I would try and find my replacement, but I know you’re going to want to do that.

Lily: I do want to do that.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: I hope this isn’t too infuriating for you because I don’t want to damage what we have. You are the most important part of all of this.

Victoria: Earlier today, nicholas asked me to consider my motives for pursuing chancellor-winters.

Nate: What did you say?

Victoria: I told him that I — I didn’t know. I had to ponder it. But then it became abundantly clear. Katherine never left her company to her son tucker. She never bequeathed it to jill or devon. She left it to my father. And even though jill convinced him to sell it to her, katherine made her true intentions clear. She wanted victor newman to be her successor. So I feel justified in my motives, and my moves are going to set things right. They’re going to bring that company back into the newman fold the way that my godmother, my mother’s best friend intended. If you’re on medicare, remember,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victoria: Elena.

Elena: You and nate are finished already?

Victoria: Yes, we had a very productive conversation. And you and I can be honest with each other, can’t we?

Elena: I hope so.

Victoria: May I?

Elena: Of course.

Victoria: I, um… I know that nate filled you in on our plan about chancellor-winters, and I understand that you have some concerns, but nate is a smart, good man, and I’m genuinely sorry if this has caused any problems in your relationship.

Elena: Victoria, since we’re being honest, are you really sorry?

Victoria: Of course I am.

Elena: From where I’m sitting, it seems like you stand to gain the most from this plan.

Victoria: Well, it might seem like that from an outside perspective, but that’s hardly the case.

Elena: Then why don’t you care about what’s going to happen to nate? And why are you ignoring this collision course he’s set himself on with his family?

Victoria: Nate knows exactly what he’s doing. Don’t fault him for learning how to play the game.

Elena: You calling this a game is all I needed to hear.

Lily: I’m really going to miss working with you, you know, knowing that I can just turn around whenever I want and get your advice and perspective on things. But I really do hope that you find peace, whatever that may be. And, no, this is not going to damage us because I love you so much, even all the infuriating parts of you.

Billy: Well, I’ll still be at your beck and call at home. You’ll be able to ask me to do anything.

Lily: Okay, I’m going to take you up on that.

Billy: You know, this could actually be exciting for us. Won’t be so joined at the hip. Although, you have fine hips.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Okay, butter me up.

Billy: Oh, I’m not joking. You better watch yourself. You’re going to walk through that front door after a long day, and I’m going to be missing you.

Lily: Oh. Promises, promises.

Billy: Well, this is one i intend to keep.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, listen, just keep things quiet about leaving. Okay? For now.

Billy: You have my word.

Lily: Okay.

[ Knock on door ] Hi.

Esther: Audra’s here for the meeting.

Lily: Oh, great. Audra, come on in.

Audra: Hey.

Lily: Hi. We’re just waiting on nate. But, first, I want to thank you for all the hard work on fast-tracking the ipo.

Audra: Oh, I’m just doing my job, but happy I could help.

Nate: Sorry I’m late.

Devon: Is everything okay?

Nate: Of course. Why wouldn’t it be?

Lily: Did you read audra’s e-mail?

Nate: Yes, I did.

Audra: Wonderful. So if no one has any issues or concerns, we can go forward with filing the paperwork. If everything goes well, we should be ready to launch ahead of schedule.

Lily: Amazing. Great work. And, nate, really good idea and speeding things up.

Billy: Devon, you’re doing a great job of hiding your excitement.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, devon’s the resident voice of reason, right? He doesn’t get excited until there’s absolute proof that we’re on the right track.

Devon: Well, being cautious never hurts.

Lily: Well, I think that you will realize that this is the best decision.

Devon: I just can’t help but wonder what katherine and neil would think about doing this.

Billy: I agree. I’ve been thinking a lot about them this week, and, I don’t know, I think they would both say, “go big.”

Devon: Yeah, as long as we take all the precautions necessary to make sure that neither tucker or anyone else can make a move on the company.

Nate: I think we neutralized that threat with the newly accelerated timeline.

Lily: Nate’s right. And I think that we’ve also structured it in a way where we maintain control of the shares, so nothing for you to worry about.

Audra: So are we ready?

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Nate: Elena, it’s good to see you, but, um, we’re in the middle of a meeting right now.

Lily: Elena, you’re just in time. You’re going to be the first person to know that we are seconds away from finalizing our ipo paperwork.

Devon: Elena, is everything alright?

Billy: You can go ahead if you got something to say.

Nate: Why don’t you go wait in my office, and we can talk about whatever it is later?

Elena: This can’t wait.

Mariah: Hey, mr. Club owner, you don’t just get to say that your ex-girlfriend is trouble and then walk away.

Noah: I am trying to get this place ready for tonight’s crowd.

Tessa: You can do that after you explain yourself.

Mariah: Yeah, we need to know what kind of drama or trouble we’re looking for here.

Noah: Audra can be very strong-willed. She does this thing where she spirals emotionally.

Mariah: That sounds unpleasant.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, it is. You never really know what’s going to set her off on one of her moods, and once she gets into it, kind of turns into a spoiled little kid. Doesn’t really understand the word “no.” She’ll do anything to get what she wants.

Tessa: Wow. I have a hard time seeing you in a relationship with someone like that.

Noah: It was a dark time. I don’t need that kind of drama in my life anymore.

Mariah: Then that settles it. She’s got to go. And I don’t really care how, but let’s just get her on the next flight back to london.

Allie: Let me guess. You guys started talking about a certain someone.

Noah: I regret even bringing her up. I’d be happy never to hear her name again.

Allie: Well, then, I guess I shouldn’t tell you that I ran into her earlier.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

Devon: Hey, elena, you know you can speak freely. We’re all on the same team here. So if something’s bugging you, it affects all of us.

Lily: Yeah, whatever it is, we’ll work it out together.

Elena: I just need to speak to nate. Alone.

Nate: Um, if you’ll excuse me for a moment.

Lily: Yeah. Take your time.

Nate: We should have some privacy here. Thank you for this. For a second, I thought you going to tell everyone what victoria and I were working on.

Elena: I considered it. It would have been very easy for me to tell everyone in that room that while you were sitting there smiling in their face, you were plotting to stab them in the back.

Nate: So why didn’t you do it?

Elena: I just… I just couldn’t do that to you. There’s already been so much deception going around. I didn’t want to add to it.

Nate: Then why did you come here?

Elena: I’m leaving genoa city.

Nate: Okay, yeah, maybe a vacation is exactly what you need, okay? Get some —

Elena: I’m not talking about a vacation. I mean forever.

Nate: I don’t — I don’t understand. What?

Elena: I spoke to my friend in baltimore, the one who wanted me to work at her hospital last year. Turns out there is a position available, and they’re still interested in me joining their team.

Nate: Is this a done deal?

Elena: No. But I’m going to interview for it, and chances are I will get an offer.

Nate: Wow. Um… I can’t — I can’t b– elena, a couple of hours ago, we were in our home talking about the future we were going to build together. I meant every word I said to you. Before victoria came in and interrupted us, I truly believed we were making progress, finding a way back to each other.

Elena: I wish that were true, but what you’ve proposed would have never worked, and I think we both know that. I can’t pretend that I don’t care about what you’re doing in your career. That’s just not the way my head and my heart work. And I can’t ignore what you’re doing to your family.

Nate: Okay, look, look, let’s — let’s slow down, alright? Give me one night. Let’s sleep on this, and we can wake up in the morning and talk about this with a fresh perspective.

Elena: I’m leaving tonight. This is me saying goodbye. (Grump) there is no perfect, only practice.

Allie: So, I ran into audra at crimson lights. She acted super friendly, but you could definitely tell there was more going on under the surface.

Mariah: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I know the type. Sickeningly sweet, with a side of passive aggressiveness?

Allie: Yep, that’s it. She insisted that I join her. Oh, and she couldn’t wait to walk me down memory lane, regaling me with stories about london.

Noah: Allie, I’m sorry.

Mariah: See? I knew that I should have sorted her out, so somebody please just point me in her direction.

Allie: Mariah, you are the best, but I’ve got this. I know you might think I’m soft-spoken, but the truth is, people have underestimated me my entire life. Audra doesn’t worry me.

Noah: Have I ever told you how badass you are?

Allie: Not lately.

Noah: You’re incredible.

Victoria: Oh, nicholas, hey, I know you’re busy, but do you have a minute?

Nick: Yeah. What’s going on?

Victoria: I’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the concerns that you raised earlier.

Nick: About taking a step back and really thinking about how what you’re planning with nate could affect our families and businesses?

Victoria: Yes, and I’ve made a decision that is right for us. Newman will be moving full speed ahead with its plans for chancellor-winters.

Nate: I don’t want to give up on us. Elena, what we have is too solid and real. Maybe if we give each other some space and some time —

Elena: Nate, listen to me. It’s over. It would be cruel of us to continue to keep trying to make this work. There’s no future for us. So it is better that we end things now. That way I can move on, and you can get back to work.

Nate: No. No, no. You are too important to me. No.

Elena: I’m not changing my mind. Nate, I still… I still love the man that is deep down inside. But the person you’re turning into? The one who’s obsessed with power? I don’t want him in my life anymore. You got to do what you got to do, right? Well, so do I.

[ Sniffles ]

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Lily: Hey, you okay?

Nate: Um… devon, lily, uh… there’s something I need to say to you two. In private.

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