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 no, really, you have been great a wonderful wednesday. Kolas:You’re pregnant? Surprise! Can you believe it? You’re gonna be a daddy again. No, no, this isn’t happening. You bought one of those — those fake baby bumps or something. Sorry to disappoint. Here. Feel it. This isn’t some trick, nikolas. It’s my get-out-of-jail-free card. What’s going on? We had to move mr. Cassadine to another room temporarily. Where?

[ Telephone rings ] If this is about another change of suite, I promise I will — yes? What is it? It’s eileen. We’ve got a problem. Well, this is not a good time, really. I-I have company. Oh, no, no, no. Go — shh. Go ahead, take it. I-I know how important you are. Of course you need to take it. I just — I’ll go freshen up. I must be a mess. Oh, that is not possible. That’s very sweet. Go ahead, don’t be rude. All right. Be quick about it. What’s the problem? An issue? With victor’s plan? Come on, victor. Tell us more. Life’s been so crazy. I’m so happy we could get some alone time.

[ Bell dings ] Yeah. It’s just you, me, and the blts. Well, the blt making. You better get on that. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, listen, I’m s orry I couldn’t make brando’s reception. Oh. It’s okay. I didn’t make it, either. Really? What were you doing instead? I hear you lied to protect sonny. Yeah, I told detective falconeri that sonny didn’t abduct me or injure me. Well done. We have sonny right where we want him. Dante’s convinced that you lied to protect sonny. That was the plan, right? What was the big entrance all about? In case your neighbors are watching or listening, I wanted to make it look like I’m here to have it out with you. In reality, though, I’m here to commend you. Thanks to your performance, sonny thinks you’re still loyal to him, even though he wrongly accused you. I tried my best to sell it. That must’ve been tough. It was. Can I get youanything, boss? No, I’m gonna be in my office. I don’t want to be disturbed. Understood. Sonny. We need to talk. Not now. I can’T. I-I got a — yes. Yes. Now. It — before trina ends up dead.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Looks like this is the place. Yep. My last chance to change minds. And save the cemetery where my mother’s buried. You ready? The better question — are they ready for me?

breath] I just need to makesomething clear here. If — if you’re having second thoughts, not only do I get it, but I — I encourage you to walk away. All right, a-and sonny will never find out from me that you were working against him. I’m all in. Are you sure? I’ve been working as a mercenary. I’m used to risk. It feels good to be doing the right thing for once. Okay. To be honest, I’m — I’m more worried about your role in all this. What do you mean? I mean, I know it’s important for you to bring down sonny, but, I mean, is it really worth risking your relationship with your siblings? Alrighty, I’m back. You have my full attention. Oh, cam, it’s — it’s really no big deal. I went to check on someone. It was a total waste of time. Gotcha. Man, I-I really wish I didn’t have to work. I-I miss you. Even though we text 3,000 times a day? It’s not the same as being with you, though. No, I know, I know. And I miss you so much, too. And the fact that our classes didn’t line up is not helping. Is that the reason why I can’t remember the last time we were alone together? What would be the other reason? Forget it. I-I-it’s stupid. No, talk to me. Okay, well, um… we haven’t had sex since our first time at the cabin. Is that a problem? Kind of. Should we make our introductions? Let’s do it. Yeah. Caroline. There’s only one person in the world that I allowed to call me that, and you are not him. Oh, I should have known that you wouldn’t have the good sense to stay away. It’s too late. Why? Because of that hatchet job of a story you let that paper run? I simply told the truth. Mm. In the most misleading way possible. I mean, how low do you have to be to bring up a car crash from high school? One that was clearly not even carly’s fault. Who’s your guard dog? He’s my friend. Well, friend, I just wanted the guild to know exactly who they’re dealing with. Oh, they have no idea. All right, take your seats, everyone. I’d like to call this meeting to order. Here we go. Has trina been threatened? Not outright. But there’s been another attack. On the docks this time. Oz haggerty is dead. Oh, is that — yeah, sounds familiar. Well, he’s the bartender whose testimony set trina free. So, uh, you, diane, and this haggerty guy helped trying out some sort of way. A little suspicious, yeah? Where does brando fit in? I don’t know. He’s the only victim that doesn’t have a connection to trina. Oh, god. Brando’s funeral was today, wasn’t it? I am so ready to stop saying goodbye to people. I got to tell you. Well, I’m — I’m so sorry. I know you and brando were quite close. Oh, he was, you know — he was like a son to me. And I can — I can use that, especially with what’s going on with michael. Has something else happened? I went to reach out to michael to make, you know — attempt to make peace and, uh… …he stabbed me in the back. Victor: [ Muffled ] It seems i have to clarify my expectations. I am paying you for information and facilitation, not for companionship. So unless you have something of value to tell me, I don’t want to hear it. So why are you calling? I walked into da scorpio’s office and saw him conferring with anna devane. God, I wish we could hear the whole conversation. Like, who is he talking to? I can’t tell.

Does he suspect you? Ashby: …Da’s office like

his own private kingdom. He doesn’t respect outside authority or oversight. And this isn’t the first time we’ve clashed, so… does he suspect me?

I don’t think so. But it’s clear that

anna and robert are still investigating luke spencer’s death. Well, what do they know?

I’m not sure.

I can do my best

to keep scorpio from using city resources for a personal agenda, but that’s as far as my reach goes as deputy mayor.

Look, my father has to be…neutralized. Now, whether that’s actual prison time or being forced to permanently leave the country, I don’t know. But something has to give. And I already told you, I’m willing to be the bad guy in all that. Yeah, but are you prepared to lose your sisters? ‘Cause they’re gonna be hurt and angry — the younger two because of what you did to their father. A-and josslyn — and josslyn because I lied to her. And she’s gonna argue that I should have let her in on all this, but I can’T. Because, like you said, this is gonna devastate avery and donna when it all goes down and they’re gonna need their sister more than ever. If they’re mad at her for keeping the secret, they’ll never accept her support. I hate this. I hate all this. I mean, I hate lying to josslyn. I hate [Sighs] Hurting my — my little sisters. I even hate what it’s gonna do to dante and kristina, and they’re full-grown adults. And hopefully, I don’t know, maybe we can move past it. But even if we can’T… look, sonny was willing to torture you to get you to confess to something that you didn’t do. He has to be stopped. And if it cost me my siblings, then, uh…so be it. I agree with and respect everything you just said. It won’t be easy to keep joss clear of this. For whatever reason, she feels the need to protect me from your father. Then you need to show her you don’t deserve her protection. Josslyn: You’re upset that we haven’t had sex? No. No, no. I mean, o-of course I want to, but I-if you’re not ready yet, I-I totally understand, and I-I’m fine waiting. I just — I-I need to know if I — did I do something wrong? No! No, cam. No, you didn’t, all right? Our first time, it was everything that I hoped it would be. It was better, even. But esme ruined it. And I’m — I’m just having trouble getting past that. I-I get it. All right, being exposed like that doesn’t exactly put you in the mood. There’s — there’s no rush, okay? Okay. Thank you for understanding. And I just want you to know — I still feel as close to you as ever. I mean, come on, we’ve been friends since we were kids. Joss, you know you’re my favorite person, right? You’re my favorite person, too. Maybe you are pregnant. Oh, there’s no maybe about it. It’s not mine. Who else’s?

[ Scoffs ] Spencer’s? Fat chance. He was only pretending to love me so he could help saint trina. We hadn’t slept together in months. Someone else’s, then. You’re the only man I’ve been with. You remember — when you seduced me in the sitting room? I seduced to you? Oh, I hardly force myself onto you. You were ready, willing, and oh-so-able. I want a paternity test. Gee, I don’t have one on me at the moment. Esme. But I am willing to take one as long as it doesn’t put our baby at risk. Take it easy, will you? Our baby deserves better than a drunk for a father. Stop saying “our baby.” And considering that it has a murderer for a mother, this kid is already doomed. I didn’t attack anyone! With a hook or otherwise! I mean, really, what a thing to say about the mother of your child. The police are going to charge you for trying to kill that bartender. Not to mention the sex tape that you framed trina for that you recorded and released. You are screwed, esme, and even if you’re pregnant, it is not gonna get you out of any prison time. That’s where you’re wrong. I am not setting one foot behind bars. And you’re gonna make sure of it.

[ Knock on door ]Oh, hold on. Why did you change rooms? I thought robert was supposed to deal with johann. Something must have gone wrong. Something about the water. And ms. Coe? Where is she? In the bedroom. Ah. Johann, you’re back. Did the flowers make it to sasha? So, dante showed up, and I find out that michael tried to have me arrested. For what? Kidnapping and threatening to kill dex. Well, but you did that, though, right? Yeah, but I — but I l-let him go as soon as I found out that diane said the attacker was a woman. So it was over, but your own son still went to the cops. I can’t help notice, though, that you’re not under arrest right now. Dex denied it, said that michael was lying. Mm, see? I told you.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Dex is a keeper. Yeah, yeah, I’m grateful for him to have my back, in spite of what I did, but, you know, I just can’t — I just can’t help think that… I don’t want everybody to think michael’s a liar. Michael made his bed. Yeah, it’s a little more complicated than that. No, it isn’T. I lost my son, and I’m, you know — I’m just trying to figure out a way to make it right. Sonny, there is nothing you can do. So stop trying.

Hey, fancy seeing you here. Well, my boyfriend works here. What’s your excuse? Pregnant girlfriend. Yeah, she’s craving some sweet potato pie. I have some in the back. I’ll go grab that. Thank you, cameron. Thanks. So, I went to see dex. I to– can you just please stay away from that guy? Michael, she’s walking around like what happened is not a big deal. The man is covered in bruises, especially on his wrists. He can barely move his hands. Just let — let it go. Let it go. I’m begging you, please. Sonny can’t just terrorize and kidnap people whenever he feels like it. I agree. But you can’t change how dex deals with it. Was dex questioned? Yeah, by dante. And? He said nothing happened. What? Did dante ask him if it was sonny? Yeah, and he still said — he denied everything. He can’t do that.

[ Cellphone rings ] He already did. It’s willow. Take it. Hey, don’t worry. The pie is being secured as we speak. Hey, um, I’m so, so sorry. I-I’ve gotta run, okay? But I’ll call you. Okay. Bye. You are out of your mind if you think I would lift a finger to help you. Prison is no place for a baby… of a woman in my condition. Deranged. Anything could happen to us. Oh, speaking of… how is spencer enjoying pentonville? Do not say my son’s name. He must have a real target on his back being a spoiled rich kid. Spencer’s being looked out for. Of course he is. Which is how I know we can count on you. And what do you even think I could do for you? Use some of that cassadine money. Right. Because commissioner ashford and da scorpio, they’re easily bribed. Yeah, money to hire the best defense attorney out there. A real shark. One that will make the pcpd think twice about even attempting to prosecute me. I can’t help you. Then I guess I’ll just have to talk to ava. When carly and I got divorced, you know, we — michael, he kind of — he thought I was choosing nina over carly, over his own family. I don’t understand why. But he — sonny, people get divorced all the time. Michael’s a grown man. He needs to get over it. And my guess is he will.

[ Chuckles ] Are you talk about forgiveness? You? Come on! I’m just saying. People hurt the ones they love. They just do. It’s inevitable. But if love is real and the person is truly sorry, then, yeah, I think they deserve a second chance. Or, at the very least, they deserve to be left in peace. Michael is affording you neither of those options. H-he’s choosing to wallow in his hurt, obsess over it, instead of getting on with his own life. As long as he’s stuck on revenge… …nothing’s gonna change his mind. Benoit: And that concludes new business. Now on to the beach parkway project. That’s your cue. Yeah. I’m carly. And my mother was born and raised here in jacksonville, and she’s buried at sandy shores cemetery. And I’m here hoping that the guild will reconsider its decision and let my mother and hundreds of others rest in peace where they are. This is a waste of the guild’s time. We’ve already approved the parkway construction. Without consulting so many families who would be affected by this. Now, I contacted a few, and you know what they told me? They said they had no idea about your grand plan until someone showed up on their doorstep offering them money to relocate their loved ones. These people are a part of your community. Oh, please. As if you cared about this community, you ran away from jacksonville the second you could. Haven’t been back in years. Do not waste your time listening to this woman. I-I’m sure you all read the story about her in the news. This is the type of woman who flies in to disrupt decent people’s lives and then hops the next flight out. Decent people? I surely hope you’re not referring to yourself. Listen, we’ll speak later.

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you so much for taking those flowers. I really do appreciate it. Thanks. Oh, lucy needs to get out of there. Now. Oh, and there he is.

[ Chuckles ] My very own emotional support buddy. Thank you. I could not have made it through this day without you. Oh, I’m just happy I could be of service.

[ Clears throat ] Did you sweep the room for bugs? Oh, well. Isn’t that your job?

[ Chuckles ] Uh, well, I will leave you to it. Uh, wait. You’re not leaving until I’m done.

Where’s josslyn? Uh, she said that she had to leave. Did she say where? She left pretty abruptly.

[ Sighs ] I told her to let it go. Let what go? She just — she’s mad that dex heller isn’t pressing charges against sonny. He — he denied everything when dante questioned him about being abducted. Okay, hold on. What are you talking about? And w-what does that have to do with josslyn?

[ Knock on door ] I’m coming. I’m coming.

[ Knocking continues ] You’re back. Stop smiling. I stood up to that carver guy, and I saved your life. And you’re throwing it all away to cover for sonny. Till the attacker gets caught, um, I’ll have my people look after trina. Oh, sonny, thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Oh, and I’m — I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around. You know, I’m — I’m staying with nina for now. Well, I’m sure her place is big enough to avoid getting in each other’s way. I won’t be there for much longer anyway, so… oh, you moving out? Yeah. Soon. Where ya headed? Don’T. You — you’re going back to wyndemere? Where is ava anyways? Oh. Don’t tell me love didn’t conquer all. Leave ava out of this. You know, it still amazes me, actually, that she shoved me off a parapet and didn’t even check to see if I survived. It’s a miracle we’re still here. There’s no reason to tell ava, esme. I disagree. What’s the point of telling ava? She already knows that we slept together. And she took it so well. What do you think this little update is gonna do to her? Hm? Because it’s one thing to know you cheated on her conceptually, it’s quite another to see physical proof. Ava’s a grown woman. She knows things like this happen. Aw. You’re still holding out hope for the two of you. That is so sweet. Delusional, but sweet. And when ava finds out I’m having your baby, she will never forgive you. You’re right. You do smell divine.

[ Chuckles ] One might almost say, uh, edible. Well, it’s, um, my lipstick. It, uh, smells and tastes like strawberries. Strawberries? You don’t say?

[ Chuckles ] We’re clean. Oh, well, excellent. So, um…

[ Both chuckle ] Ta. W-when will I see you again? Call me.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Oh, lucy. Are you all right? Yeah. No, I’m — I’m good. I do not think victor suspects anything. But I don’t — I don’t get it. Why didn’t johann find the bug? We deactivated it when he said he was doing a sweep. Oh. Yeah, without — without a signal, it can’t be detected. Wow. Well, that’s good news. But the bad news is, the bug is dead, along with our chances of finding out who victor’s been working with. Never fear. I already know. What? How? I listened in on victor’s phone call in the bedroom. Why would you take such a risk? Because it — it actually worked. Yes, it was a risk, but it worked. Listen to me. Guess who victor was talking to. No, I don’t know. Deputy mayor ashby. Well, thank you for your input. The floor is open if anyone has anything else to add. Well, you’ve given us a lot to think about. Public portion of this meeting is now over. Um, wait a minute. Uh, isn’t there gonna be a vote? Okay, so joss thought that sonny had done something to dex, and then she went to go confront him and pozzulo’s alone? Uh, well, at first. But then she found me. I mean, w-well, thank god. I mean, I know sonny wouldn’t hurt joss, but his employees might have not gotten the memo. And — and all this for a guy like dex? Do you know him? Dex? Not really. What I’ve heard has been less than flattering. Right. You know, I think it’s — it’s best for everyone involved if we just keep josslyn as far away from dex as possible. Is it landing how lucky you are? How lucky you are that I realized what was going on and had michael to go to. And that michael could stop this man from cutting you up into a million pieces. And I’m grateful. I never said that I wasn’T. Dex, what about all of the guys who weren’t so lucky? How about all of the guys who didn’t have somebody realize that they were in danger and saved them? How about all of those guys that are buried somewhere in the marsh, all under sonny’s orders? And this is a man that you’re supporting? I get why you feel that way. I do. No, no, I don’t think you do. When I was discharged from the army, I started working for a security firm. That’s a fancy way of saying I was a mercenary. A soldier for hire. I would go to whatever combat zone they sent me to, no questions asked, and I did what needed to be done. And this is like that? No. That’s my point. Feels a hell of a lot better not risking my life for some corporation. Oh, I see. So you’d rather risk your life for sonny? Please don’t tell me you’re that naive, dex. Think about it, okay? I proved myself both by surviving and by not giving him up. This is an opportunity for me. Opportunity for what? Advancement. Power. I know that might sound awful to you, josslyn, but we have not lived the same lives. You have been given way more choices than I have. That is the biggest cop-out I’ve ever heard. You’re gonna take nikolas back after you thought he was the one who stabbed you? I never really believed that. You banned him from your hospital room. If you weren’t scared, then why did you do that? You had sex with esme? Yes. I’m not gonna say that nikolas and i don’t have our issues, ’cause we do. But we’re beginning to move past them. Okay, so you — you — you want me to give up on michael? Temporarily. But you won’t give up on nikolas? Well, the situations are very different. How? Well, michael seems hell-bent on revenge, and nikolas actually wants to work things out. Really? Really. When things are good with nikolas, they’re very, very good. Mm-hmm. And you know, who knows? You know, maybe we’ve weathered the worst of it, right? And now it’s just smooth sailing ahead. Good luck with that. Well…thank you.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, hey, sonny, if I can leave you with one last bit of advice. I know that I’m biased. This kid saved my life. Oh. Okay, so we’re — now we’re back to dex? Yeah. Hmm? I just want to say that… that having trina to mentor and talk to and teach about my business — that has been so wonderful for me in ways I didn’t even realize at first. And I think it’ll be good for you to have dex around. And what’s good for you keeps you in power… and safe. It’s good for our daughter. So I’m all for it. Who else knows you’re in port charles? Uh, plenty of people saw me. Wyndemere wasn’t my first stop. You’re lying. You wouldn’t risk showing your face. You’ve been skulking around in this getup, remaining hidden — smart. Until now. Are you threatening to kill me? I’m offering to help you like you asked. If you want to stay out of jail, you have to stay out of sight. The lawyer you hire will see to that. Getting the best will take time. How much time? Days, maybe even a week. Now, would you like to stay in a cell? Or somewhere more comfortable? I suppose you have a point. I’ll hide out here. Is my old room made up? No one can know that you’re at wyndemere. Not even the staff. They wouldn’t dare turn me in. Are you sure about that? You didn’t exactly endear yourself to them when you were living here. So what are my options? Hide out in the stables? The baby and i will need a proper bed. And you’ll have one. I know just the place.

The vote will be conducted in private. But rest assured, we’ll take everything we heard under advisement. What about the results? Will be announced on the guild’s website. Um, okay. Well, thanks again for your time. Hey. You — you were amazing. That — that was really, truly amazing. I’m so proud of you. Thank you. But I’m not sure it was enough. Well, if you’re done explaining yourself to me, can I please tell you what I see? Go for it. I see a guy who is tough and smart and strong and could do whatever he wanted with his life. But he’s choosing this. Sonny will turn on you again. Do you know how I know? Because my mother stood beside him more than anybody else over the years, and he left her. So it’s inevitable that sonny will turn against you. And when you’re hanging from a meat hook again, please do not ask me to come and save you.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Mr. Corinthos. Come to my office. We need to talk about your future. You can see — has everything you need, including an en suite bathroom. Oh.

[ Coughing ] It’s a little dusty. Yeah. I’ll make sure to bring up a vacuum. This wing is used for storage, so the staff won’t find you. And a little dust is preferable to a jail cell, yes? Make sure you work fast. I don’t want to be stuck up here for long. I’ll take care of everything. And I’ll need a computer. There’s no wi-fi in this wing. No internet? What am I supposed to do? Read? I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking. Have fun. Nikolas?

[ Lock clicks ] Did you lock me in here?! Let me out! What the hell is going on?! I refuse to let you hurt anyone else. I didn’t attack those people. Yeah, maybe not, but you’re still dangerous. Enjoy the books. Nikolas! Come back, nikolas! Admit it — I make a pretty damn fine spy. All right, lucy, this is it for you now with this. What? I have victor exactly where we want him. You can’t just kick me off the team now. Well, that is exactly what I am doing because it is becoming too dangerous. No, no, because I have so many interesting questions. Like the most obvious one is why, pray tell, why is the deputy mayor working with your father? Lucy, we’ll take it from here. No, you can’t just dismiss me like this. Lucy, you’ve served an extremely useful purpose. But for your own safety, it’s time for us to part ways. Wow. Fine. So if you’re ever in a jam — yes, we know where you live. Thank you, lucy. You’re not welcome. You know she’s not leaving victor alone, right? I know. I know. I have an idea might stop her. Deputy mayor? You know, right after luke died, laura told ashby that we suspected victor. Could she have been working with him all this time? I think it’s likely. But the question is, did my father just want her to keep an eye on laura, or is there something more to their partnership? I hope the deputy mayor can help us find out. Hmm. Strawberry? Strawberries. Oh, lucy.

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