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Tucker: [ Exhales sharply ] Wow. [ Chuckles ] You really look amazing. You haven’t changed a bit.

[ Sighs ] I — [ Clears throat ] I know this is gonna sound hollow.

[ Sighs ] I’ve missed you so much. I have dreamt of this day for a long time.

Ashley: Please spare me the compliments and the pretty speeches. Why are you really here, tucker? What are you up to?

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] Right now I’m just — just drinking you in. There’s no, uh — no secret machinations at play.

Ashley: I find that very hard to believe.

Tucker: Mm. Uh, I don’t know if you heard about this, but when I was in monte carlo, uh, I was in a near-fatal car crash. Thought I was a dead man. And, uh, there’s nothing like looking death in the face to give you a new perspective on life. So, as I lay there recovering, I reevaluated everything, you know, what I’ve accomplished, but mostly what I’ve lost. And how I wronged you is at the top of my list of regrets. So, what am I up to? I’m here to make it right with you.

Jack: I was talking about my sister and tucker. Please don’t make this about us.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Phyllis: Excuse me. I have to take this. Hi.

Nikki: I just had a very interesting meeting with diane and tucker. I have new information on wild beauty. Can you meet me at chancellor park?

Phyllis: I’ll be right there. Um, I’m sorry I have to cut this short. I have to go to a meeting.

[ Elevator doors open ]

Summer: Kyle.

Kyle: Hey, babe.

Summer: Hi.

Kyle: Highlight of my day by far.

Summer: Didn’t think it was possible, but you have gotten even more romantic since our vow renewal.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: Where you headed?

Kyle: On my way to meet my mom for lunch. You want to join?

Summer: No, I can’T. I have too much to catch up on. Plus, I just saw that somebody added a meeting to my calendar for later this afternoon.

Kyle: That was me. There’s something important i need to discuss with you.

Summer: Is it something i should be concerned about?

Kyle: Mm, actually, I think you’ll be pleased with my proposal, but I can’t get into it now. I’ll see you later.

Michael: I got the feeling from your message that you had a matter of some urgency to discuss?

Victor: Tucker mccall. I want you to find out why he suddenly returned to genoa city.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] From what I hear, he made quite the grand re-entrance. He certainly wasn’t sneaking around or being private about his plans. What is it you want me to dig into?

Victor: He says he’s here to mend fences with ashley, to reconnect with his son devon, and meet his grandson. I don’t trust any of this. But I’m gonna make sure that he will not do any harm to ashley or that boy.

Michael: That’s very chivalrous of you. I imagine ashley could hold her own, and since tucker would have to go through abby to get to dominic, I’m guessing the little guy is pretty well protected, too. But what ulterior motives do you suspect the man of having?

Victor: Victoria is about to make a big business move.

Michael: Oh?

Victor: She is in the process of gaining a big stake in chancellor-winters. And I have a feeling that tucker mccall is here because he somehow got wind of it.

Michael: Wait, wait. Did I miss some news of an ipo?

Victor: That’s the point. There has been no ipo as of yet. Our victoria has some inside information. She’s ready to act.

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Tucker: I could never shake you, even after all this time. And coming to grips with what i squandered when I lost you is a large part of what drove me to an ashram, renouncing all my worldly possessions, only to discover that that’s not really who I am.

Ashley: Yeah. You always did love your toys.

Tucker: Right. So I went back to the company and — and thrill seeking, which led to the accident. But it all forced me to — to realize what I’ve been missing, the love and the life that I had right in front of me and I just let slip away. And when you ended the marriage, you said to me, “the only way i would ever trust that you’re not gonna hurt me again is if you went through some kind of miraculous change, if you became some completely different man.” Do you remember that?

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: And you didn’t believe it, right?

Ashley: I remember it very well. I remember it.

Tucker: Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible ’cause i stand before you a completely different man.

Ashley: Right.

Tucker: One that would never hurt you again.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Um, well, I ended things with you because I couldn’t take any more of your secrets and your lies. And the women that you were sleeping with — they kind of got in the way.

Tucker: Yeah. I took you for granted, ashley. I know that now. Love’s not enough, and

[Chuckles] I lost the best thing that ever happened to me.

Ashley: Now, that was a good speech. Must have taken you a long time to write that one.

Tucker: I will admit that i have thought long and hard about seeing you and what I might say when I did. Yeah, and in particular, what it would require to convince you that I’m sincere.

[ Laughs ] There’s so much I want you to know.

Ashley: You think there’s a future for us? Is that what you’re trying to say?

Michael: Who’s victoria’s source? No, wait. N-never mind. Don’t answer me. I don’t want to know.

Victor: I assure you her information is very reliable.

Michael: You and victoria need to be very cautious. What you’re planning is not totally ethical, and in certain circumstances, it could even be flat out illegal.

Victor: Oh, don’t you worry, okay? I trust victoria. But that is also why I ask you to guide her, you know, about the legal aspects of all this.

Michael: I’m not sure I feel all that comfortable offering advice on this matter. I mean, need I remind you I was the D.A.

Victor: For heaven’s sake, man, that’s why I asked you. Who knows the law better than you?

Michael: Well, as long as the counsel she’s seeking is on how to follow the law, not skirt it.

Victor: Now, you have been around me long enough and around the inner circle of the newmans long enough to know how we operate.

Michael: [ Sighs ] That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Okay. Please tell me that you connected tucker to private image. I mean, that is the name of the bentley company that diane was being chauffeured around in in L.A., Right?

Nikki: Okay, listen to this. It turns out that noah has heard of wild beauty. In fact, his former girlfriend, audra charles, used to work for them.

Phyllis: Can you get a hold of her? I mean, maybe she’s the one who can connect tucker and diane to these companies.

Nikki: Things did not end well for those two, but she just showed up in town.

Phyllis: Well, that’s interesting. The coincidences keep on piling up.

Nikki: Oh, I don’t believe they’re coincidences at all. I think they all tie back to tucker.

Phyllis: Yeah, I think so, too, but without any connection of him to one of these companies or diane to one of these companies, it’s all conjecture on our part.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Nikki: Noah? Ah. Okay, thanks for the update, honey.

Phyllis: What did he say?

Nikki: He just ran into his ex at crimson lights.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. Really? I mean, there’s definitely a connection. We just have to find out.

Nikki: I am going to go see what I can find out from audra charles. Why do dermatologists worldwide recommend

Summer: Hey. Sorry to interrupt, but have you seen my mom around?

Jack: You just missed her. She had an important meeting to get to.

Summer: Huh. Wonder what that’s about.

Jack: Well, I don’t think it has much to do with marchetti. She had that gleam in her eye, you know, the one she gets when she’s up to something.

Summer: Mm. I cannot get drawn into any of her drama. I am still walking on cloud nine from our vow renewal ceremony. Thank you again, by the way, for helping us to make it so special.

Jack: The abbott home is your home. You don’t need to thank me. I was glad we could do it there. And for the record, you were every bit as lovely a bride there as you were in milan.

Summer: Aww. Well, I am very grateful to you for hosting and for the compliment, but that’s not exactly what I was thanking you for.

Jack: Oh? What then?

Summer: I just wanted to thank you for being the best father to the best husband and partner that I could ever hope to have.

Diane: The vow renewal was so beautiful. You and summer make such a lovely couple. And what about my little harrison? He was so adorable.

[ Sighs ] I can’t tell you how much it means to me that I was there to witness it. It’s something I would have thought was impossible just a couple months ago. You okay? I hope you didn’t let tucker mccall’s party-crashing stunt put a damper on the day. It was perfect, despite his unwelcome appearance.

Kyle: Nothing could wreck the ceremony for me. But I did hear a lot of innuendos being thrown around the reception relating to you and tucker’s past.

Diane: Oh [Scoffs] That is ancient history, long over. Half of the women in this town have a past with tucker. I hope you don’t hold it against me.

Kyle: You know very well i can forgive for past mistakes, but phyllis seems to think this is a very present connection between you and tucker. Please tell me that’s not true.

Tucker: I realize I can’t just pop in here and expect you to take me back all of a sudden after all this time.

Ashley: It’s good that you know that. It’s not gonna happen. I moved on with my life, tucker, and I never looked back.

Tucker: I’m sorry to hear that.

Ashley: I am curious about something, though. Um, I find it very interesting that you show up here just a few months after diane did. It’s almost like you followed her back to genoa city, isn’t it?

Tucker: That’s not the case. No, I was, uh — I was as surprised as I’m sure you all were that she was still alive. And trust me — I have zero interest in revisiting anything with that woman. That was over long before you and I even broke up. I swear. You believe that?

Ashley: No, I don’T. But I don’t need to belabor it, either. If you’re not gonna tell me the real reason why you’re in genoa city, then we have nothing else to discuss. You said what you need to say, I responded, and you can go.

Audra: Thank you.

Nikki: Excuse me. Are you audra charles?

Audra: Yes, I am.

Nikki: Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m nikki —

Audra: Nikki newman, co-ceo of newman enterprises, wife of the esteemed victor newman.

Nikki: Well, I’m impressed.

Audra: I pride myself on knowing the major players in the business world.

Nikki: Well, then you also know that I am noah newman’s grandmother. I understand you knew him in london.

Audra: Yes, I did know him in london. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover he’s back here in genoa city. I even got the chance to go to the opening of his incredible club last night.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness. What a coincidence. It’s a small world.

Audra: I’m actually here on business, doing some consulting work for chancellor-winters. It’s lovely to meet you. I’ve admired your career from afar. And of course noah adores his family, so I had the privilege of hearing about the newmans from that perspective, as well.

Nikki: Ahh. Well, I’m afraid grandsons don’t confide in their grandmothers as they do their friends, so I’m sure you know much more about me and my family than I do about you.

Audra: Yeah, I guess that’s possible.

Nikki: And since you’re working at chancellor-winters, i hope you can appreciate the importance of keeping the legacy of my dear friend katherine alive.

Audra: Of course. Katherine chancellor is a legend.

Nikki: Mm. Do you have time to sit down with me? I’d love to hear more about you. If you’re on medicare, remember,

Jack: Well, I thank you for the compliment, but I think you deserve most of the credit for making kyle the fine man that he is today.

Summer: Mm. Thanks. I hope you liked the photos that I forwarded to you from the ceremony. Let me know which ones are your favorites, and I’ll get them printed out. They all so good. I — I can’t decide. I especially love the one of you and harrison and the one of you and kyle and harrison, the three generations of abbotts. And then the one of kyle and harrison. God, that one’s so cute.

Jack: I love them all, and I’ve decided I’m going to become an official grandfather and get one of those digital frames so i can have them on a loop all day long.

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Summer, you have been a part of my life since the day you were born, literally. That you are now the center of my son’s life brings me a kind of joy I cannot describe. To see you two happy and in love brings me so much happiness. To have the three of you living in the abbott family estate — well, you make a house a home. I hope you know you are welcome to stay there as long as you like.

Summer: Thank you, jack. We love it there.

Jack: It has been the thrill of my life to watch the two of you grow and mature into a loving couple, there for each other in the great moments, there for each other in the tougher moments, but most of all, to see you become smart, attentive, adoring parents to harrison. It gives me hope for the future.

Diane: I can’t tell you how disturbing those allegations are to me. Just when I’m beginning to gain your trust and forgiveness, tucker shows up and suddenly there’s doubt, all because of some history? And I do mean history.

Kyle: That’s not exactly a denial.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Alright, i will tell you what I told jack and phyllis and nikki. I am shocked that that man had the gall to show his face in genoa city again. I sincerely regret my past with him, and I wish he had never come back into our lives.

Kyle: I’m not trying to accuse you of anything, mom. I just want to know the truth. That’s why I’m coming to you directly to ask rather than let rumors run rampant. I value the open communication we’ve built.

Diane: Trust me. The only current connection i have to tucker is one of pure loathing.

Kyle: Mm. Well, glad to hear it ’cause i know enough about mccall to not particularly like the fact that he’s returned.

Nikki: Katherine was a titan in the business world. And in her day, that did not come easy for a woman. It took real power and skill to navigate that world and come out on top. Oh, she was such a role model for me. But enough of my old friend. I’d like to know more about you. Now, I remember noah said that you were an artist like him, but you say that you’re doing some work for chancellor-winters. Doesn’t sound very much like art.

Audra: I mean, I — I was an artist. And, in fact, I hope I still am. But, I mean, it was just never something that paid the bills. I always needed a day job. And after years of scraping by, I went to business school to please my parents, a fallback career, which they insisted on. As it turned out, I enjoyed it, and I was good at it.

Nikki: Mm. Do you ever wish you had pursued your art full time? Do you miss it?

Audra: I-I keep working on my art as a creative outlet, but sometimes parents really do know best.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Well, I think it’s wonderful you were able to satisfy both sides of yourself. Now, noah also mentioned that you worked for a nonprofit organization that supports artists. Um… ugh. I’m forgetting the name.

Audra: You must mean wild beauty.

Nikki: Yes, yes, that’s it. It sounds like a great organization that I should consider supporting. Can you tell me a little more about that?

Tucker: It’s funny — after all this time imagining seeing you and practicing in my mind what I was gonna say, I never imagined this would be your reaction.

Ashley: You thought I’d say, “welcome back, let’s give it another shot, tucker”?

Tucker: No, of course not. I just… well, I had prepared myself for your anger, fury, even hatred. But I wasn’t prepared for this, for apathy.

Ashley: “Apathy’s” a good word, and so is “indifference.”

Tucker: That’s even worse.

[ Clears throat ] ‘Cause at least if you were angry, I’d know that you still had feelings for me. You know, the fine line between love and hate. Okay. [ Clears throat ] Well, before I go, I… I’m gonna give you something, something from our time together. Um, I’m hoping it will at least show you that you’ve never left my mind. You remember that?

Ashley: Of course I do. It’s from the…

Tucker: The japanese tea ceremony, yeah.

Ashley: Yeah. I remember.

Tucker: Wasn’t that a beautiful and serene moment?

Ashley: No, thank you.

Tucker: No, please.

Ashley: Okay. Suit yourself. I’ll keep it. Uh, is there anything else?

Tucker: No. May I speak to you again, please, at some point? Just after you’ve had a chance to — to process what I’ve told you. Please promise me you’ll think it over, at least.

Ashley: I don’t need to think anything over. I’ve heard everything I need to hear. Goodbye, tucker.

[ Door opens ]

Ashley: [ Sighs heavily ] Mm. (Dog barking) we love our pets.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Oh, davante adams!

Audra: Wild beauty does wonderful work — donating to artist, encouraging their creativity. I had a job there for some time in london, but I mean, obviously I don’t work there anymore.

Nikki: Hmm. It sounds like a noble endeavor. Who funds it?

Audra: I was never really part of the financial side of things. I mainly helped the organization identify artists to support. I’d love to continue this, but i have a meeting to get to. It was lovely meeting you. And as I said, I’ve long admired your career.

Nikki: Well, thank you. I’m sure you will be crossing paths with business leaders whose names you will recognize — the newmans, the abbotts. You already know the team at chancellor-winters. Even tucker mccall has returned. Do you know him?

Abby: Mom!

Ashley: Honey!

Abby: Hi!

Ashley: Hi!

Abby: Mwah! Welcome back. I missed you.

Ashley: I missed you.

Abby: How was paris?

Ashley: Oh, same as usual. Perfect. Although I was too busy to really enjoy it this time.

Abby: Oh, that’s too bad.

Ashley: And I’m so sorry i had those flight issues so i couldn’t come to kyle and summer’s vow renewal ceremony.

Abby: Well, I’m sure you heard that there was an unexpected guest.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. In fact, I met with tucker earlier.

Abby: Why would you bother? I hate the idea of the two of you face-to-face. I saw him here having dinner with devon, and I made it very clear that he is not welcome here. But of course, that didn’t matter because tucker is a disgusting human being who thrives off greed and exploitation.

Ashley: Okay, well, that does sound a little like tucker.

Abby: I can’t believe that he has some fantasy of making amends with you or that you gave him the time of day.

Ashley: Just relax, okay? There’s nothing to worry about. I was over him when he left town.

Abby: Good.

Ashley: And I think even less of him now than I ever did, okay?

Abby: That’s good to hear.

Ashley: And I also don’t believe for a second that he’s back here because of some deep, abiding love that he has for me.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Neither do I. Tucker has an agenda, and whatever it is, I want him as far away from my mother and my family as possible.

Diane: Thanks again, kyle. It’s one of the favorite parts about my job — getting to have quick, impromptu lunches with my son, and just seeing you around the office brightens my day.

Kyle: Well, mine, too.

Diane: You know, I-I-I hope you, um, understand why I got a bit defensive when you questioned me about tucker. It’s just a reflex when his name comes up at this point.

Kyle: I get it. Now, I’ve got to track down summer. We’ve got some important business to discuss.

Diane: Oh. Well, do you need me? Is it about the upcoming press conference?

Kyle: No, thanks. This is “ceo to creative director” stuff. I’ll see you later.

Nikki: Hello, ladies.

Abby: Hi.

Phyllis: We received your texts to meet here.

Abby: The three of you meeting voluntarily? I don’t even want to know what you’re sharing if it’s not insults.

Phyllis: Good. Nothing to see here.

Abby: Great. Then I will leave you to whatever this is.

Ashley: Bye, honey. Love you.

Abby: I love you.

Nikki: Bye.

Ashley: So, here we are again, ladies, the magnificent triumvirate dedicated to getting diane out of this town. How’s that going? Because I have somebody else i want to add to that list — tucker mccall. Another undesirable that needs to leave genoa city.

Phyllis: Funny you should mention that.

Nikki: Because we’re convinced that diane and tucker are a package deal.

You never know

what opportunities

Summer: So, why did you bring me here? It seems like kind of an odd place to have a work meeting.

Kyle: Well, I wanted to get you out of the office to avoid running into any of our parents or any other work interruptions.

Summer: Huh. My calendar says “breakout summit.” Is this one of those corporate leadership strategy exercises that you’ve been wanting to try?

Kyle: In a way. I’ve finalized our plans for our breakout escape.

Summer: Oh, so, that’s what this is about.

Kyle: I’ve been working on the perfect honeymoon to celebrate my marriage to the most beautiful woman on earth. Picture a secluded costa rican beach, a private chef who makes herself scarce after every meal, piña coladas and oceanside spa treatments.

Summer: Ooh. I can’t believe that you planned this all on your own. And you even found a time that we could both get away from work? You really are the perfect husband.

Kyle: Mm. I guess I’m inspired by my perfect wife.

Summer: We can’t get on that plane soon enough.

Kyle: Ahh. I — I do have one request. It’s just an idea. You can say no if you disagree. But I was wondering if maybe for the last few days we had —

Summer: The nanny bring harrison down for a couple of days of fun-filled family beach vacation? Oh, god. That wasn’t what you were going to say?

Victor: I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Have a seat. Victoria’s going to play this very discreetly. But there’s something else that worries me.

Michael: What could that possibly be?

Victor: Tucker mccall, I have a feeling, is here because he wants to play a hand in the chancellor-winters deal.

Michael: That seems unlikely. From what I hear, he’s divested himself of all of his holdings except mccall unlimited. You know, he’s switched gears from world domination to downsizing his companies.

Victor: That doesn’t mean a damn thing. Think about it for a moment. He’s katherine chancellor’s son. He’s devon’s father, dominic’s grandfather. I think his motives are more personal. And the man is not known to play by the rules.

Michael: Careful. Many people would say that about you.

Victor: I don’t give a damn what they say about me. But I will not let anyone, certainly not tucker mccall, to interfere with plans that victoria has for our business.

Ashley: So, it’s no coincidence that diane was seen riding around in a bentley that’s the same make and model as the one owned by private image.

Nikki: Absolutely not, and we have victor’s team to thank for finding out the ownership of that car.

Ashley: Right. Private image owns a nonprofit arm called wild beauty that’s based in london.

Phyllis: Yes.

Ashley: Okay.

Phyllis: And your father called you “my beauty.”

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: And tucker called you “beauty,” right?

Ashley: Yeah.

Phyllis: There. There. That connects tucker to wild beauty, thereby connecting him to diane.

Ashley: Right. It’s kind of a reach, though, don’t you think? I mean, the only proof you have is that the name of the organization somewhat resonates? I don’t know.

Phyllis: Excuse me, ashley, but my instincts have never ceased to point me in the right direction.

Ashley: Okay, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this.

Nikki: Alright, anyway — anyway, victor’s team is trying to find more proof. In the meantime, I just had a very interesting conversation with audra charles.

Ashley: Who’s that?

Nikki: Audra is my grandson noah’s ex who used to work for wild beauty. And I asked her if she ever came across a tucker mccall.

Phyllis: And?

Nikki: Well, she admitted that she knew of him but didn’t know him.

Phyllis: I mean, I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that she worked for a company that we believe tucker had a financial stake in and she never met him.

Ashley: What if — I mean, there’s a possibility, right, that tucker has no connection to wild beauty or private image.

Nikki: Well, ashley, I know i just told you about this audra person, but tucker came to town practically on her heels. We are so close to tying this thing together. We just have to find that missing piece of the puzzle. Super emma just about sleeps in her cape.

Summer: Oh, my god, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to step on your wonderful honeymoon plans. It’s just that I’ve been looking at the pictures from the vow renewal ceremony. And then I was talking to jack, and I was thinking how much love we have in our little family. And — I don’t know — for some reason, I was thinking that you were having the same idea, but I —

Kyle: [ Laughing ] I was. I had the exact same idea. I just can’t believe you came up with the same one, too.

Summer: That is a huge relief, and I’m thrilled. But, baby, you shouldn’t be shocked. We love each other, and we love our son. And who doesn’t love a family beach vacation?

Kyle: You’re right. We’re completely in sync. Just proof we were meant to be. And everything we went through in the past, the breaking up, getting back together again, breaking up again —

Summer: Getting back together again.

Kyle: It’s just proof that once we finally made it permanent, we were destined to last forever.

Summer: Mm.

Ashley: So, whatever happened with talia morgan’s articles? I thought it was supposed to be some big exposé that shed light on what diane was up to in los angeles. Instead, only one was published. That was it.

Phyllis: Ah.

Nikki: Yeah. Her editor suddenly shut it down.

Phyllis: Yeah. We believe that someone applied pressure. Somebody out there doesn’t want any more stories about diane.

Ashley: So, if it’s true that diane was seen riding around in tucker’s bentley, then that means they were in contact after she “died.” What happened? Did they hook up after he found out she was alive?

Nikki: Or did he know all along that she had staged her death?

Ashley: Yeah. How far does this go back?

Phyllis: Yeah, these are all the questions that we should be asking. These are pieces of the puzzle. I mean, they really are. What is tucker’s connection to this company that owns the bentley? And, ultimately, what’s his connection to diane?

Ashley: Yeah. So, the only issue is, if victor didn’t have any luck with his professionals making a financial tie-in here, I mean, are we gonna have any better luck with amateur sleuthing?

Phyllis: Hey, I don’t appreciate your monday quarterbacking. I mean, while you’re gallivanting all over paris —

Ashley: Gallivanting?

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, nikki and I — we’re doing the heavy lifting. Really. And we’re not coming up with any answers because they’ve obviously been scrubbed.

Ashley: Just relax, okay? I mean, I’ve done a little reconnaissance of my own, phyllis, here, okay?

Nikki: Oh. Well, do tell.

Ashley: I met with tucker earlier. I told him I was very suspicious of the timing, him coming back to genoa city so soon after diane did. Of course, he swears that there was no connection.

Nikki: You believe him?

Ashley: No. I learned a long time ago not to trust in tucker’s swears. I also made sure that he understood there was no hope for rekindling a relationship with me, you know?

Phyllis: Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This is how you can be useful in our effort.

Ashley: Oh, really? And what would that be?

Phyllis: You’re our in. Yep. I wouldn’t be so quick to shut the door on tucker. Maybe with you, he’ll slip up.

[ Knock on door ]

Jack: Hey. What’s going on?

Diane: Uh… normally I would come up with some sort of work issue as an excuse to speak to you, but, uh, this time I think I’m just going to get straight to the point.

Jack: Okay. Go for it.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I have to admit, I’m a little worried.

Jack: About?

Diane: Tucker’s return. It just feels wrong in so many ways. And he still hasn’t given any real explanation as to why he came back.

Jack: Supposedly, it’s all about ashley — and, I suppose, reconnecting with devon, meeting his grandchild. But the good news is, I am thrilled to tell you, my sister is not interested at all in connecting with him.

Diane: Has ashley spoken to tucker?

Jack: Oh, yeah, my sister’s in town. She has agreed to meet with him. She wants to make her position very clear so that there is no misunderstanding.

Diane: Well, I’m — I’m — I’m not surprised that ashley wants nothing to do with him, but I still suspect he has another agenda. And who knows what he’s going to do or say once she makes her feelings clear to him? You know what? I-I think we all just, uh, need to be on alert. We can’t trust anything about tucker mccall.

[ Door slams ]

Audra: So, how did things go with your ex?

Tucker: Oh, pretty much as i expected, if not how I hoped. It’s not gonna be easy. She’s a special woman. But as you know, I’m a patient man — and determined. I will win ashley back.

Audra: I know better than to bet against you.

Tucker: So, what’s going on with chancellor-winter?

Audra: All is going relatively smoothly with the preparations for the ipo.

Tucker: Good. Good.

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