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I just want to say to you… that I want to make things right with you, michael. Whatever it takes.

[ Chuckles ] You think you can just suddenly make things right between us? I-I’ve always wanted to make things right. And I-I think deep down inside, you do, too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey. Everything okay? Uh, I’ll be right there. Okay. It’s too late. Okay, if you can look me in the eye and make me believe that you don’t want anything to do with me… I’ll walk. And you’ll never have to deal with me again, michael. Dante: I want to ask you some questions about what went down between you and my father after brando corbin was killed. Should I call a lawyer? No, not this time.

[ Sighs ] I’ll keep it simple. I can tell you got bruises on your face. Your wrists — your wrists look pretty bad, actually. I’m thinking by the way you’re standing there, your ribs are in rough shape, too. You want to tell me what happened? Robert: Ah! About bloody time. I didn’t know I was expecting company.

[ Chuckles ] Most people call first. You didn’t pick up. Close the door. Listen to me. If we’re gonna bring luke’s killer to justice, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Are you sure I can’t give you a lift? Oh, well, thanks. I don’t think that would be very wise. Oh, why? It’s, uh — it’s no trouble.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, victor, you’re nothing but trouble.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, trina. Look at this. Two days in a row. I know. What a treat. Thanks for coming. Mm. Is everything okay? Well, I heard from my mom that oz haggarty got attacked and killed. I wanted to see how you’re holding up. Are you freaked out? Don’t worry about me. I’m resilient.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, don’t ignore that on my account, okay? It’s just rory. I can’t right now. Well, if there’s a problem, you should… should take care of it. You shouldn’t let it fester. Take it from someone who knows.

[ Chuckles ] Just about had my limit with these distractions. Nevertheless, we should keep an eye on ava. She’s, uh, unpredictable. And, of course, there’s that other loose end we have to take care of — convincing the authorities that esme prince is alive and well and nowhere near port charles. Who the hell are you? I said, who the hell are you?! What do you do — esme. Hello, lover. Miss me?

Want to tell me how you got these bruises? I-I don’t really know. Mm. Was it sonny? Why would you ask that? Let’s just say a concerned citizen told me that, uh, you were kidnapped and assaulted by your boss. Do you want justice? You are so far removed from the man that I once called father that I don’t even recognize you anymore. Well, you… you don’t know what you’re talking about. I know you had one of your employees tortured. This is not about dex. This is about us. You said you wanted to destroy everything that I built. And I gotta tell you that you — you did a pretty damn good job of that. You got the harbormaster fired. You got every major client to stop buying corinthos coffee. I’m looking you in the eye right now, michael. I’m just saying, let’s come to an understanding. I’m past trying to understand you. Okay, we’ve both done things that w-we — we…

[ Sighs ] We have both hurt each other so much, right? But we just watched gladys bury her son. We both know what that’s about. The finality of a life cut short, michael.

[ Voice breaking ] Last time I saw morgan, he was r-running out the door. I never got a chance to — to tell him that I loved him. And I pray to god that he knows, and I’m just… I want you to know that I will always love you. Can we just figure out a way to end this… …so we can be a family again? You know, you can’t just throw the word “family” out there expecting it to erase everything that you’ve done. Maybe not. But it’s a good place to start. Oh! Valentin! Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, so, you said it was important. What is it? I need your help getting into victor’s room. Why didn’t he just call the front desk? Ah, I don’t want him to know about it. I’m sorry. What? It’s a delicate situation. But I thought you guys were, like, thick as thieves these days. Well, maybe that’s what I want him to think. Okay, whatever parlor games you cassadines are playing these days, I do not have the time. I have a lot on my plate. I know that. I know that. I need your help. Mm. And you can’t ask questions for everyone’s safety. For charlotte’s safety. I’m in. I just feel as if I’ve — I’ve hit a dead end. Well, I can’t say that surprises me.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, vic is slick. Oh, he’s cunning. I mean, he has spent his entire life honing his reputation for ruthlessness, and now it’s really paying off. So I take it my contacts didn’t pan out. I just mentioned victor’s name and they — poof — evaporated. They ran scared. Understandable, but disappointing. I hoped one of them, at least, would be up for the challenge. So what’s the next step? This is where you come in.

[ Chuckles ] What do you need from me? A warrant. Esme prince just posted from st. Tropez. Good. Keep leaving those digital footprints of esme’s idyll in the south of france.

[ Sighs ] This mess has already interfered with the plans we’ve been working on for years. This ends now.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Crying ] Oh! Oh! Thank god you’re here. Oh, victor! Victor! Well, wha…

[ Sobbing ] You look like you’ve seen a ghost. I thought — I thought that — we thought that — I was dead. Ava sure tried her damnedest when she threw me off the parapet. That’s not what happened. Oh! And how would you know? You weren’t there. I’m sure ava has you all roped into her scheme. I’m sure she spun some tale making herself out to be the victim, even though I was the one being swallowed by cold, dark water. You both left me for dead. I’m sure you celebrated. You got what you wanted… …me, gone. Except I’m not. I’m back. You’re really gonna have to try harder next time.

Trina, I can tell there’s something on your mind. You can tell me. You know you can tell me anything. What’s on my mind feels so trivial with everything else going on. People are dying. And the maniac who attacked you is still out there. You don’t have to remind me of that. But here I am. I’m still alive. And I’m gonna live my life. And you should do the same. Frankly, I’d like to hear about something other than life and death. So tell me, what is going on with rory? Well, he asked me to go to a comic book convention. Mm. That’s cool. Do you like comics? Yeah. But it’s out of town. Oh, I see. That is a significant invitation. I’m not sure how I feel about going on an overnight trip with rory yet. I mean, I really like him, and I do want to get closer, but I can’t help but think about the last time I went on a weekend trip. Oh, no, this is nothing like when you — when you went to sonny’s cabin. I know. Nothing at all. This is — would just be the two of you. I know, but I still can’t shake the feeling that something horrible’s gonna happen. I understand. It’s hard coming back after you’ve been through such a traumatic experience like you have. It’s hard to trust again other people and your own judgment. And… maybe you’re afraid that you’d be leaving yourself open to more — more pain, more hurt. Trina, you have to ask yourself, do you really want to let what esme prince did to you dictate the rest of your life? So, you, uh — you came back here for money. Don’t I deserve something after what ava did to me? While you two got to carry on with your lives, I drifted further and further out into deep water. I thought I was going to die, just like you wanted. No, I didn’t — I didn’t want you to die. I-I searched for you. I mean, I — I know that terror. I had — I had to fight to stay alive when I was adrift at sea. Thankfully, a fisherman found me and put me up in a canadian hostel until I regained my strength. And I suppose the fisherman ran out of money and you couldn’t access your funds. But coming back here — it was a mistake. You should have stayed out of the country. Of course. It’s exactly what you wanted — to get rid of me. I’m talking about the pcpd. They’re looking for you for attempted murder because you drugged that bartender. No, the cops have it all wrong. And they certainly can’t prove a thing. Oz haggarty gave pretty convincing testimony of your guilt at trina’s trial. You know, interestingly enough, he was found murdered this morning. Is that why you really came back, esme? To finish what you started?

[ Crying ] Oh. I-I-I’m so sorry. I think I’ve — I’ve ruined your jacket. What? Oh, no, that’s inconsequential. Now, w-why are you in such a state? Is it morton? It’s martin. No, no. He’s still incommunicado, and — and it’s not him. It’s just me! It’s all on me! Shh, shh, come on. Please, please, sit down. Why don’t you sit down?

[ Sobbing ] I’m so sorry. It’s just… sasha gilmore, she’s one of my partners — her husband’s funeral is today. And I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t face her. So I wanted to bring her flowers. And now it’s too late. No flowers. Fl-flowers? Well, I’m sure it’s not too late. It is for brando! It’s too late for brando! Well, lucy, do calm down. I’m sure johann can deliver the flowers for you.

[ Scoffs ] Has he been drinking? What? No, he’s perfectly sober. Okay. Thank you. That would be very nice. The — the reception is — is downstairs in the gardens. Johann, would you please oblige ms. Coe? Thank you so much, johann. Thank you. There, now. There. Feel better? Yeah, I-I do. N-now that I’m with you, I — I do. Mm. There. Okay, listen, the less you know, the better. But in order to get the information I need out of victor, I want to put a listening device in his room. Well, this room. And that’s where you come in. As co-owner of the hotel, I need you to call victor and tell him there’s a problem with his suite and we need to move him into this suite right away. But why don’t you just put a bug in the room he’s staying in right now? It’s not possible because he has a security guard, johann, who does a daily sweep, but he’s busy. So if we can get victor into this suite right now, I think that buys me a day or two before the bug is discovered. Okay. What then? Well, I’ll handle it, but that’s all I’m gonna tell you right now. Valentin, I know victor is your father, but he’s a very, very dangerous man, and I don’t like the idea of you taking him on alone. Well, don’t worry about me. I’ve got backup. Multiple partners, each playing integral roles. And hopefully that includes you. But I need you to make a phone call. You’re not the same father who put family above everything else. I’ve — I’ve done the best I-I could, michael. No, no, no, you haven’T. Oh, no, I haven’t? No, l-look… don’t forget, I’m a father, too. And I would never hurt wiley the way that you hurt your — how you hurt your children. How do you know that? Life’s unpredictable. How did I know I was gonna lose my memory and live in a town called nixon falls for nine months? This is — this is about what you’ve done since you’ve been back. All your choices have led you here. I mean, t-take ownership of that. No! Put yourself in my shoes! What if — what if wiley thought you screwed up, and he started treating you the way you’re treating me? Would you just give up on him? Or would you do everything you possibly could and hope to god that he met you halfway? Just a few days ago, you thought I was a murderer with a hook. Now you’re all about justice for me? Yeah, things have changed. My source tells me that you were the victim of a serious crime. And it is my duty to follow up on that. Well, I commend your commitment to protect and serve, but I’m good. So you have, uh, no comment on this accusation? Is this an official interview, detective? Well, it can be, dex, if you want me to file charges. Look, man, you were brought in as a person of interest in a series of attacks. Now, I have been told that your boss, sonny corinthos, has turned on you as a result. Is there any truth to that?

For johann bauer. And I know that you’ve been keeping tabs on him, so it can be for unpaid parking tickets, can be anything. Anna, don’t you think I would have brought him in by now if I had something? Oh, he drinks. That’s right. He fell overboard off the haunted star, and the crew had to stop and pick him up. And you know this how? Point is, can you not use that? Say another boater reported it? Intentionally jumping into the water from a passenger vessel would be considered, um, unsafe operation of said vessel… right. Okay. …And would be illegal. Okay. However, you’ve implied that the act wasn’t intentional. I just want him detained. Just bring him in for questioning. The charges don’t have to stick. Great. So not only do we abuse my office, now we’re going to waste taxpayers’ resources for…nothing. Well, I think taking victor off the street is for the greater good. And this is for luke. You know, there’s something about this tells me there’s more going on. Annie, it’s bobby. Tell me the whole story. I want to tell you, but I can’T. So, please, will you help me? Because I am running out of time. That bastard did kill my friend. Okay, I’ll make the call, but this is the last time. This is it. Okay. Am I interrupting something? I just really didn’t know who else to talk to, you know? And martin is still with his mother. And, do you know, I kept thinking over and over that you — you would know exactly the right thing to say. I’ll certainly do my best.

[ Telephone ringing ] Oh. Excuse me. Yes? What is it? Mr. Cassadine? Hi. It’s nina reeves. In case you didn’t know, I am the new co-owner of the metro court, and I am so sorry to bother you, but, uh, we are gonna have to shut the water off to your room. And I know it’s a complete inconvenience, but we are going to have to move you to another suite, at least temporarily. Well, now is just not a good time. I understand that, and I am so sorry for the disturbance, I truly am, but we have no choice because there is a room on your floor that has a leak. And so I will have a staff member up there momentarily to help you move your things. And there is-a and again, thank you so much for your cooperation.

Yes, well, all right, if you’re sure there’s no other choice. And once again, mr. Cassadine, our sincerest apologies. Well… apparently there is some kind of water leak somewhere. They’re gonna have to temporarily move me to another suite. I don’t know, something — something feels off. Oh, you know, that completely explains that I, um — when I was rushing up to you, I, um, saw some maintenance men in the lobby. So that must be why. Um… I guess you need to get ready, so I’ll — I’ll go, you know. Um, I’ll leave you to it, but, um… thank you for everything. I just… I feel so alone. Oh, no. You’re not alone. Look, if you can just wait until I’ve figured this whole room-changing mess out, I promise you I’ll give you my full attention.

[ Sighs ] I’m the one who was left to drown in freezing waters, and you accuse me of being a murderer? I mean, the timing sure seems suspicious, don’t you think, esme? I mean, you show up in town, and the witness who pointed the finger squarely in your direction winds up dead. The only thing I’m guilty of is loving your son and usting you. And while I was in that canadian hostel, that man tried to pin

everything on me. How do we know he wasn’t hired by trina’s people or sonny? Give it a rest, esme. I am done buying the victim act. Oh, come on, nikolas. You know me… intimately. You don’t really believe all of these horrible things about me, do you? I have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s your story and you’re sticking to it, huh? Mr. Corinthos didn’t do anything besides give me a ride home after I was released. Any other questions? Yeah, just one. Are you afraid of retaliation? Retaliation? I know how my father works. Dex, word is you went through something hellacious. You were threatened to keep your mouth shut. I am in a position to make sure my father doesn’t get to you for telling the truth. Whoever told you mr. Corinthos tried to harm me is a straight-up liar. Thanks for your time. And how can I meet you halfway when I don’t even know who you are anymore? Look, you turned your back on everything you once believed in. You keep saying that, that you don’t — you don’t know me anymore. You’ve known me your whole life. That doesn’t count for anything? A lifetime of being a father? I get it, michael. Betrayal, anger, disappointment. I lived with that… my whole life with my father. You think I wronged you. I think you wronged me. It’s like a never-ending circle. But one thing that I want you to know is I still love you. And this has gotta end before it’s too late. We have buried too many people already. Jason. Brando.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] My father. I don’t want it to be us.

[ Sighs ] Look, dad…

Ashby. My door was shut for a reason. Your assistant said you didn’t have any appointments. I was just leaving. I don’t want to keep you from your work. I believe you were about to make a phone call. Yeah. Be in touch. Deputy mayor ashby. Anna. She’s right. I’m in the middle of something. Your call can wait. I’m here on mayoral business. If laura wants to speak to me, all she’s gotta do is reach out directly. Laura may be working remotely, but she needs someone on the ground to keep an eye on things. Tell me, what was your ex-wife doing here? Well, it was none of your business, but since you stuck your bid in, we’re planning a trip to australia to take our granddaughter who wants to bring her didgeridoo. Now, do you mind? Hmm. I hope that’s the case. What does that mean? Ms. Devane has been known to pull the pcpd into wsb business. Laura confided in me that the two of you were working together on the investigation of luke spencer’s death last year. Spencer was a dear friend. What I do on my own time — that’s my business. We both know that’s not what you’re doing. And I intend to stop it. Ah! Voil! Let’s see. Oh, wow. At least they had the courtesy to pick out a very nice vintage. May I pour you a glass? Uh, yes. After the day I have had, I would love some. Thank you. Please make yourself comfortable. You know, lucy, I consider myself a pretty good judge of character. And although I’m still getting to know you, I’ve — I’ve already recognized that you are a strong… thank you. …Capable woman, the kind who won’t lose her head when the going gets tough. Mm. Well, thank you. Yes, it does serve me well as a woman in business.

[ Chuckles ] Which is why it is so very out of character that a floral arrangement should reduce you to a hysterical puddle. Oh, now, come on. Don’t you know that a scheming vixen, such as myself, every once in a while we just have a very bad day? Ah, but, lucy, you’re not a scheming vixen, nor are you being entirely honest with me. So why don’t you tell me what’s really going on here? You know, maybe you can’t see how much you’ve changed.

[ Scoffs ] You know, maybe you haven’t changed at all. But at least now I just — I just see you for who you are. Don’t back off now, michael. You just called me dad. And I was wrong. You’re not the man that I knew. Not only did you abandon your family, you abandoned your code. You’re capable of anything. You have no right to judge me. Oh. Don’t turn your back on me, michael! Dante: All right! All right! That’s enough! This ends now! Well, you know, your safety’s very important, but it shouldn’t be a motivation for going away for the weekend with your boyfriend. Only you can decide I-if you’re ready to make that step. I’m so confused. In my heart… I feel like I’m safe with rory. I don’t feel like he’ll hurt me. Well, sweetie, that is not insignificant. That says a lot. But what if we go away and that all changes? You know, a lot has happened since you’ve been away. You make it sound like I’ve been on holiday instead of recovering from your wife trying to kill me! You know, trina — she’s been exonerated. And spencer — he’s in pentonville. In an attempt to give trina an alibi, he testified that he broke out of spring ridge. And oz haggarty — he isn’t the only person who was stabbed recently. I mean, that’s terrible. Crime’s really up. Do the police have any leads? The killer used a large hook. Sounds gruesome. It was. Ava was the first victim. But she survived. Thankfully. Ugh. Karma’s a bitch. You know, diane miller was also stabbed. She gave you a pretty tough time at trina’s trial, didn’t she? Eh, don’t remind me. What’s your point? It’s a pretty big coincidence that three of the victims just happened to be people that you thought wronged you in some way. Oh. So you know what I think now? I know what I think. Not only do I think that you’re capable of murder, I think you came back for revenge. So that would mean… you’re next.

Just had a little visit with dex heller. W-why did you do that, dante? Michael, can I talk to you? You’re here for me, not sonny? Dex said you lied about everything. What are you talking about? Look, sonny abducted dex, tortured him to coerce him into a confession, which you all know now would have been false. Michael, this vendetta with sonny has gotten out of hand. Now you’re lying to the police about a crime. What are you talking — hey, look, I talked to you brother to brother. That was — michael, you have a family to protect. This beef you have with sonny is gonna lead you to do things that are destructive. Let it go.

[ Cellphone rings ] Falconeri. Yeah, I’m on my way. Looks like we have another victim. Another s-stabbing? Yeah, wounds consistent with a hook. Looks like we got a serial killer on our hands. So, you two are on your own. The mayor’s office does not oversee the da’s office. But I have the authority to initiate an internal review. It’s called checks and balances. And if I find anything the slightest bit off, I will hold you accountable. Our citizens deserve better. You’re abusing your power, ashby, and wasting human resources on these pointless reviews. We’ll see. Hi. Everything going according to plan? Yeah. Thanks. Robert? Detaining johann.

[ Exhales ] It’s all up to lucy now. That’s the part that worries me. Yeah. Lucy: You know, to tell you the truth, I have had some hard times in my life, um, and I think they kind of shaped me into the woman that you seem to admire. But they also left some scars. And sometimes I just feel so helpless and scared, and I-I just want someone that makes me feel…safe. And you do. Well, I’m — I’m flattered you feel you can turn to me. See, the last time I saw sasha, it was the day before her husband died. And, um, I basically asked her to give up her financial stake in deception, which I thought was the right thing to do at the time, and I still do, but it really, really hurt her. And I couldn’t face her. And then it just started me spinning. I started thinking about my future and what will happen in my life. And, oh, I know that sounds so selfish. It’s awful, isn’t it? Oh, no. We all have fears that can be illuminated by tragedy. Right. Well, I-I just can’t stop thinking about my future. What will happen? Will I be all alone? Hmm. Not if I have anything to say about it. See, that — that’s another reason where I thought I could come to you, because when you talk about your plans and your future, you just sound so confident, like you figured everything out. And I-I find that so comforting. Oh, I-I have my own anxieties. That’s — that’s why I made the plans. Plans. Right. So perhaps, could you just tell me some more of them? It’s really what I need right now. Please tell me, for me? Just for me?

[ Laughing ] I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. What you’re suggesting is ridiculous. Is it? I didn’t intend to say this long, even though I’ve enjoyed our little chat. Don’t worry. As soon as I can afford to, I’ll be out of your hair. Maybe if you, like, spot me a few grand. You’re not going anywhere. Oh, you’re gonna let me go. Unless you want the police to hear about my little, uh, tumble off the parapet. What tumble off the parapet? Do you think that they’ll actually care when I tell them that you have a connection to three of the stabbing victims? If anything, your alleged fall from the parapet — it might serve to give you motive. Yeah, time to notify the police. You’re not gonna do that. Why the hell not?

Hey. Are you okay? No, not really. Just when you thought this day couldn’t get more brutal, another victim? Sonny, what are we gonna do? Okay, listen, I-I don’t have all the answers right now, but, um, you know, I’m gonna have to tighten security, and you’re gonna have to have your bodyguard for a little while longer. That’s no problem. And thank you for looking out for me. But what about you? How are you doing? You know, dealing with all this after 10 rounds with michael? I can handle it. I can’t believe michael. Lying to the police about you? I never thought he would stoop so low. I hear you lied to protect sonny. Yeah, I told detective falconeri sonny didn’t abduct me or injure me. Well done. We have sonny right where we want him. Anna:

You’ve reached anna devane.

Leave a message

and I’ll return your call.

[ Beep ] Anna, listen, we got a problem. We cannot arrest johann. Now, whatever you’re doing, stop it. This mission’s gotta be aborted, and now. You got this, lucy. Come on. Don’t overplay your hand. So you were about to tell me a little bit more about your plans. And I’m gonna pretend it’s a bedtime story.

[ Chuckles ] So… once upon a time… well, for many years now, I have been working on —

[ Telephone rings ] Ugh! If this is about another room change, I promise I will… yes. What is it now? It’s eileen. We’ve got a problem. It’s your call, trina. If you don’t feel ready to go away with rory, then don’t, that’s perfectly fine. But just know that — that all romance is a leap of faith. You have to be willing to take the chance. I don’t want to miss out on something great with rory just because I’m scared. Okay. I’m ready. I should text him now and tell him.

[ Laughs ] I just want you to be happy and have fun. Get yourself a lightsaber. Too bad I can’t get a real one. Then no one would have to worry about my safety. But at least I’ll be with a cop, so… there is that. Give me one reason I should let you go. I didn’t want to do this so soon, but I’m afraid you forced my hand. You are not gonna call the cops on us. Us? Me. And our baby.

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