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[ Joyful music ]

Taylor: Oh. Is this really happening?

Ridge: Oh, it’s happened, it’s done. We’re back together. I’m never leaving you again.

Taylor: ‘Kay, I’m gonna believe you. Because you’re right here. In my arms.

Ridge: Back where I belong. I love you, doc.

Taylor: I love you, too.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

[ Phone ringing ] Hey.

Thomas: Hey, uh, I’m back at granddad’S. Why aren’t you calling me?

Steffy: Nothing new to report. Mom and dad still aren’t here.

Thomas: Well, that’s good news, though, right?

Steffy: I’m not sure.

Thomas: There’s only one reason dad would’ve gone to aspen. It’s to reclaim his life with our mom. Nothing else makes sense.

Steffy: I hope you’re right. I just can’t handle dad going back to brooke again.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: Oh, great. Wifi’s out.

[ Sighing ] I’m coming, ridge.

Steffy: It’s not dad I’m worried about. Him being here speaks volumes. It means he must want to be with her. I just don’t know if she’s going to say yes at this point.

Thomas: You don’t really believe that.

Steffy: That’s what she said. And it sounded like she meant it.

Thomas: Well, in the moment, maybe. But not when dad’s right in front of her telling her that he wants to be with her.

[ Donna and eric speak softly ]

Thomas: Um, I gotta go, okay? I’ll call you later. Or you call me, you know, when you find something out.

Eric: Thomas? Your father’s in aspen. Did you know about that?

Thomas: He’s with my mom.

Eric: Yes.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: Oh, how much longer? Why did you go to aspen, ridge? Not because of taylor. It can’t be.

Taylor: Turns out thomas and steffy were right. We do belong together.

Ridge: Don’t let me lose sight of that ever again, okay?

Taylor: Oh, I’m not going to let you lose sight of it. You can count on it.

Ridge: Can i hold you to that?

Taylor: You can hold me any time you want. Look at us. We did it. We really did it. When you can’t sleep…

Thomas: Yeah, ever since my mom came back to L.A., I knew this day would come, the day when my dad finally opened his eyes and saw what was right in front of him.

[ Donna scoffs ]

Donna: You mean my sister? His wife?

Thomas: No, I said my mom. You know, his past and his future.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: Look, I understand that you and, uh, that you and you sister want to see your mother and father back together. I get that. I understand. But I’m a big champion of ridge and brooke. I would be very careful about getting my hopes up too high. You could easily be in for a big disappointment.

Donna: One thing I– I know for sure, thomas, is that brooke and ridge, they always end up together.

Thomas: Not this time. Look, I’ve seen the connection between my parents. It’s always been amazing, but lately it’s just grown and grown, a love more undeniable. I think the time for my parents has finally come. And my dad has realized that he really loves my mother.

[ Donna sighing ]

Donna: Well, I– I can only hope that you’re wrong.

Thomas: I get it. She’s your sister. You’re always going to be team brooke. All right, look, this– this is gonna hurt her. And her seeing my dad finally go back to my mom, it’s going to be a big blow to her ego. But brooke’s resilient. She’ll come back. She’ll find another guy. She always does. And look, everybody’s going to end up happy. My dad will finally be with the love of his life.

Pilot: Gonna ask you to buckle up. We are starting our descent into aspen.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: Soon, ridge. I’ll be there soon. And you’re going to come home with me.

Ridge: I don’t want to forget this moment. So I’m going to go ahead and take a little mental picture of it right now.

Taylor: Okay. I’m gonna do the same thing.

Ridge: You are?

Taylor: Yeah.

Steffy: Dad? Oh, my– oh, my god. What? What am i seeing right now?

Ridge: You wanna tell her? You tell her. You– you wanna tell her?

Steffy: What is going on?

Ridge: I– I came all the way to aspen to have a moment alone with your mother.

Steffy: And? Don’t keep me in suspense. What’s going on?

Ridge: And… it turns out that moment was the first moment of the rest of our lives, together.

Steffy: Are you serious right now? Mom?

Taylor: He is telling the truth. Your father’s back home.

Steffy: Oh, my god. Is this for real?

Ridge: It took a lot of convincing and a lot of running… which was not…

Taylor: Oh, well, you know what? You should– you can keep up. I gotta keep you in shape.

Steffy: Look at you two. This is a landmark moment for our family.

Ridge: Hey, hey. Thank you. For being such an amazing woman. And for being patient enough to give me another try at this. You’re my life, my love. My home.

[ Ridge laughing] (Vo) red lobster’s finer points of fun dining

Donna: Wow. You really don’t think much of my sister, do you?

Thomas: No.

Eric: Don’t do that, thomas. Don’T.

Thomas: Wha– what would you rather I do? Lie? Look, your sister, she took a wrecking ball to my entire family. And the universe is finally righting itself now. My mom will finally have the future that your sister stole from her.

Donna: Brooke didn’t steal anything. Ridge chose her.

Eric: And he always does. Don’t underestimate how much they mean to each other.

Thomas: This time’s different. I can feel it in my gut. My dad’s done. His mind’s made up.

Donna: I wouldn’t count out my sister.

[ Thomas chuckling ]

Thomas: My dad is ready to be with someone he can trust. Someone who would never betray him. My mom would never betray him. They’re ready for their life together. Brooke’s his past.

Eric: But one thing I’ve learned, it’s never too late for brooke and ridge.

Pilot: I’m so sorry for the delay, mrs. Forrester. I hope you still have time to get to where you’re going.

Brooke: Ah, yeah, me too. Thank you.

Steffy: I can’t believe I’m looking at this right now. This is amazing. I was so afraid this wasn’t gonna happen. Especially after mom said she wasn’t gonna go through with it. Go back to dad if he asked.

Ridge: What?

Taylor: I– I– I did say that. But this is one of those rare times that things just, things just kind of work out the way that they’re supposed to. You know? Because I didn’t want to give up on us.

Ridge: You could’ve fooled me. She had me chase her up a mountain. Who runs up a mountain? Who does that?

[ Steffy laughing ] This is like a dream come true. I am so incredibly happy right now.

Ridge: I am, too. I just feel like everything is in balance again. And I just, I miss this. I need it, I think.

Taylor: Yeah, I told you so.

Ridge: I know. You’re smarter than I am.

Taylor: I’m smarter than you when it comes to you. You just need to get used to that. Gotta listen to me.

Ridge: Yes, ma’am.

Taylor: Oh, my god. Look at this, he’s on his best behavior. “Yes ma’am?” Wow!

Steffy: I’m gonna call thomas.

Taylor: Oh, that’s a good idea.

Ridge: Do the video thing.

Taylor: The video thing?

Ridge: What do you call ’em? The video thing.

Taylor: Video chat.

Ridge: You know, video chat.

Taylor: Whatever.

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Thomas chuckling ]

Thomas: What’s going on?

Steffy: See for yourself.

Taylor: Hey baby.

Ridge: Hey son!

Thomas: You guys look…

Taylor: Uh, happy.

Thomas: I hope that means what I think it means.

Ridge: What do you think– maybe you should tell him.

Taylor: I think you should probably say–

Ridge: Nah, it came from you. It would be nice–

Taylor: No, he’d like to hear from his dad probably, you know?

Thomas: Guys, stop with the torture, already.

Ridge: Okay. Well, we’re– we are…

Both: Back together.

Thomas: Seriously? Oh, that’s amazing. This is– this is the best news ever!

Ridge: Yeah, we think so, too.

Thomas: I’m so happy for you.

Taylor: Yeah. I wish you were here to celebrate.

Thomas: Me, too. But seeing your smiles, the way you’re glowing, the love you’re not hiding anymore.

Thomas: Ah, this is great. Congratulations, dad. After everything you’ve been through, glad you finally came to your senses.

Steffy: Amen to that.

Ridge: I’m going to spend the rest of my days being humbled and grateful that this woman gave me another chance. There’s nothing like volunteering

Eric: Douglas doesn’t have to do his homework.

Thomas: What? Granddad, he has a test tomorrow.

[ Douglas laughing ]

Thomas: You.

Douglas: I got you with the app, again.

Thomas: You have got to stop playing with that thing.

Douglas: Dad, it’s just an app.

Thomas: It’s not just an app. It’s something I keep asking you not to do and then keep doing it.

Eric: Douglas doesn’t have to do his homework.

Douglas: You said it.

Donna: I thought I heard you down here. What?

Eric: I did not say that.

Thomas: Okay. You need to stop playing with that thing and you go do your homework.

Douglas: Dad.

Thomas: Now.

Douglas: Dad.

Eric: Thomas, these phones are scary.

Thomas: Yeah.

Eric: All right. Any word from aspen?

Thomas: Uh, actually, I just got off the phone with them. You’re not going to like this. But my parents are back together.

Donna: What? That can’t be.

Thomas: Literally why they called to tell me.

Eric: So, brooke did not get there in time.

Donna: Eric.

Thomas: Brooke didn’t get where?

Eric: Brooke found out that ridge was up there. So she chased after him and well, obviously, um… well, she should be there by now.

Thomas: Yeah. Thanks for telling me about that. I guess it doesn’t really matter. From what I heard, it didn’t seem like brooke was there. She’s irrelevant, anyway. This is about my mom and dad reclaiming their relationship. You know, steffy and I knew it. You know, my dad just– just took a little detour. But he’s back now with my mom. You know, I– I don’t think I’ve seen him as happy as he was on that call, ever. It’s like this– this massive weight had been lifted, the weight of brooke holding him and our family down for much too long.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh. Did you see thomas’ face? He was, like, stunned and not, all at the same time.

Taylor: Yeah, he was so happy. You know? You kids, you– you saw what we couldn’T.

Ridge: Or wouldn’T. Or little bit of both, maybe.

Taylor: Yeah, I think so. You didn’t give up and you wouldn’t let me give up even when I– I did not think that there was a chance for us. So, I ran. Which is what I do. I ran from L.A. To aspen. And I ran a lot when you got here.

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: Yeah. If I’m being honest–

Ridge: You’re still a little scared, I get it.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Well, I’m going to make a promise in front of my beautiful daughter, I’m going to protect your heart from now on.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Taylor: I’m going to go upstairs. I’m just gonna–

Steffy: I get it. I’ll come up with you.

Ridge: I’ll, uh…

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Ridge! What’s going on?

Ridge: What are you doing here?

Brooke: What are you doing here?

Ridge: Taylor…

Brooke: Taylor, what?

Ridge: Taylor and i are back together.

Brooke: What? I– o– okay. I don’t know what happened. You’re going to have to explain this. Is– is– is this bill? Is it deacon?

Ridge: It’s all of it. All– all of that. It’s– it’s you and me. It’s my family with taylor, it’S… I– I can see things clearly now and I am where I need to be.

Brooke: With taylor.

Ridge: Yes.

Brooke: No. No, ridge. Look, I don’t care what promises were made. You can take all that back. It’s you and me. We are meant to be together. This isn’t the end of our love story.

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