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You’re here about a scandal involving my daughter. That’s right. As a courtesy. Okay. . Look, Ms. Peterson. You and I both know you’re not here out of any kind of courtesy. You’re trying to stir up trouble. Well, that’s not going to work because it’s a matter of public record that Mylan killed Ray Coates. And not only do I not come back away from that, I am committed to exposing and dealing with the pandemic of domestic abuse in this country.

You can spare me the campaign rhetoric. It’s not rhetoric, and don’t try to twist my words. I don’t and never will condone vigilante justice. Yes, Christ. Look, Lonnie, she was wrong, but she owned up to it and now she’s serving time. Justice was served and that’s not our scandal. It’s, it’s a tragedy. Yeah.

Well, that’s all well and good, but I wasn’t talking about Bonnie. I’m talking about your other daughter, Chanel.

I think we should have that threesome with Alex c I hope we’re not keeping you from anything important. No, no. I was just having a cheeseburger with my brother just Will told me that Sunny is out of the hospital. Yep. He got discharged a couple hours ago. Great. So he’s He’s all good. Yeah, he’s good. He’s great.

Yeah. Well, now that we’ve established that, it’s great. That Sunny’s great. You wanna tell me why you guys called me over here? Yes. Yes. We would love to tell you why we called you over here, Chanel. How? How would you put it? Hmm. I thought you put it beautifully when you came up with the idea in the first place.

Right? Well, Right. All right. I again, um, am mind telling me what the idea is or No? Of course. Um, Chanel and I, we were wondering if maybe, um, if you were still up for it,

And I would like to take you up on your offer,

Chad. Yes, Stephanie. I have to, I have to ask you something serious. Okay. You can proceed. Um, I know you said you were trying to move on from Abigail the ass, but is this the kissing just now? Is that too soon? I think we should get outta here. We could have a nightcap at my place. That sounds perfect. The only thing is I don’t think I can drive

We either, I think I’m over. I, I,

I think this calls for a ride. I couldn’t agree with you more.

You were never married to Jake, were you? This marriage certificate is a total fraud and And we have your word for that, right? Oh, a hell of a lot more than my word. As I told you, I had a team of handwriting experts go over this document and they all conclude that Ms. Fatty signature was. But Jake’s has been forged.

You inherited that guy’s contact list. You, You could have hired a team of experts to conclude that the earth is flat. Hmm. I could, but I didn’t. Monia Renee Droy of the Cty is prepared to testify. Oh, and how’d you get him to sign on? You got his grandkids locked away in a Dara dungeon, Some. You need to be very careful.

You know, I should have known, I should have seen this coming. It’s always a warning sign when you started acting like an actual human being. You did all these supposedly nice things for just to what? Pulled a rug out from under her over some stupid signature. Oh, I assure you, Johnny, my boy, It’s over a hell of a lot more than that.

Like through the hour class. So are

all right. All right. So what’s the rest of it? You see you have more than a signature? Sadly, yes. My team of detectives were finally able to track down the person at City Hall who entered Jake and Ava’s marriage license into their system. And it was long after Jake was already dead. Ava already explained all that.

Oh, you mean the inordinately? Long time it supposedly took to process. You see, the funny thing is, All the documentation for the marriage was generated after Jake was already dead, including the application for the license. So believe me, son Jake was already lying dead in the morgue at the moment. It was so called Blessed Union with Ava.

Is this true? And were, were you married to Jake or not?

No. No, I wasn’t.

Are you sure This is. My dad stays with my mom at the hospital, so we’ve got place all know ourselves. Um, how about that? ICAP Scotch? Yeah. Okay, great. Well then sit down, make yourself at home. Take your shoes off

my offer. What was my offer? You know the thing that we talked about a time before, I mean, we talked about a lot of things before. Yeah. But the thing that you said the three of us could do together, you wanna take the drive to the Wisconsin Dells together? I mean, it’s a little bit after the season, but I heard they had indoor water slides.

Oh, really? Yeah. I did not know that. Well, they have this like climate control system. It’s supposed to feel just like. Right. But you know, I do wonder what that does to the environment. Really. I really, This is the offer that you wanted to talk about that we invited him over for a glass of wine to, to discuss and plan a trip to the Dells.

Well, maybe we should all do a duck tour. Wait, maybe they’re not ecologically sound. Yeah, I don’t think we’re talking about the Dells. It seems to me that if you can’t bring yourself to use the word threesome, then maybe you’re not quite ready for one

good offer.

Jake and I weren’t married. That is not his signature on the certificate. Mm. Think about it, Johnny let it sink in. Your uncle wasn’t even cold before. She’s brun into action. She mourned his passing by, devising away to claim his family inherit. Was it a simple ceremony, a just you, the dead groom and his stock portfolio,

So it was all just a lie? No, no. I loved Jake and he did ask me to marry him a day. As a matter of fact, on the day that he died, he, he said we could have a long engagement that he wasn’t going to pressure me. And I was just, I was insecure about Gabby, you know, I was wondering if he really was over her and he knew that, he knew I was worried about that, which is why he wanted to make the commitment.

He wanted to prove that what we had was real, so, So when I finally said yes, he just ran, He ran over to the jeweler and he got me this beautiful ring. The jeweler went ahead and threw in the wedding bands for free

So when you saw him lying that, that you just slipped it onto his finger? No, it wasn’t like that.

What was it like?

It was Gabby’s idea. And I just did what you told me to.

Okay. Look, if this is about her being bisexual, the days when that was a scandal are, thank God, long over. So I stand with my daughter as I stand with the entire LGBTQ community. So maybe, yeah, perhaps. Little scandal is that she’s now with the twin sister of the man. She’s just divorced. If you would, let me explain Ms.

Price. This has nothing to do with Chanel’s relationship with Allie Horton or her marriage to Johnny Damira. I’m not here because of who your daughter associates with. I’m here because of something she did. I have to say I’m a little taken aback why it was your idea. Hmm. No, I remember. And that it was my idea.

I’m taking it back that you remember too. It’s you plural, right? We are all on the same page here. All three of us talking about the same thing. Yes. Yes. Unless you are no longer interesting. No, no. I never said anything about me not being interested. I just remember saying that maybe we could explore other things together.

But I also remember you telling me that hell would freeze over before you took me up on it. So what made you change your mind?

Cheers. Well, what are we gonna drink to that we haven’t been drinking to all day . Um, how about. To where the night takes us. I like that. It is very to the point. Sucks in sucks ink. That’s what I said. Sucks in tined. . Succinct with a T. It means to the point. I know I’m kind of auc reductive. Red redundant.

Okay, wait, so what was our toast again? I don’t know. I forgot. Um, wait. Coming back to. To where the night takes. Yes. Cheers.

Sorry. Don’t be.

So Gabby put you up to a, Why am I not surprised? I don’t understand.

I was at the hospital. And Kayla had just told me that Jake had just died. And I asked if I could see him, if I could go into his room. And I was in there and I was trying to say goodbye. And that’s when Kathy came in two comfort, bereaved, right. Did you two good Catholic girls say the Rosary watch.

Come on,

Gabby. You told me that your father was coming and that he was, he was gonna get his hands on. Jake shares two vultures circling the caucus. I was in shock and I was grieving. Gabby wasn’t, She was calculating. No, you’re right. She was. She was calculating. She was cold hearted and she was just trying to get his money.

Remind you of anyone. AJ


So Debbie, um, she convinced me that now that Jake was dead, that I put nothing. You’d have your memories. Would you just let her talk,

Johnny? I was scared. and I was alone and

shape wanted to marry me. It’s what he wanted. And so his , those rings were still in his pocket and I.

I slipped one on his finger and I slipped the other one on mine, and then Gabby said she’d take care of the rest. And as always, she was as good as her words.

Okay. I’m talking about an incident that happened while she was at college. Perhaps this will refresh your memory.

I think that’s a valid question, Allie. Well, Us inviting you over. It was kind of my idea. And you’re on board with that? Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm. , totally. It’s just Chanel and I recently, we’ve been, I don’t know, we’ve just been going through a rough patch and we feel like we’re being bombarded by all of this outside stuff, and it’s leaving us feeling less close, less connected than we wanna be.

And you. , maybe bringing somebody else into the mix might fix things. I think that we thought of it more as an, an adventure, something exciting that we could share. Right. Yeah. Really it’s, it’s not so much about the other person, really. Not at all, but more so about the two of us sharing something together.

not about the other person at all. Noted. And that is flattering. Okay. Not about the other person emotionally. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And look, when you first brought this up, which was what the, like first time we met you, hey, Aw, we just thought that you were in it for a good time. Mm. Yeah. And we, we wouldn’t wanna try it with anyone who might think of it as something more.

Yeah. So that’s why we thought of, Ooh, because I’m so shallow. Well, how would that be? The save of the moment? Oh, that’s better. Thank you. And hey, you’re single, so there’s no one that would get jealous unless there’s something going on between you and Stephanie.

I’m sorry.

Let’s cut on my bracelet. Sorry. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Okay. I can’t do this.

I’m sorry.

What do you want, Ms. Peterson? It’s not what I want. As I said, I’m here on behalf of my client. This is obviously about what they want, and that is, I’m sure you’ve realized that if the contents in this file were to become public, your campaign would be over and you would’ve absolutely no chance of becoming governor.

So $24,000 question. Who’s your client? That’s not something you need to know. I’m here to act as a facilitator. Perhaps some kind of arrangement could be made. What kind of an arrangement? I believe a financial one would work. So financial arrangement turns out to be a euphemism for black male. Tomato.

Tomato. Tell me Ms. Peterson. What’s that? I like down there at the bottom of the barrel. Me and Stephanie. We know she told you you didn’t have a chance with her. What if that’s changed? No, nothing’s changed, especially after what I just saw. I went by Julie’s place. Mm-hmm. . And I saw the Ice Princess Stephanie pretty much sitting on Chad Dara’s lap.

So since it looks like she and Chad are gonna make a night of it,

if you too want to take me up on my offer, I say hell yeah. To do it.

I’m sorry. Uh, I, I don’t, I wanted to come here and now, uh, now I can’t go through there. No, it’s okay. Uh, no it’s not. I’m. I’m sorry. I hope you, I hope you understand that it has absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact, I really enjoy hanging out with you. I was really great. I just can’t do it. It’s okay.

We, we both are in really bad places right now. You’re missing your wife and I’m worried about my mom and Chad. Spending time with you was great for me too, but I, I don’t wanna just have sex with you to forget that I’m scared outta my mind about my mom. Okay, so then we just filing under a very bad idea.


Well, Gabby certainly did take care of everything, didn’t she? To both your mutual benefits. Look, I can’t defend what I did, but if I was going to have any second thoughts, EJ shut them down. As soon as he showed up at the hospital, he went full ceo. He wasn’t there to say goodbye to his brother. He was there to proclaim that he, EJ Jamara was, was in charge, right?

He he was. He was next of kin. He was head of the family executor of the will. He was in charge. But you were there ahead of me, weren’t you? And even then, you had to know that you couldn’t keep up this scam forever, that the truth would finally catch up with you. And today is that day.

Yeah, you’re right aj. It is time I paid the piper.

I am sorry that I lied.

I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me. Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that she used your uncle’s death to steal what didn’t belong to her. Oh, you shut up. She hasn’t done anything close to the crap you’ve pulled and says, So what? Well, why shouldn’t she get some Jake’s money? The Deras have more money than they know what to do with the damir is due.

Not you, . Oh, well thank you. Thank you father for reminding me.

Look, I could see how upset you were about my uncle Jake. I could see how much you loved him. So, so you let me believe that you married him. You never lied me about anything else. And that in this house is a very rare thing, but as we all know, all good things must come to an end. What are you doing? If you think I’m doing?

I’m calling the cost. I have to know where to start, Why a fraud, identity fraud, corporate fraud. Oh, I will also need to check out if you filed on, uh, Jake’s Life Insurance. Anywhere you look at is if you’ll be going away for a very long. So I’m gonna get the ball rolling on this show. No. Okay. No,

I don’t like being threatened. Ms. Peterson, I’m not threatening you. I’m simply explaining to you your options. You can just check your options and just shove them where the sun don’t shine. If the voters can’t understand that my daughter’s actions don’t reflect on my own, then hey, you know, perhaps I am not the right candidate for the office.

Well, I did enjoy your profiles and courage moment, but this just isn’t about you think what could happen to Chanel and her freedom should this information become public?

To one of the best nights of our lives, Jeff. Cheers. Hm. Whoa,

one of the best nights of our lives. Trust me, I think this is going to be incredible, which means it’s gonna have to be repeated. Mm-hmm. , Oh, you are pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you? I didn’t necessarily mean repeated with me, but once you do this once, you don’t wanna do it again. Oh, so you’ve done this before?

Millions of times. All right. Twice. Twice. But it was amazing both times and I got a feeling this time is going to be even better.

So how do we start?

Is that okay? It was definitely okay.

Dad, don’t do this. Look, Ava went. She made a mistake. She was grieving and she did something stupid. Son do. You can’t get emotional about things like this. Look, I know that you care about now you like to call me son? Yeah, you like to call me son. You like to tell me how much you love me? Well, if you love me as much as you say you do, you will put that phone it.

Five. I won’t send her to prison. Thank you. As long as she leaves Salem immediately and never returns,

you can’t be serious. I’m deadly serious. Your bags are in the foyer. I told Harold not to unpack and knew you wouldn’t be.

This is, this is ridiculous. Like you don’t have the right to just, just send her away. It’s okay, Johnny. I’ll go.

Well, I’ll leave the boat with you to say goodbye and I mean, goodbye. Ava. Not a rivere.

Need to keep this in a spot.

Chanel’s Freedom. That doesn’t exactly look legal, does it? You might wanna take a closer look at. Don’t worry. I’ve made copies of it all, so I’m happy to leave this here with you. Why don’t you take the night to think about it and then get back to me. Okay.

I should call a. Jack’s watching the kids. I should probably make sure my kids haven’t torn the house apart. Good idea,

Chad. I I was just thinking that it’s probably best that we didn’t sleep together on the very first day I hired you. Yeah. Are we okay? Are you kidding? We got all the awkwardness outta the way tonight. There’s nowhere to go but up. Okay.

We’ll see how work tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Kiss me.

It’s love, love, love.

It’s love, love, love. It’s love, love, love.

Is that all you have to say?

That was hot. Yeah, it was. And I’m dehydrated. I need a drink. You need a drink?

Round two. Oh,

you okay? Oh, I am better than, Okay. How?

I love,

I love.

Tell mom I love her and dad try to get some sleep.

Stephanie Polina Price. Call me as soon as you get this. I need to see you as soon as possible. We’ve got a big problem.

Paper. No. Hey, this is crazy. My dad can’t just drive you out of town. He’s not the sheriff of Salem. No, but he won’t have any problem talking to the police commissioner. It’s not exactly my biggest fan look. Besides there’s, there’s nothing left from me here.

Almost. That’s, Look, I’m so sorry that we’ll never know what could have been. Maybe I should come with you.

It’s sweet of you though. But it’s best that we part ways here.

I love nothing but like memories.

Well, I see the vis sled off to find a new Nest . I bet you’re pretty pleased with yourself, but I will make you pay for this if it’s the last thing I.

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