Days Short Recap Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Stefan that he asked Johnny and Ava to move back in the mansion. He needed them close so they could get the votes to kick Gabi out of DiMera Enterprises. EJ noticed how sexy Gabi is. Stefan admitted that shew as beautiful, but he was repulsed by her. EJ wondered why he was still wearing his wedding ring if he’s repulsed by her. Stefan didn’t know why he was wearing it. He had it on when he was brought back to life. EJ told him that he and Gabi were in love when he “died.” Stefan said his opinion was the only one that matter and he didn’t want to be with her. EJ said that he should take it off. Ava went to see Gabi and told her about EJ wanting her to move back in the mansion. Gabi told her that she shouldn’t trust him. Gabi told her not to move back in the mansion. Ava told her that EJ wanted Johnny back too. Gabi changed her tune and said she should go back to the mansion after all.

Rafe and Jada wanted to surprise Eric and Nicole at Basic Black. Eric got info about Marlena, Kayla and Kate when Nicole walked in the room. He updated her about what happened with them. Nicole thought he should be with his mother. She assured him there was a cure. She tried to make him feel better about what’s going on with Marlena and company. He hugged her while they were talking. Rafe and Jada walked in on them hugging. Eric and Nicole pulled apart and explained why they were hugging. Jada wanted to know what happened with Marlena, but Eric couldn’t get into that now. Nicole wanted to help him control his emotions. He didn’t have an appetite and wanted to go home. Jada offered to go with him. Eric and Jada left the room.

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