Days Short Recap October 5, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nancy and Mike ran into each other in the town square. They had a tense reunion. He remembered what she did when he was in Salem before. She told him about Craig and Clyde. She let him know that she was paying for her wrongdoings. He shared with her that he thought he was gay at a point. He was glad things changed. She told him that she and Craig were in a good place. He let her know that he was going to be in New York and she said she was going back there too. Jennifer was nervous waiting for Mike. She wanted to get the rehab started. Jack assured her that everything would be taken care of when they get to New York. Jennifer didn’t want him to go with her. She told him that she would be in treatment and Gwen needed him. Jack held her and told her how much he loved her. She didn’t want to let Abby down again. Mike arrived to get her. She told him that admitting that she needed help was the hardest thing to do. Jennifer said goodbye to Doug and Julie. She started to cry in front of Jack. He assured her that it wasn’t goodbye. She touched him and left with Mike. Leo ran into Craig and he wanted to apologize for accusing him of murder. Craig told him that he was the first man he fell for and their relationship would always be special to him. Craig said he still had feelings for him, but he heard him talking on the phone with Gwen about needing a sugar daddy. Leo said he tried to blackmail Jack, but it didn’t work out for him.

Craig told Leo that being with him was like being on the edge of a cliff. He thought Nancy was a good and solid person. he couldn’t be with someone like him. Rex told John that there hasn’t been in changes on the women’s illnesses. He said the only cure was the one Rolf made. He told John that the flower Rolf used doesn’t exist anymore. John knew Rolf would have a cure. Rex said they didn’t know where he could be. John thought Stefan would know where to find him. Rex planned on tracking him down. Kristen went to visit Marlena at the hospital. She lied and told her that she found out about her condition at the hospital. They talked about the orchid that was needed for the cure. Kristen flashed back to Rolf showing her the orchid. Marlena knew that John and Steve would find it and give it to Rex to create a cure. Kristen wanted a favor. Marlena didn’t think anyone could make her laugh. She wanted her to think of Rachel. Kristen wanted her to talk to Brady about Rachel. Marlena refused to help her get Rachel. Kristen wished her luck on the orchid. Kristen said it would be a shame if the people she loved died.

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