Days Short Recap Monday, October 3, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to see Jennifer. She told him she was going to rehab. She told him that Mike was in charge of a facility that she was going to in New York. Chad apologized for relying on her too much. He thought he made things worse while she was struggling. He said he was glad Abby got justice. Jennifer said it wasn’t enough. He told her he saw Abby. He said he needed to be strong. She was surprised that he talked to Abby. Jennifer said she saw Abby too. She said she let people down. He said people let her down too. He said she felt like a mother to him. He said Abby would want it. He said Abby would want them to be close. Jennifer said they were. When he left, she thought about the accident. She was shocked when she realized it was Gwen that she hit. Gwen woke up from a nightmare she had about the accident. When she woke up, she saw Sarah in her room. Sarah asked if she remembered anything about the accident. Sarah asked if she remembered the accident. Sarah asked if she remembered the driver. Sarah said she was glad she was awake so she could talk to her about framing her and Abby. Gwen asked what did she want from her. Sarah wanted to know if she was out for revenge. Gwen said she did everything she could to separate her from Xander. Gwen said Sarah won in the end and got what she wanted. Sarah apologized to her. Sarah said she saw the bitterness in her eyes. She said Gwen wasn’t sorry. She warned Gwen to stay away from Xander.

When Sarah left, Leo went to see Gwen. Gwen remembered that Jennifer was the one who hit her. Gwen wondered if Jennifer did it on purpose. Leo said Jennifer did it on purpose. He said they were going to expose Jennifer. She wanted to know what he was talking about. He said they were going to blackmail Jennifer and make money. Xander ran into Jack at the pub. Jack was looking t the police report about Gwen’s accident. Xander asked if there were any leads on what happened to Gwen. Jack said there weren’t any leads. Jack told him he thought Jennifer was the one who hit Gwen. Jack told him about what has been going on with Jennifer. Xander said he was doing the best he could. Jack said he wasn’t sure if Jennifer would remember what happened. He said he didn’t know how to tell her the news. He said he had to find out if she did it or not. Xander said he wouldn’t say anything. Jack said he had to get home to find out what was going on. When Jack went home, he saw Leo there. Jack wanted to know why Leo was at his house. Leo said he had to get out his checkbook. Jennifer went to see Gwen. Gwen asked if she was trying to finish her off.

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