Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Elena tells Devon that the reason she and Nate are taking a break from their relationship is because Nate has become power hungry and is determined to prove himself to him and Lily. Devon talks to Nate later and Nate explains that Elena thought his career change was temporary, and that once he got tired of it he would return to being a doctor.

Esther accepts Devon’s job offer to be the receptionist for Chancellor Winters and tells him that his grandmother Katherine would be very proud of him.

Victoria tells Nate that Tucker Mcall (now played by Trevor St. John) is back in town and she thinks he might want to buy Chancellor Winters stock when the company goes public. Victoria asks Nate to find out if Devon is working with Tucker or if Devon knows Tucker is back in town. Diane tells Tucker that she doesn’t want to spy for him anymore but he says he still needs her to spy for him.

Nick and Victoria tell Victor Tucker was an unwelcome guest at Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal so Victor heads to the Grand Phoenix to have a talk with Tucker but, when Victor arrives, Diane is in Tucker’s hotel room because they are still talking about what he needs her to do.

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