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[ Dramatic music ]

[ Door latching ]

Thomas: Hey, did you, huh, see brooke? What did she say?

Ridge: No.

Thomas: No, you didn’t see her? Or she didn’t admit to calling C.P.S.?

Ridge: She didn’t admit to anything. She lied to me again.

Brooke: Thank you for pushing the reservation back, bernard. Yes, private cabana overlooking the ocean would be perfect. Okay, nine o’clock. See you then.

Liam: That’s your dinner reservation with ridge?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. I think ridge and I need a night alone together, just to hear the waves lapping on the rocks and see the stars in the sky.

Liam: Yeah, that sounds nice. Hope and I could probably use one of those too, actually. Speaking of– hey, do you know where she is?

Brooke: Well, she left a little while ago, and she did say that she was going to the office.

Liam: Well, unfortunately, hope being at the office means hope being with thomas

Steffy: Bill, letting us use his house in aspen is one thing, but letting our family have first dibs at buying it, that’s another. I mean, he must be mellowing out.

Taylor: Huh?

Steffy: Mom, are you all right? Please just talk to me.

Taylor: Oh, honey, just um… just overthinking about overthinking, you know? You have been a huge help.

Steffy: If that were true, dad would be right here beside you, jetting off to aspen on a romantic getaway. Who knows, you could be getting married?

Taylor: Steffy, please. Please, you’re killing me. I– I don’t want this. Ridge, ridge is married, okay? I don’t want this back and forth anymore. It’s so painful. I just want to move on with my life, I want more for myself. And your father would be the first one to tell you that.

Liam: It’s so tempting, I just wanna drive right over to forrester and see for myself. It’s fine, I’m sure it’s fine, I’m sure hope just– she’s it works, she– she gets distracted. It’s– it’s not a big deal.

Brooke: Or maybe thomas is doing all he can to keep her there so he can spend even more time with her.

Liam: Well, I wanna believe that if that’s true, hope would realize it, you know. But… but it is hope. We both know your daughter. She wants so badly to believe that thomas is different now and that it’s his love for douglas that caused the change in him, you know, she just wants everything to work out.

Brooke: Yeah, I mean, we all do. Especially for douglas’ sake. But ridge, and taylor, steffy, and that whole family, they think that thomas is harmless. But I don’t know, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust thomas.

Steffy: Mom, you love dad, and he loves you. Just wish there was a way you guys could figure it out.

Taylor: What are we supposed to do, you know? Pretend ridge isn’t married or that brooke doesn’t exist?

Steffy: Yeah, he’s married to this woman who can’t keep her eyes and lips off of every other guy, who also claims that dad is her destiny. I’m just so sick and tired of hearing the word “destiny.” The only thing that relationship is destined for is heartbreak. Dad’s seeing it. Soon, he’s gonna have enough of her drama. Dad is gonna see who brooke logan really is.

Thomas: Brooke lied? To your face? I’m sorry, dad. I know what this must be doing to you. I haven’t had the warmest or fuzziest feelings about brooke, you know that. Uh, but, she is your wife. But still though, I mean, for her not to confess? We literally heard her voice, she said her name–

Ridge: I know! I know.

Thomas: So, what did she say? Did you call her out on it? Why do dermatologists worldwide recommend

Thomas: She had a perfect chance to come clean?

Ridge: Yeah.

Thomas: What’d she say?

Ridge: She said she didn’t know who could have done that.

Thomas: She actually said that with a straight face? That’s a new low, even for brooke. What’d you say?

Ridge: I didn’t say anything, what’s the point? She lied on the phone. She lied to my face.

Thomas: I’m sorry.

Ridge: I got to go think.

Brooke: I think what we need to do is to stop thomas from taking this any further.

Liam: Yeah, but how do we do that? Thomas has all the leverage right now because he knows hope does not want this escalating into a court battle.

Brooke: Well, I don’t think thomas wants that either. But now he’s got douglas living with him and douglas saying he wants to spend more time with his dad.

Liam: Which puts thomas squarely in the driver’s seat.

Brooke: You and I both tried talking to him, and we got nowhere. So, it seemed at the time. But there are things that thomas has no control over.

Liam: There are? Like what?

Brooke: Well, it just seems like things have gone his way lately. Like, he’s got douglas living with him, and he has no intention of returning him to hope any time soon. And now, he’s got this little family, him and douglas, and hope. And now, beth is going over there to visit.

Liam: Yeah, yeah, I mean despite all my nagging, it really does feel like hope is becoming vulnerable to thomas again, even though she’s telling me that’s not what’s happening.

Brooke: It’s time, liam. Now, we just have to push back. Thomas needs to realize that he can’t just have whatever he wants.

Thomas: Oh, god. Of course, of course.

[ Thomas sighs loudly ] Spilling coffee, on a white shirt, had to be white, tsk.

Hope: Can’t catch a break, huh?

[ Thomas chuckles ]

Hope: I actually, I came by to talk to you, I… heard about C.P.S. Coming to the house.

[ Thomas sighs ]

Steffy: I can see the mountains, we’re almost in aspen. Believe in dad, okay? Your love for each other.

[ Ridge sighs ]

[ Ridge sighs ]

Ridge: Why would you do this, brooke? Why? We’ve forgiven each other for so many things. Here we are again. What am I doing with my life? I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Brooke: Thomas has gotten away with a lot in the past, and I don’t want that to be true this time.

Liam: I mean, neither do I. But the guy’s got the entire forrester family in his corner, and now he’s got hope cutting him way more slack than she ought to be. So…

Brooke: We have to just keep warning her about thomas. We can’t let him get to hope more than he already has, especially for douglas’ sake.

Thomas: I’m gonna grab a shirt, just one second. In case I spill coffee again.

[ Thomas chuckles ] Huh, look, I know why you’re here, or at least I think I do. So, maybe I should tell you my side of things. Um… basically what happened is, I was cutting up an apple with my pocket knife, which you’ve seen before, on a cutting board. But brooke walked in and freaked out and thought, I don’t know, I don’t know what she thought. Maybe that I was too close to douglas or something. But I want you to know, like, there’s never a point in time where douglas’ safety isn’t, like, my first priority. I would never let him hold the knife, or play around with it, or anything like that. And then C.P.S. Shows up and… look, I– I didn’t want douglas to be put in that situation, but there’s nothing else I could have done. You know, these strangers coming into the house talking to him, but honestly, he was fine, he took it in stride. It was pretty amazing to see. Anyway, if you’re gonna just get upset with me, then–

Hope: No, I’m– I’m not.

Thomas: You’re not.

Hope: Thomas, I know douglas loves you, and I know you love your son, and you would never put him in harm’s way. I don’t believe you would do something like that.

Thomas: That’s incredible to hear. I’ve done some, um… some pretty awful things, and breached your trust, and hurt you and… I mean, it’s kind of amazing that we’ve gotten to this point now, I guess.

[ Hope laughs ]

Thomas: Um, anyway, god, just, thank you, hope. Thank you so much.

Steffy: Just spoke to the pilot. We’re landing very soon.

Taylor: Mm.

Steffy: You okay?

Taylor: Nope. You don’t need to keep asking.

Steffy: Well, you’re my mom. I just wanna see you happy.

Taylor: Honey, you– you make me happy. And thomas, and douglas, and kelly, and hayes, and finn make me happy.

Steffy: And dad.

Taylor: Do I love your dad? Yes, a part of me always will. But… the life that I’ve been wanting with him isn’t possible. Not like this.

Ridge: What am I doing? My true love. My destiny. What is that? What is my destiny?

With less

moderate-to-severe eczema,

Liam: It’s just what we thought. Hope is still with forrester, with thomas.

Brooke: So, donna confirmed it.

Liam: Yeah, they’re in the ceo office. She thinks they’re probably talking about “hope for the future,” but I can’t imagine hope not bringing up this C.P.S. Thing with him, too.

Brooke: Well, I’m sure he’ll just say that it was nothing. He’ll tell hope and the rest of the family, they have nothing to worry about in regards to douglas.

Liam: Yeah, no, of course he’s gonna say that. But if– even if it turned out to be nothing, the fact that somebody felt they had to call legitimizes our concerns about him.

Brooke: Mm-hmm, and you and I don’t want hope to spend more time with him because we know how manipulative he can be.

Liam: I know that your feelings about thomas have created some tension between you and ridge.

Brooke: I love ridge, and he loves me but he also loves his son. So, I have to be very careful on what I say, because I don’t want it to blow up in my face, and ruin things for us.

Othello: All set.

Steffy: Thank you.

Othello: Steffy, aspen’s missed you.

Steffy: I’ve really missed aspen. I’m hoping to reconnect on this trip, in a lot of ways.

Othello: I was so surprised to hear that bill is selling this place. You know, being a realtor, your family should really snatch this place up.

Steffy: We’ll see, we’ll see.

Othello: All right, let me know if you need anything. Rezzies, vip.

Steffy: Yeah.

Othello: Bill told me to hook you up.

Steffy: I might take you up on it.

Othello: All right, sounds good.

Steffy: Good to see you.

Othello: Good to see you.

Steffy: Bye. Thanks again, othello.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Taylor: Mm, you know, coming here was a really good idea. Maybe I can even get a fresh new perspective.

Steffy: I don’t think you need a fresh perspective, mom. You love dad. And you want to be with him, right?

Taylor: We both know the answer to that. I mean, he is the great love of my life.

Steffy: Mom, when dad’s marriage to brooke comes to an end, and I am certain it will, it’s not gonna be because of you. It’ll be brooke’s doing.

Ridge: My destiny… I don’t even know what the hell that means anymore.

Thomas: Steffy and I have

seen you go back and forth

between our mom and brooke

so many times,

it’s painful for us,

but it’s painful for her, too.

Steffy: Stop wasting

your time on brooke.

Have the life you deserve, dad.

Have it with mom.

You can find true happiness

with mom.

Go back to her.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

[ Brooke sobbing ]

Brooke: Child protective services doesn’t just show up at your doorstep for no reason.

Ridge: No, somebody call them, we’re trying to figure out who that was.

Brooke: I certainly don’t know who it was.

[ Pinecone crashing ]

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