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Chloe honey, I’m telling you, you feel much better this morning. Yes.

A decent night sleeps made me realize how lucky I am to, um, to be done with Clyde honey. Yes. I love you too. Yes. Okay. I’ll talk to you soon. Okay.

Oh, thank God. No one can see your mother now. How ridiculous to I look. Let’s just.

You, Laura, Wonderful, wise woman. We miss you

so much.

Thank you darling. For suggesting we stop by here after we left the flowers on Abigail’s last resting place. That’s still so hard to say, isn’t it? The Horton family has had so much loss in such a short time. Two beautiful women still so much to live for. I suppose there is some comfort in knowing that Clive Weston is going to rot in prison for what he did to have a gal,

but I’m guessing I’m going to have to wait until the roll is called up yonder to see Gwen Rez check fee forbidden entry through the pearl gates for what she did. Laura.

Jennifer, what brings you by come to finish me off.

Ooh, you look a bit like a deer caught in headlights. Is that how I looked? Just before you pressed the gas pedal down to the floor?

That’s right. I remember who was behind the wheel of the car, who hit me, person who tore into me and left me there for dead. That was you.

I don’t know where you get your information from. I think you newspaper boys like to call it a primary source. See, Gwenny told me that Jenny was behind the wheel of the car that ran her down. Gwen told me she didn’t see the driver. Well, I just came from her hospital room and while she was telling me this horrific story about what happened to her, her memory of everything that happened last night came rushing back to her and it wasn’t hard to make Gwen realize that Jennifer did this on purpose.

And I bet you gave it a really hard sell. Jennifer needs to make, what’s the word? Oh, I know. Restitution. And that’s going to come in the form of a check from you, that lot of zeros attached. If you wanna make this all go away, that is

like Sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Look great. Please stay away from me. I, I, I didn’t come here to hurt you. I came here to tell you how very, very sorry I am for what I did to you,

okay? You really made this. Yeah, well, I’ve only read about 10,000 corporate announcements in that time. I really appreciate having you as a sounding board. I’ve been so worried about my mom that I’m finding it really hard to concentrate, and if I don’t get a handle on all of this work I have to do, I’m gonna start losing clients.

And the first one that’s going to be me.

Do you own a calendar? If you did, you’d see that the election is one month away. I know that. And do you know that my polling numbers, they’re going down? Yes. But, And that mailer that you promised would get into the hands of the voters by last weekend. Did that happen? I’m sorry. They got held up at the printers.

I was going to follow up, but, but the only butt that I want to hear about is mine and what, how you’re doing what it takes to get me behind that big old desk at the State House. Do I make myself. Crystal,

I, I’m wearing this thing on my head because I’m getting highlights. I’m Bonnie thought that a new would perk me up and Bonnie doesn’t take no for an answer. Well, I’m sure your hairs can look just beautiful. And that’s off flowers. Mm-hmm. , who are they for? Who like STAs and pink roses. I

you. You brought me flowers. Yes. Craig. Why would you bring flowers and what are you even doing here? See, I’m here because I wanting to see how you are.

Having second thoughts about trying to kill me. Oh, Quinn, No, no. It, it wasn’t deliberate. I swear I didn’t even see you, but until it was too late, you didn’t see me. You knew you hit me with your car and you still didn’t stop to help me. I don’t, I, I wish I could tell you. I left. I just don’t, I just, I just can’t, But I didn’t even remember Okay.

Until like an hour ago. And as soon as I remembered, I, I, I knew I had to see you. You’re telling me you have no memory of fleeting someone with your. No, because when I did it, when I hit you, I wasn’t in my right mind. I was, Hi,

is Gwen on board with his blackmail scheme of yours? Blackmail is such a cold, hard word. I like to think of this as a settle. You didn’t answer my question. Did Gwen authorize your being here and acting on her behalf? We had begun to discuss that possibility and we were interrupted by one of the many people providing her with very expensive medical care.

She doesn’t know you’re here. I took it upon myself to see gay resolution that benefits all parties involved. I find it very hard to believe that Gwen would prove this when she and I talked last night. Well, that was probably before your wife tried to turn her into a hood ornament. That is not what happened.

It was a hideous act with malicious intent. It was an accident,

but darling remember, That Gwen told us Laura’s death was an accident. Gwen is a liar. Darling, when I think of what Jennifer is going through, when I think of what, what the hell her mother could have been to her, I just swear I could throw things.

Laura meant so much to those people who loved her through her words were never spoken.

So, um, how did you even know that I was here? Bonnie called me. and she told me you were here. I’m glad she did. I’m, I’m relieved. And then she also asked me drop by. So that’s why you’re here, Nancy. I am here because Bonnie thought you needed another friend to talk to besides her.

I still am your friend, aren’t I?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

I want you to get those mailers out by today and I want you to set up a press conference, the kind that makes me national news. And if this doesn’t happen by the end of business today, then I’m going to have to, Okay. Stephanie’s not gonna say anything, so I will. Her mother’s in the hospital right now, so maybe you could cut her a break.

Oh. I’m very sorry to to hear that, but Oh, if you, you can’t do the job, Stephanie, then why are you not delegating someone else in your firm? And you could have at least informed me that you are dealing with a family emergency. Mr. Price, if you could just look, if you will just kindly stay out of this young man.

This is between me and Ms. Johnson, Chad. It’s okay. Really, you’re absolutely right. Ms. Price. I should have delegated and I should have told you about my. I’m sorry I dropped the ball on those mailers. I will have those out today and then I will start working on the press conference. That’s just what I wanted to hear.

And look, um, I’m sorry for laying into you like that.

I’m truly, I’m, I’m truly sorry to hear that your mom’s in the hospital. I’m praying four. I appreciate that. I will call you later to let you know when those mailers have. Thank you. Thank you. The, oh, you know, speaking of delegating, why don’t you let your assistant here pick up some slack. He’s not my assistant.

This is my friend Chad Damara. Chad Damara. Oh, good Lord. I came with a head of steam and didn’t take the time to find out who you were. Uh, Mr. Damara, uh, you, you have my sympathies. You know about what happened, Their poor wife. Such a terrible tragedy.

My wife and I buried our daughter a few weeks ago. We’re doing our best to help take care of her two young children. I know you’ve been through a lot and I’m sure you’re worried sick about Gwen, which is why it would be awful for you to lose your wife. What the hell is that supposed to be? Well, you called what happened to Gwen in accident by which you’re admitting your wife’s liability.

Did she confess? No. I was speaking hypothetically. If Jennifer had done something like that to another person, it would not have been intentional. The point is that it happened and now you know about it. What’s your cut of this settlement that you’re pushing?

You. You know, you’re not the only one who’s had a rough couple of months. I was wrongfully accused of killing poor Abigail. I had to hire a lawyer who’s now threatening to take me to court. Why don’t we just keep it easy? You can write a check for say a million books. I can’t do that. Oh dear. And I guess I’ll have to alert the police folks at the intruder and tell them about Jennifer.

Accident. What I mean is I don’t have a million dollars in my personal checking account. I’ll have to go to the bank for that after a transfer’s been made. I’ll arrange to meet you somewhere. I’ll wait right here to complete our transaction.

You’re doing the right thing, Jack, for your wife, for your family.

Michael Forten. Oh, you’re a sight for fries. We have missed you so much, Michael. Oh, I missed you too, so much. Nah, now I know. I’ll see you later at the house, but I. To come here and pay my respects to Mom and Abigail and, uh, so we’re all doing here, I assume. Of course, of course. Does your sister know you’re here or is this a surprise?

No, no surprise. In fact, I’m here because she needs me. Jennifer asked for my help.

Those pills I caught you.

You got high and then you got in your car. Why? I don’t know. I wasn’t in my right mind. I was, I was hallucinating that Abigail was in the car with me. I, it, it was an accident, I swear. And I am. So, so sorry. You didn’t come here to say you’re sorry you came here to save your ass. No, no. Yes. You say that you sped up, you know that you hit me, but it doesn’t matter though.

Right? So you didn’t know it was me. I didn’t know I, I hit the gas pedal. I thought I hit the brake, you know. The last conversation we had before the, um, accident, as you like to call it, wasn’t a very friendly one, was it? If I recall, you told me that if I went to Jack and told him that you were using that, I would be very sorry.

That sounded like a threat to me. But, but, but when I hit you, I, I didn’t know that you told Jack, but, but, but now that he knows, and, and I’m no longer in denial. I’m, I am. I’m glad that you told him because I need help and now I’m going, I’m gonna get it. Yeah. I know, I’ve heard this all before from my dear old mom.

I was stoned, so you have to forgive me. But now I’ve, I’ve seen the light and I’m gonna stop this. I’m gonna quit. I’m gonna come clean. You’ll see, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know what I’ve learned about addicts, though They are very, very, very cunning. And they lie.

You’re right, you’re right. I’m, I’m, I’ve said those same things to the people that I love.

I mean, there’s no reason in the world that you should believe. A word I say,

You, you, you did the right thing telling Jack about me. Now I’m gonna do the right thing too. What was that? I’ve just decided I’m going to the police station and I’m gonna turn myself in.

Jennifer called me, told me she started abusing painkillers again. She said, You knew about it. We do now. We didn’t for quite a while. I decided a phone conversation wasn’t enough. She’s my kid’s sister. Her life’s a mess. So here I am, Jen asked me to arrange to get her into rehab. Well bless you for that.

Oh, I am so relieved that she’ll be getting help. She also told me how much your love and support meant to her. Oh man. You’d know, you know we’d do anything for you. And Jennifer Rose Laura’s two wonderful kids. She was always so proud of you both as are we. Well, gentlemen, why don’t we all go home and I’ll fix this A nice lunch.

Okay. Actually, I’ll meet you. It’s, uh, it’s been a while since, since I spent some time with mom.

Look, I have to go to the police now, or I might lose my nerve. I’m, I’m so terribly, terribly sorry for everything.

What about your addiction? Don’t you want to get clean? I’m sure they have programs in prison. Yeah, I’ve been to prison. You wouldn’t last a week there. I’m stronger than you think. Don’t turn yourself in.

Isn’t that what you want? I thought it.

But I look at you now, I, I can see how much you’ve suffered. You’ve done your penance. Your mother died suddenly, and your daughter was brutally murdered. It’s no wonder why you turned to something to stop the pain. Because I did that. I almost killed you. If he didn’t, I’m here now. What are you saying,


I mean, that’s just as much a surprise to me as I’m sure it is to.

I wish someone would’ve told my mom they cared about her. Someone like Jack. It was just she and I when we were growing up and I was so needy. I wasn’t up for the job. Well, I’m up front now.

Don’t go to the police. I’m, I’m gonna tell them that I have no idea who hit me.

Jennifer and Jack are old friends of AVEs. We had ’em over for dinner. I could see how much they’re suffering. I can only imagine what it’s been like for you and your children. Oh, thank goodness. The police finally got the best. Who. That’s a relief. I couldn’t believe that our current governor turned that gang of violent criminals loose.

You have my word. That won’t happen on my watch.

I just had an idea. Uh, maybe you could convince Chad to join my election committee. He’s run a major corporation. His experience could be a big. If we need extra help for the big push to the election, I will hire enough staff to get the job done. Well, okay, your call, well, I’ll leave you two to your business and you tell your mama get well soon so she can get to the poll and place and vote for price.

welcome to my world.

Why would you cover for me?

Well, I have two reasons. First one is my mom,

I want to see you do what she never managed to do.

And the other reason,

Well, after everything that I’ve done to your family, you still allowed me to be part of Jack’s life. I know you didn’t do that for me. You did that because you love him and you want him to be happy. I feel the same way about him and I can see that his heart is. Completely broken after he lost Abigail.

I can’t take you away from him too. He would absolutely destroy him. I won’t let that happen. You won’t love what happened,

darling. You go on up. I’ll fix you a cup of tea and some of grams donuts.

Jennifer are, are the kids in here?

You? Yep. Me. You take your feet off that table and turn off that television set. Yummy donuts.

Well, and see, I am, I’m sorry that you don’t think we can still be friends.

Uh, let me stop. No, wait,

I’m, I’m sorry. What I meant was, Craig, I don’t think a good friend would’ve rated her fiance a around and waved her engagement ring under the nose of a friend who had just had his heart broken. I know why you did that. Nancy, I hurt you. I, I lied to you. I cheated on you as Leo and I made you feel like nobody wanted you, and well, you wanted me to know that somebody did

like, said that he did love me. He said that I was good for him. The only problem was I wasn’t good enough to keep him from doing all the terrible things that he did it. Nancy , I know from experience you can’t love a man and change his nature no matter how much I know that now too. Anyway, um, Thank you for coming by to check on me and see how I am.

And thank you for the flowers.

You were one of the first people who came by and held my hand when Leo broke my heart. I, I just wanted to return the favor.

I, I just had the craziest thought.

Yeah. See that can read your mind. You’re thinking, what if we get back together? What if we did?

I, um, I know that it wouldn’t be a romantic relationship, but there’s more about being together than just sex, right? We know each other better than anybody else. We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst. You will. Never be anything but beautiful and Nancy. We care for each other and we know how to take care of each other.

When, um, it would be so much safer than being with somebody new

and we wouldn’t have to risk putting our hearts back out there and having them broken again. It just wouldn’t be the. A romantic ending that we’ve both dreamed about now,

but it would be pretty damn nice.

Hey, what are you doing in this house? I smelled donuts when I couldn’t resist. I made these donuts for my husband. And Zippy. The clown wants his shows back. Are you saying I have big feet? Are you commenting on my choice of footwear? You still haven’t told me what you’re doing in the house. It’s cool. Jack knows I’m here.

Oh fine. It’s not cool with me. I know who you are. I know who you are too. You Abigail’s second grandmother Once. Oh wait. Or are you her second cousin twice removed the family trees in this town? Get a little inbred. But if you know who I am, it’s probably because you saw me on the news. And then you also know that I didn’t kill Abigail.

No, no. You’re just the guy that broke into her bedroom and cried. Open her jewelry case to get what was inside and left behind the knife that killed our, Okay. Well what? Enough about me. Let’s talk about what Jennifer did.

Leo came to see you. He didn’t tell me he was going to do that.

He said You’d remembered the accident and he’s demanding a million dollars in exchange for your silence. He didn’t. He did. So you know what I did? Yeah. Leo made sure. I blacked out last night. I wasn’t trying to keep it from you. I blacked out and I, I just remembered it this morning and, and, and once I did, I came straight here.

I believe Jennifer, it was an accident. I’m gonna tell the police that I, I don’t remember what happened to me. Then Leo will go to the police and tell them his version. Like he wasn’t there and without me. He’s got nothing. Don’t you give him a penny?

Why are you doing this?

Because she’s your daughter and she loves you.

I have your word. Those mailers will be at campaign headquarters in an hour. Okay, good. I will let the staff know to expect. Now I just have to set up a press conference that will put Paulina on the map. You should take a break and call the hospital. See if there’s any news on your mom. I will do that, but I have to get Paulina calmed down first.

She’s unbelievable, huh? She’s a force of nature, but I do like her. I’m sorry if I shot my mouth off when she was here. I’m sorry. She thought you were my assistant. Well, I am unemployed, so she’s got a point. Don’t tell me you’re hurting from. No, but I, uh, I do need to keep busy and you need to hire more people.

So why not hire me?

What’s that smile for? Are you, uh, reading my mind again? You think that that thing on your head is gonna keep me out? That. I guess you know that I’m thinking as nice as it sounds right now, the thought of giving up on romances something we both don’t wanna do. No, we don’t. We both deserve a chance at real love again.


Nancy, Nancy Miller, you have always been by friend. I want you to have that happy ever after, and I want that for you. So I tell you what we’re gonna say goodbye. We’re gonna see each other. We’re gonna hang out now and then, and have a good time. Maybe even go seeing some needle diamond karaoke, anything.

But you don’t bring me flowers. Cause that would never be you.

Is your husband enjoying his donuts? Was that nutmeg I tasted in there? It is my grandmother’s secret recipe. And none of your business, what was the meaning of that crack about Jennifer? I’ve decided I can’t divulge that attorney client privilege. Oh, you’re a lawyer. Like I’m a nuclear physicist. No, no.

You tell me about that cracker. I’m gonna take my rolling pin and hit you up the side of the head. Uh, Jack, this twit friend of yours said he got in the house with your permission. He did, but he’ll be leaving soon. Well fine. You deal with them.

I assume you meant I will be leaving with a big fat check. I’m afraid not. I just came from Gwen’s hospital room. You lied about going to the bank. No need Gwen, and I manage to settle this whole matter without you. What does that mean? That the only person who’s a eyewitness to the accident is Gwen, and she is not gonna say a word about who hit her when it happened, so get the hell outta here.

Now can I at least get the old ladies’ donut recipe first? Alright,

so you really wanna help me, huh? Put Paulina behind the big old desk in a state. Well, I need to focus on something outside of myself, and this is only for about month, so I won’t be shortchanging my kids. And honestly, I believe that probably enter price is the best choice for governor. So yeah, it’s really going to be hectic.

Well, if I suck at it, which you won’t, I’m giving you my permission to fire me. What do you say? I say welcome to S J P R.

Good. I was afraid Leo would still be here. No, I made sure work event, so now I’m free. To focus on you. Check. It was incredibly gracious of Gwen to cover for me and let this go. I am so, so, so sorry for lying to you about the pills for, for getting behind the wheel. The car when I knew I was wasting, you already lost one daughter and I could have, I could have killed your other.

Can you ever forgive me? Don’t Please don’t. Don’t even, don’t talk like that.

How many times have you forgiven me?

I am so sorry. You were suffering with all of this alone and I never.

I guess I’m just guess this is what they call hitting bottom

check. What do I do now?

Whatever it is, you won’t be doing it alone.

I’m sorry. Go. I assumed you’d want me to make the most out of this opportunity. Well, you assumed wrong. You bloody little tosser. I thought I was doing this for both of us. You know how I feel about Jack. He was furious when he came into my room. You could scotch my relationship with him for good. I get it now.

Okay. Jack de is nobody’s sugar daddy. Now I’m left with all these pesky legal bills. I’ve got nobody to pay for them.

I’m gonna be staying with Doug and Julie. Looking forward to seeing some of the people I haven’t seen in so long.

I’ll be back.

Oh my God. Mike. Mike H. Yeah. Yeah, it’s me. All right. Oh, you’re back in Salem. Always did have a keen grasp, the obvious Nancy. Oh, um, well, um, I’m nice to see you again. Really? Do you have amnesia or something?

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