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Hi. Hey, it’s a veritable art gallery in here. Oh, apparently Ari thought my room. Could you some, uh, what did she say? Brightening? Yeah, she was right. She did a great job, although, Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to take ’em all down soon. Why? Why? Yeah. I just saw Sarah and she told me that you are healing so well.

You’re gonna get outta here today or tomorrow. . That’s so great. Oh, I guess I have been complaining a lot. I told her that I have cabin fever, so she, maybe she took pity on me. Mm-hmm. . Well, either way I will take it. You know, now that Clyde is being transferred back to prison, we can finally put this whole nightmare behind us.

Fruit. Anyone?

Thanks Mike. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll make the travel arrangements. Yeah. Okay. Love you. Let’s see you soon. Sorry, I should have knocked. Oh, no, no, no. Come on in. It’s okay. You know you’re always welcome here. Uh, I could happen over here. Are you going somewhere?

Yeah, I’m going to


I was having a nightmare about the accident.

Did you remember something else, what kind of car it was? I doubt you saw the driver,

or did you?

Like sand through the hour glass. So are the days of lives.

Well, aren’t you gonna congratulate me for what? Being released from jail. Look at me Friberg. I know, I know. It isn’t really a surprise with Clyde being arrested. They couldn’t exactly hold me for his crimes. What are you doing here, Leo? Yeah. Shouldn’t you be out spreading your own special brand of joy?

I’m sure the world has seemed much bloomer without me in it. Is that supposed to be a uniform? Why are you here? Oh, well, I came to say, I came to say thank you and to bring you this delicious arrangement. Look, the point is, and you saved my life. I’m eternally grateful.

Jack I everything right? Uh, yeah. Yeah. He’s, he startled me. This all Well, didn’t mean to sneak up on you. Just be like you do some company. I’m just waiting for some take up for Gwen. How’s she doing? She’s, uh, she’s still a little shackling up, but she’s on the mend. I’m glad to hear it. Well, the cops are still investigating the accident.

Do they have any leaves on the driver?

I can see the car and the headlights and

there was a, a figure behind the wheel and I almost saw their face, but,

but then I lost it.

Well, hopefully that comes into focus soon. I’m glad you’re awake. Why? So you can poke and prod me like every other doctor? No. Although if you are scheduled for some more tests today. Brilliant.

And why are you. I thought it was time you and I talked about how you tried to have me committed

Joey, you just heard mom tell you she’s okay.

I promise. I will tell you if anything changes, I will talk to you.

Stephanie, what are you doing here?

What is it? What’s wrong?

You know, I’m, I’m really not sure how to interpret all this for gratitude. Just accept it and let it lift your spirits that your preternaturally excellent powers of well factory retention are being acknowledged. Okay, in English, please. Oh, don’t be so modest if you hadn’t remembered Smelling Clyde Sad and Girly drugstore co.

Vanilla. Really? I’d still be rotting in prison for a murder. I didn’t come in. Okay. Well, don’t take it personally, believe me. I just wanted to see the right person punished. Mission accomplished sunny kay, and since we’re all on the same side now, would not say that I was hoping I could get my job back at tight.

But you’re joking, right? I did used to work there. Yeah. Before you falsely accuse me of sexual harassment. Did I? So long ago? I have no memory of that. Really? I remember it vividly. Yeah. And even if we did have amnesia and forget what a conniving little creep you are. It’s not up to me. If you want a job at Titan, you’re gonna have to ask my brother Alex.

He’s in charge now. Your brother. You mean the super sexy, very handsome, vaguely familiar. Looks like someone, but I can’t quite put my finger on a guy who hates my guts, tried to beat me up and threatened to kill me. Yeah, that’s the one. Ugh, I should have known. Can’t counter on anyone these days. Well take it easy.

Get well soon. By the way, you two really are an adorable couple. You know that, Especially Sunny. But I have always been partial to brunettes. Especially once with big salt, brown eyes. Bye.

You’re going to rehab? Yeah, I, uh, I relapsed.

Jen, I’m so sorry.

My brother Mike is affiliated with a facility in New York. Um, they’re receiving a room for me. When do you leave later today. I, I can’t help but think of, of everything I’ve put on you since Abby’s death, I mean, all the times I’ve asked you to watch the kids. I leaned on you maybe too much and, and I was selfish and I didn’t even know you needed help.

No. No. How, how, how could you possibly know that I, that I needed it? You lost your wife. You lost the mother of your children. You were already suffering so much.

At least we know who didn’t. Now. Yes. And that, and that means that Abigail has justice.

Wasn’t not enough. It’ll never be enough. But it’s, it’s something, right? Yeah. It’s something.

But I know now that, um, ready to start moving on

actually what.

That’s more than, more than that really. It’s more than, um, helping her find peace.

I saw her,

You saw her,

didn’t even realize that I.

Be strong for myself and for our children. For her.

The police don’t seem to know who hit Gwen so far. That seems odd. Why do you say. Well, didn’t it happen right outside their station? They told me that the cameras on that side of the building weren’t working that night. leave it a Salem PD to foul up a crime on their own doorstep. I heard that they’re having some budget problems.

Them and me both really. Sorry to hear that. Looks like my luck is finally running out the Salem Moon and there’s only so long I can charm Phyllis at the front desk into rolling my bill into the next month. Wow. Past due are. Oh, how can I help by giving me a job?

I wanna talk about that time you broke outta prison. You wanted to get back at Abigail and me. So you attacked her while wearing that. Of my face that way, Abigail would suffer and I would disappear from Salem.

What do you want from me? I want to know, was it all just revenge? I mean, you were in prison, you couldn’t have possibly been delusional enough to think that you would get Sandra back. So all that mattered was ruining my life. And for what? What, What did I ever do to you? What do you want me to say? Yes. I did everything in my power to keep Xander away from you.

But you got everything you wanted in the end, didn’t you? You got the ring on your finger. You got the happily ever after. While I am sat here alone in this bed, Lucky to be alive. So really all I can say is congratulations.

And I am sorry

you’re not sorry. I said I was, didn’t I? Oh, I heard the words, but all I see is bitterness in your. What more do you want from me? Sarah? You won. Okay. And if you need more assurance, I, I assure you, I will stay away from you and Xander until the end of time. Right? You’re damn well better

a nurse will be by later to take you for those.

I’m fine. Are you sure? I seem really upset. I said I’m fine. Right. I forgot I wasn’t following our rules. Alex, Now you don’t have to tell me again, Stephanie. Honestly, you made yourself very clear when you turned me down for a simple lunch. We talk business, nothing personal, right? We’re colleagues, not friends, because you could never be friends with somebody like me, Alex.

But it’s okay. Cuz guess what? You’re in luck. I happen to have the numbers for the quarterly returns here and they’re not great. So you wanna spin something? Spin this.

Why can’t I do the meeting remotely? Did you, Did you say his dogs can’t read my energy over Zoom. Oh. Oh, okay. Yeah. Just tell me what I need to do. Okay. Bye. Okay, so that sounded weird. Yeah, that was infuriating. The star of our project won’t sign unless his golden doodles give me their stamp of approval.

Yeah. You’re joking, right? No, I’m, I’m dead serious and apparently I to do that, I need to be in the, in the same room. You should go. Okay. Not just for the meeting. Wait, wait. What? Maybe you talking about. I’m not, I’m not leaving. While, while you and, and my grandmothers are in the hospital, the doctors are doing a great job of taking care of Kate Marlin.

Okay. And they wouldn’t want you to put your life on hold for them. Okay. Well, what about you? I’ll be okay. All right. And this movie’s not gonna write and direct itself.

Yeah. Have. That’s funny. I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m working on like a couple projects, you know, so if I, if I go out there, I might have to be out there for a while and, and if you’re in sale, I’m like, what, what does that mean for us? Like, are, are we gonna have, are we gonna gonna meet a long distance relationship?

I know that it sounds like I’m losing my mind and I. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe, maybe I am, but I just, it felt so real to me. So you communicated with her? I, yeah. I went to the cemetery and I, I wanted to tell her that, that we’d finally caught her killer and she could, you know, whole, uh, rest in peace and then, Oh, so she was, she was just standing there right in front of me.

I’m sorry if this is as upsetting, Jen. I saw her, I saw her too. I’m swear, like yesterday I thought maybe it, it was the pills, but. She was here. She was right here in this room, and then she came with me. She came with me in the car when I left for the police station.

Not what they done to you.

Yeah, I actually came here to the pop today to beg them for a job pouring beers or flipping burgers, whatever they’ll give me. But you have to agree, I’m much more suited to an executive position, the spectator, right? I mean, you know, I, I know I don’t have any experience working in newspapers, but I did once run a multinational con.

You can’t be that different, can they? It’s all about steering the ship and managing egos no bigger than my own. Of course. Right. That was a joke. I know. I mean, Jack and I, I’m being a bit cheeky, assuming I’m come in as an executive, but maybe you could use me as an assistant editor or somewhere on the I’D sales side of it.

What’d you say? I think Jennifer’s the one who hit G.

Oh, Lady Gwe here. Matt, you’re out to jail. Finally, I came by to thank son for giving me my freedom, and then I overheard these gossipy nurses talking about what happened to you. Is it true? Is what true that someone ran you down like a fluffy squirrel outside the police station? That’s exactly what happened.

It was right after I came to see you. Oh, how terrible and frightening I are you okay? Any broken bones? Torn whatevers, No. You know, broken bones, but I am quite bruised and quite traumatized. Not to mention alone and miserable, but to our live. Of course you will. You are into fatigable. I don’t know what that mean, but it sounds good right here.

I brought you some chocolate covered strawberries. What one earth happened to the other one? I ate it. I had just found out about your accident. I was distraught and you know how I stress eat. So who the hell did this to you? I don’t know. I was leaving the police station, and the next thing I know, I’m staring down at these headlights and, and then I looked up and I, I saw,

Oh my God. What?

Oh my gosh. I remember Now, do you mean you remember who was driving the car? Yeah. Yes. That’s what I mean. It was Jennifer. Jennifer’s the one who was behind the wheel.

It’s not like you’re shipping off the war , right? Ari and I will visit you in la. You can come visit us here.

The whole reason I stayed here in Salem was so that I could follow my dreams of becoming the CEO of Titan. And now you have to follow yours. Okay? And no matter how long these projects do take, it’s not gonna be forever. So I should just wish for a speedy cancellation then. Is this, No, No.

You waited a long time for something like this, and now that it’s here, I think you should make the most out. And when it’s all and done, R and I will be right here waiting for you. Okay, so how does that sound? What do you say? I say thank you. I love you


And I wish you were out of this bed and back into ours. Yeah, me too. But, uh, You’re gonna be on your feet again soon. Yeah. And then I can get my company back from my snake of a brother, Alex.

Did somebody say my name?

Oh, Jeffrey, you all right? No, I’m, I’m fine. I’m, I’m fine. I’m just, just, uh, Just like seeing Abi in the car and yeah. I’ve just made so many mistakes. I can’t believe I allowed myself to get addicted again. I, I can’t believe I lied to Jack. I, I, I just feel like I’ve, I’ve lied down so many people that I lost No, no, no, no.

Stop. We haven’t let anyone down. If anything, we’ve let you down. Oh, Jen. No. No. And this is, I, I know that I’ve been struggl. To keep my head above water, but that doesn’t change the fact that I should have been here for you and I wasn’t. But I am now. Abby’s mother, you’ve always felt like a mother to me, and I think Abby would want that for us to be close.

Yeah, she.

And then we were, we are. That’s not gonna change way you’re away or family. I love you and I don’t do anything for you.

You think Jennifer is the one who drove a carent? I, I don’t know for sure. Of course, but I think, I think it’s possible why? I just found out that Jennifer’s been abusing drugs again. Oh, I, I’ve just been. Well, I’m just my own grief. I, I just, I didn’t, I didn’t pick up on it that all. But Jack, I’m so sorry. I, I mean I, I, I didn’t see it.

I just, Why I didn’t see it. I’m sure she covered it well, I mean, and obviously you figured out eventually. No, I didn’t. It was Gwen Gwen’s the one who told me about it. Gwen, Yes. Swe got Jennifer with pills and confronted her. Oh, I see. But wait. That doesn’t explain why you think Jennifer was the one behind the wheel the night when was hit.

Jennifer told me that when she was high last night, she got into the car and she drove to the police station. I think it was exactly at the moment of the accident, but what’s the reason I even know anything happened to Jennifer? For her to be the one who got. Have you asked Janice I that night? No. I, I don’t know how to brush the subject and, and the condition that she was in, I, if she did do it, I don’t, I don’t think that she’d even remember.

I don’t believe this. Jennifer is, is the one who did this to me. I, I, I couldn’t remember before, but now I do. I can see it was her face behind the wheel.

Oh my God. Leo, do you think that she did this on purpose? Of course she did this on purpose. After all the misery you caused her and her family, she had ever reason to wanna get back at you. Why now? Well, didn’t you just tell me in jail that you caught her with pills and she warned you that if you didn’t keep your mouth shut, you’d be sorry that she threatened you?

She did do that. Mm-hmm. ? Yeah. Yeah. So she wasn’t taking any chances, so she mowed you down before you could talk. She really think she would do that though, Honey, She’s a junkie. Of course, she. And now that she has done this to you, I don’t care that she’s a Horton and that everybody worships her angelic little ass.

Now that she has run you over, Gny, you and I are going to expose that woman and it’s gonna be hard to say, but bear with me for the vehicular homicidal pill puffer that she is.

Like you got a full day out of you, Chad. Hey, I’d ask how it’s going, but I think I can figure that out.

Um, I heard they found the person responsible for Abigail’s death, that it was Clyde Weston. Yeah. That must be such a relief. Sorry, I have to No, go ahead.

Joey. I told you, I’d let you know if I heard anything. You don’t have to keep checking in every five minutes I will. Talk to you later. Bye. Everything. Okay?

My mom’s in the hospital. What happened? We don’t know. It’s this mysterious illness. Marlena and Kate have it too. Oh my God, I, I didn’t even know. Are they okay? They seem to be stable. And of course my mom keeps saying that there’s nothing to worry about. Well, it looks like you’re doing plenty of worrying.

You should go and be with her. I was just there and she’s sleeping now, and Alex just handed me all of this work for Titan. Not to mention that I’m completely behind on Paul Prices campaign. Thought sitting out here in the sun might make the work go by a little faster. Well, but I might know a way we could make it go faster.

I could help.

Oh, well speak of the devil. Or should I say snake? Oh, I told you, Sonny. I didn’t steal your job. Is that why you came back? No. To make more excuses, No, I came back here because dad said that I should try and subtle things with you, which I was ready to do until I just walked in on you calling me names.

What do you expect me to do? Give you a. Forget that you tried to screw me over and just move on. I didn’t do anything wrong, Sonny. This is what I was talking about right here. It’s like when we were kids, he would take one of my toys, he would break it, and then, oh, I gave it to him. I was the one who gave it to him.

Oh my God, man. You always do this. You always does this, this. What do I do? Do what? This. You should relate everything that happens to you It to some like childhood trauma that you supposedly suffered when we were kids, because you haven’t changed. Will, could you maybe please try and talk some sense into your thick head please?

Okay. How about I, How about I talk some sense into both of you because look where we are right now. One of you almost died and you’re arguing about business, about meaningless bull. Who cares, right? Your brother’s life is short, so get over yourselves and call a tru.

We are going to expose this woman, aka Jennifer Horton. Uh, who’s we? Who’s we? Who do you think us too? Gwe. You are my best friend and I’m gonna see too, that Jennifer pays for what she did. You think we should find the police? I went, No. I mean, pay ISN in money. What? I have legal bills, you have medical bills.

Neither one of us have a job. You ask me, we’re killing three birds with one black male. I dunno what? What is there to know? What is there to know after the hell you’ve been through this past year? You deserve a win one with dollar signs attached. Or you could just lie here thinking about everything that you’ve lost.

What do you say,

Mrs. Jack, I need to take you to radiology. Okay, we’ll talk later. When do you feel better? Radiology. Dr. Horton ordered a follow up CT scan. Ooh, that sounds very expensive.

Done to you.

It was Clyde. I swear. I’m trying to make him pay anyone who ever hurt you. Anyone who ever even thought about hurting you. I swear,

I promise. I promise you, just as a sweet girl,

they will be sorry they ever hurt my baby.

Stop being so stubborn and make up already, or do I have to take away your TV privileges?

I probably shouldn’t have gotten so offensive. Yeah. And I, I probably shouldn’t have called you up. It’s a nice think. Yeah. Repeatedly. Okay. Keep going.

If I don’t wanna fight with you, somebody, I don’t, I don’t wanna fight either. Nice. Now, onto the apologies.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, Tim.

There we go. Yeah, much better. And just so you know, I really did come over here to try and make things better. I was just in a. Pissed off mood. I, I ran into Stephanie and what she just pretty much bit my head off when I asked her how she was doing. God forbid I care about her as a human. If it makes you feel any better.

I don’t think it was about you. What do you mean? Says moms in the hospital. She’s pretty sick.

If Jennifer drove her car into Gwe, As hard as it is, I have to talk to her. I have to, I have to find out exactly what she remembers about last night, and if she didn’t eat

we’ll find a way to deal with it. But until I know for sure Sandra, you, you cannot, Oh, I’m not gonna say anything. I promise.

Thank you for understanding it. Listen, we will. We, we’ll talk about the job thing at another time. I, I gotta get home. Are gonna talk to Jennifer right now? Yeah. I, I can’t wait. I, I, quinn’s chatter, I, I gotta bring it to her, but I take it to her. One Mind. What a friend’s phone.

My God. I was the one driving the car. I, I, it was me.


Wait, what’s wrong with Stephanie’s mother? They’re not sure, but both Will’s, grandmothers were sick with it too. Whatever it is. Oh my God. I wish I would’ve known that before I acted like such a jerk. I mean, I would’ve, I would’ve at least offered her a shoulder to cry on. So you wanna help me? Well, if we split the work, then we get it done half the time.

H how would you even know what to do? Well, I have done some PR in my day at Damara. I’m sure I can figure it out. You sure you wanna pitch in for Titan? But I’m unemployed. Kids are in school. I have a lot of time in my hands. I could use a distraction. What’s up to you? Are you kidding? That’s like asking a drowning woman if she’s interested in a life preserver.

Here, you can start with this press release,

baby. What a nice surprise. Did you bring me? Ledge? Oh, actually this is for Gwen. Oh, I, Jack, I ran into him at the pub. Is she in a room? No, she’s getting some tests done at the moment, so I will, uh, I will have a nurse bring it to her when she gets out. Okay, thanks. Can I ask why Jack sent you? Oh, he would’ve brought it himself, but um, he’s just going through something.

Jennifer, I don’t think she’s home. She go stark. What the hell? Well, the door was open. I hope you don’t mind. I let myself in. I, I very much What do you want? I needed to see you. Why? Well, before we go any further, maybe you should get outta your checkbook. It’ll save us some time. Why would I do that? Oh.

Because your addict white got behind the wheel and plowed into my best friend. And if you want me to keep my big mouth shut, you’re going to write me a very large check,


What brings you by come to finish me off.

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