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[ Dramatic music ]

Thomas: Sorry, dad. I know this must be hard for you.

Ridge: Hard? It’s unbelievable. My wife calls child services on my son so they can take his little boy away. Brooke wouldn’t do this.

Thomas: Except she did. We both heard the recording, there’s no doubt. It was brooke, dad. Ul

[ Phone pinging ]

[ Door creaks ]

Hope: I just talkus what is this about douglas and C.P.S.?

Steffy: Mom, you know how I feel. I want you and dad to get back together.A@ I do understand where you’re coming from. Brooke doesn’t deserve the consideration you’re giving her.

Taylor: Oh, honey, c’mon. You know, you don’t treat people as bad as they are, you treat them as good as you are.

Steffy: Okay. I understand that you want space. You want some time to breathe. Bill letting us use his house, I think it’s good, it’s not too far. A little distance might be a good thing.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah I think you’re right, because no matter where I go, there I am. So, I better get my head on straight. Because when I get back, I wanna move on completely from ridge.

Steffy: Well, finn understands. Amelia can help out with the kids. All systems go.

Taylor: Aspen, huh?

Steffy: Yeah. Bill’s house couldn’t be more timely. You get to clear your mind, exhaust all your options, and then come to terms with whatever you decide.

Taylor: Okay, that– that sounds like a logical strategy.

Steffy: Then let’s go.

Taylor: You know, I thought I would be moving in a different direction here, you know, towards ridge. That was the wrong way. Ridge is married to brooke. The fact that I love him doesn’t change that. It is way past time for me to move on.

Hope: Why would child protective services show up at eric’s? Do you know?

Brooke: I spoke to ridge briefly. Apparently, they wanted to check on douglas.

Hope: Why?

Brooke: He’s fine, honey, really.

Hope: Well, do you care to enlighten me, then? Because I don’t understand why C.P.S. Was called on thomas.

[ Brooke scoffs ]

Ridge: Why? Why?

Thomas: It feels like there’s only one explanation at this point. It’s like, brooke has always hated me.

Ridge: No, that’s not true, thomas.

Thomas: It is true. I mean, look at what she’s trying to do. She’s trying to take my son away from me. And then for what? For chopping up an apple with a knife?

Ridge: She said she didn’t make the phone call. She told me.

Thomas: And, uh, you really believe that?

Ridge: She wouldn’t lie to me about this. I’m gonna go see her and she’s gotta tell the truth to me, to my face. You didn’t live this strong, this long to get put

Hope: I’m still having a really hard time understanding why C.P.S. Was even called in the first place.

Brooke: I don’t know, but it really worries me.

Hope: And you said that ridge insisted that there was absolutely nothing wrong, nothing going on.

Brooke: Well, somebody felt strongly enough to call in a complaint. And I really hate saying this because thomas is ridge’s son. But, honey, maybe you can use this to get douglas back home to you, where he belongs.

Hope: I am not going to force that issue right now after what they just went through. I mean, mom, come on, can you imagine how awful that must have been, to have those people show up and then question your parenting?

Brooke: Well, then maybe he shouldn’t be wielding knives around his son.

Hope: Oh, wow. Mom. Mom.

Brooke: Honey, think about it. I mean, thomas told me he’s been doing this with this knife for a very long time, and douglas is always around him. So what? What’s gonna happen one day? Douglas is running around like that, and he falls on top of the knife. I mean, god forbid. Kids can be careless. That’s why the parents have to be careful.

Hope: Thomas is.

Brooke: “Thomas is.” Wow, I can’t believe that you are defending him again. This is what worries me. When you spend too much time with thomas, this is what happens. He knows how to manipulate you, hope.

Hope: Mom, I’m not naive. And if I’m defending thomas, then that’s because he deserves it. And as for me, spending all the time at eric’s, that’s where my son is, so that’s where I’m going to be.

Brooke: Well, I’m just going to pose a question here. Do you really think it’s wise to be around thomas that much?

Hope: Hmm. Now there you go, sounding just like liam.

Steffy: You know, instead of leaving town, you could hold your ground and fight for dad.

[ Taylor sighs ]

Taylor: Honey, I shouldn’t be fighting for a married man.

Steffy: Why? Brooke came after him when you were married to him.

Taylor: Okay, and that is a huge difference between brooke and me. I didn’t come back to L.A. To steal her husband.

Steffy: But you also didn’t expect to have this strong connection with dad.

Taylor: Doesn’t matter if he’s married. Come on, steffy. I have to love myself more than the possibility of a future with your father.

Steffy: I get what you’re saying. I really do. But, I just don’t want you to close any doors. Yeah, dad is married to brooke, but you know she’s gonna screw up. She always screws up, and then dad’s gonna realize he belongs with you.

Taylor: Yeah, okay, well, let him do that without wasting my time, all right? Because I don’t want to wait around for that anymore.

Steffy: I’m not asking you to do that. I just want you to be open to the possibility of a future with dad. I just have such a strong feeling about it. You two belong together. Just please, don’t close your heart, mom.

Taylor: I have to close my heart a little bit, because that’s how I protect it. I didn’t expect to fall in love with your father more than I already was. But, I did. Something happened with us, and… I just got– I just got to get away. I got to get away from him, and just figure out where I’m going from here.

Ridge: All I hear is that voice recording, I can’t get out of my head.

Thomas: Sorry, dad. I know this is torturing you. Can’t be that much of a surprise though. I mean, she did say that she would call C.P.S.

Ridge: She said it was– it was a moment of frustration. It was just an offhanded comment.

Thomas: Yeah, well, you heard her. You heard her voice, saying that… that I was a danger to my own son, to people who could actually take my son away from me. You heard her say her name, and then you, you call her out on it and then… she lies straight to you.

Ridge: Not a word to my dad or to steffy. Not now, okay?

Thomas: I won’t say anything. Are you gonna be okay?

Ridge: If she did this, I have to give her a chance to come clean. So, I’m gonna go over and I’m gonna see my wife. Cats really know how to do… less,

[ Phone chimes ]

Hope: Hope logan. Oh, hi, edgar. Yes, it’s so good to hear from you. Absolutely, I am so excited for our collaboration. Well, actually, because, uh, thomas is the lead designer for hope for the future. I think that should be his decision. Mm-hmm.

[ Hope laughs ] I know, all right, I’ll have him reach out. Thank you so much. All right, bye. What?

Brooke: Nothing.

Hope: Hmm, really? Because I know that look, and I think you should just say what you’re thinking.

Brooke: Well, listening to you just now, made me realize how interwoven your life with thomas really is. So, is that a coincidence?

Hope: And what exactly is that supposed to mean?

Brooke: Honey, can’t you see how he’s worked his way into your life? You guys are co-parenting together, and he’s obviously this integral part of your business. And now when you wanna see douglas, it’s a package deal with thomas.

Hope: I’m aware of how our relationship works. Are you suggesting that I’m not?

Brooke: No, of course not.

Hope: Okay. Because when you say it like that, it kind of implies that I’m incapable of taking care of myself or making wise decisions. And I get that it’s motivated by concern, but I wish you would just give me a little more credit than that. That I might have, I don’t know, learned something along the way? Mom, I know who thomas is, the good and the bad. And believe it or not, for a while now, all I have seen is the good side. And it’s actually really refreshing to see douglas and thomas together. I mean, douglas is so happy right now.

Brooke: It’s just that thomas has used douglas in the past in order to manipulate you.

Hope: Okay, but that is not what is happening now. So, I need you to trust me on that, mom. Thomas is doing what he said he would do, which is to become the man worthy of his son’s love. And that is why this is so upsetting to me. What happened with the C.P.S. Thomas is finally on the right track, he did not deserve that.

Brooke: Okay, I understand.

[ Cellphone ping ] Oh, I was hoping that was ridge responding to my text, but…

Hope: Well, I’m sure he’ll be back home soon. And I know you two need some alone time together, so I am, um… I’m going to head to the office to go have a conversation with thomas because I need to make sure that douglas is okay after… everything.

Steffy: The pilot said we should be taking off shortly. Bill texted, I guess the fellow will be there to greet us when we get in aspen.

Taylor: Okay. Well, I’m looking forward to the change of scenery. That will be nice. No ridge reminders.

[ Steffy sighs ] Oh no, the last time I was on a private plane was on the forrester jet, and we were coming up from monaco.

Steffy: Yeah, but we were so happy. Grateful to have finn back.

Taylor: It was such a beautiful day. So much joy for you and your family. We were so worried, on the way there, you know. But then, then a miracle happened.

Steffy: Finn. And now he’s back with his family.

Taylor: Yes, he is. He loves you so much. You picked such a wonderful man.

Steffy: Like mother, like daughter.

Taylor: Oh, boy, here we go.

Steffy: I’m just saying. You had your miracle when you and dad kissed in monaco. A kiss that never would have happened if you two weren’t in love with each other. I know it’s hard, mom. I know it’s– it’s unfair that dad goes home every single night to brooke, and it’s like a dagger in your heart. But know that he loves you, so don’t give up.

Taylor: Put your seatbelt on.

Brooke: Oh, great. Our favorite table? Oh, okay. That’s super. Well, see you then. There you are.

Ridge: Dinner reservations, huh?

Brooke: Yeah, I just thought it would be nice to get your mind off of what happened today. I mean, that was crazy, right?

Ridge: It was crazy, having child services showing up at my dad’s house was unexpected. Disturbing.

Brooke: Yeah, sorry you had to experience that. So, did you learn anything else about the C.P.S. Visit? Hi, I’m jason and I’ve lost 202 pounds on golo.

Taylor: Did you talk to finn?

Steffy: I did, offered to see if he wanted to join us.

[ Taylor sighs ]

Taylor: Okay, that’d be fun.

Steffy: Or maybe it should just be us. So, you get a chance to clear your mind.

Taylor: No, no, no. It’d be great if finn came. Can take the heat off me from my relentless daughter.

Steffy: Am I really that bad?

Taylor: Yes.

[ Both chuckle ]

Taylor: No, it’s fine if finn comes, it really is. You guys are so wonderful together. I adore the guy.

Steffy: Yeah, you adore finn. You really adore dad. Mom, come on. You can have that miracle. Just keep the door open, that’s all.

Taylor: I don’t wanna keep the door open for ridge anymore. That draft is cold. Besides, something always leads him back to brooke so…

Steffy: Well, you play fair. Brooke doesn’T.

Taylor: Look if– if… she is the love of his life, if that’s who he wants, then… I wish him well.

Brooke: Child protective services doesn’t just show up at your doorstep for no reason.

Ridge: No, somebody called them. I’m trying to figure out who that was.

Brooke: Has thomas crossed somebody lately?

Ridge: What do you mean?

Brooke: I don’t know, like, maybe he rubbed somebody the wrong way and they’re just trying to get back at him.

Ridge: Seems a little extreme. They interrogated douglas.

Brooke: Well, maybe whoever called didn’t know that douglas was gonna be questioned. Maybe they thought they were just gonna go after thomas.

Ridge: Right.

Brooke: Well, I mean, I certainly don’t know who it was. I’m sorry you had to witness that. And I hope that they were gentle with douglas.

Ridge: They were. I got to go. I forgot something at the office.

Brooke: Wait, what? Now? It–

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh, ridge.

Ridge: It was you.

Brooke: Please get there as soon as possible. His father, thomas forrester, is unstable. He has a knife. Please, hurry.

Ridge: You lied to me. You lied to my face. It was you. It was you.

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