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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie found Jack with Doug’s pill bottle. She said they never refilled the bottle, but he said Jennifer did. Jennifer told Abby that she would make anyone who hurt her pay. Clyde told Chad he was going to be with Abby while he was strangling him. EJ ended up shooting Clyde in the back. EJ asked if Chad was alright. Chad said for him to tell him that Clyde was dead. EJ kicked Clyde. Chad said it was too bad he was still kicking. EJ asked Clyde how it felt to be the one eating up the grass. EJ asked how it felt. Chad asked how it felt to be close to dying and there was nothing he could do about it. Chad and EJ said they were going to enjoy it. Chad said Abby was still clinging to life when he found her. He said she was agonizing until her last breath. He said Clyde was going to know that feeling. He said Abby was with someone she loved before she died, but Clyde wouldn’t be. Shawn and Belle went to the cemetery. Rafe found Gwen passed out on the ground. Clyde asked Chad and EJ to call for help. Chad told him he had to speak up. Clyde said they couldn’t let him die. Chad asked if EJ heard something. EJ said he didn’t. Chad said it must have been the wind. Jack looked around the house for Jennifer. Julie said he wasn’t there. He asked if she noticed Jennifer’s attitude. Julie said Jennifer was grieving. He wanted to go look for Jennifer, but she came home. He said he was calling her. She said her phone was turned off. He asked where she was. Rafe told Gwen that she was going to make it. Rafe called for help. Shawn and Belle showed up while EJ and Chad were waiting for Clyde to die. Shawn called for help. When Shawn got off the phone, he asked what happened. Belle told EJ not to say anything. Chad said he didn’t need a lawyer because he had nothing to hide. Jack asked Jennifer why she went out when she said she wasn’t feeling well. Jennifer said she saw Abby. He said it wasn’t possible. She said she knew. She said she wanted to see Clyde. Julie wanted to know why she wanted to see Clyde. Jack told her Clyde might have been the one who killed Abby. Jennifer said she wanted to go to the police station to see Clyde. She asked if Clyde was arrested. She said he had to pay for what he did. Jack said they had to deal with something first. She asked what. He showed her the pill bottle.

Chad and Shawn were at the police station. Chad told Shawn how he got the gun. Chad told him that Clyde confessed to killing Abby. He said Clyde wasn’t going to kill Abby. He said he wanted to kill Belle. Belle showed up while Chad was talking. Shawn wanted to know why Clyde wanted to kill Belle. EJ showed up and heard the conversation. Chad said Clyde wanted to kill her because he thought she knew too much about what he did to EJ. Belle apologized. Shawn asked if he got Clyde to confess. Chad said he went after Clyde. EJ said he showed up and shot Clyde. Belle said EJ didn’t have a choice but to shoot Clyde. Shawn wanted to talk to Clyde to get his side of the story. Jennifer asked Jack what the pill bottle was, He said it was a prescription bottle. Jennifer said it was Doug’s. Julie said Doug hasn’t refilled the bottle. Jennifer asked what she was accusing her of. He said she had a pill addiction before. She said that was years ago. He wanted to know if she was addicted to pills. Xander and Sarah were at the hospital when Gwen was brought there. Xander asked what happened. Rafe told her he found Gwen unconscious at the police station. Xander asked if Jack knew. Rafe called Jack and told him about Gwen. Jennifer wanted to know where Jack was. Julie said he had to go because he got a call about Gwen. Jennifer said she hoped Gwen was okay. Sarah told Xander and Rafe that Gwen was okay. Rafe wanted to know if he could question Gwen. Sarah said Gwen was sedated. Xander wanted to sit with her because Jack wouldn’t want her to be alone. EJ told Belle that he apologized for putting her in danger. Belle said he had no way of knowing that Clyde was listening. She said he had no reason to apologize. Shawn went to the hospital and told Rafe that Chad shot Clyde. Jack showed up at the hospital to check on Gwen. Shawn told Jack that Chad shot Clyde. Jack asked if Clyde was dead. They told him that he wasn’t dead. Jack wanted to know what room Clyde was in. They told him to be with Gwen. Jack still wanted to see Clyde. Jack asked Clyde why he killed his daughter. EJ told Chad that he should have stopped Clyde sooner. He said he failed Chad, Abby and the kids. He said he failed the family. He said he could never forgive himself. He apologized to Chad. Chad thanked him for coming to his rescue and for saving his life. Clyde told Jack that he never touched Abby. Jack said he should have known he wouldn’t have admitted to what he did. Clyde said he shouldn’t talk without a lawyer. Jack ripped into him for what he did to Abby. Clyde said he was better off without her. He said she was beautiful. He said she wasn’t an angel because she cheated on his son. Xander told Gwen that Jack was on his way to see her. He told her Jack would be there. She opened her eyes and wondered where she was. Sarah told her she was in the hospital. Rafe came in to question Gwen. Julie asked Jennifer how long she has been taking pills. Jennifer said it was a few weeks. Julie asked why she didn’t say anything. Jennifer said she didn’t want to be judged. Julie said she wouldn’t have been judged. Jennifer said she told Maggie about it. She said Maggie took her to a meeting and made her throw out the pills. She said she got the pills and started taking them. Julie told her that she had to be there for Abby’s kids because they were going to need her for a long time. Rafe asked Gwen if she was ready to answer some questions. She said her head was starting to clear. Jack showed up in her room. She thanked him for coming. Gwen said she saw a car that was coming towards her. Rafe asked if she saw the driver. She said she didn’t see the driver. She said the lights blinded her. She asked who could do that to someone outside of a police station. Jack thought about Jennifer saying she went to the police station.


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