Days Short Recap Friday, September 30, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rex arrived in Salem to see his mother. He and Roman talked about what happened to Kate, Kayla and Marlena. Rex had a feeling that what happened to them was man made and created in a lab. Roman thought Rolf could have helped Orpheus with the pathogen. Rex reminded him when he was sick in South America years ago. He wondered if they had the same illness that he had back then. Kate thought it was possible since Orpheus’ vendetta started with Roman. Rex left so he could compare Roman’s medical records with the women’s records. Stephanie ran into Steve and got upset that he didn’t tell her about Kayla. She was mad that she had to hear it from Eric. He didn’t want to tell her when they had a better way to handle it. He told her they were waiting for the labs to come back. He told her that Orpheus was behind what happened. They went to Kayla’s room to check on her. Kayla wanted to check on Marlena, but Steve stopped her from going. Stephanie wanted to tell Joey and Tripp about Kayla. Kayla didn’t want them to come home. Stephanie didn’t think she could stop them from coming. Kayla asked her to put a positive spin on her condition. Stephanie tried to downplay what was going on with Kayla when she called Joey.

John prayed for Marlena, Kayla and Kate at the chapel when Brady showed up. He let him know that Belle and Eric were with Marlena. He said he wanted to help Marlena, but there was nothing he could do. Brady tried to comfort John. Brady did give him good news. He told him that he got custody of Rachel thanks to Chloe. John and Brady ran into Steve and they talked about how frustrating it was that they couldn’t help the women. Steve thought someone would be able to help them soon. Stefan went to see Chloe. She reminded him that she was in love with Brady. Stefan wanted to wish her a happy birthday. He wondered about her plans and she let him know that she didn’t have any. He was shocked no one remembered her birthday. She said no one remembered it. He was happy that he was the only one who remembered. She knew Brady her family were dealing with a lot. Rolf was working on an important project when Kristen walked in the room. She wanted him to do something to Chloe. He wanted her to leave. She wanted him to kidnap Chloe and take her love for Brady away. Rolf didn’t want to go back to prison so he decided to listen to her. he was working on the toxin Orpheus unleashed. He said if anything happened with Marlena, Kayla and Kate, he would be blamed for it.

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