Days Short Recap Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan and EJ talked about him taking Clyde down. Stefan was grateful to him for bring Clyde to justice. Stefan thought he loved Abby, but he realized he was obsessed with her. He didn’t know what love was until he found Chloe. He was upset that Gabi got in the way of that. EJ was glad he was on the same page as him about getting her out of DiMera. Stefan didn’t think he had enough shares to have the majority vote. He said Shin could restore Ava’s vote so they had to get someone to switch sides. EJ wanted to get Johnny. EJ asked if Stefan knew why Rolf kept him alive. Stefan didn’t know why he kept him alive. They talked about Kristen’s involvement. Stefan wasn’t sure who else was involved. EJ got a message that Stefan’s shares were up for taking. Li went to see Chloe. He told her that he was worried about her because of what happened with her mother. He mentioned Stefan and Gabi. He wanted to know how she felt about Stefan being back. She told him that she was with Brady. She told him that Stefan cheated on her with Gabi. She told him that he wouldn’t be able to keep Stefan away from Gabi. Nancy went to visit Clyde in the hospital. She wanted to know if anything about their relationship was real. She wanted to know if he ever loved her. He said he wanted to be a better man for her. He wished he didn’t hurt her. He wanted to know if she could forgive him. She told him to get forgiveness from the families he hurt. She said she would pray for him.

Chad went to Abby’s headstone to bring him flowers. He wanted to talk to her and didn’t know what to say. Abby appeared and talked to him. She wanted to know how he felt about finding her killer. Chad started crying. He thought he would feel relieved, but he felt empty. He wasn’t sure what he was living for. She let him know that he almost died. She wanted to know if that’s what he wanted. He said he did because he would get to be with her. She didn’t want him to make a choice like that. He didn’t know how he could go on. She grabbed his hand and told him to remember why he has to go on with his life. She wanted him to be there for Thomas and Charlotte. Abby wished they could have made more memories together. He told her there would never be anyone else. She knew he wouldn’t feel that way forever. She knew that he wouldn’t stop loving her just like she wouldn’t stop loving him. They said goodbye to each other.

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