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Nick: Phyllis, tell my boy you forgive him.

Phyllis: [Scoffs] I forgive you.

Mariah: Okay, everybody, who’s ready to dance?

Phyllis: I’m not. I’m not ready to dance.

Mariah: Nick. Nick, come on. I always count on you to — to bust a move.

Nick: No, let me go check on Summer.

Mariah: Okay. [Chuckles]

Jack: The place looks great,

Allie: Doesn’t it? Champagne, anyone?

Diane: The decor is amazing. Everything fits. Except for one thing that’s sticking out like a sore thumb.

Kyle: Mom.

Diane: I’m sorry, but it’s hard not to notice her big, pouty face. It’s like she’s about to throw a tantrum.


Mariah: All right, excuse me everybody. Hi guys. Sorry. Sorry. All right. So, most of you know that this was supposed to be a double surprise. First, the vow renewal that Kyle hatched for Summer, and then this party planned by Noah. So, I thought it would be an appropriate time to announce my surprise. Kyle did me a favor, and so I want to return it by appointing myself best person and giving a speech.


Nick: I did not know we could just appoint ourselves things. If that’s the case, I’ll appoint myself king of the dance floor.

Mariah: Oh, yes. I don’t think anybody would dispute that. And, by the way, I’m just kidding about the best person thing. I’m sure that you would rather have Harrison or Jack. So, this is the speech that I would give as one of Kyle’s best friends. You know, I, for one, am thrilled that Kyle and Summer are renewing their vows. As someone who recently married the love of my life, I know how meaningful it is to have your dearest friends and family bear witness. So, to Kyle, I am so proud of the man, the husband, and the father that you have become. And to Summer [Chuckles] I am truly, truly happy for both of you. I look forward to not only working alongside but raising our families together for years to come. To Summer and Kyle.

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