Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sally and Nick have a dinner where they promise to only talk about business and they are a little distracted because they see Chelsea and Adam who are also having dinner. Adam later goes to Victoria’s office and asks him if he is sleeping with Sally.

Victoria and Billy are very upset that Johnny has locked himself in his room and doesn’t want to talk to them. Billy and Victoria also agree that Chelsea is pushing too hard to be a part of Johnny’s life, and they need to give Johnny some space and let him decide if he wants to have a relationship with Chelsea. Billy goes to tell Chelsea he and Victoria have decided to give Johnny some space for now.

Diane goes to Jack’s house to ask him if he believes she has changed and if he can forgive what she did in the past. Jack tells Diane he can’t forget what she did in the past, but he can give her a clean slate. Diane kisses Jack and he puts her in the friend zone and she apologizes to him for misreading his kindness.

Diane arrives at her hotel room and finds a man who tells her that he is very disappointed in her because he thought he could trust her.

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