Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer looked at Abby’s picture and took a pill. She hid the bottle before Jack could see it. He told her that he saw Leo. He didn’t think Leo did it. She thought it was too much. Shawn called Jack and told him that Clyde killed Abby. He was for sure this time. Jack told her that they should go to the police station. She was overwhelmed and decided not to go. Jennifer started to cry and suddenly saw Abby appear. Jennifer reached out to her, but Abby backed away. She told her that she was taking pills again because she didn’t know how to go on without her. She wanted to know why Abby was there. Jennifer wanted to learn the truth badly. She looked at Abby’s dress and saw the blood on it. She reached out to her, but Abby disappeared. Jennifer wanted Abby to come back to her. Gwen went to see Leo at the station. She told him that Clyde set him up. He wanted to know why she showed up to tell him. She wanted to tell him since she was the reason why he was back in jail. She told him they were even. She told him about what’s going on with Jennifer. She thought Jack should know the truth. She didn’t want to make things worse with Jennifer. Later, Gwen ran into Jack at the station. He told her that Jennifer was at home alone. She thought he should have been concerned. Gwen told him about Jennifer taking pills. He didn’t want to believe it, but she said he should be worried about Jennifer.

Chad demanded that Clyde tell him what happened with Abby. He was going to give him seconds to live. Clyde told him what happened when he ran into Abby. He went to the DiMera mansion to strangle Belle so EJ could find her. He said he ran into Abby. They were talking and she noticed he was wearing black gloves. She knew he was lying about why he was there. He stopped her from getting away from him and he noticed the knife. Chad started to cry so Clyde wanted to stop talking. Chad wanted to hear more about what happened. He continued to tell Chad about the struggle he had with Abby until he stabbed her. Chad wanted to know if he enjoyed what he did to her. He told Chad that he saw Leo’s list of enemies and wanted to frame someone else for what he did. He followed Leo to Sonny’s office. Chad threatened him again. Clyde noticed that he didn’t pull the trigger. Jack went home and saw the empty pill bottle. Jennifer drove with Abby in the passenger seat. Jennifer threatened to go after everyone who tried to make Abby pay. Gwen was outside the station and panicked when she saw flashing headlights. Clyde fought Chad over the gun. They struggled and Clyde pinned Chad to the ground. He choked Chad and told him that he would be with Abby soon. EJ arrived in time and shot Clyde.

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