Days Short Recap Monday, September 26, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex told Justin about Sonny’s theory about his stabbing. Justin left the room to confirm what Sonny said. Nancy arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to see Bonnie. Bonnie helped Nancy get ready for the wedding. Justin walked in the room with a somber look on his face. Justin told them that Clyde was the one who stabbed Sonny and killed Abby. Nancy didn’t want to believe it. Justin wanted her to rethink the wedding. Nancy started crying and said that Clyde loves her. She insisted that he was innocent. She said she was getting married and there was nothing Justin could do to stop her. She thanked Bonnie for her help, but she uninvited her to the wedding. Bonnie reminded Justin that she was a bad person once, but she changed. She thought Clyde might have changed too, Justin loved her forgiving her, but he didn’t think Clyde changed. Justin was willing to talk to Sonny again. Craig told Chloe that he couldn’t stop Nancy from getting married. Chloe begged him to do it. Brady wanted them to take a minute. Chloe said they had to stop it now. She reminded him that if they didn’t stop him, he would have married a con artist. Craig told her that Nancy made her choice and Clyde paid his debt to society. He thought he stayed on the right side of the law. She told him that Clyde abused his kids, but Craig didn’t want to hear about it. Chloe wanted him to back her up, but he thought they should stay out of it.

Jada wanted a warrant for Clyde’s arrest. Rafe left a message for Chad about what happened. They rushed to find Clyde. Chad found a gun in the safe and was about to leave when EJ spotted him. He wanted to know what Chad was doing. He said he had to pick up something. EJ asked him about Abby’s murder case. Chad let him know that Leo was innocent. He said Clyde killed her. He said he was going to make Clyde pay. EJ felt guilty because he should have told him that Clyde threatened his family. EJ wanted to help Chad, but he told him to go to Hell. Clyde was ready to go into City Hall when Chad stopped him with his gun. Belle went to the DiMera mansion to tell him about her encounter with Clyde. He told her that Clyde killed Abby. He said he was worried about Chad. He realized that Chad planned to kill Clyde. Belle wanted to call the police, but EJ didn’t want her to do it at first. He ended up agreeing to let her call Shawn. Craig, Chloe and Brady were at City Hall and wondered what happened to Nancy and Clyde. Chloe wanted to leave, but Craig didn’t want to do that to Nancy. Rafe and Jada showed up to arrest Clyde for Abby’s murder. Nancy arrived after they told them about Clyde. Nancy realized they were there because of Sonny’s accusations. Chloe told her about the altered footage of Clyde’s alibi. Nancy stormed out of the room. Chad took Clyde to Abby’s headstone. He forced him to get on the ground. He wanted to know why he killed her. Clyde said he didn’t do it because he had an alibi. Chad told him that his alibi wasn’t legit. He wanted to know why he killed Abby. Clyde told him that he thought she was Belle. Clyde explained everything that happened leading up to the murder.


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