Days Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada went to Basic Black because it was Eric’s first day. She told Nicole that she accidentally grabbed him phone. Nicole asked if she did that while they were in bed. Jada told her about being upset about their relationship. Nicole said she wasn’t upset. Jada thought Nicole wanted their relationship to fail. Jada wondered why Nicole suddenly had to offer Eric the job, She told Nicole it felt like she was in a competition with her for Eric’s heart. Nicole said she was protective of him. Jada thought she was trying to say she wasn’t good for him. She asked if Nicole knew how that made her feel? Eric showed up while they were arguing. He wanted to know what was going on between them. Jada told him about the phone issue. They exchanged phones. Jada kissed him and left. He asked Nicole about the tension between her and Jada. Nicole admitted that she lied to Rafe about offering him a job as a way to explain why she was in Eric’s room, She said she offered him the job to cover up. He ended up quitting. She asked him not to quit. She said the circumstances of the offer weren’t ideal, they needed a photographer. He said he would stay if she was honest with Rafe about why she lied. She admitted to him that the dream she had about him was a sex dream. He told her he had a sex dream about her. Nancy told Chad that Clyde wore vanilla cologne. Chad asked if he knew where Clyde was. She said he was at the hospital. Chad left. Rafe asked Craig about where he was the night Sonny was stabbed. Craig said he couldn’t believe he was being accused of stabbing Sonny as well as killing Abby. Craig said he wasn’t in town. He said it was an insult that Rafe was listening to Leo. Rafe wanted to know if he had an alibi for both attacks.

Nancy went to see Chloe and Brady. Nancy told them she and Clyde were getting married. Chloe wanted to know why they were rushing to get married. Nancy asked her why should she wait. Nancy said she wanted them to be witnesses. Craig showed up and told her he might not be able to be at her wedding because he was accused of murder. Nancy said she knew he would be able to give an alibi. She wanted the day to be about her. When Nancy left to get dressed, Chloe asked Craig to help her stop the wedding. Clyde had a flashback of stabbing Sonny. Will showed up and wondered why Clyde was at the hospital. Clyde said he was there for a drug test. They talked about their time in prison. Clyde said he was glad they caught the guy who attacked Sonny. Clyde left to go to his wedding. Chad showed up at the hospital. Chad asked if he saw Clyde. Will said he was just there. Chad said he thought Clyde was the killer. They went to Sonny’s room. Chad asked Sonny to remember if he saw Clyde when he was attacked. Sonny closed his eyes and remembered seeing Clyde. Sonny wondered why Clyde would do that to him. Chad said the knife Clyde used was the same knife that killed Abby. He said Clyde’s alibi checked out. Sonny said he knew he saw Clyde’s reflection. Chad wondered where Clyde was. Will said he was going to city hall to get married. Chad said he would tell the police and left. Sonny told Will that he was afraid that Clyde would come back to finish the job. Will said he was safe as long as Leo was locked up. Sonny said he knew it wasn’t Leo. Jada went to the police station. She asked if there was any news on the case. He said Leo might be innocent. Rafe asked her to look over the evidence for anything they might have missed. She looked at the surveillance and told him there was a problem with Clyde’s alibi. Rafe said Clyde didn’t have an alibi for Abby’s murder. Chad went to the DiMera mansion and took a gun out of the safe.


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