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Hey, I, I, I didn’t expect you back so soon.

I, uh, decided to go to the police station instead of the spectator office. Oh, why? I had to see Leah Stark. I had to, Here’s denial in person. And I know how much he wanted it to be him. I wanted it to be him too, just so that this nightmare would begin to be over. But I think Gwe is right. I don’t think he did it.

I’ve got the Salom prison blue

and it ain’t gold. Base for

good. God. Thought someone was torturing a cat. Rub salt in the open wound. Did you come here to gloat? Yes. After you said you were gonna help me, No, I’m here to tell you that you were wrong about Craig Wesley setting you up. You said you believed me. I did. It was Clyde Weston, right? It’s him. Matt Clyde Weston.

Nancy’s new boyfriend. It. Sit, sit, sit. Really want some tea? Have her a stick drink. Oh God. Nancy, I’m sorry. I know what Justin said upset you. It’s okay, buddy. Justin was right. What? What are you talking about? I never showed up for the wedding, but the police did. They had a warrant for his arrest. He’s the one that stabs son.

And what’s worse? So much worse. Oh, honey, go on. Go on honey. They said that. Take your time, buddy. They said that he killed Aga. Oh God. Oh my God. I suspected, but I didn’t wanna believe it. I’m so sorry. I’m trying so hard not to believe it now, but I kept saying it that God, that I know he would never do such horrible things, but nothing I said changed their mind.

Well, Nancy, they had to have proof. Yes, but I just kept right on arguing with him, and I just had this little voice inside of me saying to me, Are you arguing because you think you’re right. Or are you arguing because you’re terrified that you are wrong? Bonnie? Honey. Honey. Oh.

Cause I want you to tell me what you did to my Abby, or you have two seconds to live. One. Okay. Okay. Settle down like I said. I went over there looking for Be Brady. I was, um, wearing gloves because I was gonna send a message to EJ because EJ told her that you shot him. Yeah, yeah. I was gonna fix it. So he’d find her strangled to death, but, um, you know, I couldn’t find her anywhere.

It seemed like I had broken the house for none. Um,

but then I ran into your wife.

What the hell are you doing here?

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of lives.

So Clyde Weston is the one who framed me. That’s what the cops are saying. Well, it does make sense. I did get him in a little trouble sticking him with the jewelry I lifted from Abigail’s room, but he had an alibi. What’s the big deal? Unless he’s doing this for Nancy? Yeah. Okay. He totally lost me. Well, I stole his girlfriend’s husband, so he frames me for stabbing son.

I, He should be thanking me. It’s because of me that she was back on the market. Like could you just listen?

He didn’t just stab Sunny PDE also killed Abigail. Oh my God. He’s a monster. Yeah. Yeah, he is. So it’s been Clyde Weston from the beginning and he’s finally found the right man.

How many times have we been told that the police have the person who killed Abigail? And how many times has it turned out that they were wrong? I, I just had this gut feeling that it wasn’t Leo, why Leo told me things that he hadn’t told the police. Like what? Like he used a steak knife to open Abigail’s jewelry box and left it on her dresser.

That’s. The real killing was to found it. Yeah. Why would he hold back something like that from the police? He would’ve been a gift to the da. He would’ve put Leo and had gal’s bedroom with a knife. All that we had to do is say that Abigail walked in on Leo, interrupted a robbery. Leo panicked and killed her.

This is, this is just, This is just too much. I. It’s the police, Jack Devo. Hey, Jack and Sean. I’m glad you called him. Listen, I just came from seeing Leo Stark. I don’t think he did it. We’re way ahead of you. I’m calling to let you know that we put out an APB on Clyde Western, not Greg Wesley. I climb down on my, fell apart.

The, uh, the video footage that cleared him, it was faked. And I just wanted you and Jennifer to be the first to know it’s. And, uh, now we just gotta find him.

Okay, So you’re in the house and then you were in the Abby, and what did you do? But what do you think I did? I lied. I asked you a question. Will you Butler let me in. Oh, I’m sorry. I, I’m here to discuss a business opportunity with your husband at this hour. What do I just get off my day? You know what made this proposal to EJ first and he turned me down.

But I had a hunch, a smart fella like your husband would know a good deal when Selma. Hmm. Yeah. You know, uh, Chad a smart, but so am I. Did you think I would notice you wearing gloves in the middle of June

if she only had just not started in with all the damn questions?

Sean said they’re absolutely certain that client’s their man. Oh, they’re absolutely certain about someone they cleared months ago. Know I know what this whole investigation is doing to you. It’s doing the same thing. Me just keep telling yourself that people are safe, but they’re not safe. Nobody is safe.

Abigail’s killer is still out there waiting. I’ll tell you what, why, why don’t we, we’ll go to the police together and we’ll make them tell us everything they can. It’s got to be better than sitting around here waiting for the phone to ring. Oh, it’s, no, you, you go, I, I’m not feeling so well. Well then I’m not going anywhere.

Oh, no, no. If you do what you, you think’s right. You know, you, you go to the police station. I’m not leaving you alone if you feel sick. Well, I’m not gonna be alone. I mean, Doug and Julie are right upstairs and I I don’t feel sick. Exactly. It’s just. This is just a lot, you know, it’s a lot to take in and, and, and I, I think it would just make things worse sitting around the police station.

So I must have showed up after I grabbed the jewelry and then took off. Yeah, I guess. But why, What did he hear? Have against down the Gail? I, Why do you dare? You’re gonna be less out of here in a few hours.

Well, why you came me like that? I’m trying to figure out why you made a special trip to give me all this info. Wasn’t for you. I wouldn’t even be in here. So now, or even, Cause it wasn’t too long ago, I was on the other side of those bars because you couldn’t shut your big mouths. Are you still playing me?

I just told you who the murderer is. How, how? How is that playing? One I know you. And two, if they’re so short, Clyde, why am I in the cell? Instead of him? Maybe they can. He’s on their own with fancy, isn’t he? I could see it now. The two of them cutting a SWAT across the Midwest on a crime spree, like a new vo.

Bonnie and Clyde get it. Of course she’s gonna have to change her name. Clyde didn’t even show up at City Hall. Well, he probably knew the cops were after

it’s Chloe. I just can’t, No, let me, let me, It’s okay. Let me. Hey, honey. Uh, yeah, it’s Bonnie. Your mom is with me and she’s okay. She just, um, she really can’t come to the phone right now. No. She’s gonna stay with me a while and she’ll call you when he’s feeling better. Okay. Hi. You don’t have to thank me.

She’s my friend.

She’s worried about you and why wouldn’t she be ? I don’t know whether I’m desperate or just stupid. Maybe I’m a combination of both. Don’t, don’t. You dare do that. Money. All I wanted was someone to love me, and all Clyde wanted was a warm bed in somebody to vouch for him a needy bra who could make him legit after his time in prison.

Well, he sure found her.

You broke into a woman’s house and you didn’t want her asking you questions. You just didn’t like that she was onto you, did you? You stupid bastard. Are you sure you want to hear this? You wanna keep living talk,

hear the boss.

Yeah. I do feel a little silly wearing gloves, but what happened was I was taking a pot off the stove at the pub. It was so dang hot. It blistered my fingers just wearing the gloves. Keep the lotion off. Hm. Well, maybe you need more than lot. So why don’t you take the gloves off and let me look at your hands.

I don’t see any need to do that. That’s what I thought. Why is it that every crook I know decided to stop by tonight? What do you baling about? My sister’s supposed to be in prison. She breaks in for a chat. Now you so tell you what, why don’t you come up with a more believable story? I’m gonna go call the police.

You don’t get your hands off me,

Abby. You know, we can just stop right here. The rest is gonna be even harder on you. You probably don’t even want see me anymore. Go, go. I told you I wanted to hear it all and I.

Was the wedding cold off? Was it even here? Nancy was, Clyde was a no-show. He must have figured you were off after him. Now keep dumped Nancy at the altar. I mean, he is the type, No, when I saw him, he was all dressed up and acted like everything was fine. Have you been in Tuss with Ben? No, I haven’t been able to reach him.

There’s no way Clark could have seen this arrest coming. I just, It doesn’t make any sense. Ej, We have to tell him everything. The whole story. I don’t know what you mean the hell. You don’t what whole story.

Even iFLY is on the run. The police should have caught ’em by now. Even you have managed to evade them for quite a while. I don’t, I don’t think there’s ever been a crowd that you can blend. I’ll take that as a company. I don’t care if you believe me or not about Clyde. I’ve come here to tell you what I know, and now I’m gonna go worry about all the other things I need to worry about.

Don’t go Gwe, I’m sorry. I do believe you. And I’m sorry. I told the police you didn’t.

Sorry That I told them why to find. I deserved it. Anything I can do to make it up to you?

Maybe you could help me figure out what to do about my pill Popping stepmother,

do you remember when we were in Boston together at your grandma? And we talked and we talked and it helped both of us so much.

Who am I gonna talk to now about how much I miss you?

Oh, Abigail.

Well, it seems like I’m just adding to your problems here, but like I said, you’re the boss.

When I saw that knife on the table, I saw way out of the mess. I then,

why don’t you put that phone down before you regret it? Where did that come from? That’s the least. Your worries right now. You really think you’re gonna get away with threatening me? You know, everything has fallen into place for me right now and I swore I’d never go back to prison. So I’ll be Dan if I let you ruin my life like you ruin my sons.

Are you blaming me for Ben’s problems? When he was a kid, you used to beat him within an inch of his life, and him and me were working through that and he was doing just fine until he got tangled up with you. You were living with Ben and cheating on him with Rich Boy Amira, and you got yourself knocked up and tried to pass that baby off as his, I thought that I was telling the truth about the baby because you changed the paternity results.

All I know is my boy ended up in a psycho award and you ended up.

So does that really justify threatening me with a knife? Oh, it ain’t all about you, Missy. Your fancy bad singer brother-in-law suddenly remembered it was me. You got him shot. You did that. Dayja told him to keep his mouth shut. He goes and grabs it to that lady lawyer friend of his walking by. To teach him a lesson and shut her up for good.

Well, unfortunately for you, DJ and aren’t here. Yeah. Figured that out. But you knew him. I told DJ that if he did let his mouth, I was coming after his family and sisters mom. They’re. Right. Ain’t not right.

And now we get down to the real nitty gritty.

Chad’s got a gun and you didn’t tell me on the phone that he went looking for Clyde. We don’t know that for sure. Okay. What is a guy like Chad gonna do with a gun? All I told Bell was that the gun wasn’t in the safe. That doesn’t mean Chad has it. I don’t even know if the gun was in this safe. No, that’s not what you said before, ej.

I was mistaken. Now you’re just wasting my time. Listen, I know you think you’re protecting Chad. Now I’m gonna go check with building Security and see if they’ve seen Chad or Clyde, and then I’m gonna put an APB out on Chad. So you keep him here. You keep him outta my way,

I’m sorry, but he needs to know

now you tell me what you did to her and you make it fast. And after that, I’m done with you.

Is that what

you come from Heaven to let me know that you are right

or are you, are you a.

Are, are you here because I miss you so much.

Huh? I know what you are

you the answer to my prayers?



you know, I didn’t want the stand in judgment of Jennifer and not a good look for you. For the minute I said something to her, she said that if I told Jack, she would just unleash on me the saint did. Jennifer, you’re the highest a kite. Jennifer, are you sure? Yes, I’m sure. I’ve spent all those years with my mom.

She said if I even open my mouth to Jack, that she would she’d ruin what little relationship I have left with him. Hmm. Feeling stuck Are. God, I’ve really progressed in my relationship with Jack. I don’t wanna ruin that. And he really cares about Jennifer. He deserves to know what she’s doing to herself.

Maybe he can help her. This is why you and I have got to get back to being tighter than Channing Tatum’s. You my dear, have lost your edge. I have not. I have more edge now than before. What is the golden rule of Grif? Always look out for old number one. Telling daddy about his wife’s drug problem isn’t gonna get you squat.

In fact, it might get you less than squat. So we’re gonna take that off the table. Wow, this is brilliant advice. Okay, now I know you’ve got off to spend a little time with Cousin Mattie. You’ll be back to your selfish self in no time. You know, Jennifer, dipping into mother’s little helpers could actually work out for you.

Oh, can’t wait to hear where this goes next. Well, you wanna be closer to your dad, right? When Jen goes off the rails, he’s gonna need someone’s lean on. We know it isn’t gonna be happen. Ah, Matt, what? Bottom line. Jennifer’s pill habit is Jennifer’s problem, not yours. When I finally get out of here, you and I are gonna have a drink to that

here. Just don’t drink it too fast. All right. All right. Let’s put this down for a second. Actually, come here a little. Do not blame yourself because you got conned by an expert. First of all, honey, he fooled the cops too. What’s wrong with trusting? What’s wrong? With believing in love? We should all be as openhearted as you.

It’s so easy for you because you have Justin. Yes, and I thank my lucky stars every day for that. But that’s because for my entire life, I didn’t think I deserve what I have now. Oh, no. Yeah. No. I was as down on myself as you are now. But I am here to tell you it does get better. It does now. You learned a hard lesson.

You don’t let to guard down until you know everything there is to know about a med, right? Right. So now you need to believe in yourself, don’t you? Gar Clyde or Craig take that away from you? They have no, look at me. They have already taken away so much.

Thank you.

One. Jack, what are you doing here? Well, I came here looking for an update, but it looks like it already down on the search. You probably should know that about Clyde Western. Yeah, I already know. It’s actually why I’m here. I’ve just told Leo. Well, I guess it’s just a waiting game now. I should, I should probably be getting back to Jennifer.

You left her home alone. Well, no, I’m Doug and Julia there. Why? Sorry. I dunno. I’m just a bit junky. You know, all this western business, him being out on the. Gwen, I’ve gotten to know when you’re not telling me the whole truth,

you’re right, I’m not. There’s something that you need to know about Jennifer.

I miss you every second of every.

People keep talking to me about closure, but I feel like there’s this part of me that’s just been ripped off.

How do you close a wound like that?

I started, I started taking these again, just just to get to the. I, I, I really don’t want to, I just, I know, I know. I promise that I never would, again, I wouldn’t touch them, but

I, I just don’t know how else I can go on living without you.

It’s just, if I just understood why I need that. I just, I just need that so much. Is that why you’re here? Is that why you’re here to, to tell me the truth, because I need that so badly. I need that more than I need these. I need that more than I need anything.

Can’t you guess what happened next? You really warm spelled out for you. Yeah. What I want, it’s for you to use the last few minutes of your rotten life to tell me what you did to my. You asked for it. You so bitch. You’re not gonna get away with this.

Yeah, the output from security cameras is on here, so if Chad or Cly went through that foyer, this camera would’ve picked them up. Let’s see here. Camera one

doesn’t show which way they went when they. There’s gotta be a better angle from another camera. So you got, uh, camera one. Camera one’s got a perfect view of the outside door.

Do you have any idea where tab taken?

I took our kids to a movie. We were eating popcorn and laughing. While you were doing that to her,

did you enjoy it?


How do you know that Jennifers taking prescription drugs? Well, I went back into the house because I’d forgotten my purse, and she was holding the bottle in her hand and I could see from the first three letters on the generic label, I knew instantly what they were. Are you sure what you saw? I was blackmailed into delivering the same things with Dr.

Feel good last summer? Yes. Yes. I’m sure. No, no, no, no. You can be right. I mean, I mean, yes, she had a problem before, but she, she, she wouldn’t get back into that stuff again. She’s stronger now. Strong enough to deal with the brutal murder of her only daughter.

No, you can’t be right,

Jack. I. I told her that I knew and she threatened to turn you against me if I said anything. God, you.


Oh my God.



So you stabbed my wife. You left it for dead. You sent your message to ej. What did Sonny ever do to you? Why would you go after my best friend too?

Had nothing to do with you. I wasn’t even planning on it. I read in the paper how Leo Stark was saying that when somebody confessed to kill an Abigail, I knew that wouldn’t own the, I mean if anyone knew she was innocent, it’s me and somebody had to pay for the craft. So to I figure who better than that little pansy Cause Nancy so much trouble as she told me.

He made a list of all the people he was gonna get even with. I knew all I had to do was get ahold of that list,

took her right out of his bag when Idiot wouldn’t looking sure enough Abigail’s name was there. So all I had to do was take out somebody else on that list and it would look like he was knocking ’em off on that one.

Could have been Chloe, you know, cuz of Nancy and um, Brady Black. Same thing, which left, um, you and son, but I guess you looked down. So I started trailing Leo. He led me in light to your Buddy’s office. All I had to do is wait, he’s back to me and. He used the same guy. I used with Abigail, and then all I had to do was set the scene.

Is that enough detail for you? I mean, I could probably describe the blood stains to the floor if you’d like me to. I’ll be satisfied when you’re dead. Yeah. You know, you keep saying that, but you haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Thank you so much for trying to make me feel better, but I don’t know how I’m ever gonna come back from this one two punch. Honey, I’m not gonna be able to walk into a room without people pointing and whispering about me, honey, if I worried about stuff like that, I’d have to live in a desert of Mars.

Seriously, some place where nobody knows who I am and that ain’t happening. I judged in this household every day before breakfast. No, it’s true , but not by Justin kk. I live life the man I love. And that makes it worth, and you are gonna have that too. Did you have to? No. You have to promise me that you’re not gonna stop trying to be happy and don’t ever stop believing in love.

Jennifer, Jen, Jennifer, Honey, are.

Was Clyde. I swear I’m gonna make him paid. Anyone who ever hurt. Anyone who ever even thought about hurting you, I swear

they will be sorry they ever hurt.

Oh, there’s no sign of ej. It’s like he just disappeared in the thin air. Well, he probably thinks he knows where Chad is. Oh, great. So I got a murder on the loose and I got two Demira brothers with revenge on their brains. Beautiful.

You don’t have the guts. Do your big man. Show your mouth. Come on. Come on. Shoot in our man and cold blood.


Yeah, he’ll be with Abigail soon. Now, Chad won’t take long now.

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