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Jason, I so right, your home , because I have the most wonderful news. Oh, I’m always up for that. Nancy Lyer getting married. Really? Mm-hmm. when tonight, And it’s all because of me. . I never told you, but my Nancy’s married to crash and burn. I gave her little pep, Anna a makeover and I got her on a dating app where I, um, Thank you very much.

Found the sexy stud, who is now her fiance. Mm-hmm. . So she met Clyde. Yes. Isn’t that a coincidence? Uh, Justin, I am just so thrilled for Nancy. I, she was just so crushed when she found out that Craig was cheating on her with a man. I swear now she’s found someone will make her happy for the rest of her life.

So take that Craig Wesley.

Dad, please, can you just talk to her? She will not listen to me. You think she’s gonna listen to me? The guy who broke her heart, Pray through hell. Who do you think’s gonna happen when she becomes Mrs. Clyde Weston Dad? She’s making the biggest mistake of her life. Honey, I understand your concerns, but can put me in the middle of this.

It’s not my place to tell your mom who she should or shouldn’t. Sorry, I just want to, I just talked to Chloe and she and Brady and Craig are gonna meet us at City Hall. Great. That we’re all set. Oh God. I thought my life was over and, and you came along, gave me hope. I love you, Claire, and I can’t wait to be your.

I can’t believe it. Flight to alibis. Bogus. There’s no doubt that he docked the surveillance footage by the docks. Well, which we would never known. Were not for you. Good job, Detective Hunter. Thanks. But you were the one who told me to go over everything again. I mean, that’s why I was able to see. That’s timestamp having altered.

It looks like Chad was right about Leo being framed for Abigail’s murder. Who’s just wrong about who was doing it? Yeah. He thought it was Craig Wesley. But it was glide. We need to issue an arrest warrant on it. We need to do it fast, but by the book. I do assure Chad that his wife’s killer is not gonna slip through our hands again.

What are you doing here?

Like sands through the hour glass. So are the days of our lives.

Dad, can you please go talk to her? Tell her she cannot go through with this wedding. Chloe, maybe. Maybe we should take a minute. We don’t have a minute. We’re due at city hall. We gotta do this now. Oh, you’re not hearing me. Well, you weren’t hearing us before. Remember when we were begging you to see that Leo is a conning lying con artist.

What if we’d stop trying and just said, Forget it. Throw our hands up in the air. You would be broke and married to a bigamist. And I am grateful that you and Brady and everyone who cared about me tried to tell me the truth at the time, but I didn’t wanna listen then. Well, I know. And we did it because we love you and I know that you love mom.

So please, you need to go talk some sense into her. Oh, your mom’s made her choice. And whether we like it or not, kinds. He’s paid his debt to society and from what I can tell, he’s staying on that side of the law.

This marriage is a bit sudden. No. Huh? Well, you find the one. Why? Wait. Huh? You don’t agree? No. In this case, I definitely do not agree. And Bonnie, how can you be excited about Nancy or anyone else marrying a criminal like Clyde Weston? Here’s a rap sheet. As long as my arm, and I believe that he had son stabbed.

Oh, Leo stabbed son. Unless you think he and Clyde were in cahoots. No, I’m talking about an incident that happened several years. It was Clyde’s way of sending Victor a message during a business view that they were having, but no one was ever able to prove that it was him. Well, then maybe he wasn’t involved.

Oh, he was involved. Are you sure? I’m sure I Now he’s involved with Nancy. Sorry to rain on your parade, but this wedding is nothing to Celebr.

Back at your sweetheart. Can’t wait to be your lawfully wooded husband. I just get chills here. You say that, I don’t know if it was fate or good fortune or divine providence, but I’m one lucky man to have you in my life. You wore my miracle. Oh God, it’s true. You know, I got that dating nap. I didn’t think a jail bird like me stood a snowballs chance in hell of meeting anybody, which let a woman like you wanna marry me.

But you took a chance on me and I’m forever grateful. Yeah, I’m just so glad I did. Every day keeps going better and better. This is the best one yet, is our wedding day. Oh, I gotta get a move on. I’ve gotta go make myself beautiful. You already are. Oh, I will see you soon. Right. Bye Bye.

I just came by to pick something up. Another stuffed Mo Charlotte. Oh, something else. And now I have it, so I have to go. Are you alright? Get outta my way. Can you at least tell me if there’s any news on Leo? Are yours innocent? What do you mean? Believe wasn’t the one who killed my wife. It was Clyde Weston.

And now I’m gonna make Hampshire that he pays

well, good evening, their counselor. Where are you off to in such a hurry. None of your business. Well, before you go, tell me how’s your client doing? You know my old buddy partner in crime, EJ Deira, As far as I know, he’s fine. Why do you ask? No reason? You give him my best will you? Don’t worry. I’m gonna hurry myself going to the chapel.

Gonna get married. What? . Well, City Hall, Ashley, your friend Chloe from Mom not getting hitched now. You actually surprise counselor isn’t not the way the criminal justice system is supposed to work. I do my time. I get a second chance. My second chance comes tonight.

Slide. Weston is a career criminal. Who’s to say he didn’t get outta prison and just pick up right where he left off? He’s making honest Living at the pub. Yeah, right. He’s probably dealing drugs outta that place. Oh, at Roman Brady’s. The former police commissioner who gave him a job when no one else would.

I don’t think so. Why are you being so easy on him? Dad, Clyde is a psycho who abused his own children and their mother. What if he does that to mom? Chloe? What? He traumatized Ben so badly. He turned him into a psychopath, a serial killer. Chloe. That was a long time ago. Look, I don’t think this guy’s good for your mom.

I told him, so when I first met him, the side would I. The mom’s made a choice and, and Clyde has shown no signs of going back to the other side. So we gotta be fair. We can’t judge you. So what we just let mom take this ridiculous chance with this guy, this guy that she barely knows. I mean, come on Dad.

Even if Clyde was a perfectly lovely, upstanding citizen with no rap sheet, isn’t it too soon for her to be marrying? Sweetheart. Mother is very happy right now. I don’t wanna be the one to deprive her because I’m being negative. Look, all we have to do, be positive. Show her our support. Okay,

Alex, Alex. Calm down. I will talk to son and try to smooth things over. Yes, I promise I’ll call him right now. What was that about? Alex and Sonny got into a big fight over Titan. Okay. So I have to call Sonny and see if I can sort this out.

Mommy. Nancy Henderson let me in. I hope it’s okay. Well, yes, of course. Aren’t you getting married tonight? Oh, but nothing in my class at works. It’s too late to go shopping. Will you please help me? Oh, honey, of course. How much time do we have? Oh, not much. Well, I just have to work my body magic that much faster,

And before you know it, I’ll have you transformed into the most beautiful bride that ever lived. All right. So just spin around. Let’s get to it. Okay? Okay. Yeah, it’s Rafe. Listen, I just wanna give you a heads up. Claude Wesson’s alibi for Abigail’s murder fell apart. The surveillance footage from the docks was tampered with.

Uh, we just got the arrest warrant and, uh, Now we’re gonna go pick him up. So, uh, I’ll be in touch. Okay? Now all we have to do is find him.

You should warn me that Clyde West didn’t threatened our family. Do you know I’ll never stop being sorry. And forgive me for asking, but doesn’t Clyde have an alibi for that night? I don’t answer your question. Chad, please tell me what happened with Clyde. I want to help

the marriage falls apart. We’ll be there for her. Okay? Right now, I think we owe your mother all the support we can. We gotta be positive and optimistic. Well, I can’t do that. Not if she’s marrying that thug. Come on, Brady. Help me convince him that we have to get my mom to reconsider her. Chloe. Chloe, Look at me sweetie.

I’m sorry. I think your father is right on this one. What? Listen, I hear everything you’re. And I too wish that your mother was making a different decision about Marion Clyde, but it is her decision to make, We have to stay out of it. So unless you plan on being a nohow, maybe we should get ready for a wedding.

Come and as sweetheart, let’s see what we got here.

So I’ve never seen you look more beautiful. Oh,

what’s this? Every bride serves a Okay. And I want you to see it. I’ve had it wrapped in. And the outfit you’re wearing, you borrowed from me and it happens to be new. Also, a necklace you borrowed and that I’ve let you is vintage, so you’ve got all your bridal bases covered. My hair. I’m so touched, buddy.

Thank you. Thank you so much. You know, our, our, our wedding is gonna be very small. Just family. But I would love it if you and and Justin would come.

Oh, my Justin check out our Boshing bride. Is that she fors all because of Bonnie. Oh, I guess that phone call didn’t go so well with Sunny. Um, are things that bad with him and Alex, this isn’t about Alex. What is it about? I don’t know how to say this except to just say it. Clyde was the one who stabbed son.

Oh God. What? Justin, Why would you lay that old news on Nancy on a wedding date? Oh my God. That’s something that happened so long ago. Victor and Clyde had a business wobble. Vic claimed that Clyde sent a message by stabbing son, Bonnie, and watch what? I’m not talking about that. Talking about the stabbing that just happened, the one that landed my son in the hospital.

No, no, Leo did that. Turns out he didn’t. Son just told me that the one who attacked him is Clyde West.

Please chair, call me back as soon as. This. I really do want to help. Well, what are you doing here? Well, I just had a run in with Clyde Weston. Are you alright? Yeah, I’m fine. But I thought you should know since he asked about you in a way that was very unsettling. Where was this? It was in the square. Do you know he’s marrying Chloe’s mom tonight?

Oh my God. I know. It’s horrifying. We can’t let Nancy marry a guy who, who, who put a hit on you and left you to die, and that’s not all he did. According to Chad Clyde’s, also the one who murdered Abigail.

What are you talking about? Clyde did not stab anyone. Yes, Sonny was stabbed from behind. He didn’t see who did it. He didn’t. He only knew that his attacker smelled of vanilla. I guess it was vanilla scented cologne lately. I mean, do you know how many people wear that? That doesn’t prove to any. This afternoon, he also remembered seeing Clyde’s reflection in a picture frame hanging on the wall in his office.

Sonny’s in the hospital being p full of drugs. You can’t trust anything he says. And besides, why would Clyde go after Sonny? Because of some old grudge with with Victor. That’s not why he did it. Son is convinced that Clyde was trying to. Leo Stark. That is even more ridiculous. Leo is out for revenge. He has this hit list, and first on the list was Abigail and then Sunny.

Yes. But after Abigail was murdered, the cops turned Leo loose. They cleared him, so Clyde had to find a way to implicate him again. Seal the deal, if you will. You’re not saying what I think you’re saying. Clyde that he just stab at my son. He also murdered Abigail Damara.

But I thought Clyde had an alibi. So did I. I asked Chad to tell me what it changed, but he just stormed off. He’s in a bad way Bell. I’m really worried about him. Okay. Maybe we should call the police. How would that. I’m gonna handle Clyde, myself.

Cloud’s not here. Dishwasher said he took the night off. Should we check his girlfriend’s house? No, he’s not there either. He’s getting married. Married? Yeah. City hall. Well, let’s go. Yep.

Hey, what you doing? Every buddy? Don’t make a scene. I want you to pretend like everything is. And come with me. I’ll kill you right here, right now. Whoa. We hope Justin, you would be a hot shot attorney, but CDE is innocent. He has an air tight alibi for the night that Abigail was killed, he was down at the doc’s fishing.

There’s a video to prove it. Maybe it would help if you spoke directly with Sonny. Sonny is confused. I mean, and I’m sorry about that. And I’m sorry for everything that he’s been through, but I have a wedding that I need to get to. Bonnie, I, um, I wanna thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, Nancy.

Nancy, listen, I strongly advise you to rethink this wedding. No. Stop trying to ruin this for me. Crye is innocent and he loves. And I am getting married today. Please, this is a big step. So before you take it, just talk to my son. No, and stop it. Right. This one, I am not listening to anymore of this insanity.

I am getting married today and nothing, nothing you can say or do is going to stop me.

I wanna thank you for everything you’ve done for me, but given how your husband feels about my fiance, I don’t think it’s a good idea that you come to my wedding. Oh,

Nancy’s, right? Of course. It’s just right. I mean, CL would never set up anyone. You don’t really believe that? I believe in innocent until perfect. Guilty. I thought you did. Sunny says he saw fly in a reflection. And honey, Nancy’s right son’s on a lot of painkillers. I’m telling you, I saw elephants and pink tutus when I was on those things.

I son could have made a mistake, honey. I don’t think so. You know what? If flights stabbed him before, it makes perfect sense that Sunny’s wine will go there. But honey doesn’t make it really. Hde Weston has done terrible things. So have I. And I know what it’s like to be unfairly judged about your past.

Honey, I was a rotten person, but I changed. Maybe Clyde’s changed too. For Nancy sake. I really hope you’re right.

All is everyone. Thought we were running late. uh, well this might be a, a good sign. Maybe mom changed her mind and canceled the wedding. Uh uh uh, she’s probably just taking some extra time. Getting ready or she wised up and ran. Chloe, we’re going to be supportive. Glad Weston isn’t even here. I mean, what’s keeping him?

Oh, that’s the perfect excuse to leave. We came here, the bride and groomer Mia, so we took off. We can’t do that. Why not? No one’s here. Not even the efficient. I am sure they’re on their way. Well, I gave ’em two more minutes than I’m out Chloe. I know how you feel about the situation, but we are not bailing on your mom.

This is her big day. She asked us to come look. Think I heard she believe she came through that door. We weren’t here. Hmm. And it’s probably her right now. Oh my. I can’t believe this. Did you, did you? Track me here to my ex-wife’s wedding. I, I told you at that interrogation I had nothing to do with Abigail or Sunny.

Wait, no you didn’t stab either one of ’em. You know who did well, we have reason to believe it was Clyde Weston. What doesn’t he have an alibi? Uh, fell apart. Yeah, the timestamp on the video footage that put him at the dock that night, it was altered. Oh my God. I mean, I knew Clyde was a bad guy, but is he?

He’s that bad. He stabbed Sunny and he killed Abigail that way. Oh my God. My mom’s gonna marry that guy. That’s why we’re here. We wanted to get to him before he walks down the aisle.

The hell we doing here, man, that headstone, look at it. I said look at it.

That was my wife, the mother of my children. I wanna know why you put her in the ground. You got the wrong guy man. I had nothing to do with it. I have an alibi, Frog xr. Rav told me that that footage was tampered with, why everyone, including the cops, knows that you were trying to cover your track. So why would you do that if you weren’t guilty?

I wanna know why. Why did you do it? Why did you slaughter? My wife start dog. She crying. Why did you wanna send a message to my brother? Is that why you targeted Abigail? Huh? To warn him against talking about what you did to him? No, it wasn’t like that at all. Then what was it like?

Tell me the truth. I’m telling you the truth.


man. She wouldn’t know what I meant to kill.

Who was

start talking? He was bail.

Bales the one hour’s half.

What do you mean you’re gonna handle Clyde? What are you planning to do? What I should have done a long time ago. I should have put that animal down the minute I remembered he was the one who had me shut. Okay, EJ take. I’ve lost everything because of him. This ends now. No more.

What’s in there? My father’s God. No ej, I am not gonna let you kill Clyde. If you do that, you’re gonna lose everything all over again. You will end up behind bars for the rest of your life. Abigail is dead because of me, because I kept quiet about what I knew. I brought this help on my family, and now I intend to make things right.

No, ej, you can’t do this. What the hell? What? The God it’s gone.

Bonnie, I love that you have such a forgiving heart, but not everyone is able to turn their life around like you did.

I was able to turn my life around because I had the love of a good man. And now Clyde has the love of a good woman. Can’t you least try to give him the benefit of the,

Sonny was pretty sure about what happened, but Okay, I will talk to him. Thank you. You okay? I’m just worried about Nancy. How the world is she gonna handle getting her heart broken all over again? Well, she’ll just have to lean on the people who care about her wonderful friends like you.

Well, they were supposed to be here by now. What if Clyde found out that the cops are after him and kidnapped my mom and. Oh my God. We have to find them. Hi. Oh, thank God they got Mom. Are you okay? I’m fine. What’s going on? Where’s Clyde? We don’t know. We’re actually trying to find him. You don’t know where he is?

No, I don’t. But I know why you’re hunting him down. It’s because of what son Kka said. Justin told me all about it. Yeah, we just need to find him because he wears vanilla scented cologne. And that son saw his reflection. Huh? Clyde is not the one that stabbed son. His reflection son says that he saw Clyde’s reflection in a picture frame hanging on the wall in.

Wait, he saw a flight in his office? No, he was hallucinating from all the drugs that they’re giving him in the hospital. It’s like to sit down. I can get you some water or something. I do not wanna sit down and I am not thirsty. I’m getting married. Mom, this is not just about sunny. The police also believe that he killed Abigail.

Justin told me that too, but he didn’t. He has an alibi. There’s a video that proves it, Mom. It’s, it’s, it’s fake. The timestamp was altered, The time stamp.

No. No. No, I’m afraid your daughter’s right. Clyde has multiple felonies out and we have a warrant for his arrest.


Why in the hell would you go after Bell?

Because EJ blabbed her after I told him to keep his mouth shut. About what? Our history, What does that have to do with my wife? I’m trying to tell you, man, but tell me faster. I paint a visit to the management, whatnot. Made the excuse that I was there to talk business with ej.

How the hell would you get on the. It wasn’t very difficult. Well, you wasted you the time. You know, Welcome here. Not a very warm welcome for your old cell mate.

Got anything to drink? I didn’t trust your brother,

so I planted that bug in the house so I could keep some tabs on them. That’s a good thing I did. Because when I listened to Courtney, I found out he’d betrayed me. I pushed play and heard EJ talking to Bell. Everyone said that you were shot by a mugger in the park. You’re saying Clyde did it. He didn’t pull the trigger.

He lured me to the park, threatened me. When things became heated, his man shot me and then they left me there to. That ain’t all he told her. I confronted Clyde before he was being released about what I remembered. He said if I turned him in, it wouldn’t just be me. He would make pay. He would take it. My entire family, EJ assured me that what happened in the park would be our secret, but he’d lied.

But you can’t let Clyde get away with this. I’m not going. It may take some time for my plan to be put into action, but once it is, I’m going to guarantee that Clyde Austin will never be able to hurt me or anyone I love ever again. Your brother wanted to rub me out, but bail talked him out of it. Listen to me, ej.

I am not talking to you as your lawyer now. I am talking to you as someone who really cares about. Don’t be an idiot. You cannot take the law into your own hand. But make no mistake, she still had every intention of making me pay. I think you’re going down the wrong path, okay? And if you try to deal with Clyde on your own, things aren’t gonna work out well for you.

Or what do I do? Just get over the fact that Clyde shot me in the back. No, but you know, you could, Let me think about it and let me figure out a legal way to bring Clyde to justice. So I knew they were coming after me one way or another, so I decided to send EJ a message using Bell. Yeah, I knew she was living with EJ Dimension, so I decided to teach her lesson.

Bella was calm. Oh, thank God. No. Chad what? When he came by earlier, he said he came to pick something up. It was the gun. Are you sure? Maybe it wasn’t in there. I saw it yesterday when I put something in the safe. Chad definitely took it. Why isn’t it obvious? Chad just found out who really murdered his wife.

He’s going to handle Clyde himself. He’s going to kill him. My brother is going to kill Clyde. We need an AP B on Clyde Weston. He’s wanted for murder and attempted murder. Consider him extremely dangerous. He’s just kidding. True. It just can’t be true. Don’t, don’t you touch me. I’ll see if I can catch her.

I’ll come with you.

Now. I really am calling the police to say what? But my brother has a gun. He’s gonna use it to kill Clyde. We have to do something. I’m right. We do. We need to find Chad ourselves before it’s too late.

I’m still waiting to find out how you went from taking bell out to murdering my wife. When I got to the Manion that night,

there was no sign of Bell or your brother, so when you couldn’t find. He decided to murder my wife. That ain’t how it went down. Stop telling me what didn’t happen. It start telling me what did I wanna know how my wife died

and I wanna know everything.

Why’s been living in Nancy Wesley’s house, right? Maybe he’s gone back there. No, I told you they’re getting married today. Do you know where I, I think City hall? Nope. No, no, no. What? No, I’m going with you. No. Yes. But first I’m going to call Sean and tell him that we think that Clyde is at City Hall. I told you I don’t want put all the fully let finish.

Chad is not experienced with guns and Clyde. What happens if he gets the gun away from Chad and uses it on him? Are you ready to deal with that? Uh, alright. Go ahead and call the police, but do it from the car. Okay? Okay.

Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Really doing some tea. Have a stiff drink. Oh God. Nancy, I’m sorry. I know what Justin said upset you. It’s so clean, buddy. Justin was right. What? What are you talking about? Craig never showed up for the wedding, but the police did. They had a warrant for his arrest. He’s the one that stabs Sunny and what’s worse?

So much worse. Oh, honey, go on. Go on honey. They said that. Take your time buddy. They said that he killed advocate. Oh God. Oh my God. I suspected, but I didn’t wanna believe it. I’m so sorry. I’m trying so hard not to believe it now, but I kept saying to them the kind that I know he would never do such horrible things, but nothing I said changed their mind.

Well, Lindsey, they had to have proof. Yes. But I just kept right on arguing with them, and I just had this little voice inside of me saying to me, Are you arguing because you think you’re right? Or are you arguing because you’re terrified that you’re wrong? Bonnie? Honey. Honey. Oh.

Start talking. You don’t want to do this to yourself, son, shut up. I Tell me how you did it. I don’t think that hearing about it is gonna do you any good. I know it’s gonna be bad for me. They’re stalling. Yeah. I saw a freshly dog grave over there. Why don’t we try that on for size?

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