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Come on in. Oh, gosh. Want to start a fire, maybe? I’ll pour us a couple of brandies. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. Thanks. Ohh. I guess consider it down payment. On what? I owe you a pair of shoes. Oh. Ce n’est rein.

Ce n’est pas rein. They were very nice shoes. Not to mention comfortable. Well, no mission is without its sacrifice. Yeah, but we failed. Oh, I don’t know. Lucy is still in victor’s clutches. By her own choice. But we got on the haunted star and off again undetected. We returned a stolen zodiac — “borrowed.”

Borrowed zodiac. But here we are, slightly damp, missing a shoe… but otherwise none the worse for wear. And we’re together. I’ll call that a win. Take it, ava. It’s yours.

[ Monitor beeping ] I don’t care if that envelope contains a cashier’s check for a million bucks. You can’t buy back my love or my trust, both of which you threw away when you chose to have sex with esme prince. It’s not money. I’m not trying to buy back your love. Like I said before, this is proof of just how much I love you. What is this? You might say… it’s my life. And as you can see… it is now in your hands. Mr. Scorpio. Can I get you a drink? A glass of white wine would be great. Thank you. Okay. What? We’re two minutes late. You already have your nose buried in your e-mails. I told you he needed a break. Speak for yourself, little brother, who’s been looking for brando’s killer since they got out of bed. You know, I’m thinking… this guy probably sharpened the hook on ava first. Can we agree that both scorpio brothers need a break? I need a break, too. And I’m not exactly squeamish, but can we talk about something else besides hooks? Of course. You know I can’t deny you anything. That’s better.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Now you’ve got your way. What are we gonna talk about? I can think of at least one topic for sure. Uh, hey, could I get a bottle of beer? Foreign or domestic? Domestic. Always domestic. Oh, and, also, could you make sure you have a bottle of champagne chilling for when my date arrives? She’s a bit more upscale than me. Ah, great. Him? What, is he stalking me now? You know, on second thought, y– hold the beer. And the bubbly. Terry, I just want to tell you I am officially off the clock. Wish me luck. From the looks of things, your luck is already improving. Thank you. I am going on another date with cody. Last time we saw each other was at the quartermaine picnic, and we all know how that ended. Tonight is a new night. Have a good time. Thank you! Oh, when were those delivered? Ooh. More importantly, who are they for? “Lovely terry, until we meet again.” Since when did you get a secret admirer? It’s not a secret. His name’s yuri. And I met him at the quartermaine barbecue… hm! …Which just goes to show you that night wasn’t a complete disaster. I need you! Oh, it’s too late. I’m off the clock. No. Not you, britt. Can we talk? It’s important. If brando was specifically targeted, we need to figure out why. We need to talk to people that he worked with. Maybe they know if he was in a dispute with someone. Anything that will give us a clue as to who brando’s killer is. I see. “We’re” following clues now? Listen, if this is any kind of an inconvenience for you, I’m perfectly capable of following up on my own. What, and cut me out of what might be an important article? Not a chance. When do we start? Now.

[ Fire crackling ] Good to get out of these damp clothes. Sorry I didn’t have a robe for you, but… do you want a blanket? No, no. It’s not necessary. I ran out of brandy. So…scotch. Is it okay? Always. Especially when it’s that good. Yeah.

[ Glasses clink ] How are you? Well, I think I’m dreaming because… you are even more beautiful by firelight. Thank you. That wasn’t what I was asking. In the space of two years, you’ve learned that you were raised to believe a lie, that helena was your mother and victor is your father. And now charlotte, the one person that you love without reservation, has been taken from you… as leverage. If you want to maintain that everything’s fine and you’re handling it, I won’t press. But I’ve been where you are. Or close enough. Was keeping a cool facade when my life was literally blowing up in flames… and I wanted to scream and cry. But I was too afraid because if I started, I didn’t think I would know how to stop. And then if I was broken, truly broken, what would happen to my child? Or I could just be projecting all of that. Sometimes I think my fear for my daughter and my rage at victor cassadine is the only thing keeping me sane. Is he following us now? He’s probably wondering the same thing about us. Are we following him? You know, I have not the slightest idea what you’re talking about, and, um… who’s this dude at the bar? He’s new in town. As a kid, he went to camp with dante. He works at the quartermaine stables now. Come on, mac. Robert’s gonna find out sooner or later. What’s robert gonna find out? His name is cody bell. Bell. That name was on a list of 50 people at the quartermaines’ at the time that ava was attacked. That’s not all that he is. Finn, you seem more serious than usual. I… did you identify the venom that killed brando corbin? Britt, aren’t you off the clock and don’t you have a date waiting for you? Yeah. Don’t let us keep you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Cody, I was just on my way to meet you. Cody:

Glad I caught you, then. I just thought maybe we can try something different. Maybe go to meet up at the pc lanes, go bowling? Excuse me? You know, drink a couple beers, roll a few frames. What’s your size? I’ll rent you a pair of rental shoes. I am in a dress and heels. I’m not going bowling. We either stick to the plan and meet at the metro court, or I’m going home. Alone. Alright. Yeah. Metro court it is. See you soon. Change of plans? No. Bye. Bye!

[ Sighs ] Is britt right? Did you want to talk to me about the toxicology report? I’ve identified the venom. I’m waiting on a supply of the serum to treat that venom so we can have it here on hand just in case. Well, if that’s all settled, then why did you not — oh. This is about elizabeth, isn’t it? Wait. Wait, wait. Why is the door open? Oh, brando’s assistant is probably still working. I don’t know. With all the crime that’s been going on around here, I don’t — I don’t have a good feeling about this. It’s just a garage. Let’s go inside.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. What the hell?!

Charlotte’s only in this world because of me. And I know every parent gets to say that, but our case is a little different. Helena made an embryo. And it was my call to go with a gestation host. I chose the surrogate. I’m solely responsible for her being alive. And I think that may have been the most selfish thing I’ve ever done. Because I knew the laws I’d broken, the crimes I’d committed. I wronged people. I made so many enemies. I could hide her all I want, but she’s always got a target on her. You think if you had to do it over, you’d make a different choice? No, no, of course not. I feel the same about robin. Apart from the fact that she’s spectacular, I just couldn’t imagine a world without her. Until I became a mother, I just lived my life for myself. And as you know… that led to a series of terrible decisions. I basically just sold my soul to the highest bidder. Robin changed that. Robin just changed my entire perspective. I wanted to be a better person for her. The way you want to be better for charlotte. The only difference is you’ve succeeded. My case is still very much in doubt. Go on. Read it. “I, nikolas cassadine, of sound mind and body…” yeah, that’s debatable. Keep reading. “…Do hereby acknowledge and confess that I, and I alone, am resp…onsible for the disappearance of esme prince. I know this… because I killed her.” You know, you’d think the way that mac keeps looking at this guy, he had something on our mr. Bell. Forget about it, robert. I questioned him about the night at the picnic. He has an alibi. Then why so interested? Britt westbourne. Wasn’t she with cody the night of ava’s attack? Since when does britt westbourne qualify as a legitimate alibi? Look. [ Sighs ] You’ve had a crack at this dude. Maybe I should go over there and rattle his tree a little. -Mr. Cody bell. -Hi. I am definitely ready for that champagne cocktail. Are you sure? You know, I thought maybe we’d relocate to that cool new burger joint off the highway. First it was bowling, and now it’s a burger joint?

[ Scoffs ] Okay. If you don’t want to go on a date with me, just say no. No, no. Britt, it’s not you. It’s, um — it’s them. The scorpio brothers? Chief of detectives has a brother? Law enforcement runs in the family. Robert’s the D.A.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] -Robert, wait. -Mac, what is it? There’s been another attack. The details are minimal. -Anything to do with a hook? -No. Then we don’t know if it’s tied to brando or ava. It could be totally unrelated. It happened at brando corbin’s garage. Sonny’s cousin was the second victim. Yeah, we could be looking at victim number three. Look, I need to take felicia home and then get to the scene. No, no, no, no. That’s okay. I’ll take a ride share. You go ahead and go. And I’m going to the hospital. I want to be there when the victim comes in. I know you’ve been worried about elizabeth, you know, but she’s finally trying to understand the root cause of all the things she’s been experiencing — the memory loss, the blackouts, all of it. Thank you for telling me that. That’s a relief to hear. Ever since biz found us talking about her, it’s like a wall went up between me and my best friend. I know, but with kevin’s help, she’s — she’s finally remembering some things from her past that she’s been repressing for years. About her family? I think so. I know better than to push for more. I won’t ask you to betray her confidence. Thanks. I’m just really glad that as biz goes looking into her past, she won’t be going alone. Oh, my god! That’s diane! Whoever you are, step back from diane now. What? No, no. I-I didn’t do this. I swear. I came in, and I found her like this. Okay? I’m trying to help her. We have to stop the bleeding. You heard me. Step back and keep your hands where I can see them! Alexis, call 911. I already called 911. The paramedics are en route. Who are you? I work for sonny corinthos. Okay? She’s his lawyer. You gonna help her or not? Please! I can barely feel a pulse. We need to slow the bleeding.

[ Glasses clink ] Do you believe the end justifies the means? Well… I’m not supposed to. But you do, don’t you? Yeah. On occasion, yeah. I think it’s my guiding principle. Whatever the desired outcome, it’s worth whatever I have to do to get it. I want to be a better man for charlotte. But what I want more than anything… is to keep her safe. And if that means I have to murder my own father… so be it. Is this a disclaimer? Because I-I do know who I’m dealing with. I don’t have any illusions about who you are, valentin. I enjoyed our evening together on the haunted star. But I could make the argument it was a missed opportunity. I had victor off guard. I could have cut his throat. Why didn’t you? Well, for one, there would be a fail-safe in place. Victor lives, charlotte lives. But victor dies.. yeah. You could not take that chance. But there was another reason I couldn’t have killed my father tonight. You. So you wrote a letter where you claimed you killed esme, something we both know isn’t true. Yeah, the truth is that esme accidentally fell off the parapet and drowned in the water. And that accident happened after you found out that I slept with her. No jury would ever believe that that was actually an accident. And I made that confession to protect you. Do you think this is gonna work? Do you really think that this… melodramatic gesture made at the 11th hour is gonna change how I feel about you? I mean, this so-called confession is actually just a reminder that you did indeed have sex with your son’s girlfriend. And should it ever be made public, well, the whole world would know about that. To expect me to see this as something heroic is just…delusional. You know, I can do a lot of things, ava… but I don’t have a time machine. And I can’t undo the errors of my judgment. Well, that’s a polite euphemism for adultery. The only thing I can do… is to make sure that you don’t suffer the consequences. Make sure that I don’t suffer? Look at me. I’m suffering every day. I suffer all the time. And I’m not talking about a wound from a hook. I’m talking about the pain that I feel because of how — of how you hurt me. The betrayal. The loss of self-esteem. Just the sheer humiliation that I ever bought into your promises of love and fidelity. That stuff, that — those wounds are never gonna heal. If nothing else, I can protect you. From what esme can do to you, even from beyond the grave. And, sure, my confession might not mean anything to you today, but keep it. Put it in a safe deposit box and consider my life on deposit, as well. And if the day ever comes that you need to withdraw it, then you — alright. I’ll keep it. You will? Uh-huh. Under lock and key. But I’m gonna need more than a piece of paper, nikolas. I’m gonna need much more. You saw mac and robert rush out of here. Do you feel better now that they’re gone? Not really. Why not?

[ Chuckles ] Why do you break out in hives at the mere mention of the scorpio name?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well… let’s just say that, uh, me and law enforcement don’t make a good match. Ooh, let me guess. You are against it? Uh, no. No, no, no. They just tend to be against me and people like me who don’t always play by the rules. Thought that was something we had in common. Ohh. No. I’m — I’m reformed. Are you? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. I made a deal, got a clean slate, and I’m sticking to it. This was just delicious. Thank you. May I have a glass of water, please? Well, hello. Another date night. Oh, I’m really glad that the quartermaine picnic didn’t scare you two off. Yeah, well, your husband isn’t gonna scare me off, either. You know? I’m tired of him looking at me like I’m hiding some hook up my sleeve. And now apparently I have to deal with his brother, who’s the D.A.? You know, is that the locals’ idea of an investigation? “There’s a killer running around, so, hey, let’s just blame the newest guy in town.” Mac is just doing his job. I mean, if you don’t have anything to hide, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Cody, why don’t we go get that table? Why does it feel like your husband’s investigating me for personal reasons? What makes you say that? I don’t know. You tell me. Is it just because he knew my mom? Man: Lift. Okay.

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Radio chatter ] Alexis, catch me up. Alexis! I-it’s diane, mac. Diane miller? She’s hanging on, but just barely. You. Again? No, no. He was the first one to find diane. He called 911. If it weren’t for him, she’d be dead now. You want to tell me what you were doing here in the first place? I need to go to the hospital with diane. I need to be with my friend. Is it alright if we leave? You know, we’ll answer any questions you may have. But just for the record, from what we saw, this young man did everything he could to save diane’s life. Of course. Go ahead. But we’re gonna want to question both of you. Thank you. I know you work for sonny. He’s a good man. You listen to him and you tell him the truth. Alexis just gave you some good advice. Question is, are you going to take it?

Do you think I’d have a problem with you killing victor? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. You’d have a problem with my killing your good friend lucy. Well, yeah. Which I would have to do. I couldn’t leave a witness. I’d be a witness. Well, there is that. Hm. ‘Cause I’d be asking you to stay quiet about the death of your friend. And I know you wouldn’t do that. So I’d have to kill you, too. Could you? Alright. What more can I do to prove myself to you? If esme’s disappearance is ever investigated by the police, my confession — it proves your innocence and my guilt. Well, nikolas, you have a history of making grand declarations that come to nothin’. No, I need — I need proof that can’t be faked or forged. Fine. What else do you want me to do? If I’m able, I’ll do it. What are you doing? Here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna take your little confession… and you’re gonna look into the camera and you’re gonna read every single incriminating word.

[ Beep ] Action. Like we told you, when we met you the night of the quartermaine party, back in the day, mac and I ran in the same circles with dominique. The person you really need to talk to is mac. He knew your mother much better than I did. Well, I already talked with scott baldwin, and he was married to my mother, so, arguably, he knew her better than anyone. And he claims that she never said anything about me. Yeah, my champagne’s getting flat. I’m so sorry. I am ruining your date. Yeah, you kind of are. Okay, I’ll let you get on with it. But, you know, you really should talk to mac. Why would I make it easy for him? Easy for him? Your husband’s been asking a lot of questions about me, even though I’m relatively new to port charles and I never even met ava jerome or the other victim. Is he laying the groundwork to frame me? Well, now, that’s not fair. You don’t know mac. Oh, but it’s fair for him to assume to know me? Well, like I said, h-he and dominique were close once. Oh, yeah? How close? If you knew the garage was closed because the owner was murdered and his body was lying in a funeral home, why did you just happen by? I didn’t say that. You did. Damn it. I’m trying to help you! Your fingerprints are all over the place. I mean, you got diane miller’s blood on your hands, literally. You also showed up right after ava jerome was attacked. And to top it all off, you were seen at charlie’s shortly before brando corbin was attacked in the alley outside the pub. So either you’ve got the worst timing in the world or you know a hell of a lot more than you’re saying. My boss always told me not to talk to cops without a lawyer present, so… am I under arrest? I am questioning you. You either answer me here and now or down at the pcpd. What’s it gonna be? Yeah. Got it. Been a report of another stabbing? Paramedics are bringing her in now. Paramedic: Bp is 70 over 40. Tachycardic and lost a lot of blood. Initiate massive protocol here. I need two units in her and run me a center line. Get a dic panel, a cmp… hey. How’d you — how’d you find out about diane so quickly? Um, we were going to brando’s garage to speak with his assistant. We were trying to get information about why brando might have been targeted by the attacker, and that’s when we found diane on the ground. Brando corbin. Diane miller. Ava jerome. They’ve all got one thing in common. Sonny corinthos.

Yeah. I’d kill you. If I had to to save charlotte, just as you would kill me to save robin. Yeah. I would. I’d miss you, though. But anything short of that… I wouldn’t harm a hair on your head. I would protect you as fiercely as I would myself. Because I’ve loved you since I first saw you. An insane, crushing love. Never stood a chance. But look at us. On the floor of your townhouse. I’m baring my soul in front of your fire. And the look in your eyes doesn’t look like pity. It’s not.

[ Monitor beeping ] I, nikolas cassadine, of sound mind and body do hereby acknowledge and confess that I, and I alone, am responsible for the disappearance of esme prince. I know this because I killed her. The means? My own two hands, by pushing her off of the parapet at wyndemere, my family’s estate on spoon island. The motive? Revenge. Justice. Guilt. You take your pick. Esme prince was my son spencer’s girlfriend, and I had sex with her. And to be very clear, it was consensual. And if anything, esme initiated things. But I shouldn’t have given in to my worst instincts. And my behavior was indefensible. However, esme used that lack of judgment to destroy my marriage. Not only that, she used it to destroy the relationship with my son. Any chance of reconciling things with spencer was ruined. In effect, esme destroyed my life. And when she taunted me on the turret, in a fit of rage, I grabbed her and I pushed her to her death. Honestly, my only regret was not doing it sooner to spare the ones that I love the pain that I caused. This I solemnly swear. Cut. Did you get all that? I think I have to go. Um, could I have my check, please? And, um, I interrupted britt and cody’s date. Would you put their drinks on my tab? Oh, that’s very sweet, felicia. Of course. Oh, no. No. I don’t want your charity. Okay? If you want to give me something, then tell me what you and your husband are hiding from me, especially if it’s about my birth mother. Cody, I understand your frustration and I understand the questions that you want answered. This just isn’t my story to tell. If you want answers, you have to talk to mac. I mean, it’s not like it’s some state secret. Okay, then. If it’s no big deal, why can’t you just tell me now? Why do I have to hear it from your husband? Um, here. This is mac’s personal cellphone number. However, before you make that call, you need to ask yourself if you really want to know the truth. Well, this date got way more intense than I expected. Terry: Diane’s wounds appear similar to the ones found on ava jerome and brando corbin. Dr. Dempsey has to operate immediately. She looks so helpless. Thank you. If diane was stabbed with a hook tipped in the same venom that killed brando, we don’t have much time. Okay.

What’s wrong? I’ve wanted you for years. I don’t want to rush this. We can go slow next time. Well, I appreciate you putting your words into action. But if you think I’m gonna fall back into your arms, you — you ought to think again. What are you smiling at? I just rejected you. Oh, yeah, you — you rejected me…

tonight. But I can see that I made progress. So, no… you won’t be back in my arms this time, but you will be in the future. That’s enough for me. I’m leaving you with the recording and this letter. I’m literally leaving you with my life in your hands. One more thing. It’s a chocolate truffle for you. Britt: Well. [ Sighs ] Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, this date pretty much feels over to me. I’m sorry, britt. I really didn’t want tonight to go like this. I believe you. Dominique is your biological mother. Of course you’re gonna have a million questions about her. I understand that. And I’m guessing if felicia is that eager for you to talk to mac that it’s for good reason. So why don’t the two of us quit while we’re ahead?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Smooches ] Bye. Hey, you want this phone number, buddy? Yeah. Yeah, I want it. Okay. Back to you, dex. You gonna talk now or talk later? You see an attorney here? No attorney, no talk. Well, then, you leave me no choice. Officer, we’re gonna be taking mr. Heller down to the station. -Yes, sir. -But you know — you know what? I don’t think cuffs are necessary. Right, dex? I’m not gonna talk. But, no, I’m not gonna resist going to the station. That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all night. -Let’s go. -I’m going. If there’s any change in diane’s condition, I want to know right away. You got it, robert. How are you doing? You want me to call one of your girls? No. Would that make you feel better? No, because then I’d have to tell them what happened to diane, and I’m not ready to do that. I understand that, but… I was just thinking about h-how long I’ve known diane. It feels like forever. You know, she’s the one person who has been there for me for everything. And if diane lives, then you and I and dex made all the difference. Yeah. That’s not good enough. Alexis, you’re not a doctor. There’s nothing more you can do here. I’m not talking about here. I’m talking about the paper. It’s time to have a conversation with the killer. Are you just gonna stand there or are you going to double-check my spelling? Okay. Yeah. I’ll talk to you soon. I came straight from the lab. These are the test results you asked for. Diane’s system’s tainted with the same substance that killed brando. Mm-hmm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Finn, what is it? Confirmation the anti-venom just arrived. I have to prep an injection. If there’s a chance of saving diane, I’m taking it. Ooh, ooh-ooh call me a fool, I never learn touch the fire just to feel the burn but I don’t, but I don’t, but I don’t I don’t feel the pain I’ve just touched the fire again old friends like we’re old friends ohh I’ll run right towards the blaze and I’ll embrace the flame get lost in the blaze the smoke and haze

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