Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nick calms Phyllis down after she gets upset because she thinks she was the last person invited to Kyle and Summer’s party. Phyllis manages to control her anger and starts the toasts to the happy couple.

Noah and Mariah also make heartfelt toasts to Summer and Kyle and later Summer and Kyle give Diane and Phyllis back their jobs. Kyle and Summer make it clear that this is their absolute last chance and they will not tolerate any more conflict between them at work. Diane and Phyllis promise that they won’t cause Kyle and Summer any more problems at work. Diane gets another text message and sneaks out of the party but Phyllis sees Diane leave and decides to follow her and see where she is going because she thinks Diane is hiding a, secret.

Lily persuades Devon to take the company public, but he tells her he is afraid they will lose control of the family company. Nate tries to persuade Elena that once Devon and Lily get past their anger with him for working with Victoria to take over the company, they, will come together to help him run Chancellor Winters. Victoria tells Victor about Nate’s plan. Victor thinks that the plan is risky but he goes along with it. Elena thinks the plan is the wrong thing to do and Nate is upset because he thinks Elena isn’t being supportive of him. Nate goes out for fresh air and meets Audra Charles the woman Jill brought in to take the company public and he offers to answer any of her questions.

Billy and Chelsea persuade Victoria to tell Johnny that she is his biological mother. Victoria asks Chelsea not to tell Connor until she and Billy tell Johnny the news. Victoria also tells Chelsea that she must accept the decision that Johnny makes about what type of relationship he wants to have with her and Connor.

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